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Chapter 1

Susan Jenkins walked more quickly than usual to her apartment after picking up her mail at the box at the building entrance.

Along with the usual bills and junk mail was a large manila envelope that was stuffed to about 3/4" thick and a fairly thick white business sized white envelope, both of which she put on the top of the pile as she hurried to reach the privacy of her own place. Once inside she put the bills in the holder that hung on the kitchen wall next to the phone, the junk mail in the trash and with the two envelopes that had held her undivided attention, she headed to the bedroom.

But not even the magnetic attraction of the envelopes, both with DPF in the upper left hand corner and addressed to Sam Jenkins bed could dissuade her from getting out of the prim and proper business suit that she was wearing. The pins that held her shoulder length hair in a tight bun on top of her head were the first to go. As she shook her head to get the hair to fall naturally she picked up a cloth band that would hold the hair back off her face.

The transformation from Susan Jenkins, an editor with Trend Publishing, a well respected non-fiction publisher, to Suzy Jenkins proceeded quickly. The high heeled pumps that she wore at the office were kicked off and placed in their proper place in her very full walk-in closet. The suit jacket and then the straight skirt that went with it was quickly shed and hung up.

At the tender age of 24 Suzy had a problem. Until she had started to match her attitude with the prim and proper business clothes she wore at work, none of the authors with whom she worked would take her seriously even though her skills and talent were beyond question. At the suggestion of her boss, for whom she had a great deal of respect, she started to leave Suzy Jenkins at home and bring Susan Jenkins to the office.

The blouse and then, with a sigh of relief, her panty hose came off and went into the wash hamper. The last of Susan Jenkins had been put away until tomorrow.

With her cute body clad in only a matching bra and panty set, Suzy got a tall cool glass of soda from the refrigerator and took a coaster from the drawer to keep it from staining the night table.

Although Suzy was 24, if she dressed the part, she looked as if she was only sixteen. She was only 5'-0" tall. Her petite, though ample figure along with an innocence that radiated from her face especially when she let her hair down and used only a touch of makeup all contributed to her often being taken for a teenager. People would have been surprised to know what went on inside that pretty little head. They would have been even more shocked if they could have spied on her after she returned to her bedroom.

Going to her dresser, she took a cloth diaper, two large safety pins and a pair of pink plastic panties from the bottom drawer. She put them on the bed with the two envelopes and then retrieved a can of Johnson's baby powder from the medicine chest in the bathroom. Pulling back the covers of the bed, she spread out the diaper and after removing her panties, coated her lower body with powder, paying particular attention to the area between her legs and the tiny patch of hair at the junction of her legs. She wondered what the authors, whose work she edited, would say if they could see her as she brought the double thick diaper, with extra padding in the center, up through her crotch pinning it tightly around her waist with the two large safety pins. Then she pulled the soft plastic panty into place over the diaper. Suzy removed her bra and lay back on the bed and for a few moments closed her eyes and allowed herself to relax and enjoy the

feeling of the bulk that was forcing her thighs apart and pressing against the sensitive lips of her vulva. For some reason this action let the stress and tensions of the day drain from her body.

The diapers both permitted her to drift back to a time when the stresses of the day did not exist and contrastingly excited her sexually. Suzy was not a virgin by a long shot but there had not been many men in her life that had really turned her on. In fact most of the men that she had met lacked the imagination that she required from her partner if she was to achieve total satisfaction. As a result masturbation was now her main method of release. For the last year, most of her fantasies centered on her being a teenager who was firmly but lovingly taken in tow by an assertive man or women who disciplined

Suzy by returning her to diapers. Up to now, she had not met anyone in whom she felt she could confide or experiment in acting out the fantasy. The continued pressure of the diaper between her legs reminded her of the two envelopes that lay on the bed next to her, still unopened. She rose and sat cross-legged in the middle of the bed and tore open the large manila envelope. She pulled out the contents and spread them out in front of her.

Only about ten days ago she had sent her order to DPF, which stood for The Diaper Pail Fraternity, a club she heard mentioned on a late night radio show that dealt with sexual fantasies. Not knowing what to expect and more than a bit terrified of anyone being able to tie her directly to her fantasy, her letter to DPF requesting more information had been signed "Sam" instead of "Susan". As a result all the correspondence from the club was addressed to "Sam".

