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Chapter 4

Suzy's eyes opened as the sun of a new day started to stream through the screened window of her room. Turning over to see if Wendy was awake yet, the wetness contained in the diapers shifted, reminding her of what she had been forced to do. When she achieved the new position, she could feel the luke warm pee that her movement had squeezed out of the diaper become re-absorbed into the material. Wendy was still deep asleep so Suzy closed her eyes again and tried to go back to sleep as there was nothing else that she could do until she was released from the restraint that kept her from getting out of the bed. Although she did not fall completely asleep, she did drift into a state of semi-consciousness allowed her mind to go back over what had transpired since noon of the day before. The itch between her legs that had been the reason that she was in her current state, started to return. Suzy tried squeezing her thighs together in an effort to either make the itch go away or to accommodate it. The two balls at the end of her sleeves reminded her that she was not going to be able to find any help in obtaining relief from that direction. The first attempt at the squeezing motion caused her to change her mind as all she succeeded in accomplishing was to cause the pee in the diapers to bath her skin and form a puddle at her hip. She lay still once more while it became absorbed once again.

A bright and cheery, "Good morning ladies," from Nurse Ross as she walked into the room brought both girls awake. "Are we nice and wet this morning?" she asked in a mocking tone of voice.

Sitting down on the side of Wendy's bed, she let a moment or two of silence pass before she teasingly said, "Well, might I assume that the lack of response from either of you means that you are both nice and comfortable and don't need to be changed?" Wendy, without any hesitation, answered, "Please, Nurse Ross will you change my diapers. I am soaked!"

Suzy added her plea for comfort to her roommate's.

Nurse Ross looked over at Suzy saying that she would have to wait until she was finished with Wendy and it was going to take longer to get her ready for the day. The way Nurse Ross put it and the look on her face caused Suzy some concern, as well it should. If she knew what was in store for her, Suzy most likely would not have elected to wait patiently for her turn.

As Suzy watched, Nurse Ross took the key ring from her pocket and selecting one of the smaller keys, inserted it into the hole in the center of Wendy's belt buckle and in a moment the belt that had kept her in bed was laying sprawled across the sheet. Wendy then, very carefully, eased off the bed and stood with her back to Nurse Ross as another tiny key was selected from the ring and used by Nurse Ross on the tab of the zipper at the back of Wendy's neck before it was opened allowing the sleeper to come off Wendy's shoulders, down her arms and drop to hips where it was stopped by the elastic waist. Nurse Ross told her to take it off the rest of the way and she would meet Wendy in the shower.

Picking up a plastic bag from the cart she had left by the door, she followed the girl into the bathroom. Shortly, Suzy heard the shower running. She desperately wished that she was the one under the cleansing spray and not tethered to the bed with a soggy diaper held against her lower body that she could do nothing about. As the two returned from the bathroom, Nurse Ross was saying to Wendy, "If you are going to insist upon being sarcastic whenever you find the chance as you did in the report you wrote, young lady, you can only expect more nights of this or worse. Of all people to have seen it, the only one that could have been a worse choice would have been Dr. Andrews. You may wear regular underwear and a front opening jumpsuit today if you promise to behave."

"I'll be good," promised Wendy as she started to dress. "Nurse Ross," Suzy called to the nurse as she started for the door, "I need to get clean."

"You will have to wait a bit longer Suzy," she called back over her shoulder as she disappeared from sight.

Having sat up when she saw that Nurse Ross was on the way out the door and not going to allow her to get clean, Suzy flopped back to the pillow with tears in her eyes. The rapid movement had caused pleasure on the muscles over her bladder and she felt more pee being deposited in the diaper. The pill must still be working. When was it going to stop? She was sure that the diaper could not hold any more. Suzy never in her wildest dreams thought that wet diapers could become the center of her existence, but things were moving in that direction.

