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72 hr hold

day 1

It started out just another morning, but soon after I got to work, I was engrossed in work on my tablet while I was walking and not paying attention and tumbled down the stairs. I was so embarrassed with all the attention, especially when the ambulance got there, and I assured them I was fine, but my bosses insisted I go get checked out. At the hospital, I got to explain the whole thing to the nurse, then the doctor. The doctor checked me over and said I just had a few bruises. He asked when I last saw a doctor. I couldn't remember my last physical. I'd never had a mammogram. He seemed really intent on my previous preventative health practices. He also quizzed me on my overall health, how often I was sick and what I did when I was sick. I explained that I had a high stress job and just don't have time to be sick, so I'd push though when I wasn't feeling well. No big deal, everyone did it. He asked if I got proper rest and diet, etc. He even asked if my bowel movements were regular and had I had one today. Then for some reason, a social worker came in and went over the same questioning as the doctor about how well I took care of myself and sought medical attention, etc. I was starting to get a bit annoyed and needed to get back to the office, but they insisted I stay for just a bit longer. Two muscular guys, one blonde, one brunette, in dark blue scrubs came in, said they were orderlies at a wellness clinic and they had a court order for me to go with them. I told them this was ridiculous, I was fine and needed to get back to work. When I tried to brush past them, they guided me into a wheelchair. When I tried to get up and insisted they leave me alone, they strapped me in the chair! And then I was taken out to their van. My protests fell on deaf ears and they didn't answer, just loaded me up. I continued to struggle as they started and demanded they release me as I needed to get to work. The passenger reached over and slid a mouthpiece in my mouth. It was a rubbery material in a horseshoe shape that formed to my teeth and had a tube so I could still breathe through my mouth, but had a tab that pressed on my tongue and kept me from talking. A few minute drive and we were at the wellness clinic and they pushed me inside. There were a few people in wheelchairs in a line, each accompanied by a couple orderlies, but none were strapped in or gagged as I was. The man at the front desk was checking them in and directing them be taken to an open doorway. When I got to the desk, one of my orderlies explained that I had been disruptive and uncooperative. He checked me in and the orderlies pushed me to a different door that we had to be buzzed into. I was taken to an office and the man there explained that state law regarding mental health holds had been changed to include care for anyone that presented a danger to themselves by not obtaining proper medical care if they were deemed to present a danger to their health by their actions. The doctor at the ER had felt this was the case with my tumble down the stairs. They had petitioned and been granted a court order for a 72 hr non voluntary confinement. I would be held here for 72 hrs and all preventative wellness care would be caught up. Since I had shown resistance, I would be spending my time there “the hard way” and be kept restrained.

