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Chapter 3

Suzy's hand, again, found its why to her crotch and she was able to scratch her itch once more, discreetly. She now knew why the girl had not said anything the whole time. When her lips had been drawnback as she strained with the contractions, Suzy could see that there was a smooth rubber covering between her teeth and lips. Right in front she could see what looked like a black spot and she had correctly guessed that it was not a spot but a hole through the device. The nurses had put some sort of a gag in her mouth. The girl was being denied the ability to speak.

Although the contractions seemed to lessen, she was still putting more in, what was by now a most uncomfortable diaper.

Nurse Gilbert stopped at her chair once more on her way back to the nursing station saying, "I see that you have finally decided to cooperate. The worst will be over in about an hour and a half. I'll change you then and get you ready for bed. By morning you will be nice and clean inside for the doctor. See you later," she added as she left the now most embarrassed and distraught young lady to stew in her own mess.

Suzy started to feel uncomfortable because the poor girl in the wheel chair was watching her; there was nothing else for her to look at, the way her chair was facing. Suzy finally, feeling for the girl asked if there was anything that she could do for her. With the speech robbing device still in her mouth the girl shook her head "no" and making sort of a humming noise parted her lips and pointed to the rubber thing inside thinking that Suzy did not realize that she was not able to talk. As the girl was trying to communicate with Suzy, another spasm shook her body as she was forced to add to the already full diaper. Knowing that Suzy was watching, caused the girl's face to turn a bright shade of red.

Her self-consciousness made Suzy get up asking if the girl would like her to reposition the chair for her. After the girl shook her head no, Suzy went into the other room and watched television for awhile because she did not know what else to do.

Not too long later an announcement was made over the P.A. system that supper was ready. Everybody in the room got up and headed into the day room. The meal had been brought up from the kitchen and was being served cafeteria style. The day room tables, each of which seated four people were now the dining room tables. Everybody lined up and as they came up to the area with the food, the first thing that they came to was a nurse, whom Suzy had not yet, met handing out pills. No one was arguing and simply washed down the pills that were given with a little cup of water. Suzy did as the others. The food was not fancy but it was tasty and plentiful. Seconds were available if they were wanted.

Taking her tray, she located a table at which three of the girls were seated leaving an empty seat. One of the girls at the table was one of those in an ordinary wheel chair. The regular chair had been pushed to one side so she could maneuver the chair up to the table. As Suzy sat down, she introduced herself to the others. The two girls in the regular chairs were Audrey and Patty. They were roommates. The girl in the wheel chair introduced herself as Jodi and asked, "What brings you to this hell hole?"

Suzy responded to Jodi's question by saying that her parents were going away for a month and had her committed to separate her from her boyfriend as they were not to thrilled about her sex life. She had given the answer in a offhand way to see what the reaction would be but all she got was a remark from Patty that she had better not let any of the staff catch her even horny much less playing with herself.

"They can really made your life miserable if they care to," added Audrey.

The food did not taste bad in fact the chicken was pretty good. When they had finished, Jodi moved her chair away from the table saying that she was going to the nurses station and try and either get released or find someone to change her.

With Jodi gone, Audrey commented, "I wonder if that girl will ever learn. This is the fourth time that she got herself the chair."

"What did she do?" asked Suzy.

"I guess that you haven't been told yet," Audrey went on, "From the time we get up in the morning until after supper, the beds are off limits except if you get permission to take a nap from one of the nurses, who will put you in the bed. Yesterday Jodi was caught on the bed before lunch and will spend her waking hours strapped in a wheel chair until noon tomorrow. To save them the trouble of having to release you and then re-secure you each time you need to pee, the staff put you in diapers."

"They make you take a pill," piped up Patty, "that makes you pee all the time and they will only change you after each meal. That means that you end up in a wet diaper most of the time."

"Come on, let's watch some TV," suggested Patty. "`Totally Hidden Videos' should be on."

