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Zoe's Desires

Chapter 7 - Consequences

Jack lay on the bed wondering about what become a closer relationship. Zoe was doing the same thing, trying to rid herself of the nearly three quarts of hot, soapy water. Both had had a busy day, and he fell asleep thinking of Zoe, only to be aroused a bit later as she returned, then curled up beside him on the bed. They both fell into a deep sleep.

The following morning, as the sunlight shone into the bedroom, Jack awoke, listening to Zoe speak on the phone.

"I really do feel terrible. I must be coming down with something," she said, adding, "Better to be at home than give the patients something I guess."

The person on the other end of the line aid something, then Zoe responded, "Sure, I'll call you this afternoon. We need to make a decision on whether I should come in tomorrow. Talk to you then." Zoe pushed the button on her phone to end the call, and climbed back into bed next to Jack.

"Everything OK, Zoe?" Jack asked.

"Sure," she responded. "Just told them I would not be in today, and perhaps tomorrow. That's all."

"OK then, what shall we do today?" Jack inquired.

"Not sure yet," came the response. I like to think not too far ahead, and have a surprising day." Then she added quickly, "That is I don't know what we will do after you get the enema of your life for doing it to me last evening. You forget, I really know how to give enemas, especially to bad little boys."

"Am I a 'bad boy'?" asked Jack.

"You sure are," she answered cuddling closer, "And you will see what happens to bad boys in a while. Right now, I just want to screw your brains out to get you ready for later." Zoe drew closer to Jack and whispered in his ear, "You are lucky though, because I always take good care of my little boys." She reached down toward his crotch, grabbing his dick through his shorts, and added, "All my little boys."

Moving away from Jack a bit, Zoe looked at him, saying, "Right now, you are a bit overdressed." Jack, responding, sat up and took off his shorts and tee shirt, then lay back down waiting for her.

"Better," she offered, "Now get ready for a wild ride." Zoe literally jumped onto Jack, pushing him to his back, and started to kiss the side of his neck.

"You are going to love this," she added, moving to straddle his hips and then rising slightly and used her hand to position Jack's dick. Then she roughly sat down on it.

"Boy, when you want to make love, you really go after it," said Jack, obviously enjoying every minute. As he spoke, Zoe fell off slightly to the right, causing Jack to move toward his side as well.

"Fuck my brains out, little boy," Zoe seemed to snarl in the heat of the moment. "Fuck me hard."

Jack willingly obliged, beginning to thrust roughly into her like a piston.

"Harder," Zoe yelled, "Fuck me harder." Jack now moved atop of Zoe, taking her legs and putting them on his shoulders. Now, he had the ability to thrust even deeper. His dick moved like a piston, oiled by her profuse juices. Jack reached up a grasped her tits, squeezing them and rubbing her nipples.

"That feels so good," purred Zoe. "Stick that thing in my ass, right now," she commanded. Jack reached down as he withdrew and aimed for her waiting asshole. He could see the pussy juices had well-lubricated the outside and, together with what he had on his dick, it slid in easily.

"Oh, that feels even better. Fuck my ass hard, Jack." Zoe's ass was tight, and Jack wondered how long he could last before he shot his load.


The two lovers lay there on the bed completely exhausted. Zoe had flopped down onto Jack's chest and was dozing. Jack just let her lie there, knowing that when she woke, she would be in a punishing mood for the banging Jack gave her ass. He would not be disappointed.


It was three hours before Zoe awoke, suddenly realizing the ache emanating from her ass, caused by the pounding Jack gave her. "That man really knows how to fuck a woman's ass," she said quietly to herself, knowing she loved it, but still Jack would have to pay.

Slowly Jack stirred as well, probably because of Zoe's movements, and eventually opened his eyes looked over toward Zoe, still stretched out on his chest. He kissed her neck and she turned. He kissed her deeply as their mouths meshed into one.

"Good morning, I think," said jack, looking over toward the window. "And then some," he added. Looking at the clock, he realized it was nearly Noon.

"What do we want to do for the rest of the day?" Jack asked Zoe, as she started to rise.

"We'll think about that later Jack," came the response. "First, you are going to get the biggest, hottest, soapiest enema you have ever had in your life for that pounding you gave me. Then I might just pound you myself with my strapon so you get the same ache I have right now." She threw herself back onto Jack's chest.

"What did Barbara do when you were a bad boy?" Jack new eventually Barbara would come up in the conversations.

"Why would you ask that Zoe?" Jack responded.

"Oh, I think the very large enema bag, the colon tube, and the huge hairbrush under the vanity in your apartment might be a giveaway there, Jack," she answered. "So tell me, little boy, what DID you like from her?"

Jack thought for a few moments before answering. he pondered what he wanted Zoe to know, and to keep between he and Barbara. After all, she did live in the same building.

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