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A fantas-tick hot day at Camp Tempashota

Part 3

With a loud clatter several bottle of over-the-counter pills hit the floor. Susan had bumped them with her elbow trying to pull a couple of vials out of the mini refrigerator crammed into the supply closet. This was not going to work, she thought to herself. She always tried not to draw up injections in front of her patients, but she didn't have room in here, the other exam room was occupied, and the hall was even more full of little kids that would likely be even more sensitive to the sight of her drawing up a big shot.

Sigh... Jason was a big boy he'd just have to deal with it. A "Big" boy - Stop it! She caught herself again thinking inappropriately.

With an armful of supplies clutched to her chest she made it through the throng and to the door of the exam room. When she opened it the sight before her almost mesmerized her into dropping those supplies for a second. Jason, still nude, was hopping up and down on one leg trying to get his tight (and no doubt still damp) jeans on. His penis was no longer hard but his hopping set his whole impressive package bouncing up and down.

Setting the supplies down on the counter and suppressing a smile, she turned to him, "going to go commando this afternoon?" And looked pointedly at the tighty whities still on the floor.

"Well, uh, Dr. Suzy, those are still kinda soaking with sweat."

She turned around and began opening the plastic-wrapped syringes and needles, but he could hear her say above the crinkle-crinkle, "I've got news for you, you may as well leave your jeans off. Besides Jason those jeans are filthy. They're covered in dirt and sweat. I'll ether send someone for a pair of shorts or fetch you a pair of Jim's myself."

She turned around with a syringe inserted under a vial that she held up. She looked at him and saw that the big muscular college cowboy looked a little, well, scared.

"Sorry ma'am, ah haven't had much a chance to wash them round here lately."

Her look softened. Poor guy. He worked his tail off around here she knew. Probably a lot harder work than most of the other counselors.

"It's understandable. Tell you what- just leave them here and I'll wash them myself at our house." She continued her preparations and saw him continue to glance nervously at the injection she was preparing.

"Well thank you, really - I appreciate your offer but I don't want you to hafta waste anymore time on me Dr.Suzy. I'm fine. Need ta get headin' back anyway."

"Jason... Is this because you're scared of a shot?"

"Well... I haven't had one in mah rear in a really long time but I remember not liking 'em much."

"Was the one I just gave you in your arm that terrible?"

"Well no, but that one you got there looks pretty mean. Look I'm all bandaged up- I'm okay. Really. Thank you."

Sigh... "Jason just have a seat on the table. Hang on." Susan finished the preparation for that injection, set it down, and went over next to him. He was sitting down with his jeans still halfway on but nothing else. There had already been enough breaches of professional propriety already this afternoon, why stop now?

She hopped up on the table and sat down next to him, leaned her shoulder against his, then reached her arm around and grabbed his other shoulder, hugging him against her just a bit.

"Now listen Jason... Dogs eat their own poop. They pick up dead birds in their mouth. I saw that bite. The edges were already sort of pink and puffy looking. If it's not already, it most likely will get infected. Now... I could prescribe you antibiotic pills, but that would require a trip into town, plus the warning label says to stay out of the sun, plus they give most folks diarrhea. I'll be honest- we need you here, and we need you out there at the barn, in the sun, and not worried about having the runs when you're leading a cabinfull of kids on a trail ride.

Look, I'm not going to lie to you- these shots are going to hurt. But probably not as bad as being bit by Hank, or that time last term when you fell on the cactus. I know you're brave. I know you were the one that killed that copperhead the other day. And I know that the other week when little Will was screaming when he got stung by a wasp you whipped out your can of snuff thinking that old wives tail that tobacco would help, even knowing that it was against the camp rules and you did it right in front of Jim."

"You heard about that?!"

"Not many secrets around here. That was brave and selfless of you, though medically kind of ridiculous."

She hugged him a bit closer. "We need you Jason. Those kids need you. Can you be brave and take these shots for me?"