"Patty, what happens if Jodi has to go... you know what I mean," asked Suzy as they got up from the table.

"You mean what if she has to take a shit?" she asked with a giggle. "The nurse that is charge of you will usually let you use the toilet for that whenever you are changed, unless she wants to be mean and then you use your diapers. Never ask to be changed or allowed out of them except at the stipulated times. To do so will only get you into more trouble."

The three found seats together in the TV room and spent the next couple hours enjoying the shows together. Suzy found that she was enjoying acting like a silly sixteen year old and not burdened with the stress of her job.

About 9:30 Suzy felt a tap on her shoulder and looked up. It was one of the nurses that she had seen around that evening. The day shift must have gone home.

"Since this is your first night, I think that we better start getting you ready for bed. Besides, you will have a chance to get to know your roommate since Wendy is already in bed."

As the nurse had indicated, Wendy was already under the covers and reading a book when they entered the room.

When the nurse turned, Suzy saw that her name was Nurse Perkins according to her name tag. She told Suzy to get undressed, take a shower, and brush her teeth, Suzy did as she was told. Actually she enjoyed the hot water beating down on her body. The shower was equipped with one of the massage type nozzles, like she had at home. She must have been in the shower about fifteen minutes when Nurse Perkins came into the bathroom and told Suzy to come to the front of the shower stall. She had a cup of juice in her hand and one of the little paper cups with some pills in it.

"Here, take these now and you can enjoy the shower for a little bit longer," she said handing Suzy both cups.

Suzy downed the pills and juice as she was told and got back under the water as Nurse Perkins went back to the main room. The hot pulsating water continued to drain the stress out of her body and she was starting to feel very relaxed. She brushed her teeth in the shower not wanting to leave the pulsing water. Suzy finally had enough and she did not feel that there was any way that she could be more relaxed. I'll get a good night's sleep tonight, she thought to herself as she dried off and returned to the room. Nurse Perkins was sitting on Wendy's bed discussing the book that she was reading with her.

Suzy saw that a rather un-hospital like frilly nightgown was laid out on the bed.

Nurse Perkins turned to Suzy saying that just because she was in a hospital, was no reason to have to do without nice things, but if she preferred she could have a regular set of PJs.

"This will be fine," said Suzy as she put it on and climbed in to the bed. The mattress was firm and comfortable and the sheets crisp and cool. She turned on her side and listened to the conversation that the nurse was having with Wendy. All she later remembered of the conversation was about the next three or four sentences as she fell right to sleep.

The dim light from the both the hall and the window was just ample to let Suzy's eyes focus on her surroundings. Her mind slowly awakened along with her vision. She remembered that she was in the hospital and was supposed to be a sixteen year old girl, not a twenty four year old woman. She now recalled that the reason she was here was of her own doing, a deception to accommodate her fantasy. As her eyes traveled around the room she saw her roommate asleep in the other bed, the dressers, and her eyes stopped on the window. She wondered why she had not noticed the wire mesh on covering the opening before. Suzy, in her twilight of consciousness giggled at the thought that she had always felt that if she was going to do something, do it right and she had done this right for sure.

She became a bit more aware and realized that something did not feel right but she could not put her finger on what it was yet. However, it did not take her long to figure it out. Instead of the nightgown that she had put on before going to bed, she now wore a sleeper garment similar to the jumpsuit that she had worn earlier in the day. There was also something between her legs. Suzy started to move her arms to find out what was going on and realized that something was different there as well. When she pulled them out from under the covers and up into the dim light, she could not see her hands. At the end of each sleeve was around ball that was a part of the sleeve. When she moved her fingers they felt free but were nowhere to be seen. She felt the tips of the fingers brush against some very smooth material and when she brought her hands down to her face, she felt the soft outer padding that covered a rigid inner shell that was sandwiched between the inner and outer layers. There was also strong elastic at her wrists that kept the balls in place covering her hands.