Then the 2 orderlies wheeled me into a locker room, attached my wrists to cables hanging from the ceiling, unstrapped me from the chair and made me stand up by shortening the cables and pulling me up. As I'm standing there with my arms in the air and a mouthpiece in my mouth, they proceed to undress me! I tried to resist, but couldn't move much and they were determined and seemed to have experience with uncooperative patients. They put a hospital gown on me and forced me to walk down the hallway between them to an exam room. The exam table was much more involved than what I remembered. They removed the gown and forced me to sit on the end of it, then lay back, raising my legs not into simple stirrups, but curved channels that they adjusted to my legs, there was a strap around my ankle and another over my thigh and the channels held my legs widespread like they would have been with stirrups, but no chance I could close them. They fastened my wrists to the table, and then moved a block from the head of the bed. I had to lift my head and neck, they scooted in up to my shoulders. It formed a pillow of sorts and raised my head a bit, but then they fastened a collar over my neck. The block pushed on my shoulders and forced me to scoot until my rear was just at the edge of the table. Then they locked the block so I couldn't move. Finally they tightened a padded strap over my torso right below my breasts. Everything was soft and padded and comfortable aside from the fact I was laying with my legs spread, bottom on the edge of a table and I couldn't move or say a word. Then they moved a monitor down so I could see it. Apparently there was a camera, because I now had a view of “down there”. The blond orderly sat on a rolling stool between my legs and explained that he would first be shaving my pubic hair for hygienic reasons and so it would not interfere with procedures. When I tried to buck and kick and yell about this, the brunette orderly came over and told me to settle down, that I was here for 72 hrs and there was nothing I could do about it, so I should just submit to the procedures and learn to value my health more. Since bucking and kicking was getting me nothing but chaffed wrists and ankles, I just decided to bide my time until an opportunity presented itself. The blond had finished shaving me and I stared at the monitor, I'd never been completely bare like this. Then they said they would be giving me a physical, starting with vitals. The blonde pulled out a rod shaped thing, it was like 8in long and as thick as my thumb, they said it was a veterinary thermometer and since I wasn't cooperating, they would use it on me-rectally! He lubed it up and eased it in several inches. I definitely knew that thing was in there! Meanwhile, they continued taking my vitals. Finally they removed the thermometer. They proceeded with the normal stuff, reflexes respiration, and then checking ears, nose, and eyes. Then they removed the mouthpiece, but replaced it with a device that held my mouth open and depressed my tongue. They thoroughly checked my throat and the inside of my mouth. They swabbed the inside of my cheek and collected a saliva sample, then replaced the previous mouthpiece. Then the brunette comes over with a rolling cart, sits down and puts a pair of gloves on. He explains that he's going to insert a catheter to collect my urine and proceeds to do just that. He explains that next they will be doing a pap smear to check for cervical cancer. He gets a metal speculum off the cart and lubes it up. He slides it in and boy is that metal cold. Then ratchets it open, he stops when it's really uncomfortable, but just short of painful. And proceeds to take a pap smear. Then he inserts a camera and I see my cervix on the monitor. Finally he releases the speculum. They are very through and not hurrying at all. Next he puts a big glob of lube on his fingers and says he'll give me a pelvic exam. It was the most through pelvic I had ever had. The few times I'd gone for a physical, I remembered the pelvic being a quick in, out, done. Not this one. He probed and poked all over my lower abdomen, reaching his fingers as far in as possible and rotating to feel every surface he could reach. With a change of glove, he's putting more lube on his fingers and I'm dreading I know what's coming next! The rectal exam was just as comprehensive. Then it's on to a very complete breast exam, as well as palpating my underarms, and entire abdomen. He opened the collar so he could feel my neck and lower jaw as well, then fastened the collar back. Then they take magnifying glasses and look at every inch of skin to check for skin cancers. They conclude by drawing blood, getting a urine sample from the catheter bag and finally saying they need a stool sample, but it will be collected later. Finally, the physical is done and they release everything but my wrists which they again attach to cables forcing me to stand with my arms in the air and they finish the skin check on my back. Finally they put the gown back on, attach my wrists to a walker where the catheter bag is hanging from and we head out in the hall again. The blonde says the catheter will remain in for the duration of my stay. The whole procedure probably took close to 2 hrs, but there's no clocks visible, they took my watch and cell phone and there are no windows, so I'm unsure on time.

They stop at another room, inside is a strange table, about 4 ft long, with a gap in the middle and padding on the edge on the end. I'm instructed to stand against the padded edge, lay my chest on the table, my face fits into the gap so I can breathe. My wrists are fastened above my head. Then the padded edge of the table is raised until I'm stretched with my feet barely flat on the floor, my torso on a downward slant and my rear in the air. They explain that I will be receiving vitamins. In this position, I've got little hope they are chewables! Sure enough, I feel pressure on my rectum and a huge suppository is inserted. Feels like it's the size of a tube of lipstick and like it just came from the freezer! And then I feel another one being pushed in. This they tell me is probiotics and healthy intestinal flora. It's the same size as the first, so I'm feeling pretty stuffed when a third object is pushed in. It feels like a rubber pinecone is shoved up my bottom, and I can feel the base pressing against the outside of my rectum. They say the plug will prevent the medication leaking out before it's absorbed. They lower the table again and I feel a wide, padded belt going around my waist and then something pressing against the plug base. I'm allowed to stand up and find there's a padded strap between my legs, it's Y shaped, the double part is in the front, so nothing rubs against the catheter, the straps are to either side, but in back, it's running right up my crack. They tighten the straps so the plug can't come out at all. I get to wear this and the plug for an hour.

