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A Client Visit Holds a Surprise

Angie joins the treatment plan...

My enema was about half into me when Angie walked in, still dressed in her black scrubs. She didn't seem surprised to find me in knee/ches, buck naked, nor Celeste holding the nozzle in me, clad in the identical attire. "Mrs. Leibowitz finished a little early, so I shut down, cleaned up, changed the linens and came on over. PHEW! He IS ripe!" "He has had it held inside since Tuesday." "I'd believe it!" "Hey, ladies! I'm right here!" "Oh, sorry! I didn't mean to be rude! And (Angie stared at my bulging erection.) I can definitely see that you're here!" Celeste faced Angie, and, "Don't you think you're a bit over-dressed?" She blushed, "Oh, of course!" and she corrected the oversight, revealing her large, firm D's, with large dark nipples nestled in very large dark chocolate areoles. Her mons was thick and black as midnight. The string from her tampon topped off a lovely pubis. ("I wonder if she is OK with messy sex...") Angie asked if she needed to do an assay of my specimen, and Celeste said, "That would be terribly helpful and greatly appreciated!" She took the specimen bag and disappeared into the lab next door. My enema was finished filling, and my tummy was full. Angie returned to say that my specimen was normal and asked if Celeste still wanted to help her with her daily enema. "As soon as he is ready to release his, we can start yours. Why don't you get it ready?" "OK, I want to really feel this one!" "Add Epsom salts, and Dr. Bronner's peppermint. That should get some cramps going! And I'll use the double balloon catheter so you cannot get rid of it until I'm ready to let you go!" "Yes, Ma'am...you're the doctor!"

About ten minutes later, Celeste said she thought I was ready, and helped me off the table. I headed toward the bathroom, and Celeste left the room. As I was passing Angie, she whispered, "Celeste and I talked last night, and we want you to stay tonight for some messy fun. She hasn't been touched in four years, and she's completely safe. I'm in my period, but my ass will be clean as a whistle soon. What do you say?" "I say if you don't get out of my way you're going to get a brown shower! Want to watch me release?" "I'd love to, but I need this enema. Think about it." "I did...we can stop by my hotel and get my stuff. Are you on the pill?" "Yes, why?" "Because I want some messy sex, and I've been dreaming of doing both of you in front and rear tonight!" I barely made it to the toilet, and when I got back, Angie had just about emptied her bag, and was obviously cramping painfully. The outer balloon was so sexy peeking between her ass cheeks. Somehow, I knew I wasn't going to get much sleep!