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72 hr hold

Day 2

The next morning my 2 keepers wake me as they are removing the mask and monitors. Once everything but the mitts and catheter were removed, they had me roll on my stomach and they put a bolster under my hips. When I saw the thermometer I tried to roll back over, but the blonde was holding me down. The brunette inserted the lubed rod into my rectum. Having something that thick pushed into your bottom first thing in the morning does not set a good mood! Once the temperature was recorded, I was allowed up, mitts removed, fastened to the walker, mouthpiece inserted and given a gown. First they took me to a shower. They removed my restraints, except for a belt around my waist that was attached to the wall on each side of the shower. There was enough slack in the tethers that I could turn around to wash my hair, and step out of the shower flow to soap up, but not go anywhere. There was a shower head on the wall as well as a handheld. I was looking forward to a nearly normal activity, only the belt and catheter keeping it from being the same as I usually took. But they had to go and ruin it. They brought over a small device attached to a hose. This was placed in my vagina and attached to the belt to keep it from falling out. When the shower was turned on, I could feel water jetting inside me. A douche while I showered! It could be worse! I took my time and enjoyed the hot water. When I was finished showering and brushing my teeth, they came and toweled me off, removed the douche and belt and popped the mouthpiece in when I wasn't paying attention. Then secured my wrists to the walker. Then off for my breakfast. Apparently, all my meals would be given through the feeding tube. Then off for my first procedure of the day.

The room they took me to had a machine against one wall. There was something hanging from the ceiling. They had me stand under it and then lowered it. I was told to grip handles on the sides and my wrists were secured there. My elbows were bent, so my hands were only slightly above my head. There was a padded board behind the handles and it was positioned along my back. Then they attached a padded strap over my neck and then several straps were tightened very snugly holding my torso to the board. I felt like I was wearing a very padded corset. It extended from just below my breasts down to my hipbone. Then they brought over a strange board, it was fastened to the floor between my feet. I was made to step up on it and my ankles secured holding my legs just over shoulder width apart. Then they brought over a long rod that looked like it had a small dildo on it. They said this was a postioning rod. It was attached to the board between my feet and extended until the end was pressing on my crotch. It was then pushed into my vagina. The base was pressed firmly to my crotch, any higher and I'd have to stand on my toes. Even if I wasn't strapped into the corset like restraints, this thing would keep me standing straight. Then they brought the machine over and apparently it was a mammogram. They smashed and pulled my breasts in the machine in every possible direction. When they had taken shots of every angle, they went to the back to check the shots were all clear, leaving me strapped in this snug corset, collar and positioning rod deep in my body. They came back and took a few different shots they felt weren't perfect before. Finally, they determined the shots were complete and came to release me. As with every procedure I'd had done here, they were extremely thorough and meticulous. Nothing was rushed for convenience or comfort. They explained what was happening, usually after I was secured and couldn't even try and resist, and the health benefits of the procedure and why is was a necessary part of my preventative medicine plan. Next I was taken to a room with a huge machine with a tunnel in it. This was explained as a CAT scan, I was secured to the platform so I couldn't move a single inch. Then the platform was moved into the machine and my entire body was scanned. Pretty straightforward and the least intrusive, embarrassing, uncomfortable procedure I'd had yet!

The next room I was taken to had an X shaped table. I was instructed to lie down face up, my arms and legs spread on the X. My torso was strapped firmly in with padded straps over my shoulders that attached to a snug strap just below my breasts. There was another padded stray over my hips. The mouthpiece was left in place. The table was then tilted a bit so my head was lower than my feet. When they brought out the IV stand with the enema bag, I struggled, but couldn't get free. They said this time I'd be receiving aloe juice, a very soothing enema, but would be receiving 3 quarts. Even with me clenching, they were able to force the nozzle in and inflate it. I was a little more accustomed to feeling full this time, but the extra quart made me feel extremely full. Again I had to retain for several minutes before they released me and I duck walked to toilet chair and after I was secured, they finally deflated the nozzle so I could expel. After I thoroughly wiped, they again snugly diapered me. Again with the super bulky diaper. At least it was absorbent enough that there were no leaks when I'd had to use it the day before.

The walk with the diaper bunching up between my legs was no less uncomfortable then the day before. I was almost happy to see the next room I was shown to was the feeding room. I wasn't a fan of a feeding tube being shoved up my nose, and not being able to eat and enjoy food, but the chair was comfortable. Again the lights were dimmed and the feeding was slowed with the pump, so I drifted off to sleep. When they came back, I tried to tell them I needed a bathroom, but with the mouthpiece in, I couldn't speak and they wouldn't release my hands. Luckily they were experienced at this and knew I'd need to finish expelling, so they took me to a commode. Apparently flush toilets were out of the picture right along with food that you used a knife and fork for. They didn't put the diaper back on after I was finished. They next took me to the medication room. Rump in the air and the same 2 lipstick sized suppositories shoved in my bottom, as well as the plug and harness to keep it in. This time the plug was larger and stretched my anus a bit more.

