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Chapter 2

The first part of the ride to the hospital was uneventful. Suzy and the wheel chair had been secured in place in the middle of the van behind the front seats. This was a bit too far away from the driver's seat to encourage conversation. Besides, the medication that Loretta had slipped into her soda had her in a bit of a stupor even though it was starting to wear off. Her body seemed perfectly content to relax and let the poncho like thing support her. Her arms were resting comfortably in her lap. It was her mind that Suzy started to come alive. The way that Loretta had handled things, or rather, handled Suzy, at the doctor's office had eliminated the possibility of Suzy changing her mind about going through with what she had set up. To be truthful, Suzy was now having second thoughts about the whole thing. Nothing was ever mentioned as to how she was to be treated at the hospital and from the way things were going, anything could happen. Her anxiety started to get the best of her.

Despite, or maybe because of all that was going on in her head, she was still very horny. The stout material of the poncho moved teasingly against her braless nipples every time she took a breath and when added to the effect of the tight crotch of her jeans on her lower lips she was in a such a state that if she were home, she would have been giving the vibrator a good workout.

Evidently Mrs. Mason had been watching her in the rear view mirror. She lowered the volume of the radio and called over her shoulder that the medication should be starting to wear off and that Suzy should relax and enjoy the ride. "We will be there in about ten minutes," she added before turning the volume backup.

"It will still be a while yet before you regain the full control of your legs so it's best that you stay in the chair," Mrs. Mason said as she took Suzy out of the van and into the sprawling one story building.

As they had driven up, Suzy took note of the well manicured lawn in front of the hospital and the tall chain link fence that rose above the high shrubbery at one end of the building. There did not seem to be much in the way of activity that could be seen as they came up the drive. Suzy did, however, notice that the parking lot for the staff was full and a much smaller one marked "visitors" was empty.

The first stop Mrs. Mason made was the admitting desk where the lady made some notes in a file that was already prepared and waiting. She then handed the folder to Mrs. Mason, saying that as soon as she had delivered Suzy to Dr. Andrews' office, she had another "pickup" to make.

"I hope that the patient has been prepared for transport by the time I get there," she said as she wheeled Suzy down the hall to Dr. Andrews' office.

"This must be Suzy Jenkins," the nurse in the waiting room said to Mrs. Mason as she rolled Suzy in. "Take her right on in, Dr. Andrews is waiting for her."

"Just put her chair on the side of the desk and I'll take it from here," said Dr. Andrews as they entered the inner office. "And thank you very much, Mrs. Mason. I understand that I'll be seeing you again in about an hour."

"That is correct," she said as she turned to leave. "'Bye Suzy, and be good now."


The woman sitting behind the desk picked up the folder that Mrs. Mason had left and took another from the stack on the credenza behind her desk and spent a minute or two flipping through the pages.

Suzy watched her, trying to take her mind off the still escalating itch from both between her legs and her nipples. The anxiousness caused by not being sure of what was going to happen to her next, had her doing some squirming in the chair.

Dr. Andrews looked over the top of her glasses at Suzy and said, "I know that you want to get up however if you will be patient for a little longer, we can get you released."

Suzy had let what the doctor said sink in for a second or two before its full impact hit her. She had not even realized that when Loretta and Mrs. Mason put her in the wheel chair, they had tied her in with the poncho like garment that she now wore. This realization caused even more excitement to well up in her.

Dr. Andrews sat back in her chair and deliberately waited until Suzy made eye contact before speaking. "You know why your parents sent you to us, don't you?" she asked Suzy in a pleasant yet no nonsense tone of voice.

Suzy, acting like the rebellious sixteen year old kid that she was supposed to be, in the most obnoxious manner that she could muster while secured to a wheel chair spat back, "Look bitch, I don't give a damn. The only thing that I care about is getting out of here. First I'm drugged then tied to this `fuin' wheelchair and kidnapped. As far as I'm concerned you can take this God damned jail that you call a hospital and shove it where it would probably do you some good."