In the meantime Wendy had dressed and was finishing brushing her hair. As she was putting her things back in the dresser drawer, she had to leave as it was her turn to help get things ready for breakfast in the day room. She gave Suzy a parting bit of advise in that it is usually better to not resist the nurses since things usually ended up worse then they would have been if you kept your mouth shut. She then left the room to do her chores.

Suzy felt totally defeated as she let another stream into her diapers. She did not even try to stop it. From her bed, she could see that the girls and the staff had started to move around the ward. The noise of the place coming to life was inviting but the belt with the shiny buckle that girdled her waist demanded, without appeal, that she remain where she was.

It must have been only ten to fifteen minutes, although it felt like hours, when Dr. Andrews, followed by Nurse Gilbert and Nurse Ross came into the room.

"Why don't you put the things on the other bed where they will be handy," suggested to Nurse Ross whose arms were loaded with things that Suzy did not recognize.

While Dr. Andrews pulled a chair up to the side of the bed, the two nurses were busy on each side of the bed with things that were taken from the pile that Nurse Gilbert had up on Wendy's bed.

"I suggest that you direct your attention to our discussion rather then to what others are doing. You can rest assured that they don't need supervision," Dr. Andrews said opening her discussion with Suzy. "I see that you are determined upon continuing to abuse yourself," she said going over the notes that the nurses had made in Suzy's chart. "Well Suzy, since you can't be trusted to control yourself we will do it for you. Now, as we went over yesterday in my office, we have several areas that need correcting. Last night we put a stop to the self abuse and will continue to provide the control for you that you seem to be unable to provide for yourself."

Suzy was starting not to like what she was hearing but felt that she better keep quiet, heeding Wendy's advice. The wisdom of her decision became immediately apparent when Dr. Andrews looked up from consulting chart.

"If you have not yet accepted the fact that tantrums will only bring about even more profound applications of what you find not to your liking, I think that it is only fair to warn you that we have methods that are most effective in bringing outbursts such as the one in my office to a quick halt and will eliminate any possibility of a reoccurrence. Let's move on to today's remedial treatment. I am most concerned about your lack of appreciation for what others do for you and your disdain for their feelings. The way that we will approach the problem is really very simple. You are going to be made totally

dependent upon just those whom you would expect to jump at your beck and call. This might seem as though this is exactly what you would want. There is going to be a twist to this that you will find an excellent teacher of how to be appreciative of others' efforts and feelings. Nurse Ross and Nurse Gilbert are going to get you ready for your first day of treatment and I'll wait here to monitor your reactions and to make notes on your response to your preparations. I

believe that everything should be above board so let me warn you that how you accept their authority will help determine the course that treatment will take."

"Come on, Suzy. Let's sit you up so we can get the jumpsuit off," Nurse Ross said as she helped Suzy up off the pillow. "On second thought, I see that you have started to leak so we had better get a changing pad under you first. Lay back for a moment. Pull your feet back so Nurse Gilbert can slide it under your knees. That's a good girl. Now arch your back so your backside is off the bed. I know that you can't get it up very high with the belt on but if you try hard you can get it up enough so Nurse Gilbert can get the pad under you. Come on, the belt isn't that tight, only a little higher. Now hold that for just a second, That's a good girl. You can relax now, the bed is protected."

As Suzy put her buns back on the bed, her bladder released some more pee.

"Just in time," Nurse Gilbert said. "She's wetting again and leaking."

"Up you go now, so we can get the top of the jumpsuit open."

Suzy felt as if she was sitting with her backside in a tub. She also felt the wetness on her thighs where she had leaked. The worst part of the whole thing was that there was nothing that she could do for herself. She could only sit and allow herself to be handled as a baby would be. As Nurse Ross helped support her in the sitting position, she could feel Nurse Gilbert work the key in the lock at the nape of her neck, the zipper then being opened and the jumpsuit pushed from

her shoulders. The sleeves fell down her arms only to stop at her wrists and the top at the elastic waist and the locked belt.