The information packet that DPF had sent was presented in a way that brought immediate relief to the anxiety that she had felt, thinking that she was the only person in the world who felt the way she felt. Most surprising to her was that everything was done tastefully.

Not quite believing her good fortune in finding such a club she found the attraction too great to pass up. She immediately filled out the application as Sam Jenkins, filled out an order form for some of the stories and mailed it back with a money order from Sam Jenkins the next day. There, in front of her, were the stories that she had ordered. Her whole body started to tingle. She picked up the small envelope and found that it contained the club's newsletter. After giving it a quick glance she went back to the stories and started reading. Suzy had not finished reading the first five pages of the first story before she had thrust one hand down the front of the diaper to give the little piece of flesh that lay nestled between her lower lips the attention that it was demanding. Four climaxes and two stories later she not only felt exhausted but she was becoming a little sore where she wanted pleasure. She put the rest of the stories aside for later and picked up the newsletter. In it she found, one letter to which she kept returning. A man had convinced a doctor to admit him to a nursing home for "regression therapy". He had ended up spending a week end at the home being cared for as a baby in diapers and fed by hand.

The thought of actually living her fantasy, as the man who wrote the letter had done, became an obsession with Suzy. Unfortunately, the method that the man had used to get himself admitted to the nursing home did not fit her fantasy of being a disciplined sixteen year old girl nor did she feel comfortable trying to get a doctor to prescribe such treatment for her. She had to find another way.

For the next two months Suzy found that the fantasy sparked by the letter in the newsletter became more and more exciting to her. She thought of method after method of attempting to live it but found that she had to reject each one for good reason. The breakthrough came for her from two directions. First she realized that in her fantasy things would have to follow a normal course of events. The reactions of the other people involved had to be natural, not those scripted by her imagination. This would make setting things up more difficult as the others involved could not be aware that the whole thing was her idea. As things were developing in Suzy's mind in her effort to turn her fantasy into reality, she developed a better understanding of herself. Although she loved her job, the stress of coping with the eccentricities and egos of the authors while juggling the dictates of schedules and publication dates that had to be met along with budgetary constraints when added to the pressure that her age and appearance put on her wore her out. She was having problems unwinding. Her fantasy and the wearing of diapers at home from time to time seemed to help out some. The idea of being free from the stress for awhile ultimately became her excuse to herself to find a way to have someone else take care of things.

One day at the office the key to a workable plan was dumped in her lap. She was called into her boss's office and introduced to a young woman who looked to be about 18 years old. It turned out that she was 30 and was an investigative reporter for a newspaper in southern state. With the help of the state attorney she had herself committed to a prison that was reserved for women that were too old to be considered a juvenile but not yet mature adults. The hope had been to help the inmates to develop the skills that a young woman just out of high school would need. Rumors were that the young women at the institution were being forced to provide sexual favors to the male and female guards, staff and their friends or their lives would be made extremely miserable, as could only happen in a corrupt prison. Her time in the prison led to the downfall of those who were abusing the inmates and the evidence that she was able to give after spending four months there sent 18 of the staff to jail and led to the dismissal of six others. Susan's company had just bought the rights to a book based on the woman's experience. A book that Susan had been picked to edit.

She now had the answer to the problem she had been trying to solve. She would take advantage of the way unknowing people perceived her when she dressed the part. Suzy could not get home fast enough that night. After she walked in the door of the apartment it was less than ten minutes before she was out of the uncomfortable "Susan" clothes and was back to being Suzy, at her typewriter outlining her ideas and what was needed to put them into action.

The first thing was to create the character that 16 year old Suzy was to become. This did not turn out to be too difficult and the nice part was that nothing except her age was all that far from the truth. All she had to do was be the girl about whom she fantasized except that she had to exaggerate a bit and add a few more undesirable habits. She would be a rebellious teenager who was sexually active, ignored the limits imposed by her parents, generally disrespectful of authority, and a compulsive masturbator. She also drank any time that she could get her hands on alcohol and had experimented with drugs.

