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Zoe's Desires

Chapter 6 - Next steps

As Jack and Zoe lay there, Zoe thought about the evening, what she had said to Jack and his return comments. She decided on a plan.

"Jack, you don't have to leave right away, do you?" she asked coyly, snuggling even closer.

"No, actually, I am off today and tomorrow. have all the time in the world. What about you? didn't you say you needed to be at work in the morning?"

"I did, but I might call in sick. My stomach has been queezy the last day or so, and I think I need to take care of myself. Don't want to come down with something."

"That's right. With the weather changing, you come down with a bug and it really hits you. I hope the meal did not contribute?"

"No our dinner was wonderful. it's just a minor ache, probably nothing.

Jack felt her forehead and responded, "You don't feel like you have a temp. We better check though. Where is your thermometer?"

"In the bathroom cabinet, top shelf," she answered, rolling over a bit, and looking into Jack's eyes. "Could you go get it for me?"

"Sure, right away," he said, moving a bit toward the other side of the bed to get up. He saw the door to the bathroom, and walked over toward it, finding the light switch on the wall to the left of the door. Switching it on, saw the cabinet and walked over toward it and, about to open the door, he looked into the mirror which showed the shower on the opposite wall. Jack could not help but see a large red blob through the frosted shower door.

On impulse, he walked over to the door and opened it, seeing one of the largest red enema bags he ever saw, even larger than his mother's, with a long red hose, and a connector to a long rubber tube. Jack recognized that as a colon tube. Reaching over to feel it, he saw it was pretty stiff, and covered with a thin coat of lubricant. it had been recently used.

Closing the door, he returned to the cabinet, opened it, saw the thermometer case and retrieved it. He quickly saw it was a rectal thermometer. Looking for another one, he realized this was the only one in the cabinet, and next to where it had sat was a small tube of lubricant. He took that as well, and returned to the bedroom.

"All I could find is this one thermometer, Zoe. It's rectal," said Jack, waving it in front of him with the tube of lubricant."

"That's the only one I have Jack. it takes a more accurate temp, said my mother a thousand times."

"Well, er, OK," came the response with hesitation. "If that is what you use, then that's it. here," he added, handing Zoe the thermometer and lubricant.

"Actually, Jack, Could you do the honors for me? Would you?"

"Zoe, I never did, I mean, do you really want me to do this?"

"Sure Jack," she replied, "It's easy. I will walk you through it, although they must have taught you in medic training at some point."

"Well, um, they did, but, er, that was a long time ago, and we went quickly through that stuff."

"I'll bet," answered Zoe with a smirk. "Let's get to this, shall we. First I roll over like this," she said rolling over halfway to her stomach. "Now you come over here with the lube and raise my butt cheeks and find the spot that thermometer goes in. You do know what that is, don't you?"

Jack walked hesitatingly toward the bed, reaching the edge, and then started to reach over to her butt. "OK, so I just lift your cheek and there it is?"

"That's about it Jack, not much more to it."

Jack put his hand on her right butt cheek and pushed a bit raising it until her rosebud came into view.

"OK Jack, now take some of the lube from the tube, and put a dab on my butt hole." Jack squeezed, and quickly put the dab where it was supposed to go.

"Next, rub it around a bit Jack," added Zoe, and Jack complied, rubbing up and down along her crack.

"Now, take your finger and push some inside, Jack." He stopped rubbing, and tentatively put his finger against her hole, waiting a second or two, then pushed a bit inside. Not very far though.

"Push it in there Jack. We need to get some lube in there for the thermometer." Jack pushed harder and felt his finger going up to the second knuckle through her anal ring. "OH," hissed Zoe, "That feels sooo good. Move your finger around a bit inside, if you would." Jack complied.

"Now, take the thermometer, and shake it from the end opposite the knob." Jack complied again, shaking it wildly. "Not so hard, Jack, you might break it. That should be good, not insert the bulb end into my ass about two inches." She could feel Jack's hand shaking as he started to insert the glass tube.

"We need to leave it there about five minutes Jack, so be a good boy, and rub my abdomen for me while we wait. Mom always did that for me to pass the time."

"Sure Zoe, if that is what you want." Zoe knew Jack was hooked, that he actually liked what he was doing, and she could take him further, and quickly. She had no idea he was already an enema addict, along with other things. She would learn quickly.


When Jack heard Zoe say she wanted her abdomen rubbed, he thought back to Barbara, his friend from earlier days, who used to say the same thing when he gave her enemas in his apartment. he and Barbara had gone through many of the same steps that he and Zoe were now passing in the development of their relationship. Now, he wondered, did Zoe know more about he and Barbara than might be on the surface of their discussion.