"I'll bet that you would like to have your fingers back," said Nurse Ross as each of the nurses took one of Suzy's arms and pulling each sleeve inside out as far as it could go they uncovered a cuff around both her wrists that was attached to the open end of the ball that had covered her hands all night. The cuffs were held closed by a strap of 2" wide Velcro. It was frustrating to Suzy to simply sit there in her soggy diaper and watch how easily the nurses performed the tasks

necessary to free her hands from their confinement. Even if she had known about the Velcro, there would have been nothing that she could have done as the jumpsuit sleeves were also attached to the balls and covering the Velcro wrist straps thus protecting them from being opened unless the jumpsuit was first removed from the upper body.

For the first time in over twelve hours, she was able to feel fresh air on her hands or see her fingers move.

The nurses had her lay back down on the pillow now that She was naked from the waist up. Although the jumpsuit allowed air to not be trapped and was able to `breath', the fresh air felt good on her body. So wrapped up in the enjoyment of the moment, Suzy did not realize that the nurses had brought her hands back up to the level of her head but near the edge of the mattress and encircled her wrists with leather cuffs. This action by the nurses assured that Suzy remained flat on her back and unable to interfere with the nurses. To forestall any problems, Nurse Gilbert patted Suzy on the shoulder telling her that they were just following normal procedures for patients undergoing dependency therapy and they would have her out of the wet diapers in just a little bit.

Nurse Ross was in the process of unlocking the waist belt as Suzy was being reassured. In the following moments she saw the jumpsuit pulled off her body. The pastel pink rubber panties that Suzy had only felt up to then with her thighs were now in full view. These followed the jumpsuit as soon as Nurse Ross had put a thick padding between her

bottom and the water proof changing pad that was already protecting the bed, saying that she did not think that the changing pad would be able to absorb the puddle inside the rubber panties alone. She was right. The diapers and padding that was used to absorb the excess from the rubber panties went into the diaper pail with a thud.

Suzy was now totally void of any clothing and her still wet loins now felt cold and clammy. Nurse Gilbert brought a bowl of warm water and a sponge to the bed and cleaned Suzy's diaper area saying that she would be careful not to get her excited as she cleaned between the legs. As might be expected, just the opposite happened. Drying her well and applying a generous coating of baby powder, Nurse Gilbert told Dr. Andrews that Suzy was ready for her. If Suzy had expected to dress normally, at least for the hospital, the possibility evaporated.

Dr. Andrews sat down on the bed by Suzy's hips and once more started talking to her.

"I bet you feel much better now, don't you?"

Suzy nodded her head yes, afraid to say a thing for fear of saying the wrong thing and ending up in more trouble.

"As I told you a few minutes ago," Dr Andrews started to explain, "we are going to take complete control of your lower body as you seem to be incapable of behaving yourself. In addition, today, well at least for today, we are going to start you on the dependency training. May I have the controller and shield please Nurse Ross," she said.

Picking up a couple objects that were totally unfamiliar to Suzy from the pile, Nurse Ross handed them to the doctor.

Speaking to the nurses, Dr. Andrews asked that they assist Suzy to assume the exam position. Each nurse took one of Suzy's legs and brought her knees up toward her chest spreading them wide. Suzy felt more exposed then if she was on an exam table. She watched as Dr Andrews picked up an object that looked like an oversized lollipop. Along with it she had something that looked somewhat like an oversized tea strainer except that it was oval and the opening had a concave shape to it. Running from one end of the oval to the other across the opening and following a curve that was more exaggerated then the opening thus putting it into the wire basket part of the `thing' that must have been what the doctor had referred to as the shield, was another piece of metal. Dr. Andrews attached the other item that appeared to be a small metal egg on a flexible thin rod about three inches long to the piece of metal that went between the two ends of

the opening with the egg facing away from the wire cup of the shield. She then coated the egg with some lubricant. She then filled the cup area of the thing with some sort of wadding.

Suzy felt the nurses grip her legs tighter as the doctor leaned between her legs and gently but firmly inserted the egg into her vagina. Suzy tried to move her hips to avoid the insertion, but not only was her effort too late but with her hands held to the bed as they were and the grip that the nurses had on her legs made the effort fruitless.