Next, she had to figure out what she was going to do with such a rebellious "young lady" and why. This was a little harder. After sitting looking at the empty paper for a while she tried a few things, none of which worked. The problem was that she did not have the state attorney to set things up for her. She had to find a substitute or some other way to set the wheels in motion. Suzy paced the room, raided the kitchen, stared at the paper again, and paced the room once more. It finally dawned on her, she would play her own parent looking for help. It was starting to come together.

The next item to be solved was finding a place that would provide the service that she required. She thought this might not be too difficult. She would get a list of psychiatric hospitals that specialized in the treatment of adolescents and call them. Suzy was sure that she could come up with a plausible story before she got on the phone.

The time away from the office was not a problem since she was entitled to three weeks off a year and the firm still owed her two weeks from last year. Tomorrow she would ask her boss if she could arrange a one month vacation, explaining that she wanted to take a trip. She was sure that he would agree. The nice part about the whole idea was that even though she would be dealing with strangers, she would feel safe in the medical situation. Best of all, when it was over she could leave it all behind her. The hospital records, referring to a fictitious person, would mean nothing.

Medical records should have presented a major problem but proved to be the one most easily solved. Last year she had edited a book for a doctor and the finished product was such a success that he had promised to help her in any way that he could in return. A quick look in her phone book gave her his home phone number and since it was still early, Suzy gave him a call.

Once more things went her way. She told him that she was going to need a set of convincing medical records. She described her fantasy girl and explained that she was conducting an investigation on the financial abuses of the insurance plans by hospitals. Since she could pass for a sixteen year old, she had been drafted for the project.

The doctor told her that after all the help that she had been to him, he was delighted to be able to help. He told Suzy that he was glad that she called when she did because he was just about to leave on an extended vacation. Just so things would look right and the records appear accurate, she should come in to the office the following day for an exam so her physical condition would match her medical records. In addition to the copy of the complete records that he would put in his file, he would make an extract that could be sent to the hospital. Finally, he would instruct his nurse that she was to go along with the plan and to respond to any requests from the hospital in what ever manner required. Thanking him for his help, she said that she would see him the next day at 1 PM as he suggested.

One final detail, and she could call it a day and head to bed with some of the DPF stories and her vibrator. She could not just walk into the hospital and say, "Hey, I'm here." As horny as she was at that point, she decided that the details would be worked out later. So, it was off to bed for her date with the vibrator.

The next day, after clearing the vacation with her boss, Susan left the office for her appointment with the doctor. Since she was not expected back until the following day, she planned to head home to start her search for a hospital that would take six teen year old Suzy for a month. After giving her a through going over, the doctor went to his office and prepared a full set of medical records for his new patient. On his way out the door he turned to the nurse and asked her to join them in his office when Suzy was dressed.

He suggested that they both sit down. Speaking to his nurse, who had known of Susan from what the doctor had told her while he was writing the book, the doctor went over what was to be done and how things were to be handled while he was away. He did explain to her that the records would show that Suzy was only sixteen and that if the nurse was contacted by one of the hospitals that she should provide them with anything that they required from the records. She was never to let anyone know Suzy's true age or position. He then suggested that he go over the character that Suzy was going to assume so that the nurse could confirm and support the cover story.

"I wonder if they would be so helpful if they were aware of what I am really trying to set up," thought Suzy to herself as the doctor briefed the nurse.

"Did I leave anything out," he asked Suzy when he finished.

"Not that I can think of," Suzy replied.

"May I make a suggestion?" asked the nurse.

"Of course," the doctor responded.

"Since we are dealing with an out of control adolescent, I doubt that she would passively allow herself to be signed into a hospital and deprived of her freedom. So my suggestion is that the cover story be centered around a situation in which her parents are going to be away for several weeks, the duration of Suzy's stay. They are afraid to leave her alone so the only option for them since, they could not trust that anyone that they might bring in to the home could control her, nor would they even think of inflicting her on a relative, is to have her committed to an institution. To maintain the cover story she is told that she is to go to the doctor's office after school to obtain the renewal for her birth control pills. Once at the doctor's office, she is given a strong tranquilizer so that she does not create a commotion nor give the nurse that is engaged to escort her to the hospital a difficult time. That was the way we handled a patient who was addicted to cocaine in the office where I worked before I came here. I must say that the procedure worked well for all concerned and has become the standard practice in many offices. The hospitals are also in favor of the practice since admitting the patient is less of a problem."