The padding between her legs now became the recipient of her attention. The padding took far less time for her to figure out than the balls that covered her hands and rendered them useless to her. She had been put in to diapers, and very thick diapers at that. As she moved her legs to bring her spread knees together out of habit, she not only found the bulk of the diapers too great to allow that option but the movement put her inner thighs in contact with what obviously was a pair of rubber pants.

Suzy immediately sat up in the bed and in doing so became aware of another indignity. A leather belt had been put around her waist and another belt attached to each side of the waist belt with a "D" ring went off to each side and disappeared over the edge of the mattress and secured to some part of the bed frame out of sight and most certainly out of reach. In the dim light Suzy could make out a small hole in the center of the buckle of the waist belt that could only mean that it was locked on her. The belt kept her securely in the center of the bed. Even if the buckle was not locked there was no way that she could have operated the buckle with her hands inside the balls. The reason that she had awakened became apparent. She had to pee!

Suzy dreamed of being in this condition from the time she first became interested in diapers and now it was for real and she found that she was not very anxious to wet her pants, no, her diapers, she thought. Reacting to the surprise of waking up and unexpectedly finding herself in this condition, Suzy started to yell for someone to let her loose and that she had to go to the bathroom. This woke Wendy up with a start.

"For God sakes shut up before you bring the nurse," Wendy admonished Suzy. "That is the last thing you want, believe me."

"They have me tied to the bed and I have to go pee," wailed Suzy.

"Keep the noise down, damn it." scolded Wendy again. "Speak softly. They leave the doors open on purpose so they can hear if anyone is creating a problem. Look, Nurse Perkins found out that you played with yourself and now you are paying the price, just like I am but for something else. Before she brought you in to the room she let me get cleaned up then the bitch put me in diapers and rubber panties and I'm belted under the covers the same way you are just because she did not like my saying in that report you saw me writing that any girl over 13 has the right to say when she goes to bed and when she gets up unless there is some compelling factor for her to get up such as school or shop ping. At least I was not caught playing with myself like you and have to wear the things that you have on your hands to keep the fingers from getting into trouble, as they say."

"But nobody saw me," said Suzy. "How could she have known?"

"Don't ever let one of the staff know that I told you how they find out because if you do, they will make me wear one of the gags that they have, forever. Not only do the things stop you from speaking but they can make you swallow anything that they wish. There is one nurse who, whenever she sees a girl with one in her mouth, just loves to make her swallow a whole ounce of caster oil. Believe me that is hell." Wendy went on, "As for Nurse Perkins finding out about you playing with yourself, when you went into the shower, she took the panties that you had on and put a chemical on the crotch. If there is any presence of drippings of a turned on female the damn stuff turns it a bright red. Yours had a crotch that looked like a fire engine. So she gave you a quick acting short duration sleeping pill to put you out while she and another nurse diapered you, put you into the restraining jumper, and belted you to the bed. You might as well do what you have to do because you will have to wet yourself no matter what happens. The other pill that she gave you was a strong long acting diuretic. It will have you peeing several times before morning. Just do it and get some sleep, you are going to need it." Wendy paused for a minute, and then breathed a sigh of relief. "She made me take a diuretic also but not as strong as the one she gave you. I'll probably pee once more before morning. Now please let me get some sleep."