"There that was not so bad was it," Dr Andrews said almost to herself as the opening of the `shield' pressed against her body. It seemed cover her whole genital area. Speaking to the nurses again, Dr. Andrews said that they could now proceed with the diapering and to make sure that they should make sure that she had ample padding.

Upon hearing that Suzy could no longer keep quite and started to shout that she did not want to be put in diapers again and that they were being nothing but a bunch of sadists. Suzy's tantrum and thrashing brought an immediate response, Dr. Andrews grabbed Suzy's leg on her side of the bed with one arm from Nurse Gilbert and with her other hand held the shield in place. Nurse Ross kept a firm hold on the other leg as Nurse Gilbert went back to the pile on Wendy's bed

saying, "I knew that we were going to need this," as she picked up an object and returned to the side of the bed. "If you remember Suzy, you were warned," was all she said as she grabbed Suzy's nipple with one hand and as she opened her mouth to scream, Suzy found the Nurse Gilbert's other hand stuffed what felt like a smoothly covered soft sponge into her mouth. The room was quite once more. The thing in her mouth filled it completely and was attached to a rubber shield that sealed the area around her lips. As the straps that were attached to the shield were positioned around her head, Suzy found that she could work her jaws but the piece seemed to fill what ever space was available without excessive pleasure. She also found that air seemed to pass through it but no sound escaped.

The diapering moved on without any further problems as she was put into two double diapers with a soaker sewn into the crotch of each with a third regular diaper folded length wise to provide additional bulk on the inside of them for additional absorbency and bulk. A clean pair of thick rubber panties was pulled up her legs and put in position. If Suzy thought that the diapers that she had on before were thick, they were nothing compared to what she had on now.

"There, now that we have the `self abuse' problem under control, do you two think that you can take care of the rest as have an appointment in ten minutes with the parents of another naughty young lady who will most likely be joining us," Dr. Andrews asked the nurses out of courtesy. Before she left she picked up Suzy's chart and made a few notes on it. Handing it to Nurse Ross, she saying, "Give her the same medication as last night but no sedatives or tranquilizers during the day. I want her totally aware of everything and not able to withdraw from what is happening. The other medication should keep her `going' all day. Oh! One more thing, be sure that she has ample liquids. I don't want her to become dehydrated."

With Dr. Andrews gone, Nurse Ross turned to Nurse Gilbert saying that she will get the medication and feeder.

Nurse Gilbert took two objects from the other bed. At first Suzy couldn't understand what the strange looking tangle of metal and leather was. But as soon as Nurse Ross separated the bundle into two distinct items and began to spread one out alongside her leg she saw immediately it was a leg brace, just like those worn by people who had cerebral palsy.

Each brace had two thick, shiny chrome bars that ran down either side of the leg. There was a wide leather cuff made of tan leather to go around the top of the thigh and more cuffs and straps to hold the leg in place all the way down to the ankle. There was a strange looking hinge affair at the knee.

Suzy suddenly felt very helpless and it wasn't the kind of helplessness that she had fantasized about. The diapers were so thick that her knees could not be brought closer than a foot from each other without straining her hips. With her hands restrained the way they were and with the irksome device in her mouth cutting off any complaints, Suzy could only watch helplessly as her fate for the day was prepared.

Lifting one leg, Nurse Gilbert slid one of the braces underneath, holding open the cuffs and straps as the limb settled into the trench formed by the body of the brace. As her leg was lowered Suzy can felt the cool leather and the cold metal parts of the device. It would run from just above her ankle to high on her thigh. The nurse then began to fit the device around Suzy's leg, securing it in place with the leather straps that were attached to one side, put through a "D" ring

on the other and doubled back on itself for securing. With the five straps and four cuffs loosely fitted, Nurse Gilbert moved the brace a bit on the leg to make sure that it was properly placed before she went back over the straps so that the brace fitted the leg snugly. Moving to the other side of the bed, she repeated the procedure with the other leg.

