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A fantas-tick hot day at Camp Tempashota

Part 5

Susan held the thermometer in one hand and lifted the sweat soaked shirt tail of her husband up and draped it on his back, revealing his bare bottom to the room.

Lisa, sitting on the exam table nearby, tried to suppress a grin. She really liked working closely with "Big Jim." He was a great boss- fair, helpful, friendly, competent, and even funny at times. She'd never had a romantic or lusty thought about him though. He had his beautiful doctor wife, and he was so much older- but his butt was kinda cute, if a bit hairy.

"Ooh my!" She thought when Dr.Suzy opened his cheeks up. She couldnt pay attention to what Dr. Suzy was saying- just focused on the sight of her boss bent over- and there was nothing left to the imagination! She saw his tight little bottom hole, and his heavy looking balls hanging down below. Then she saw those balls tense up when Dr. Suzy pushed the thermometer into him. Aww... It was kinda cute when she patted his butt when she was done.

Quickly Lisa turned away and started focusing on unlacing her boots- she didn't want them to know she'd been watching.

"Okay dear just take deep breath. Here we go."

Jim tensed up as she inserted the thermometer. Hmm... she thought, don't remember him having a mole there before, but guess I don't see him often from this angle. Wait... That's not a mole.

"Okay dear just hang tight for a second I'm going to check something." And with that she patted his rump and went to the counter to pick up some tweezers.

Sure enough, it was a tick that had attached itself right where his waistband had been near the small of his back. She pulled it off with tweezers and wiped the area with an alcohol soaked cotton ball. The tick squirmed its little legs, the body squeezed between prongs of the tweezers. "Now what do I do with it?" Susan thought. The empty plastic water bottle on the counter would work perfectly - and the squirming little bugger was dropped into it.

"Fortunately it's not a deer tick and we probably don't have to worry about Lyme disease around here anyway but rocky mountain spotted fever is not something to take lightly. I'll probably give you both some antibiotics just to be safe but 1st things first- I want to check you each from head to toes and make sure we get all these nasty little critters. Lisa, go ahead and disrobe for me. And Jim... Ahem... Your head faces the wall dear. Keep it that way."

Lisa began taking her clothes off. She was certainly attractive, but had a few more curves on her than many of the other counselors at the camp. That was one reason she had volunteered for the horse duty a couple of years ago in the first place. Better to be able to wear jeans every day than in a swimsuit as a life guard or something in front of all those skinny girls. She wasn't extremely shy or body conscious but probably had the same level of discomfort at the thought of stripping down in front of people as any normal woman might, particularly with her boss there. "Oh well, I've seen his butt and balls too" she reminded herself with a grin and proceeded. She was down to her sports bra and panties when there was a knock at the door.

Susan opened it just a head width, shielding the view of the two overheated but underdressed patients.

"Sarah! Just in time. Come on in. The kiddos all taken care of?"

"For now. Waters band aids and notes all around! Oh... Uh..."

Sarah saw "Big Jim" bare bottom in the corner with a thermometer sticking out and Lisa on the exam table, momentarily stopped and her eyes wide at the sight of the other counselor. Needless to say, Sarah was a bit confused.

"Excellent timing! I'm glad you're here! I'm sure Jim's temp. has registered by now, can you check for me? Then I'll need you to help me check Lisa all over for any other ticks."

Sarah went over to where Jim was leaning over. Susan smirked to herself recalling how he'd joked this morning about having her examine him. Sarah was nervous- yet again she was asked to do something as simple as take a temperature- and she couldn't figure out how to read the stupid silver thing. Lisa meanwhile lay down on the exam table. She felt relieved that she couldn't see any ticks on herself, but if Dr. Suzy wanted to look too, so be it.

"Lisa please take off your bra and panties. I'm afraid we'll need to check all the nooks and crannies."

Lisa looked over at the other two in the corner and hesitated. Susan caught the hesitation and explained.

"Please don't feel uncomfortable- I assure you Jim won't be looking this way, and we really do need to check the parts covered by your underwear most of all. Think about it- a tick wants thin skin with blood vessels close to the surface that's hidden so he won't be pulled off. I found that one on Jim right where his waistband was. I just want to make you you don't have one hiding somewhere."

This assured, and with a deep breath, Lisa grabbed the bottom hem of her sports bra and pulled it over her head. Her large breast flopped free, her sweat meeting the air-conditioned room caused her nipples to tighten up so they looked like pink thimbles atop the round mounds. The paper crinkled as she stood up and drew her sensible panties down, revealing a full bush of pubic hair.

"Now just sit down and lean your head over. I'm going to start looking on your scalp- lots of blood vessels close to the surface and they like to hide in hair- they're used to dogs and deer and well, possums."

Jim didn't hear their conversation. He didn't hear the crinkle of the paper or the rustle of clothes as Lisa got naked. He wasn't tempted to look over his shoulder and see her. Instead, he was completely preoccupied with what Sarah was doing to him.

Sarah actually had no idea what she was doing, and it was stressing her out. She wanted so badly to be a good assistant but she didn't even know how to read a thermometer (well, an old fashioned mercury thermometer, but still!) So instead she knelt down so she was looking up at Jim's backside, mumbled something about making sure it was in there properly, and twirled it around, poking it in farther, pulling it out completely and reinserting it. Her hand grabbed his butt cheek for this.

Jim knew this wasn't exactly professional, but didn't say anything. He felt half embarrassed that he was developing a chubby and half sorta just enjoyed the attention from the hot college counselor that he and his wife had joked about just that morning. Sarah noticed his balls weren't hanging quite so low anymore and that his penis was getting bigger. She remembered the thermometer had had a similar affect on Jason just awhile back and so she continued.

"Sarah it should have register by now - what's it say?" Susan asked.

Startled, Sarah pulled it out quickly and held it up to the light, twirling it around trying to read it. Or pretending to. "Uh... Uhm... Okay just 99" she said.

"Hmm. Okay. Well Jim you can stand up but please just stay looking that way- Sarah can you come help me with a second set of eyes?"

Lisa at this point was standing up and both Susan and Sarah took a side and began examining every square inch of her skin to look for ticks. Lisa was pretty embarrassed when asked to lift her arms- she was sure her sweaty pits stunk and wished she had shaved them more recently. However that was nothing compared to how mortified she was when each of her breasts were lifted simultaneously to check underneath them.

"OH MY GOSH! I FOUND ONE!!" Screeched Sarah.