Back out to the hallway and into another room. This one has a spa-like chair/table. They remove my gown and force me to recline on it. They fasten a harness system that is similar to the 5 point harness on a baby carseat, but has a solid, padded chestplate that covers my entire chest. Nice and padded, but snugged so I can't move. My wrists and ankles are also secured. Finally a strap with a heavily padded collar that prevents me from moving my head. The blond gets supplies from the cabinet behind me. He brings over an IV stand with an empty bag attached. There's a long tube attached to the bag. He puts on gloves and opens a packet with a long tube inside. They explain that this is a nasogastric tube and since I was non cooperative, I would be receiving tube feedings. The brunette holds my head steady while the other slides the tube in my nose, down to my stomach. They pour several cans of liquid nutrition into the bag and hook up the NG tube. There's a pump attached to the tubing, to regulate the flow and they set it for a slow flow. They turn on soft music, dim the lights and tell me to enjoy my “meal” as they walk out. I'm exhausted, it's only early afternoon, but I feel like when I've been working on a project for several days with little to no sleep or food, and when it's finally done, I just drop. Even with the discomfort of the tube in my nose, mouthpiece, catheter, plug in my rear, and the restraints, I just can't keep my eyes open. I wake a bit later and the feeding bag is empty. Soon my 2 keepers come back in and remove the tube, as well as the butt plug (finally!!) and it's back in the gown, wrists attached to the walker and off down the hallway again, I'm starting to hate that hallway!

The next room has a huge padded cylinder, about 5ft tall and a couple feet wide. There's a little platform on one side and they have me step up on it. Then lay across the cylinder on my belly. I find there's an opening on the far side for my face. The padding is really puffy, especially from my hip to my armpit. They secure my arms above my head and my feet, then fold the foot platform down. Then they rotate the cylinder until my hips are high in the air and I'm balanced over the cylinder. There's a monitor under my face so I can see what's going on, and they bring over another IV stand, with a bulging bag this time. He explains that hey need a stool sample for the lab tests and since I had told the doctor I hadn't had a bowel movement today, I would be given a 2qt warm water enema to induce a bowel movement. I had never had an enema, but had heard of them and thought they sounded rather distasteful. I tried wiggling and squirming, but I was securely restrained. He also explained that they would be using a balloon retention nozzle. It would be inflated after it was inserted to prevent leaks. I would have to take all the enema and hold it until they released the nozzle. With that, he lubed the nozzle and started to insert it. I tried to clamp down and squirm, but to no avail. He slowly worked the nozzle into my rectum and then inflated it, giving it a few extra pumps to punish my disobedience. He gave a little tug to make sure it was secure, then started the flow. I could feel the warmth right away, then started feeling full and then discomfort and the urge to expel it. I started squirming with the discomfort. The blonde told me I'd have to take it all, and to just accept the discomfort, he suggested that panting would help. I could feel my belly expanding a lot, but the puffy padding allowed the expansion without putting extra pressure on it. Meanwhile he explains the health benefits of enemas and the need to clean my bowels of accumulated gunk. Finally the bag was empty and I thought I'd finally get to expel it, but he said I'd need to retain it for a few minutes for maximum effectiveness. After 15min, I was really squirming and finally they folded the platform back under my feet and rotated me back so I was standing on it. They released my wrists and ankles. I was directed to an elaborate toilet chair they had brought in. It looked like some kind of padded chair, tilted back slightly, with a hole under it. There was also a shield between my legs to prevent splashes if I had been allowed to pee. They fastened my ankles in place on the footrest, my wrists on the armrests, and snugged a harness over my shoulders and under my breasts. The harness thankfully left my bulging belly alone. Finally they released the inflation and the nozzle was expelled with the first of the fluid. Relief! I was told a fecal sample would be taken from the commode and tested. When I had expelled as much as I could, they had me stand up and move over to where the cables hung down with the wrist restraints attached. When I refused, they gently but firmly grabbed my wrists and drug me over and attached them. They had me spread my legs and fitted a diaper on, taping it nice and snug. It was extremely bulky, especially between the legs. And off down the hallway with the walker again, with me feeling like I had a loaf of bread between my legs while I was walking!