Without even trying to move her legs, Suzy was constantly aware of the braces. She flexed her thighs a little, testing the weight of the braces, and found them to be very heavy. Fear crept up into her throat. This wasn't part of her fantasy. This wasn't fun. She wanted them to stop but she had already experienced some of their punishments and she believed Dr. Andrew's promises of more if she didn't do as she was told. Even still, she found her mouth trying to open, to protest, but the rubber gag stopped her. She could only moan.

Nurse Ross returned with a rolling stand from which hung a bulging plastic bag with a tube coming out the bottom. It was rolled up to the bed near Suzy's head. Taking the end of the tube, she attached it to the front of the shield that covered Suzy's mouth and released the clamp, starting the liquid flowing down the tube to the mouth piece. A few seconds later Suzy felt the mouth piece start to swell. Now every time she worked her mouth, the fluid seemed to come out of the

thing in her mouth as water comes out of a sponge. As soon as she swallowed one mouthful, more fluid was seeping in for her to consume. Seeing that the fluid was being properly delivered, Nurse Ross patted Suzy's cheek gently saying that she should enjoy her drink and turned to help Nurse Gilbert who was holding a strange powder blue piece of cloth.

The nurses worked together to pass the cloth under Suzy's padded hips and only after they began to fasten it did she realize it was a wraparound skirt. At first Suzy was grateful that her thick diaper and bulging rubber pants would be hidden but then she looked down at the way the skirt parted and knew that it would be as revealing as if she was naked.

"Now help us sit you up," Nurse Gilbert said, "we have to take care of your breasts."

Each nurse put an arm under Suzy's shoulders and pushed her up into a sitting position. Curious as to what the nurse meant, she watched carefully as Nurse Gilbert brought a strange looking bra from the other bed. Suddenly Suzy realized it was made of thick amber rubber. She began to twist and turn, fighting the nurses, as they began to fit it to her full breasts.

"Stop fighting us!", Nurse Ross ordered. "Things can get worse. Haven't you learned that by now? The bra is to prevent you from rubbing your nipples for gratification."

Suzy stared down as the strange garment was being fitted to her. The rubber was smooth and cool but Suzy already knew enough about rubber to guess that it wouldn't stay cool very long. The inside of each cup contained a big pad of rubber with a small indentation for her nipple. It would be impossible to feel anything while her breasts were bound

up in this thing.

With her wrists secured and the heavy braces preventing Suzy from kicking the nurses soon had the bra in place and locked. Suzy took a deep breath. The bra was tight around her rib cage, almost too tight to breath. Even in the few seconds she had been wearing it she could feel the rubber warming.

While they had her in the right position, the nurses pulled a plain white T-shirt over Suzy's head and tucked it into the waist band of her skirt.

"I almost forgot these," said Nurse Gilbert as she picked up two heavily padded from bed. Tossing one to Nurse Ross, each took one of Suzy's hands and slipped it into the restraint mitten making sure that each finger found its proper slot before closing and locking the wrist strap.

As Nurse Ross was speaking, Nurse Gilbert had released the waist belt and replaced it with one that had clips over each hip. Taking Suzy's captive hands, she attached each to the clip on the waist belt immobilizing them at each side of her waist.

Nurse Ross continued, "You are going to have to depend totally on the staff for everything and I mean everything. Without arms or hands for example, with the leg braces in place you can not get up by yourself or sit down if standing. Once you are off your feet you will find that you will be confined to that spot as surely as if you were chained to it. Because you have to depend upon our willingness to assist you I recommend that when you get the use of your tongue back, that you be a nice sweet little girl. If you are not, nobody will do anything to help you. You are going to have to make them want to

assist. Now I am going to disconnect the feeding tube and we will help you to your feet."

As they were getting the stiff legged Suzy to her feet, she was told that the room would be off limits without a nurse present and that she would have to stay in the common areas of the ward.

