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A fantas-tick hot day at Camp Tempashota

Part 4

"Oh Jason... I'm not sure how that would fit inside me but I'd love to try. Dr. Suzy stroked and fondled him. Like I said I've seen it all Sarah and a magnificent cock like this shouldn't be taken for granted. It's also good for a patient who's just experienced something painful to have something pleasurable to balance it out. Plus we wouldn't want him going back out there with blue balls now, would we? I've found that some men like it when you feel and fondle their bottom too Even tease their little hole a bit- but every man loooves it when you do this."

She leaned over and took him into her mouth.

Mmmph. Sluuurp. Mmmhmmm.


What was that?! Something had bumped the door to the exam room causing Jason to break his fantasy and his hand froze mid-stroke. His erection began to wilt.

All quiet for a second. He hadn't had a chance to whack off in more than a week. Not a lot of privacy at camp with communal showers and a cabin full of young campers under his watch every night. A quick debate with himself whether to continue didn't last long. Thinking he'd better hurry and finish up, he reached over and grabbed a Kleenex from the counter next to the exam table where he sat on his still sore bottom.

"Now, where was I?" He thought...

"Most men love visual stimulation as well. Let's get out of these clothes."

By the time Dr. Suzy and Sarah had freed their breasts from their lacy bras and four sets of beautiful titties were wobbling about in Jason's mind, his arousal was fully back, almost as if he hadn't missed a... beat.


Someone finally showed up with a Tshirt and shorts for Jason, and Susan sent her back immediately to get several more. A lot was happening at once.

"Don't worry about the inventory for now- we'll take care of it. HEATHER!" Susan yelled above the din in the hallway, "can I get you to clean up that exam room? I can have Sarah cover the hot kids and note writing."

"Uh- I don't get paid nearly enough for this. Cleaning up kiddie puke wasn't in the job description." Heather, the office assistant, said only half jokingly.

Susan rolled her eyes but stepped into the exam room herself and the smell overwhelmed her. Quickly she opened the window and then left, shutting the door behind her. This was just one of those days...

She passed the two still sweating horse wranglers, snatched up the Tshirt and shorts, did the quick doctor's knock-knock, and slipped into Jason's exam room without waiting for a response.

Doctor Susan stopped dead in her tracks. Jason, still sitting on the exam table, immediately turned his back to her.

"Uh Jason, is something the matter? Why are holding a Kleenex?"

Dammit! "Uh..." He was paralyzed with fear and indecision. Should he come clean? Could he cover this up? He turned around slightly toward Susan.

She immediately figured out what was going on, even before she saw his rapidly deflating penis that was a little redder than the last time she saw it.

"It's okay Jason. I mean it's not okay - I mean you need to not do that in here, but... Uhm... Look just put these on." She handed him the shorts and walked over to pick up his still wet jeans and shirt.

"I'll get these washed and have Jim bring them to you tomorrow. You have another set of jeans for tomorrow, right?"

Had he just gotten away with that? No she was choosing to ignore it, he decided. Whew! "Well, actually those were my clean jeans for the rest of this week. It's okay. They'll be dry by tomorrow morning. Thanks but really, it's okay. You've done enough Dr.Suzy."

"That's disgusting. I mean wearing jeans that dirty again. I insist. Just come by tonight and I'll have them waged for you by then. Not a problem. But please - let's get you dressed- we need this room and you're all fixed up for now."

Susan watched him dress, her mind racing with naughty thoughts that she tried to suppress.

Escorting him out the door, she ushered her husband Jim and the other horse counselor Lisa into the one working exam room. Leaning out the door, Susan called for her assistant Sarah to come in when she was done writing notes for the last hot kiddo. Thankfully, only a couple remained. Susan took the crinkly exam paper of the table, and replaced it. She couldn't help noting with some relief no piles of semen on it, just the sweaty butt print from Jason.

"Okay Lisa. Have a seat up here and get your socks and shoes off for now. Honey you head over to the corner and drop your drawers for me."

"Uh.. Dear... Is that well, appropriate? I mean..."

"It's certainly not, but it's the best I can do under these circumstances. Face the wall. It's the least inappropriate way to handle this I can think of at the moment. I'd rather risk Lisa being traumatized by seeing your pale rear end than have you looking over this way in a second."

As she spoke, Susan prepared the rectal thermometer again.

"Undies too."

"Can't you just..."

"There's a lot going on you're both overheated and have been guzzling cold water -I'm the doctor here not just your wife and please don't question me right now- doingthebestIcannowdropemandbendover." She snapped, but in a mostly polite way.

With a look over his shoulder at Lisa and a smirk for both of the lady's benefit, and in the manliest most dignified way he could, "Big Jim" dropped his sweaty underwear down and bent over and placed his hands on the wall.