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Zoe's Desires

Chapter 8 - Revelations

Jack thought for several moments before answering Zoe's questions about he and Barbara. He knew that once he spoke he was opening a door wider.

Looking over at Zoe, where she lay in bed, he began to speak slowly.

"Barbara and I have known each other since we were small kids," responded Jack. "Our mothers were very close, worked at the same hospital, and both sets of kids in the family were really brought up as one group. We all went to school together and, when sick, whatever mother was available took car of all."

"Wow," responded Zoe, "That must have been interesting. What if you were sick?"

"As I said, if one mother was working, and one or more were home sick, then either my mother or Barbara's took care of us. They were both nurses with lots of experience, so they knew what to do to get us well."

"Lots of chicken soup, I'll bet," answered Zoe, somewhat sarcastically.

"Lots of chicken soup and even more tender loving care. We lived right next door to each other, and both mother's treated us much the same way until we could return to school."

Zoe moved over even closer to Jack, whispering in his ear, "How did she care for you Jack? Tell me what it was like."

"As I said, Zoe, they were so alike they could have been sisters."

Zoe sensed Jack was holding back, so she took another step. "Well, then Jack, how did everything progress from being kids together to having a huge red bag and hose, a colon tube, and a huge hairbrush under your vanity? Was it like that at home too?"

Jack blushed a bit before responding, "In our families, we seldom saw doctors. The moms knew what to do to get us well, or even sometimes what punishments was due for some infraction. It didn't matter if it was Barb's mom or mine -- the punishments and treatments were pretty much the same."

"Like what, Jack, Tell me."

"It's a bit complicated, I think. My mother believed in the chicken soup approach, as you mentioned. If you were sick, you got soup and tea and maybe an aspirin or two, and stayed home from school until you were well. If mom thought you were really sick, or even faking, out came the enema bag and you got big soapy enemas as well. She believed that, if you were 'cleaned out' as she would say, you got well faster."

"What about Barbara's mom?" asked Zoe quietly.

"She was more likely to go right to the enemas. With her, you got at least two a day until you went back to school. Barb and I sure got a lot of them over the years."

"So, when did you realize you liked them, little boy?" she asked.

"Oh, I don't know," Jack responded, "It just sort of happened, I guess."

"So, how did the huge hairbrush get into the picture?" asked Zoe.

"That just sort of arrived. My mom had long, flowing hair, and she needed a large brush. It became her punishment weapon from about age ten. Before that it was just her hand."

"So, how did you get it, then?"

"Well, actually, it belongs to Barbara. Her mother gave it to her her some years back, and the brush eventually became Barb's weapon of choice as well. She really knows how to swing it for effect."

"I'll bet she does. You must have a red bottom at least some of the time, isn't that a bit painful for you?"

"Well,..." Jack started to speak, but Zoe interrupted him, snuggling closer to him.

"Perhaps you would like me to spank you, Jack?" she whispered in his ear. "That is probably just what you need, a good spanking."

Jack looked plaintifully into her eyes, as if to agree, but said nothing.

"Yes, i think that is just what is called for here, little boy. A good spanking, and perhaps another of my hot, soapy enemas. That is a real wake-up call. How about it?"

Still saying nothing, Jack turned and reached over to her, kissing her on the forehead, his eyes beginning to tear up.

"Yes, Jack. Now that I think about it a good spanking and another enema is just what you need, and DESERVE. Let me go looking for my hairbrush. Stay right here and turn over on your belly for mommy." That was the first time had used that word with Jack and it raised a response, a small smile and and a quick turn over on the bed.

Zoe rose from where she lay, and walked toward the bathroom. In a few seconds, Jack could hear water running, the strong smell of soap, and the noise Zoe raised in rummaging through several drawers, the words he dreaded, "Ah, here it is!"


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