As Jack rubbed Zoe's abdomen, he started the familiar circular rub he had done with Barbara, rubbing slowly and wider over time until he reached the edge of her vaginal hair. She purred as he rubbed, counting the time to take out the thermometer, and, looking at the bedside clock, he realized he had less than a minute left.

"Oh Jack, that feels so good," purred Zoe as he closed on the hairline of her crotch. "Rub lower, it feels so good."

Jack rubbed a bit lower, and reached her womanhood. As he did, Zoe spread her legs a bit, and began to moan. She took her hand and pushed Jack down to her pussy. Jack rubbed lightly up and down until the folds of Zoe's vagina began to puff and separate, allowing his fingers to penetrate slightly. All the while, Jack was trying to manage a raging hardon himself.

Zoe moaned softly, as her lips became wet, and she pressed her fingers on Jack's, urging him to to delve even further into her. As he did so, her moans became louder and Jack sensed a great climax coming.

"Quick, Jack, take out the thermometer. it might break," she hissed through her moans. Jack quickly complied, just as Zoe began to buck on his fingers in a massive orgasm. Jack put the thermometer down on a tissue he saw on the bedside table, then continued rubbing until she told him to stop, exhausted.

Zoe rolled over, looking up at Jack, then pulling him down to her, giving him a passionate kiss.

"That was incredible Jack," she said quietly. "You are amazing."

Suddenly, Jack looked over at Zoe and responded, "This was all a fib, wasn't it Zoe? You don't have a temp, and just set me up, didn't you?"

"Well," Zoe responded, "I might have had one. You get me really hot, you know."

"You deserve to be hot, Zoe. Come to think of it, maybe even a bit hotter." Jack pulled her up next to him on the side of the bed, sat down, then threw her over his lap. Seconds later he was spanking her as hard as he could, getting her ass red in just a few strokes. Zoe bucked, and cried, and tried to get up, but Jack locked a leg around hers, and grasped her hands to keep them out of the way. His other hand continued to slap, until he had given her about twenty smacks. Then, he lifted her up and sat her back down next to him.

"That was a bad thing to do Zoe," said Jack seriously, "We could have broken that thermometer in you. That would have been serious. You need to learn not to do those things. I know just the way to teach you. Stay right here."

Jack rose from the bed and headed back for the bathroom. Opening the shower door, he took out the enema bag and hose and walked toward the sink. There, he turned on the water, getting it a nice warm temperature, then added some Ivory hand soap. Screwing on the hose, he shook the bag to make sure the soap mixed, and headed back to the bedroom.

"God, this bag must have at least three quarts or more," thought Jack. " This is serious stuff."

Zoe's eyes widened as she saw Jack coming through the door.

"Oh, no, Jack," she shouted, "That is huge. Too big for me."

"We'll see about that, young lady. Right now you get on your side while I get the lube," Jack said as he dropped the bag and hose on the bed with a plopping sound. he found the lube, and lifted her ass cheek again, scooping out more gel and then rubbed it on her hole, pushing his middle finger in to get her lubed. Zoe lay then, a slight moan escaping her lips as Jack's finger moved around inside her. She hoped he would leave it there, but she knew the enema was coming. Even with the colon tube, she knew taking that much water would be a struggle.

"All right, then. Let's see what we can do here." Jack squeezed a large amount of the gel into the palm of his hand, and then took the end of the colon tube, rubbing it in the gel. Holding her cheeks open, he pushed the tube against her pucker, and it started to move inside. he managed to get it in about four inches before it stopped.Jack lifted the bag, released the clip, and water started to flow. Seeing a small hook on the side of her poster bed, Jack put the bag there, so he could see if he could get the colon tube in further. With a bit of twisting and patience, he finally had about eighteen inches of the tube inside Zoe.

"Jack the water is hot, and the soap burns."

"It is supposed to be hot Zoe, and the soap is there to make an impression on you."

"I can't take too much more Jack."

"You will Zoe, even if I have to stop to apply a few more swats of my hand." Jack rubbed lightly over her now red ass, getting a reaction from her that it was indeed painful.

Zoe started to weep softly, but said nothing else other than she would try to be good.

Jack bent down, and kissed her on the side of the head, saying into her ear, "This is for your own good, and our relationship Zoe. I know you will do better, but sometimes there needs to be consequences for actions. This big soapy enema is a consequence, but that does not mean I do not care for you. To the contrary, I like you very much, and am sure we will see much more of each other. I sense you feel that way as well."

Zoe turned, and kissed jack on the lips, saying "I love you already Jack. Please make me be good for you."

"I will Zoe, and I'm sure you will do the same for me. We will make a great couple." As jack finished speaking, he saw the enema was all in and started to remove the tube so Zoe could go rid herself the water inside. Jack knew she was his. Zoe had a slightly different view, as it would turn out later.

[Continuing Story]


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