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Zoe's Desires

Chapter 9 - Mommy's Home

Jack waited as he was told while Zoe continued to open and close drawers and cabinets in the bathroom. All the while, the water was running, and the smell of Ivory Soap became almost overwhelming. Then, suddenly, everything stopped. There was silence, and Jack worried more about that than he did the noise.

In his heart Jack had begun to realize he was more submissive in nature. he loved being told what to do by Barbara and then Zoe; even in the office, Jack had turned down a shift supervisor position because he did not want to have to be in charge. Now, especially with Zoe, it was clear she was the dominant in the couple, and he loved it while at the same time was afraid of how far things might go.

It was three or four minutes before there was any noise coming from the bathroom. First, he heard a drawer open and something being taken from sit, then he heard the side cabinet open as well. A few footsteps followed and Zoe emerged from the bathroom, enema bag in hand, along with the large hairbrush from under the cabinet. As she entered, Jack could see she had changed her appearance as well. She now wore a kitchen apron with pockets, which looked to have something filling them. Zoe looked matronly, just like his mother might have looked when he was a child. She smiled.

"Mommy's back, Jack," Zoe announced. "Time to get you back on track," she added, putting the enema bag and hose on the bed, creating a plopping sound. The hairbrush she placed on the side table near the edge of the bed. Then, she sat on the side of the bed, telling Jack to get up and over in front of her. Jack scrambled down toward the end of the bed, then walked over and stood in front of Zoe.

"Yes, Ma'am," Jack responded, standing close by in front of her, just as Zoe raised her apron, baring her legs.

"Over my lap, young man," Zoe ordered, in a deeper than usual voice. "And, make it quick. We do not have all night for this." Jack scampered to get over her legs,feeling the flesh or her thighs on his abdomen.

"Jack," Zoe Continued, "Mommy needs to give you an enema. I know you do not like them, but I want to do it without backtalk from you. Otherwise, I have brought my hairbrush to convince you. Either way, you are getting an enema, hot and soapy."

"But mommy," responded Jack, taking up on Zoe's introduction, "I don't need an enema."

"Actually, you do, Jack. let's call it an attitude adjustment if you wish, but you do need an enema. Now, what will it be, willingly or otherwise?"

"I don't your old enema," Jack answered. Zoe reached for the hairbrush and immediately swatted his behind, following the first swat with several more. Jack's face turned red and he tried to put his hands back in defense. Zoe pushed them away. After several more swats, jack was in tears, hurting from the paddling.

"Are you ready now?" asked Zoe.

"Yes Mommy," Jack said through his real sobs, "Just don't hit me anymore." Zoe noted she might have used more force than she thought and put that away in her memory for the future.

Putting the hairbrush on a the side table, Zoe reached for the enema bag and hose. From her apron pocket she took her jar of cold cream, opened the top, and scooped out a fingerful, which she quickly applied to his asshole, pushing her finger in as far as it would go to make sure he was lubricated.

"All right, then, Jack," said Zoe, as she pushed in the nozzle -- the large douche nozzle rather than the smaller one usually used for enemas. "We are starting your enema. i expect you to take the whole bag, or there will be consequences." Jack's ears perked up at Zoe's last statement on 'consequences'. It was a word used between Barbara and Jack. He had to wonder if it was a coincidence or they spoke about him.

Jack could feel the flow of the hot, soapy water as it rushed in and started to flow through his bowels. He quickly cramped, but tried as well as he could not to complain for fear the hairbrush would be used again on his already sore behind. Zoe took some more of the cold cream and started rubbing in on his deeply red backside.

"This should make your butt feel better, my love. I hope so." Eventually, as she rubbed, her hand gradually moved in circles further down his backside to his balls and obviously swollen dick.

"Sure looks like at least one part of your body is enjoying this Jack," Zoe whispered in Jack's ear, as she bent over his body, reaching to feel his swollen dick. Zoe touched it lightly, and Jack reacted.

"Well, you were very good after your 'encouragement', Jack," said Zoe, looking up to see the enema bag in her hand was empty. "You took the whole thing like the good little man you are. I think you probably need this more often, so be prepared," she added.

"I need to go to the bathroom," answered jack, "Right away."

"You just wait a minute or two for this big, soapy enema to work, Jack," Zoe answered. "That's what this is all about; doing this right, when they are needed, and despite your misgivings. Mommy knows best, and you better learn that, little boy."

"Yes, Ma'am," came the response from Jack, knowing argument was futile. Finally, after a few minutes, Zoe let Jack up from her lap and he ran for the bathroom. Zoe sat on the side of the bed, the enema bag still in her hand, but now at lap level, and pondered what she learned. Zoe knew she and Jack had a future, but what would it be?

[Continuing Story]


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