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72 hr hold

Day 3

The next morning when I woke up, they were easing the traction and removing all the splints and harnesses. As soon as I was able, they removed the diaper and flipped me to my stomach, again with the bolster under my hips and I knew what was coming. With one holding my arms and body down, the other pressed my legs with one arm and inserted the thermometer with the other, I didn't have a choice about having it inserted. When my temperature was recorded, it was removed and I was allowed to stand. Mouthpiece, gown and wrist restraints and I was off for my first procedure. I was made to get on my knees on a padded bench, then kneel over a padded bar. It was similar to the position they used to administer the suppositories, but my chest was nearly touching my knees. I was strapped in place so I couldn't move. Then they brought out the IV stand and enema bag! They explained I would be having a procedure later in the morning that required my bowels be completely clean. I would need to fast until after the procedure. To prepare for it, I would receive a series of enemas. This first one was 2 quarts of water with Epsom salt added. Nozzle was inserted and inflated and the flow started. My body was getting used to enemas, but this one was causing cramping pretty fast. And this time they made me retain it for 20 minutes. By the time they let me release it, I was cramping pretty bad. They left me strapped on the toilet chair for nearly an hour. When they came back, they had a different table in place. They had me lay on my back, was secured at my wrists, ankles, neck and below my breasts. Then the table was tilted until my head was lowered 45 degrees. This time it was a baking soda enema. After holding this one for 20 min, I was feeling lightheaded after I expelled it. I was happy to just sit on the toilet chair for an hour. It was actually quite comfortable and had a high back and slightly reclined. The third enema I was strapped to a table face up, with my legs held together. They inserted the nozzle before I got on the table. With my legs together, I could feel the outer balloon. Then they tipped the table back and forth while the enema flowed, said it would help penetrate in the colon. I didn't care, I just wanted it done. I was wrung out after I expelled the third one. Finally it was time for the actual procedure.

I was laid on my side, and bolsters were pressed against my back and chest. My legs were brought up and secured. I was close to prenatal position. There was a monitor so I could watch the procedure. First a cold mist was sprayed on the outside of my anus. Very soon, I felt tingling and numbness. Then they gave me a shot in the sphincter muscle. They explained that this would paralyze the muscle while they inserted a camera deep into my colon, but I would be able to feel it. I had heard friends talk about colonoscopies, and thought it sounded dreadful then, but they were asleep and couldn't feel anything. I would be awake and couldn't clench my muscles but would feel the camera moving in. I started freaking out, so they gave me a suppository. I was still awake, but it made everything really mellow. I could see them inserting a dilator that spread my sphincter open, but since the muscle was lax from the shot, it wasn't that painful. I just felt a stretching. They did the colonoscopy with the same thoroughness they had every other procedure, but finally it was done. Next they inserted an enema nozzle and inflated it. They said this would be barium so they could image my bowels. It tingled a lot going in, but there wasn't as much volume as I had been receiving. Then they brought over an imaging machine and took all the pictures they wanted. They put a bulky diaper on me and explained that my sphincter would be paralyzed for several hours and I wouldn't be able to control if I started to have a bowel movement. I figured with everything they had flushed out of me that morning, chances were slim of anything but fluid or the barium coming out, but I was too drained to care about wearing the diaper. They took me to the feeding room in a wheelchair. I took another nap during the feeding. I had never felt so wiped out. They left me to sleep longer than the previous days, so I was feeling better when they came back. They took me for a shower and then a soak in a whirlpool. The douche was inserted as before, but I just didn't care anymore. After a good soak, they again diapered me and took me outside in the wheelchair.

Next I was taken to a room with a table very similar to the first one I had been put on. My legs were again spread and strapped down. The block on my shoulders forced me to scoot until my bottom was nearly falling off of the table. Padded straps were placed just below my breasts and over my waist. The monitor was moved so I could see what was happening “down there”. After I was secured, the blonde told me I'd be receiving non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation. He explained that a wand would be inserted and a laser used to tone my vaginal walls. This would increase the pelvic floor muscles. I had never heard of it, but it wasn't like I had a choice! They opened the diaper and the wand was inserted and while it felt hot, it wasn't painful.

The rest of the afternoon was like a spa day, manicure, pedicure, facial, waxing, the works. Only strange part was I was still kept restrained, diapered, and had something in my mouth to keep me from talking. I was given my feeding and the sedative suppository and taken to the enclosed bed. Tonite I'd sleep without traction or monitors. And tomorrow, my 72 hrs would be up!!! When I woke up, I was ready to go home. I was overjoyed when I wasn't greeted with the thermometer first thing as on previous mornings. After my shower/douche and feeding, I was taken to the exam room with the stirrup table. My vitals were taken, including temperature so my joy was short lived! I received another breast/pelvic/rectal exam. It was impressed on me how important these were and I should have them done regularly. I was shown how to do self exams on my breasts. The catheter was removed and I knew my time had to be almost over, but they took me to the medication room! They forced the vitamin and probiotic suppositories in and this time they didn't insert the plug, but I felt a puff of something. Soon I felt it expanding and hardening. It was a kind of expanding foam and was filling and stretching my anus! They said that this couldn't be removed until it had softened from my body heat. It would take 3-5 hrs before I would be able to expel it. Until then, I would be duck walking and feeling super full. Finally I was taken to the locker room and all the restraints were removed and I was allowed to get dressed. I was then given a book and CD, with results of all the tests they had performed on me. I was instructed to make an appointment with my doctor and give these to him. There was also a booklet on preventative health practices, descriptions of all the tests performed on me and how often they should be repeated. Finally I was driven to my home. Every time I went to the bathroom and tried to expel the plug and saw my shaved crotch, I was reminded of my stay. It was not something I ever wanted to repeat! I went back to work the next day after finally expelling the plug and my life was back to normal in just a few days. Long hours at work, poor diet, stress, no vacation. The things they had tried to teach me about health just faded to the background behind the more pressing stresses at work. Soon it was like those 72 hrs had never been. 53 weeks went by, I came home from work one night and the 2 orderlies were waiting outside my house. I had been given a year to schedule my follow up and since I had failed to make an appointment with my doctor, or schedule any of the yearly tests I had been given, or make any changes in my lifestyle to improve my health, the clinic had obtained another court order for another 72 hour hold! I wasn't happy about it at all, but having learned from my previous stay that it was inevitable and I didn't have any choice but to take it, I didn't resist this time. However, they still strapped me into an adult size carseat in the back of the van, restraining my wrists as well. When I said I wouldn't resist this time, and would go the “easy way” and that restraints weren't necessary, I was told that my records listed me as requiring restraint and that wouldn't change this time either. And with that, he pushed a mouthpiece in my mouth and I didn't get to talk, or eat, or enjoy flush toilets for another 3 days. After the second stay, I finally started making healthy changes in my life and scheduled regular appointments with my doctor. I was determined to avoid a third stay!


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