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Candy's Need

Candy's Need - Part 1

Candy's Need Part 1

Original by Gee


Candy was alone in the exercise room. She was well into her routine so that the sound of weights clinking through the old gym had begun to set into a musical rhythm. She strained against the bar arching her back off the bench just like she had done dozens of times. She grunted as she reached the top of her press. A trickle of urine dribbled from between her labia to dampen her ass checks. "Damn, I'm leaking again."

She lowered the bar onto her flattened breasts. She closed her eyes and lay her head against the pad. "I might as well enjoy it." She relaxed her bladder and could hear her pee hiss into her gym shorts. The wetness darkened an ever-widening patch over her crotch and buttocks. She could feel the hot urine scald her inner lips and tickle her clit. It washed over her cunt and dripped past her puckered ass hole and then soaked into the fabric. The urine wicked its way up the back of her tank top, wetting the bench, then dripped onto the floor.

The puddle grew as she let the golden flow buzz over her erotic center. She groaned as she realized that she was passing the point of no return and would have to masturbate to a numbing satisfaction. She squeezed her legs together to stop the flow of urine from her overfull bladder.

She quickly toweled up the puddles on and around the bench. She wiped her crotch and ass and felt her cheeks flush as she rubbed her throbbing button. I've got to cum or I'm going to bust, but I don't want to do it here, she thought. She needed her privacy and playthings to do herself right.

Candy made her way from the gym to her apartment in a brain fever of her arousal. She spread a newspaper on the car seat so that she could focus on her hot wet cunt and not to have to worry about stained cushions. She had slipped one hand into her shorts and gently massaged her burning clit. Now, I have to drive home without wrecking the car, she thought.

She fumbled with her keys as she attacked the door lock. As she opened the door, she danced from one foot to the other. She was sobbing with her need to release her cum as she tore off her wet clothes. The need to heighten her pleasure while coming pressed at her. She had to get into her diapers. She pulled the curtains shut.

The pressure to crumble into an infantile oblivion was building to a crest. "I can't cum yet. I'm not prepared." Little squirts of pee dribbled down her long naked legs as she fought to hold back her climax. She pulled open the drawer of her stash and grabbed two diapers and plastic pants. She tugged the plastic pants up to her thighs and laid the diapers in the crotch. She pulled the plastic pants over her ass and cunt. Wrapping the diapers around her waist under the transparent material, she was able to pin them on. She snapped the plastic pants into place tucking the exposed tags of cloth into the elastic around her legs and waist. Sighing with relief, she let the dam go.

The wet heat of her urine jetting into her diaper made her knees sag. She cradled her breasts in her hands and plopped onto her bed. She let the hot pack of her diapers soak against her cunt and ass. The vibration of her pee washed over her sensitive cunt as she rolled her budded nipples between her fingers.

The precursor of her cum jolted through her body. She strained her bowels against the tight diapers squeezing the hot load through her crack. She could feel the tension of the lump pull the diapers across her cunt. She reached behind her to caress the load under the plastic and diaper. As she flattened her hands against her ass, she pressed the hump onto her ass cheeks and spasmed again in her pleasure.

She sat up and relished the feel of hot shit squishing between her legs along her sensitive labia. She lifted the waist of her plastic pants and diaper and admired her smooth cunt lips coated with her brown issue. She wiped the soggy diaper over her clit cleaning the crack of her cunt. She then trapped her slippery clit in her fingers and slowly worked herself to the edge of another mind-blowing climax. Her whole body shook as she neared her crest. What delicious depravity, she thought. The pack of her diapers snuggled over her cunt and ass as she released her mind-bending waves of her pleasure.

She cleaned herself and arranged two more diapers over her throbbing cunt. The plastic panties snapped securely into place covering her infantile bundle of erotic pleasure. She placed one hand between her legs and the other found its way to her sucking mouth. She rubbed the tender roof of her pallet as she formed her tongue to the length of her thumb. The last thought she had before she drifted off to sleep was that she was secure in her voluntary incontinence.

In the morning she awoke wet and cleaned herself in the bathroom. Before she could take a quick shower she added the diapers and plastic pants to the diaper service pail. Tomorrow was service day so she would have to remember to put the pail out. She had tried disposables but had found them less than erotic.