Once on her feet Suzy found that the diapers forced her to keep her legs wide spread and to walk, since the braces allowed her knees to bend only a few degrees, she had to swing her whole leg from the hip. When she first tried this it proved to be extremely difficult as she was being denied the use of her arms for balance. There was another insult that made itself known as soon as she tried to move. The thing that Dr. Andrews had put inside her seemed to vibrate and try to move up further with every step. If she closed her eyes she could imagine it was a male organ, thrusting toward her womb. But there was none of the other sensations. She didn't feel full, distended like she did when she was having sex. And the cage they had put over her vulva prevented anything from rubbing her clitoris. The egg-shaped thing just made her hungry for more stimulation and very painfully aware that there was none to be had. She was going to be kept in an excited frustrated state until somebody took pity on her and removed it. As Suzy shuffled to the door of the room, she felt pee escape her into the diaper again. Was this the result of the medication from last night or the start of the dose she had just been given? It was going to be a long day. And, she thought, I had to ask for this!

It was, perhaps, only 40 steps down the hall from Suzy's room to the common room but for the poor girl, strapped and confined and deliberately made uncomfortable, it seemed like a mile.

She kept close to the wall in case she lost her balance. She was very aware that she didn't have the use of her hands to protect her if she fell and she was scared of hurting herself.

Suzy knew the two nurses had stepped into the hall to watch her painful journey but she didn't care. She just wanted to be away from them so the couldn't do anything else to her.

Each step required a major effort, rotate the hips lift the leg made heavy by the metal brace, swing it forward, shift the weight to it and then repeat with the other side. She pulled at her bound hands constantly, frustrated by the fact she couldn't use them to help herself.

She was panting into the gag, cursing it for not letting her breathe normally. Saliva drooled down her chin and onto her shirt but she didn't care she had greater discomforts to keep her attention focused.

The device lodged in her vagina seemed to have a mind of its own. Every time she moved her hips it seemed to try to dig its way deeper inside her. Unfortunately all it managed to do was titillate her a little and pull the cage over her vulva tighter. That seemed to remind her of all the things she couldn't feel, like the fullness of having a penis or vibrator in her and the fact that nothing was touching her clitoris. She bit down on the gag in maddened rage. Much as she wanted to ignore the stimulation she just couldn't. It turned heron just a little and made her ever so hungry for more.

Her physical exertions caused her rubber pants and bra to trap her body heat. She could already feel sweat forming in the thick cups that covered her nipples and if her diapers weren't getting doused with pee every few seconds she was sure she would feel perspiration there too. What she dreaded the most was the itching that was sure to develop before anyone would let her out of the cruel rubber bra. The only cool place on her body was the soles of her feet who welcomed the cold tiles of the corridor.

Finally she reached the door of the common room. She was exhausted and despite the air conditioning her face was streaming with sweat and it joined the drool on her shirt, leaving big dark patches that turned the fabric almost transparent and showed the rubber bra on duty underneath.

There was an empty chair near the door and after four steps that drained her energy she got herself into position and flopped into it. For a few seconds she let her head fall back, closed her eyes and listened to her labored breathing through the gag. She hated what they had done to her. It was not like in her fantasy. Her diapers were already soaked and she knew it was too soon for a change. Something brushed her foot.

She opened her eyes to see Jodi in a wheelchair. A restraint vest held her snugly in place and one glance at the woman's stained and bulging crotch told Suzy that Jodi was being punished for something.

"Looks like they got you good!" Jodi said softly. Then she looked down at her swollen hips, "Me too." Before Jodi could say anything else, Nurse Ross appeared beside her.

"That was quite the show, my girl. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did." She bent down and began to release the mouth piece and its shield. "Since you'll be asking for something to drink quite often today, I think it's best that we take this out."

Just before the nurse pulled the gag out of Suzy's mouth she gave the girl a stern look. "You'll have your voice back, Suzy. Just remember to use it, not abuse it." Suzy nodded and an instant later her mouth was empty. Suddenly she was aware of a the worst thirst she had ever known.