"Well, young lady, it appears that your parents certainly made the right choice," the doctor said in the same tone of voice that she used when she first spoke, giving Suzy no reason to think that her outburst made the slightest impression. "If you want this to be a one-sided conversation, that is all right with me." Dr. Andrews continued, "I have gone over your records and I must agree that you are totally out of control. You are completely self-indulgent as indicated by your experimenting with alcohol, drugs, and sex. In addition you have no respect for other people or their efforts, you are a compulsive liar, and expect others to jump at your beck and call. Finally, you seem to have no respect for yourself as exhibited by your unkempt ways and your compulsion to abuse yourself. I know that none of this is new to you as your doctor indicates in his records that he had tried everything that he knew to get you to start to behave in a reasonably proper way for a sixteen year old and according to him you refused. Your refusal to voluntarily enter a hospital or even consider outpatient therapy sealed your fate. When your parents found that they were going to be out of the country for the next four weeks, it was easy for him to convince them to have you committed. That's right Suzy, you have been committed. Let me tell you what that means just so there is no misunderstanding as to your status here. Your parents have appointed the hospital as your legal guardian until their return, which means that we have the authority to make any decision that we feel proper pertaining to any and all aspects of your life while you are here. That includes but is not limited to treatment, medication, recreation, and even your food, clothing and comfort. Pout or yell as much as you like, you will live within the boundaries that we set. If you wish to try and fight us you will lose and I want to reinforce the fact that we have ways to assure your compliance with our dictates."

There was a moment of silence. Suzy was now wishing that she had not done such a thorough job of setting things up. There was obviously no way out; she was stuck there for the duration.

Dr. Andrews pressed a button on the intercom and speaking into it said the she was finished with Suzy. Almost immediately the door opened and a nurse entered the room.

"Nurse Ross, this is Suzy Jenkins," Dr. Andrews said. "You recall the case I went over with you the other day? The girl with the steamy panties."

"Of course, how could I forget that one."

"You will find that I have ordered that you may use any of the approved methods that you find convenient or effective to encourage a change in her behavior and to do whatever you deem appropriate to assure that she no longer engages in her past activities," instructed Dr. Andrews. "Now Suzy, if you have any questions, Nurse Ross will be happy to answer them for you. In the meantime please accept the fact that Nurse Ross is in complete charge. Anything that she says or decisions that she makes carry the same weight as if they came directly from me."

Nurse Ross, taking control of the wheel chair, said to Suzy, "There is enough time to get you settled into your room before supper if we hurry."

Nurse Ross pushed Suzy down the hall pausing only to unlock and then re-lock each of the four doors that they passed through, the last of which had `Section Four' on a sign over it.

"Say hello to your new home Suzy," she said as they stopped at the nurse's station to drop off Suzy's file before proceeding to her room.

As Nurse Ross started to release the straps of the poncho from the back of the wheel chair, she warned Suzy that things would not be too bad for her as long as she did what she was told. However, if she gave her any trouble, She would find out very quickly how easily she could be handled and life would become far more difficult for her. Once the poncho was off, Suzy was instructed to get undressed and take a shower.

Since it was several hours since she had access to a bathroom Suzy started to head to the open door as soon as she was able to get out of the wheel chair.

"Just a minute young lady," Nurse Ross said bringing Suzy up sharply, "I told you to get undressed first, now do things the way you are told. That, by the way, is rule number one around here. You may put your clothes on the wheel chair and I'll put them away for you as you will have no need for them while you are here."

"What the hell is this, a nudist camp?" Suzy said sarcastically as she started to undress.

"Your clothing will be provided by the hospital and your flippant attitude will only lead to your time here being less to your liking if it does not disappear quickly," Nurse Ross cautioned Suzy. "I see that the crotch of your panties is a bit damp and that your erect nipples are indicating that you are a bit aroused," she went on as she looked the now naked Suzy over. "One of the most strictly enforced rules is that touching yourself between your legs for any reason, and I mean any reason, except to wash and dry yourself or to clean yourself after voiding, and then only to the minimum extent necessary to accomplish the purpose, is strictly forbidden. Any infraction of this rule will be dealt with in a manner that I don't think will be to your liking. Let a word from the wise be sufficient. Now go take your shower and remember what I just said. One more thing, before I forget and you get in trouble, you are never to shut the bathroom door or cover the shower stall. You must be in the full view of the staff at all times. Don't worry about the floor getting wet, the shower is designed to not to need a curtain."

Nurse Ross watched as Suzy used the toilet then took a shower. Although she now felt both clean and relieved in other ways, Suzy's libido was still running in high gear. The watchful eye of the nurse gave her no opportunity to do anything about the problem.

Nurse Ross was talking to another nurse when Suzy returned to the room. Laid out on one of the two beds was a pair of cotton panties, a very plain bra, and front zippered jumpsuit made from an attractive flowered material. Suzy decided not to force things with Nurse Ross at this time and to get a feel for things first, so she put the clothes on that had been laid out for her and slipped on the socks and tennis shoes as they were handed to her by the second nurse, introduced as Nurse Gilbert. When she was lacing the tennis shoes on, Suzy noticed that the soles were made of a felt like material and not rubber as she would have normally expected.