Gosh that made him feel good. Of course he would. He put his arm around her back as well and squeezed her back. "Yeah Dr. Suzy. I will." He stood up then, took off his jeans, and said, "Hit me with your best shot- so to speak."

"That's my man! Okay bend over and just hold onto the exam table I'm almost ready."

Jason bent over and grabbed the table tightly with both hands, his legs shoulder width apart, and tensed up- ready to bravely take whatever was coming his way after her cheesy (not to him!) speech. His lips were tight as he blew through them, pumped up and psyching himself out in preparation - almost like he was lining up for a football snap, or preparing to max out in his weight lifting.

Susan finished her preparations, feeling slightly guilty, and turned around to see him. She thought it was actually kind of cute and couldn't help but smile. With another guilty thought she noticed his balls hanging down between his legs, one slightly lower than the other. She took a step toward him and started rubbing the alcohol soaked cotton ball on a spot high up on his butt.

When she set the cotton ball down, he noticed, and tensed up even more. Here it comes! He thought.

"Uhm, Jason." She gently poked his bottom with her finger. It was rock hard. "You need to relax your butt. There's no way I can get this in with you all tense like that. Take it easy big guy." She gently rubbed his lower back.

"She called me 'big guy' " he thought and smiled. "Maybe she meant- Oww!"

"Okay here comes the sting. Just stay relaxed right like that and still for me."

And sting it did! Geez... But it was soon over.

"Okay one down one to go. That wasn't so bad was it?"

"I guess not." He flexed his leg up and down, and after putting a little bandaid on it Susan rubbed the injection site a bit.

"Okay here comes the next one. This ones going to hurt a little more." He looked back over his shoulder at her and saw what looked like the hugest shot and longest needle he'd ever seen, and it was full of nasty looking yellow medicine. He was nervous, but tried to be brave. It helped when she smiled at him.

"C'mon - here we go. First a little sting... And here comes the burn. Stay still and relaxed for me."

It didn't start out that bad but kept getting worse and worse and kept going while she slowly injected the thick antibiotic. He groaned. Still it wasn't over. His butt was on fire.

"Okay all done!" And she put another little bandaid on it.

But his butt and his whole leg even still hurt. He got up and tried to stretch his leg, squatting down and back up in an attempt to alleviate the pain- oblivious to the impressive show his package was putting on sat it wobbled around.

"Okay Jason that wasn't so bad now, was it? I'm going to check on everyone else and grab you some shorts. I want you to just hang out here for a few minutes and I'll be back to check on you."

"Okay, thanks Dr. Suzy."

She'd dismissed the kid who'd fallen, convinced that there was no concussion, but the hall was still full of sweaty kids. Turns out heather had put one of the worst into the other exam room, where he'd thrown up all over the place. Great. He'd felt better though and was sent on his way.

Susan picked up her cell phone and asked the lady working at the camp store to bring a pair of Camp Tempashota shorts and a t-shirt to the clinic.

Just when she was turning back to go check on Jason, her husband Jim and Lisa, the other main horseback counselor besides Jason showed up, looking almost as dirty and sweaty and nasty as Jason had a while back. Jim downed a whole bottle of water in one long swill before turning to her.

"How's Jason doing? He was looking pretty rough when I sent him here."

"He's doing much better- I was just about to check on him. Y'all look a little rough yourselves. What the heck were y'all doing out there today?"

"There's an old outbuilding next to the barn- hasn't been used in ten years probably but I'd like to make it a little office type thing- get a phone out there- no cell reception way out..." He was busy downing another water bottle, but Lisa continued for him

"It was pretty overgrown around it- that's what Jason was working on. We were trying to clean out the inside. It was nasty! I can't stop itching, and found three ticks crawling on me! Can you believe that?!"

Jim spoke first, "Course I can- I chased one possum out of there this morning, and found another- I thought he was dead, but he was just, you know- playin' possum- as they tend to do. Nasty creatures."