"Thank you, nurse." she said in a soft, hoarse voice. "Could I please have something to drink?"

Nurse Ross smiled and put her hands on her hips. "Oh, I don't know about that.

Suzy thought of more that a few sharp replies but instead she just said, "because I need to wet my diapers."

The nurse took a long time to answer. She knew that Suzy's thirst would grow into a torment. "I suppose I will, this time," she said slowly, "but next time I may ask a favor in return."

Before Suzy could ask what she meant by a 'favor' the nurse was gone. "Be careful of owing Nurse Ross favors," Jodi whispered, "she tends to want to collect them when you least want to cooperate."

The nurse came back with an IV stand from which hung a pregnant bag of clear fluid and a long clear tube. Suzy sighed, there must be at least 4 quarts of fluid there. The nurse made her open her mouth so she could insert the end of the tube. Then she turned a valve just under the bag and suddenly Suzy's mouth was flooding with water

Seeing the look of panic on Suzy's face, Jodi advised, "bite down on the tube to stop the flow."

"That's right, dear." Nurse Ross said condescendingly. "And do keep your legs closed. Everyone can see right up your skirt."

Suzy stared down as the nurse padded down the hallway. She was right, the skirt parted when she sat, exposing her bulging rubber pants and showing the wet diaper underneath. She could even study the arrangement of leather cuffs and straps that held the leg braces in place. She tried to close her legs, it was just too embarrassing to wear a skirt and have your legs open, but she could only manage to move her legs an inch or two.

Seeing her distress, Jodi reached over and helped her. They did manage to get her legs a little closer together but now the pressure of her thighs against the rubber bulge of her diaper was almost intolerable. Suzy grunted her discomfort.

"I know," Jodi said quietly, "but if you don't try they'll use that as an excuse to continue your punishment."

It seemed to take a long time but finally the bag was empty. Suzy felt bloated and the pressure from her tummy was painful. She had to stand up.

A nurse was passing by. "Please," Suzy pleaded, "could you help me up?"

The nurse stopped and looked down at her. "Up and down. Up and down. I'm tired of it. Give me one good reason why I should help you."

"Because I'm asking nicely and I'm very sorry to disturb you."

The nurse bent down and hauled Suzy to her feet. "Ok, this time, but I don't want to have to help you again before lunch. You are to stay on your feet. If I find you sitting down again I'll lock your braces so you'll not be able to get up all afternoon."

Suzy stood on shaky legs and used Jodi's chair as a support. Standing made her tummy feel better but suddenly her bladder screamed out its need for release. Resigned to her fate Suzy tried, but the more she thought about relieving herself while standing up the more she felt her muscles tighten. When she had been a little girl she had often wet her panties while standing and her mother had spanked her for it. Now, despite the thick diapers, the restraints and the nurse's warning she just couldn't bring herself to release her water.

Worse yet, the more she teetered and was forced to use her hips to steady herself, the more the strange thing in her vagina moved around, tantalizing her with just enough stimulation to get her interest but never enough to bring satisfaction.

Suzy felt torn between the haze of sexual stimulation, a dramatic need to release her pee and the tremendous physical effort it took to remain standing in the leg braces. She wanted to sit down again but she knew that would only put a lot of pressure on her full tummy making her want to stand up again. Even though it had been only a few minutes since she had finished the bag of fluid she could sense her thirst returning. She cursed whoever had invented that formula!

Both girls had a lot on their minds, it seems, because there was very little conversation for the next few minutes. Gradually Suzy became aware that Jodi was fighting the restraint vest that kept her firmly in the wheel chair. She recalled that Jodi was supposed to be released from the chair at noon that day only an hour from now but Jodi had begun to squirm and grunt.

"What's wrong?" Suzy asked, grateful to be able to concentrate on something else besides her troubles.

"I need to have a bowel movement," came the reply through gritted teeth.

"Why don't you...." Suzy didn't finish her reply. There wasn't any point. She remembered being told last night that it was against the rules to ask to be changed.