"Stand up and turn around so we can see how you look and if our records have your sizes correctly," Nurse Gilbert said in a way that would have had someone believing that she was an older sister helping Suzy get ready for a date. "I think that this will be just fine," she said as she made a small adjustment in the way that the elastic

gathers at the waist clung to her body above her hips.

Looking at her watch, Nurse Ross said that she would show Suzy around the ward and introduce her to her roommate before diner. As Suzy walked down the hall with Nurse Ross, she noticed that although all the rooms that they passed had signs of having occupants almost everybody was elsewhere. She did see that there was a girl in a bed in two of the rooms and neither looked too happy as they passed. As Nurse Ross escorted her through a pair of swinging doors she was saying that there was, in addition to scheduled activities, a library, a gym, an indoor swimming pool, and, of course, classrooms so that the residents continued schooling would not be neglected while they were confined to the hospital.

"Your roommate, Wendy, is here in the study hall redoing a paper that was unacceptable," she said as she took a key ring that was attached to her belt by a short chain from her pocket and used one of the keys to open the door. As they entered, all Suzy could see was the very back of a wheel chair of sorts that was pulled up tight to one of the oversized cubicles that lined the walls. Each of the cubicles was separated from the one next to it by a partition that rose above the level of the head of anyone using it and extended out in to the room then the rear of the wheel chair. Suzy could see from the unoccupied cubicles that each was constructed with a large cutout in the desk area. Turning her attention back to the occupied cubical, she saw that there was almost two feet of space from each side of the wheel chair to the partition separating that cubicle from the one adjacent to it. As they approached the occupied cubical, Suzy's eyes came to rest on the cloth straps that came around from the front of the chair, passed through appropriate metal rings that were attached to the center of the chair's back and then down all the way to the axles for the rear wheels where they were secured. She also noted that the rear wheels of the chair were small wheels, about the same size as the front wheels of the wheel chair in which she arrived at the hospital.

Nurse Ross moving, to one side of the of the chair, said to the occupant of the cubical, "Wendy, I want you to meet Suzy, your new roommate. Suzy, you will have to move around to the other side of the chair as Wendy turned in a sorry excuse for a paper on `The Detrimental Effects Upon the Adolescent Child of Ineffective Discipline at Home' and has to rewrite it. Since she failed to have the rewritten report finished for class today, she has been confined to the Study Room until she completes the assignment."

Suzy now saw that the straps that went to the rear of the chair came from one of the poncho like affairs like the one Loretta had put on her for the trip. She also saw that the cut out at each of the cubicles was made to accept a tray like piece that was attached to the arms of the chair which, when mated with the cutout of the cubical, formed a large work surface. The tray itself had a cutout that fit snugly against Wendy. The girl was fixed in such a way that she only seemed to exist from the waist up. Nothing below the waist seemed to exist.

"Sorry to see you here," the young girl in the chair said looking up from the papers in front of her.

"If you would like to be changed when you are finished here, I would suggest that you watch your tongue young lady," said Nurse Ross rather sharply. "If you persist in refusing to be a lady, you can always be a toddler or a baby if you wish."

Wendy quickly apologized to Nurse Ross saying that she would try to watch her comments. Nurse Ross accepted Wendy's apology and suggested that the girls would become better acquainted later and that she should let Wendy finish her work.

The next stop was the day room that doubled as the activity center and adjoining it was a TV room.

Looking at her watch, Nurse Ross said that she had some things to do and that Suzy should get acquainted with the other girls. Dinner would be in about an hour.

Suzy went over to one of the vacant tables in the day room that was kind of off to one side and sat down to take stock. Wendy's condition had done nothing to relieve the itch that was still burning between her legs, however, there were other things to take in at this point. Obviously she would have a chance to talk further to her roommate later.

From the number of rooms that she had seen and the size of the rest of the facilities available to the ward, she estimated that there was space for about 20 girls on the ward. Almost all the girls that she could see were dressed in the same way as she was dressed although the jump suits all differed somewhat. She also could see that there were

three girls who in wheel chairs and wearing the poncho like restraint although they were able to get around the ward in the wheel chair.