Besides, she had to throw them away in the garbage and they tended to take up all of the room in her garbage can. Candy placed her pail of used diapers and pants in the hall every week. Then a fresh package of clean diapers and plastic pants was delivered with a pail filled with a clean rinsing solution. The billing was handled by mail. Stripping the last of the fine hair from around her cunt she tossed the razor onto the counter and pressed her naked lips between her fingers. Her clit throbbed deliciously under her fingers.

A clear fluid welled from her pussy lips dampening her hand. It was so slippery. Her fingers dove deeply into her vagina spooning out more of her hot wetness. She slathered it up her cunt to her belly button. The lather from the shaving cream mixed with her juices and foamed up with the frantic motion of her activity. Her hand blurred across her clit as she felt the tension build in her pelvis to a sharp focus. Her bladder ached to release through the increasing tension under her hand.

She tossed her tangled tresses in the pillows with the need to wet. “I can’t wet my sheets,” she cried. “I have to diaper myself, now.”

Candy grabbed the diapers from the nightstand lifting her shapely bottom from the sheets. Tucking them around her hips she was able to pin them against her pelvis. She tugged the plastic pants up her legs to snuggle her erotic bundle to her hips. Feeling around the elastic legs and waist she was able to tuck in the diapers to secure her pending dampness.

She stretched her legs into the covers at the bottom of the bed and pressed her hands to the front of her diaper messaging her infantile bundle over her throbbing sex. She stared past her pert nipples to the whiteness hugging her bottom. It started as a hot tickle deep in her abdomen. It buzzed up her urethra to spurt into the fabric snuggling her cunt. Warm wetness spread sensuously over her cunt and poured along her ass cheeks. With the realization of her soaked condition she spasmed with her climax in the used diapers. The come rolled and shook through her while she felt the last of her urine squeeze between her nether lips.

She pulled the elastic away from her belly and reached under the sensual dampness of her diapers. Her labia were slick with her urine and lubrication. Her cunt seemed to suck her fingers deep inside her. She strained against her hand to feel a dribble of pee slide over her puckered anus. She cupped her cunt and caught the wetness in her hand. Smearing the issue over her tits she reveled in the sensation of her infantile depravity.

With hands messaging her breasts she pressed an exploratory push to her bowels. “Oh, what a lovely dump I have inside me.” She smiled as she considered her state. “Dirty diapers are dirty diapers. I might as well enjoy myself.”

She snuggled her hand under her butt and situated herself to feel the expanse of her movement. “Here it comes,” she said. The hot load pressed against her sphincter. Her shit pierced her ass hole and spiked her hand through the diaper. It mashed into the limited space and spread hotly over her ass. Her bowels evacuated in a rush popping into the tight diaper.

“Oh, shit,” she said. “I mean, oh, shit. I didn’t realize I had to go so badly. These diapers won’t hold it.” She lifted her butt load off the bed and crabbed her way to the edge of the sheets. The aroma hit her as she spotted the brown stain where she had laid.

Easing off the bed she could feel the shit escaping down her legs. The pretty white plastic pants were brown around the leg openings. She could feel the shit press up the front under the diapers and part her cunt lips over her vaginal entrance. The shit felt like a cock pressing its way into her cunt. She pressed experimentally on the load over her cunt. It slipped further up her snatch awakening a niggling need to come again.

She stood with her legs spread to compress her diapers around her ass while she frigged her bud under the saturated diapers. Her tits bounced in time with her jerking hips as she worked her pee and shit to a frothing lather. She gritted her teeth as she came and came.

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror she peeled the plastic pants down her legs dragging the dark stain with them. The diapers were sagged around her hips stained with use. Yellowed with pee and darkened with shit the diapers did their duty. She smirked at herself in the mirror with a warm satisfaction. “A shave and a shower was all I wanted, but I out-did myself tonight.”

Candy scrubbed herself in the shower and efficiently douched herself on the bidet. Her innards tingled with cleanliness as the tepid water scoured her cunt. She gathered the baby powder, diapers and plastic pants as she made her way back to bed. She changed the sheets with a practiced utility of motion dumping them in the wash.

Laying herself on the bed she spread her legs and generously powdered her wetting area. The diapers were centered under her bottom and pulled through to be pinned to her hips. Clean plastic pants were tugged over her diapers to complete her nighttime attire. She snuggled into the clean sheets, stuck one hand into her diaper against her naked labia with the other hand cupping her tit to roll the nipple between her fingers.

She relaxed and could feel the tension of the day slip away from her. She sighed as she fell asleep to the warmth of wetness trickling through her fingers into her secure diapers.