The next room had a complicated device in the middle of the room. They had me move up to it. They explained that good posture was very important to health and this was a posture frame. They proceeded to strap me into it and adjust it until my posture was correct. The frame held my shoulders back, back straight, feet even, chin level, all the proper posture I'd ever heard about, plus some. They explained that I would be in the frame for an hour to train my muscles into proper alignment. They turned on a movie about the benefits of proper posture and left the room. While they were gone, I started feeling the need to expel again. The catheter meant I didn't have to worry about needing to pee, but that enema was still working on me. Finally I couldn't hold it any longer and had to expel into the diaper. When they got back, they released me from the frame and immediately checked the diaper as if they knew I'd needed to use it. They calmly cleaned me up and replaced it. My embarrassment response was very overworked today! And off down the hall again to who knew what delightful surprise!

The room we stopped at next looked like a dentists office, with chair, big light, rolling trays with instruments, etc. The gown was removed and I was strapped into the chair with a 5 point harness again. The diaper made the crotch strap really snug. My head was clamped in so I couldn't move it at all. The mouthpiece was replaced with an oral speculum that held my mouth open and a flexible piece that held my lips out of the way. I was then tilted back and given an extremely through dental cleaning. I was just amazed that I was sitting in a dental chair wearing only a diaper and completely restrained while having my teeth cleaned. With the day I was having this was almost normal. When they were finally finished, I was released and allowed to stand up, the gown was put back on, but instead of the walker, I was forced into a wheelchair and surprise, surprise, firmly but comfortably restrained. The blond started pushing me and said I'd be going for a short “walk” outside before the next procedure. As he pushed me around outside, he explained the health benefits of the proper amount of sunlight, the outdoors, etc and of taking breaks during stressful times to allow my body to unwind. I hadn't realized how late it was, it was getting dark and must be late evening. When we went back indoors, it was to the same room I had received my feeding in earlier, apparently it was time for supper!! Again I was secured in the chair, and the tube was inserted in my nose. This time the pump wasn't used and the feeding was much faster. It was strange to feel hungry, then feel full without putting anything in my mouth.

When that was done, I was taken to another room, the gown and diaper were both taken off. There was a plain table that looked like a massage table in the middle of the room. I was told to lay down and my wrists and ankles were secured. The mouthpiece was replaced with a smaller one that had a tab that rested on my tongue, and a place where my teeth bit down, but my mouth wasn't stretched open as much. There was a mask-like part on the outside that covered my lips. A band was attached to it that went around my head. Then the brunette began to massage my scalp and shoulders. It felt quite nice, like the massage I'd had on the last vacation I'd taken several years before. It was strange having no covering, but after the day I'd had, I was getting used to all my private parts on display. Then he moved down and started massaging my breasts. That was definitely not part of the massage I remembered! He continued slowly down and worked my stomach. Then he put gloves on and a bit of lube and was massaging my vagina! After the initial shock and tensing up, I had to admit it felt rather nice. I was starting to get aroused when he continued down to my legs and feet. The blonde came back in and together they turned me facedown, again with my wrists and ankles secured to the table. He started on the back of my legs and then worked to my glutes. I was a little uncomfortable with that but it felt lovely. Then there's a pause and I feel a gloved, lubed finger probing at my anus. He continued to massage inside it as thoroughly as everywhere else. Finally he moved to my back. Without a clock, I couldn't tell for sure, but it felt like he had worked on me close to 2 hrs. I was extremely relaxed.

I was put back in the wheelchair and taken to the medication room where I was bent over, rear in the air again. This time the suppository was a bit smaller, they said it was a light sedative to help me sleep. This time they didn't plug me. Then I was taken to another room with a hospital bed that was completely enclosed, bars on the sides and top. I was made to lay down, mitts were strapped to my hands. They were slick on the outside and padded enough that I couldn't get hold of anything. Then they put a full set of monitors including a mask. Apparently I was going through a sleep study. They then fastened a wide band around each of my calves. It extended from knee to ankle. When they turned it on, it slowly inflated, then deflated. They said this was used to increase circulation and prevent bloodclots in bed ridden patients. Finally, they closed the side of the bed and locked it. There were padded bumpers at the bottom, but no way to get out of the bed. I could move my arms but couldn't use my hands and had limited mobility of my legs with the inflation cuffs. The monitors and mask were annoying, but after the stressful day, relaxing massage and the sedative starting to work, I was soon asleep.


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