There was one girl in a chair like the one that Wendy was in. Suzy could see the whole thing. This chair was far more restricting than the other wheel chairs. The girl also wore one of the ponchos but that was not all that restricted her by a long shot. The girl who appeared to be about 19 or 20 years old and very attractive, was extremely agitated; she was pushing and tugging at the tray, like the one on Wendy's chair, in a concerted effort to move it out of her way, but it didn't budge. It obviously was locked in place. She seemed to be trying to reach the lower part of her body that was below the tray

but without success. Since the chair was positioned kind of facing Suzy, a view of the girl's struggles was unobstructed for Suzy. The lack of any open areas between the arm rests and the seat frame frustrated the girl's efforts to gain access to her lower body from that direction. The arms went from the back rest of the chair forward almost to her knees, much too far forward for the girl to be able to reach around them to touch anything but the outside part of her knees. She was not even capable of moving the chair as there was no large wheel for her to grasp as with a regular wheelchair. All four of the chair's wheels were the size of the front wheels of the regular wheelchair and well beyond her reach. Any attempt to move the chair with her feet was also out of the question as her feet were in slippers that came above her ankles and were closed with Velcro straps. The slippers must have been attached to the large foot rest of the chair as Suzy could see that the girl was attempting to move them but to soles of the slippers did not budge on the foot rest. Because of the positioning of the chair Suzy had a clear view under the tray. The girl's knees were spread and pressed against the arms of the chair even though her feet were positioned close together. All of a sudden it dawned on Suzy why. Suzy could not help but see the pronounced bulge in the girl's crotch. The reason that her knees were spread apart was that she could not bring them together. The last girl she had seen with that problem had been only two years old. They had this girl heavily diapered!

Suzy was getting more and more excited by the minute. She then recalled Nurse Ross's comment to Wendy about getting changed. They must have her in diapers as well. As she looked around the room, she now thought that some of the other girls might be in diapers as there some with hips that were too pronounced to be natural. She was sure

that she was right when she noticed that all the girls that looked very hippy also had on jump suits that had the zippers in back rather when in front like the one she had on. Suzy's attention went back to the girl in the restrained in the chair. The struggle against the restraints became even more determined although just as fruitless. She would seem to be desperately trying to being her knees together and would get them to within a couple inches of each other for a bit then the pressure of the bulk between her legs overcame her strength and they spread out against the arms once more. All the time the girl was fighting her lot, she seemed to be doing it in silence. The only sound other then the rustling of her clothes against the chair was that of a low groan that came from her throat.

Nurse Gilbert came into the room, looked around and seeing how distraught the girl in the chair had become, went over to her and cupping the girls chin in her hand, turned it so they made eye contact. "Things would have gone much easier for you if you had cooperated," she said. "Maybe next time you won't put up a fuss like you did when the doctor wants you prepped for an exam. You know that if things are not accomplished in one way they will still happen in another. Just remember that you brought this on yourself by allowing your boyfriend to enter your bottom. We have to check and make sure that there is no damage before we can proceed with the treatment. If you don't fight it, almost everything should be out in about an hour and a half. If you continue to resist, it will be over two hours before we can change you. You will be ready for the doctor right after breakfast. I'll be back later with some broth since you are not able to eat tonight, now be good and allow the medication to get you nice and clean by morning." Giving the girl a caress on the cheek, Nurse Gilbert continued her rounds. The girl's expression shot daggers at the nurse as she walked away but all of a sudden her expression changed and Suzy could see that she was once again straining as she let out another groan. It was now obvious to Suzy that the girl was definitely in diapers and had been given a powerful laxative which she was fighting with all her strength. Her thoughts drifted back to the letter in the DPF newsletter that started this for her. She was becoming more turned on than she had ever been in her life. She was both scared and excited at the same time, not knowing what was going to happen to her. She let her hand drop to her lap finding its way to source of the itch between her legs. From what she had seen so far and Dr. Andrew's speech to her, she knew that she had better be discreet. It was not easy but she was eventually able to give herself some satisfaction, quietly with no one noticing what she was doing.

The guttural groan from the girl in the chair got her attention once more. She seemed to be on the verge of losing control despite her determined efforts. The cramps must have subsided for a moment as the girl seemed to relax a bit in the chair. It was only a few seconds later that the girl's eyes opened wide, her hands grabbed the edge of the tray that was across her lap so tightly that her knuckles turned white. She was desperately fighting to extricate herself from the chair. The veins in her neck stood out with the strain and her lips pulled back as she gave a long grunt. She had reached a point that was beyond her control. Along and extremely muffled fart game from her diapers as she did her best to fill them to capacity. Contraction after contraction wracked her body as she put load after load in the waiting diaper. The girl was doing her best to keep her bottom up off the seat but the strength soon drained from her arms and she was forced to lower her bottom into the tremendous mass that she had already deposited in her diapers.