"If you agree," the doctor said to Suzy, "I think that is an excellent idea and your arrival with an escort would eliminate any questions by the hospital. And Loretta, I want you to pay periodic visits to the hospital to be Suzy's contact if any problems should crop up. How does that plan strike you Suzy?"

"I think that it will work out just fine," she replied. "When the arrangements have been made with the hospital, I'll obtain the escort." Loretta added.

"Thanks," replied Suzy. "Pulling off this assignment would not be possible except for the help the two of you are giving me."

"Loretta will send you a copy by messenger of the records and the extract as soon as it is typed. Stay in touch with her and keep her informed of your progress," the doctor instructed as he brought the meeting to a close.

What had started out as a wild idea was now turning into a probability. Suzy could hardly stand the gentle pressure of her panties as they rubbed between her legs on the way home. She stopped for a bite to eat and shopped for a few things that would befit a sixteen year old. Evidently she took longer then she expected or Loretta was much faster then she had anticipated as there was an envelope resting against her door with the doctor's return address.

She pulled the papers out of the envelope in her bedroom and laid them on the dresser so that she could read as she changed her clothes. Feeling that she should get some practice in character she took out the tight jeans and a tee shirt with "I LOVE TO BE LOVED" splashed across the front. As she wiggled out of her work clothes and into her new identity, she read what the doctor had written. It was all there. Words like rebellious and resentful along with phrases such as `sexually active', and `resentful of authority' were interspersed with `physical control', `prevention of self abuse', `severely structured environment', `dependence upon those in authority', and `controlling medication'. The doctor had left little to the reader's imagination as to what he was recommending. Suzy had picked her story well and she could not have dictated the medical report or the extract to conform more closely to her fantasy if she had tried. There was

another paper with the files; it was from Loretta. She repeated her offer to be of help and went on to say that after Suzy had left she had called the doctor for whom she used to work and asked for recommendations for hospitals that might accept a rebellious teen age girl in need of custodial care while her parents were away. She was able to do it without giving away her "project" and the four hospitals that were recommended were listed in the note with the person to contact at each. She went one more step in suggesting that once Suzy found a hospital that was interested she should suggest that they call the doctor's office. Loretta would take the call and go into detail as to what the doctor was recommending. It would sound better, she suggested, if that information came directly from the doctor's office rather than the girl's parent.

Suzy knew in her heart that for sure she would get to live her fantasy now.

Before picking up the phone and calling the hospitals, she made some notes similar to those she made when the idea first took form in her mind. The notes were more in the form of reminders that she should be the concerned parent who did find it difficult to talk about the problem and was having problems getting across to the person what was needed in a language acceptable to the average person.

The first hospital was quickly crossed off as they only accepted voluntary admissions and had no facilities to care for the involuntary patient. The second also was crossed off because they had only recently switched to the other end of the spectrum and now were a geriatric hospital. The person on the other end of the line said that she understood what Mrs. Jenkins was attempting to find for her daughter and suggested that she call the hospital that was the fourth on Loretta's list since they specialized in the caring for and treatment of the "late teen" and young adult. She also mentioned that they had the facilities to keep young people busy as well as those necessary to assure that the rebellious patient remained in treatment as long as necessary.

The last comment by the lady had Suzy hoping against hope that the third call would work out. The lady said simply that she could rest comfortably and enjoy her trip as she would guarantee that no matter what her daughter's feelings were, she would still be a patient at the hospital upon her mother's return and that she, Mrs. Jenkins, could expect to find a cooperative young lady awaiting her.

Suzy's hand was shaking as she dialed the third number. Looking at the clock, she saw that it was already 5:15 PM but she did not know if she could last until tomorrow to see if this place was the answer for her. She was in luck; she was immediately switched to a person in the "intake" office. Within less then three minutes the lady on the other end of the line was saying that she was sure that they were just the place for her daughter but Suzy's doctor would have to be consulted first. Knowing that Loretta would be in the office until about 6:30, Suzy gave the woman the number and said that she would await the women's return call.