"..ask to be changed?" Jodi grunted, "Guess I could but have you seen Nurse Riley's mood this morning? She'd refuse me just to have some fun."

"But if you use your diapers you'll be in trouble."

"Yeah. That's why I have to hold it until they let me out of the chair and the diapers after lunch."

"What happens if you don't make it?" Suzy asked.

Jodi broke wind and immediately looked a lot more comfortable. But at Suzy's question her face darkened. "Well it depends. Sometimes they make you wear a plug under really thick diapers and make you walk around wearing a sign so everybody will know what's happening to you. Other times they give you a lot of laxatives so you'll mess yourself all day long. They have special diapers and pants, you know, that can take a full day and not leak.

Sensing their mutual frustration the girls moved into the common room. Suzy saw a lot of girls wearing the one piece jump suits. Most of them had the zipper running down the back and she confirmed what this meant by noting that everyone who wore that kind of suit was also bundled up in thick diapers.

There were also a few girls undergoing some form of punishment. One girl wandered about, dragging a pole along with it. A feeding gag had been strapped in her mouth and she was forced to drink constantly. Instead of a jumpsuit she wore the same plain white T-shirt as Suzy and just her diapers and waterproof pants. A pair of leather ankle cuffs made sure she couldn't go very far very fast.

Suzy found herself staring at the girl. Her diapers were absurdly thick, forcing the girl to waddle like a toddler. Instead of the thick amber rubber panties, she wore semi-translucent plastic panties that looked exactly like the ones Suzy had often admired in the baby section of the department store. Suzy stared and stared, not understanding why she was drawn to this strange sight. She thought asking Jodi why the girl was being punished but her friend was busy trying to keep her diapers clean.

Then, deep inside Suzy, the egg moved again, stimulating the woman sexually. Suzy suddenly realized that the giant diapers the girl wore and the babyish looking panties turned her on.

Now driven by a need for sexual stimulation, Suzy began to push Jodi around the room as fast as her leg braces would allow. She relished each swing of the hips that caused the device inside her to move. Now the distress of her bladder brought her a perverse kind of sexual pleasure.

The harder she worked the hotter she got. The heavy rubber bra trapped her body heat and soon her breasts were sliding around inside its thick cups, bathed in their own sweat. Her rubber panties did just as efficient a job around her waist and her diapers began to get damp from perspiration as well as her earlier wettings.

Suzy became frantic as she tried everything to increase her sexual pleasure. But there seemed to be a glass ceiling. She felt sure she was doing the right things. But the efficient little cage over her vulva and the rubber bra were on duty, preventing her from gaining access to her most sensitive nerve endings. Suzy wore herself out trying to make a cookie out of a few crumbs.

Finally she let herself collapse against a wall, perspiration streaming down her face, her legs aching and sore from the braces and her bladder now desperate for relief. Defeated she considered trying to get her bladder to release while she was standing and then, without considering the consequences, she let herself slide down the wall until she was sitting.

Suddenly her bladder gave way and soon Suzy was sitting in a lake of hot urine, all safely trapped inside her efficient rubber pants. No longer horny and now very uncomfortable, Suzy tried to get up.

It was then that she truly appreciated the nature of the braces. By hold her legs semi-rigid she couldn't help herself up. She rolled onto her side but that only let her pull herself along the floor like a cripple. She made it to a nearby chair but again the braces defeated her. They were too heavy to let her hoist herself to her feet. She slumped back and looked a Jodi.

"Looks like we're both in a fix," she gasped as Jodi fought again to keep her diapers clean.

"I think we're both in trouble," Jodi said as the first beads of sweat appeared on her forehead.

"You can say that again!" said Nurse Riley who appeared behind the girls, hands on hips. She glared down at Suzy.

"You were told to stay on your feet. Well it looks like you need a lesson or two taught to you this afternoon." Then she turned her attention to Jodi. "I wouldn't mess those diapers if I were you, young lady. I've had enough shitty diapers for one day and if you mess yours I'll personally make sure you stay in them for a very long time."


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