Suzy inspected the round lumps that were so effective in denying her the use of her own hands and then looked down the front of her body. The jump suit was smooth across her front, the zipper was in the back. She had guessed correctly before that the rear zippered ones were to be worn with diapers. Once again, every breath that she took caused her nipples to be teased by the material rubbing over so gently. The leather belt with its side straps that disappeared under the bed rested easily over the elasticized waist of the jumpsuit, the locked buckle was shiny enough to cause it to reflect little bits of light with her slightest move. The tiny key hole in the buckle's center reminded Suzy of a twinkling eye that was mocking her. Below the belt, the jump suit flared out all around her waist. It was if her whole lower body was blown up like a balloon. She tried to follow the contours of the diapers hidden underneath with the useless appendages at the ends of her arms. The cloth of the jumpsuit moved over the slick surface of the rubber panties that she now acknowledged as the sole barrier between the pee that was demanding to be released from her bladder staying in the diaper or announcing to the world Suzy's shame by finding its way to the jumpsuit and the bed. As her eyes came to rest on the loosely fitting crotch area of the jumpsuit, she tried to visualize how things looked beneath the covering cloth. She put one of her impotent hands to her crotch and it came to rest at least 3 from were she thought her crotch should be. Suzy's bladder made a even more determined attempt to rid itself of its contents. In an effort to forestall the fated event, she attempted to squeezed her legs together once again, much like a five year old would when the child played to long before heading to the bathroom. The rubber that so completely encased the immense padding that was holding her legs apart, titillated her inner thighs. The thickness of the diapers made her feel as if she was sitting on a pillow. Well, maybe she was.


There was to be no reprieve from the impending event. This she knew although she would have promised anything to avoid using the diapers as her bathroom. The tingle between her lower lips and the fire in her nipples was not enough to allow her to let things happen. She felt as if she was a person who had dreamed of skydiving all her life and now found herself in the door of the plane with only one more step to take and was unable to do it. The realization that there was no amount of pleading, and there was no one that would come to her assistance was too much for her. Tears started to form in her eyes as she sat fixed in the middle of the bed.

As her body shook with the first sob, the associated muscle contraction was all that was necessary to start the flow. All of a sudden she felt a wet warmth begin to grow between her legs as her bladder started release its contents over her objection. It refused to heed her dictates, her own body was betraying her.

No matter how hard she squeezed in the vain effort to stem the flow, she was soon voiding faster than the diaper could absorb the liquid. A puddle seemed to be forming in her crotch and under her buns. She continued to put every bit of her being into squeezing the proper muscle to control the flow. She was not able to stop the flow but she finally was able to slow it down. This seemed to help as it gave the diaper an opportunity to soak up her pee. Suzy felt the warm wetness creep up the diaper to her tummy. Once again, despite her gallant efforts, she lost complete control. Suzy would never have believed that it was possible to sit tied to a bed, pee in a diaper and climax at the same time. That was exactly what was happening to her at the moment. She was unable to take her eyes off her encased loins. How could everything appear so serene on the surface and yet so much be going on underneath. The warm wet feeling was now beginning to creep around to the sides of the diapers.

Suzy had been sitting upright the whole time while she was putting her diapers to use. Her muscles were tiring from both the effort that was necessary to hold herself erect but also from the energy draining climax that she had experienced. She began to accept that the soggy diaper was going to stay in place until someone else decided that it could be removed. She was completely powerless to change her lot. Suzy allowed her depleted body to flop back down on the bed in the hope that she was going to be able to get some rest in her current state of discomfort.

When she tried to find a position that allowed a degree of comfort, she could not escape the wet diaper constantly reminding her of her humiliating condition. The rubber panties kept the wet diaper pressed against her body and the smooth rubber that contained the mass of now thoroughly saturated cloth between her thighs, was transmitting the warmth of her pee to her thighs as a constant reminder. In her twisting and turning she found that the belt that held her unyieldingly in the center of the bed had been adjusted so as to allow her to turn over. It took awhile, but Suzy was finally able to get back to sleep. She did awaken several more times during the night to add pee to the diaper but she was back asleep almost at once.

Out at the nurses station, Nurse Perkins turned to her colleague as she turned off the monitor on which Suzy's tribulations had been displayed, and asked for Suzy's chart to make the necessary notations. "This one should be a lot of fun," she commented. "If simply being made to wet her diaper can bring this much of a reaction from her, I can't wait to see how she reacts to the teaser. I see that she is scheduled for total dependency starting in the morning." "As you said," the second nurse replied, "it should be quite a show."