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A Client Visit Holds a Surprise

Part Four - Dinner Was Going to Be Later Than Expected...

Celeste turned toward me, "Feeling better? I think you look ten pounds lighter! You were really full of shit!" I patted my tummy, "Much better, thanks! I really needed that!" "Angie's almost finished filling and her cramps are pretty bad. Why don't you walk around to the other side of the table, and use your fingers to distract her?" I thought about that for a couple of microseconds, walked over to Angie's front side and began masturbating her. Between her enema flowing in and my fingers on her clit, she was moaning loudly, and her moans signaled an impending orgasm. Celeste, "Not yet, young lady!" "Back off, don't let her get that 'O'!" I stopped, and she whined, "Please! Please! Let me cum! I'm SOOO close, please!" If I had any doubt that Celeste was Domme, it was now dispelled! "OK, Missy, that just earned you an extra 15 minutes hosting that enema. You're looking at 45 minutes, want to try for a full hour?" I had no idea that Celeste would require an hour's hold. Angie is not a large person, and she had 3 qts. of very soapy water in her bowels now. Obviously, Celeste was serious, because she pumped a couple of extra bulbs of air into the inner balloon. No way was Angie going to expel that enema until Celeste allowed it.

"OK, you may start 'massaging' her clit again, but do not let her orgasm!" I didn't hesitate, because I'm a Dom myself, but it was obvious that I was there in a sub's role, just like Angie, and I didn't want to anger Celeste. The masturbation continued, raising her to the edge and backing off for the full 45 minutes, with Angie whimpering softly the whole time, but never saying another word. Finally, it was over. "OK, you can let her cum." Angie came hard, with a screaming "O". I was shocked to see her anus bulging as she involuntarily attempted to expel the double balloon catheter. Fortunately, it held, and I helped her off the table and held her hand as she walked quickly to the bathroom just off the exam room. Celeste had stopped off the catheter with a hemostat, so not a drop leaked out of her. Celeste told her to squat over the toilet and to me, "Want to remove the catheter?" I really didn't want the brown shower on my hand and wrist, but reached under Angie and let the air out of the outer balloon, then the inner. As soon as the inner balloon deflated enough, the pressure in her rectum blew the cath out, and I needed to wash my hands. Fortunately, I managed to catch the cath as it dropped into the toilet, because I have no doubt that Celeste would have told me to fish it out of the bowl. I washed up my hands and then washed the catheter, hanging it from a towel rack to dry. We both sat down on the side of the bathtub and watched as Angie emptied her colon. Celeste kept spraying air freshener, to abate the odor, and Angie showed no signs of embarrassment at being the center of attention. Finally, Angie wiped and stood up. As she stood, a little trickle of blood dripped from her vagina. This DID embarrass her, and she started to apologize, but Celeste shushed her. "Never apologize for your period! Be proud that you're a woman!" Again, to me, "Would you mind changing her tampon? There's a box of them in that cabinet." She pointed to a linen cabinet in the corner, and I retrieved a Tampax Pearl as Angie and Celeste retired to the exam room.

Angie got on the table and rolled onto her back, pulling her heels up close to her butt, to expose her lovely pussy. I pulled her string and dropped the red tampon into the biohazard canister. Then, I took my time wiping her with a warm wet washcloth, before inserting her new tampon. "You've done this before, haven't you? You knew just what to do." Celeste quipped, with a bit of amazement. "OK, kiddies, it's time for your rinse enemas, then we'll go for dinner. You failed to hold your SSE for the full 30 minutes, so I guess you're still buying!" Since Angie was still on the table, she got the first salt & baking soda rinse...a full 3 qts. As soon as she was filled, Celeste helped her up and she scurried off to the toilet to release her load. Then, it was my turn; 3 qt's of very warm salt & baking soda. Angie was still on the toilet as I finished filling. "Hey! How much longer? He's waiting." "I'm trying; maybe five more minutes." "Want me to help you hold that?" I hesitated a couple of seconds, expecting she would ram a plug up my ass; but she squirted KY in her palm and began to slowly massage my swollen cock. The enema magically disappeared from my consciousness as she stroked me. She continued until we heard the toilet flush; then she quickly brought me to completion. I changed places with Angie, and the two women sat on the side of the tub talking about where they wanted to go for dinner. I finally emptied, and Angie had her second release. I followed her with mine, and Celeste started the shower. Angie washed me, and I washed her, paying special attention to her nipples and vulva, being careful not to get her hair wet, We all got dressed, and headed off to The Fish Place.


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