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A Client Visit Holds a Surprise

The Fish Place

Celeste Had just purchased a new Lexus, and she was eager to show it off, so she drove. The ride over was a bit dicey, as both Angie and I still had the remains of our rinse enemas drifting around inside us, and we definitely did NOT want to mess up Celeste's new leather seats. We got to the restaurant and as soon as we were seated and had placed our orders, Angie and I excused ourselves. I was embarrassed as I waddled with clenched cheeks to the restroom. ("Damn! I shoulda worn black instead of khaki pants!") We both made it without incidents, and returned just in time for our salads. The food was excellent, and because the restaurant was full but quiet, we kept the conversation to “How did your day go.” and “Hope we get good weather for the weekend.” I suspect that Celeste could hear the tension in our voices as we both sat in eager but anxious anticipation of the rest of the evening. We both knew that Celeste was Domme, and I'm sure Angie had been on her table enough to know how far she might take us, but I did not.

The drive home was also quiet, interrupted by a stop at a drug store. “You kiddies stay in the car while I do a bit of last minute shopping. I'll be right back with a surprise for you!” She was gone about ten minutes, during which we speculated as to her surprise, and Angie gave me one of her own, unzipping my trousers and giving me a marvelous “massage”. Celeste returned with a large shopping bag. She got in, reached into the bag, and produced two bottles of cherry flavored magnesium citrate solution. “OK, kiddies, down the hatch! The sooner you finish your laxatives, the sooner we'll be able to get to the main course tonight!” We downed the laxative, and I noted that the cherry is a bit more palatable than the usual lemon. The rest of the drive home was quick and uneventful, although we both knew that we had time bombs ticking inside us.

We arrived at Celeste's condo, went inside, and Celeste said cheerfully, “OK kids! Were all consenting adults, so lets get out of these restrictive clothes, and do some unrestrictive exercises while we wait for your laxatives to work!” I imagine there isn't a fire station crew anywhere that could undress as fast as the three of us! We fixed highballs, and headed to the master bedroom. Celeste had already made her king size mattress with a plastic painter's sheet under the bottom sheet, and there were lube and toys on her bedside table. We lost no time getting on the bed and began exploring each other's bodies. (It was obvious that Celeste and Angie had long since mapped every nook and cranny of each other, and they both concentrated on me. Needless to say, they immediately achieved the response they desired from my manhood. Celeste chirped, “I've got dibs in first time!”, and with that, she climbed atop my torso and impaled herself on my cock. I was in ecstasy as she rode me to climax, then rolled off and said, “Your turn Ange!” Having just shot my wad in Celeste, my little soldier was at ease and I could see the disappointment on Angie's face. Obviously, Celeste saw it too, and sternly ordered,"Suck it, silly! You'll have a stiffie in no time!" She did, and she did! Then, she remembered her tampon, and so did Celeste, who stepped over and pulled her string. There really wasn't much red on it, even though it had been about four hours since I inserted it. She said, "Look, I'm fine with anal, if my period bothers you!" “It doesn't. I love messy sex! Lady's choice, how do you want to take it?” “Doggy style?” “Assume the position!” And suddenly, I was staring at aa gorgeous coffee & cream ass and a slightly pink pussy! She was on all fours on the foot of the bed, so I stepped between her feet, and plunged into her birth canal! After 5 or 6 minutes, she screamed bloody murder and collapsed forward, leaving my naked cock in mid air. I still hadn't finished, but the night was young!

We all moved to the den, and watched some porn on Celeste's new flat screen HDTV. By now, Ange & I had totally forgotten about the little bomb working in us. After about 45 minutes of TV, all that exercise had accelerated it's potency, and we both got “that look” on our faces at once. Celeste saw it, and laughed, “Well, Mr. Broker, it looks like your ”bonds" have matured!" “OH YEAH!!! But you only have one toilet!” “No problem, you'll flip for it: loser shits in the bathtub!” Angie lost, but I chivalrously allowed her to shit in the toilet anyway. The tub floor looked (and smelled) like the Spindletop gusher had blown its top in the tub. We both finished about the same time, and I turned on the shower. She joined me, and we cleaned each other up for a second time. Celeste had left the room when the odor became stifling, and when we returned to her den, she said, “I think I'd like some coffee, how about you?” We both agreed, expecting to head to the kitchen. Instead, she led us to the bedroom, where three bulging bags of warm coffee hung on the horns of the IV stand. "I thought we might enjoy a coffee enema, and it's going to be a long night, so the caffeine won't hurt! Why don't you insert Angie's nozzle; she can insert mine, and I'll do yours!" She pulled Angie's out of the bag and it was then that I saw that these were LARGE penis nozzles! I lubed Angie, and her nozzle, and gently inserted in the proper orifice. Angie then did Celeste, and finally, Celeste plugged mine into me. It hurt a bit, but my ass quickly grew accustomed. In about 10 minutes, we all three had 2 quarts of black coffee churning in our tummies.

Celeste required us to hold our coffee 15 minutes, and sure enough, the coffee gave us second wind for the night. This time, all three of us stood in the tub and released together under the shower. Interestingly, the released enema liquid smelled mostly of coffee, not shit. Maybe that was because Ange and I had already had two enemas, but Celeste had released a goodly amount of shit with her expelled enema. Anyway, we were all revved up for whatever Celeste had planned. That plan began to be revealed immediately: Ange and I noticed that Celeste had left us standing in the tub. As she returned, Angie giggled at my expression when I saw the huge black dildo strap on fastened around her hips to Celeste's mons! The call went up from Celeste's lips: “Kiddies, let the games begin!” “Sir Broker, all fours on the bed!” “Angie, please lube his ass and my cock!” And shortly, the games began with my ass stuffed and fucked til I screamed for mercy! Stay tuned! (The games have only just begun!)


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