Suzy could not sit still. The time passed so slowly that minutes seemed as if they were hours. She tried watching TV, that did not help; she tried reading, that did not help either. She could not find anything that she wanted to eat. Just as she was ready to climb the walls the phone did ring. All she got out was hello, when Loretta interrupted her by saying that this was just the place that she was looking for and the woman would be calling her back shortly. Loretta also told her to call her back as soon as she made the arrangements with the hospital and that she would tell the answering service to give Suzy her home phone number.

Just before she was going to hang up, she heard the call waiting signal on her line. It was the lady from the hospital intake office. She confirmed that she had talked to the doctor's office and that she knew that they would be just the place for Mrs. Jenkins' daughter, Suzy.

"I assume that you will want to get the business part of the admissions procedures out of the way so why don't you take a minute and we'll go over the admission forms now if you would like. The nurse at the doctor's office told me how pressed for time you are so if we do it on the phone I can have the papers sent over for your signature tomorrow."

"That will be just fine," was all that Suzy could say until she started to answer the questions. When they came to the money part, it was not quite as bad as she had expected, in fact it was not that much more than she would have spent on a traveling vacation. "Would it be alright if I sent a bank check with the papers tomorrow and include in the check some money for incidentals if they are required?"

"The charges are all inclusive but if you would like Suzy to have a credit at the canteen that will be just fine," the lady responded. "Now when can we expect Suzy?" she was asked.

"Either the end of this week or the beginning of next. I'll have to let you know tomorrow as I was unable to make final plans until I was sure that she was being properly cared for," Suzy replied, now finding it hard to control her voice.

"Rest assured the she will be well cared for while you are away. I'll await your call tomorrow and you should have the papers before noon."

Remembering her promise to call Loretta back, she obtained the number from the answering service and Loretta picked up on the second ring. After filling her in on what had transpired, Loretta asked when she wanted to be admitted so that she could arrange for the escort. "After all," Loretta said with a giggle, "a sixteen year old does not drive."

"I don't see why we can't plan on Friday after lunch," suggested Suzy. "That should give me enough time to get things squared away."

"If you want, I will be available to check on your apartment for you. Once you get to the hospital,there won't be much that you will be able to do about things here." Loretta quickly added that the hospital was located in a town about an hour and a half away.

"I guess that I better leave you a key then," replied Suzy.

"Oh! Before I forget, you will not have to send them a copy of the medical report, I have already Faxed it to them."

"Thank you and I'll see you Friday after lunch," said Suzy before she hung up the phone. For the next two days Suzy spent her non-working hours dressed as the teenager she would become and hung out where her peers did. This way she could pick up a few of the mannerisms and some of the language that the younger generation was using.

The thought that her fantasy was actually about to come true kept a constant tingle in her body. She had what amounted to a constant itch between her thighs. She wanted to be so far into the character of the horny sixteen year old when she arrived at the hospital that she went so far as stop masturbating, allowing her no relief from the tension. She would be horny as hell when she entered the hospital; there would be no acting the part.

Friday morning she was awakened by the telephone. It was Loretta. She called to make sure that everything was in order and to check the time that she could expect Suzy at the office so that she could complete the arrangements for the escort.

Suzy told her that she could not leave her office until noon as there was one final meeting with an author that morning and then she could go over with her boss what had to be done while she was away. She would be free by lunch.

Loretta suggested that Suzy come straight over to the office. That way, if she brought her other clothes with her, they could have a bite together and she would have time to change before the escort arrived. Suzy would be arriving at the hospital early enough so they could get

her admitted before supper.

The morning seemed to drag as could be expected under these conditions. Suzy still could not bring herself to believe her plan was actually working. She was mesmerized by the fact that once the wheels started to turn, there would be no backing out. She was just going to have to take whatever the next four weeks brought.

As the clock crawled its way to noon, the feeling of excitement continued to build. Since she had not relieved her sexual cravings for the last two days, even her lace bra, as it caressed her nipples gently, caused her to shudder and made her even hornier.