The next room had a simple exam table, no stirrups even. I was made to lie face up on it. This time in addition to my wrists and ankles, a strap was placed over my waist. The mouthpiece was removed, but a strap was placed over my face with a thick rubber section that was forced in my mouth. It was like a horses bit, stretching the sides of my mouth a little uncomfortably. Another strap was placed over my neck, with the same curved padded piece over my throat they had used before. They ran a wand over my heart and chest. They said this was an EEG and they were checking my heart. Next they then hooked up a bunch of electrodes to my chest and abdomen. The brunette explained that this was a EKG, also to check my heart. Neither was painful or even uncomfortable which I was extremely glad about. When this was finished, I was led to a treadmill. A mask was strapped over my mouth and nose. The electrodes were hooked up to a different machine and a heavy belt was strapped around my waist and attached to the sides of the treadmill. They explained that this was a stress test. The exercise would put stress on my heart and the monitors would show how my heart handled it. They started the treadmill and had me go different speeds, recording all the results. I felt like a hamster on a wheel, but it was better than having my boobs smashed and pulled!!! Running with the plug still in my bottom was strange. When they were satisfied they had all the readings they needed, I was released from the treadmill. The plug was removed as well. However the mouthpiece was put back in. Talking was on the same list as food and flush toilets, as something I wasn't going to get to do while I was here!

Next I was taken back to the posture correcting room. Strapped in the frame and adjusted until my posture was perfect. A different movie was played showing the results of bad posture. Another hour of holding perfect posture to “train my muscles”. There were mirrors around the room so I could see all sides. It was strange seeing my naked body with straps all over my body, with the catheter tube coming out of my bare genitals. The mouthpiece had been removed, but there was a piece on the frame that I had to bite down on that kept even my jaw in proper alignment. After an hour, they came back and released me. Mouthpiece, gown and wrist restraints back on, I was strapped in a wheelchair again and taken outside for my “break”.

Next I was taken to a room with an upright table. I was told to step up on the platform at the bottom and face the table. There was a gap down the middle of the table where I could place my face. My wrists and ankles were secured to the table and then it was tilted so I was laying face down. The platform my feet were on folded down so my lower calves and feet were hanging off the end. The brunette then used a clicking gun device all along my back, arms, legs, even my head. They said it was a stimulator used for chiropractic adjustments. It felt a little strange, but not painful. When I was returned upright, my joints did feel much better.

I was taken to the medication room where I had a large suppository inserted, followed by the large plug and harness. I was told this one was a laxative and stool softener. I couldn't wait until it started working!!! Then it was time for my feeding. Same routine as before. By the time the feeding was done, I was feeling the laxative working. The plug was removed and I was taken to the toilet chair. Once I was strapped into it, I was left for quite some time, which was good. Things just kept coming out!!! When they returned, they cleaned me up and put a diaper on snugly. I didn't think it was possible, but this one was even thicker than previous ones.

The next room had a strange looking table, there was a cushioned section and I was told to lay on my back on this. Then my legs went up over a solid section. I was partially sitting, and between my legs was an opening. There was a huge tank at my feet. I was firmly strapped to this table like every other time, very snug, but not painful. The blonde explained that I would be getting a colon irritation. It was similar to the enema, but with lots more water-around 15 gallons, and I wouldn't have to hold it, the tube allowed water to go in and out. They inserted the lubed tube and started the flow. When I felt full, they told me to push like I was having a bowel movement. Then more fluid going in and push it out. The discharge hose was clear, so I was able to watch the gunk that was leaving my colon. It was kinda gross. This went on for a while as 15 gallons of filtered water was flushed through my system. When it was finished, they put one of the super bulky diapers on.

The last procedure of the day was an extensive eye exam. Since I wasn't allowed to talk, they didn't do the traditional exam to see if you needed glasses, but they did all the tests associated with it, puff of air in the eye, dilation, etc. Sitting in the very upright chair with the bulky diaper was very strange. I felt like I was sitting on a cushion. After the eye exam, I was again taken to the toilet chair and before a clean diaper was put on, they made me bend over and they slid a sedative suppository in. I was taken to a room with a table with lots of pulleys attached. They wrapped a harness thing around my hips and made me lay on my back on the bed. The harness was attached to cables going to the foot of the bed. A sling was placed around my neck/jaw with cables going to the head of the bed. A small mouthpiece was put in that just had a thin rubber layer separating my teeth. The cables were attached to weights and I felt like I was being pulled in two. My neck and back were stretched. The mouthpiece kept my teeth from clenching together. Then they put splints on both legs and attached these to cables and weights as well. It raised my legs off the bed and stretched them as well. Finally they put splints on my arms and stretched them. I was going to spend the night in full body traction! Even with the discomfort, I was soon asleep. My body was just exhausted from all the procedures done today and yesterday.


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