Twenty minutes after she said her good-byes and left the office, she was greeting Loretta who suggested that she get changed before lunch. That way they would not be caught unprepared if the escort arrived early. Loretta accompanied Suzy into the exam room where she would change.

Loretta voiced her approval of the jeans and tee-shirt outfit that Suzy had brought with her however, she did suggest that the lace bra was a bit out of place and that she would probably better fit the character if she went braless. Suzy had to agree and handed Loretta the wispy piece of material to be packed in the suitcase to await her return. As they went to leave the exam room, Loretta stopped her saying that Suzy forgot to give her the wallet with the credit cards and identification, her car and house keys, and anything else in the purse that could give her away. The people at the hospital would certainly go through her purse when she arrived there.

Loretta closed Suzy's little suit case and picked it up as they left the exam room saying that she would not have any use for this stuff for a while so, "I'll just hold on to it for safe keeping." She continued, "Since your escort is going to be here a bit earlier then was originally planed, I had some lunch brought in for us as there isn't enough time for us to go out and be back in time."

Suzy watched as Loretta took a set of keys from her pocket and locked the closet door behind which her suit case and possessions now rested. On the table in the middle of the room was a large pizza.

Loretta went to the cabinet over the counter and taking down two plates, handed them to Suzy saying, "If you will get some napkins from the holder by the sink and take out a slice for each of us, I'll get the drinks."

By the time Suzy finished doing as she was bid, Loretta was closing one of the cabinets before bringing the glasses of soda to the table. As they ate Loretta said that if she did not know better she would swear that Suzy was a teenager. They then went on to talk about the book that the doctor had written and Suzy had edited. After they had been at the table for about a half hour Suzy found that she lost her train of thought in the middle of a sentence several times and was having a difficult time picking it up again. The extensions phone in the room rang and after picking it up, Loretta said into the instrument, "Just send her right on back." Hanging up the phone, she turned to Suzy saying, "The escort is here, you are on for real now. Have fun." Loretta was smirking.

Suzy started to get up from the table but as she tried to lift herself from the chair all the strength seemed to leave her legs and she almost fell back into the seat. She looked at Loretta with a puzzled expression on her face. Another woman was standing next to Loretta when Suzy looked up. She had not even seen the stranger enter the room.

"Suzy, I would like you to meet Mrs. Mason," Loretta said. "I know that you said that you would not sign yourself into the hospital but all of us, your parents, the doctor and I feel that it would be best if you are admitted. It would have been easier if you had cooperated but since you decided not to, we took care of things another way.

Your parents and the doctor have signed the papers committing you and since you are a minor, you have nothing to say about it. Just in case you have not figured it out, the reason you are having problems both thinking and using your muscles is that I put some medication in the soda you drank to make sure that you don't give Mrs. Mason any trouble on the way to the hospital.

Suzy realized that this was for real and it did scare her. She also knew that she better start getting into character. "You can't do this to me, you Bitch," she started screaming at Loretta. "I'll kick your ass," she kept on yelling.

"That stuff sure does a job on them," commented Mrs. Mason. "I don't know how we ever got along without it. Let's get her in the chair so I can get going."

Mrs. Mason had left a wheel chair in the hall just outside the door which she now retrieved and positioned next to Suzy's chair. With Mrs. Mason grabbing Suzy under the arm pits from behind and Loretta getting her from the front above the knees, the two women picked her up as if she was a doll and deposited her in the wheel chair. A poncho-like garment was put over Suzy's head and draped down her front and behind her back. She tried to follow what they were doing with the long cloth straps that were attached to parts of the poncho and threaded through button hole like slits at other places. The straps were finally pulled tight in back of the wheel chair and secured in some way that was out of her sight. Next each of the women took a small strap and threaded it through a loop on each shoulder and fastening it to the handles of the chair. Suzy was now held upright in the wheel chair by the rig that they had put on her.

"There," Loretta said, "now you won't fall out." She then bent over and gave Suzy a peck on the cheek whispering in her ear, "Be sure and have a good time and I'll drop in and see how you are doing on Sunday. I doubt that you can stay out of trouble but try anyway." Straightening up she turned to Mrs. Mason and said, "She is all yours now."


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