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A Friend in Need

Chapter 2.

George had parked the car a discreet distance away and they had arrived at their destination on foot. As they turned into the drive he gave a low whistle of approval. The house was a lovely detached Georgian style building, set in its own beautiful high walled garden.

The excited pair walked quickly up to the front door and rang the bell. Before the echo of the chimes had died away, the door was opened.

When he saw her standing there in the hallway, George nearly whistled again. June's fresh, youthful beauty took his breath away. It was with some difficulty that he maintained a serious face.

June invited them in and showed them into her front room. She stood nervously before them.

"June." Smiled Dolly, smugly. "This is Mr Cane."

"How do you do, sir?" Asked June, in a small voice.

"Very well, thank you, Mrs Bending." George answered curtly, as he placed his briefcase on the table and opened it up.

"Can I offer you a drink?" June enquired, wringing her hands together.

"No thank you, Mrs Bending." Dolly answered. "We'd like to get down to business right away. Shall we sit down?"

She and George sat down on a long sofa, while the young housewife sat tensely on the edge of an armchair, facing them.

"I've explained the whole situation to Mr Cane, Mrs Bending." Said Dolly, purposely keeping the conversation formal and business like, to heighten the pressure on the young blonde. "And he's agreed to extend you a loan to cover all your outstanding debts."

"Oh, thank you. Thank you, Mr Cane." The girl smiled eagerly at George.

"But, of course, Mrs Bending." Added Dolly. "This will be subject to you entering into an agreement with Mr Cane, along the lines that I explained to you the other day. Are you prepared to enter into such an agreement, Mrs Bending?"

"Yes. Yes, I am, Miss Stern." June answered, nodding her head.

"Are you sure you understand exactly what such an agreement would entail, Mrs Bending?" Asked George, passing a sheaf of official looking documents across to Dolly.

"I...I think so." June stammered in reply.

"Well, Miss Stern as drawn up a legal contract and some papers covering the loan." Said George. "And she has also drawn up a legally binding contract between you and me, Mrs Bending. I think you should listen to it very carefully, before you decide."

He nodded to Dolly to begin.

"I've kept it fairly simple and straightforward, Mrs Bending." The Brunette began, holding up a document. "I'll just read it out to you, to be sure you understand it. Alright?"

Without waiting for an answer, she began reading out loud from the paper.

"I, Mrs June Bending, do freely and without coercion, agree that for my past transgressions, that I do now implore Mr George Cane, for my own good and benefit, to administer to me, what ever punishment or chastisement he thinks fitting, to prove my penitence and achieve atonement for my past folly.

This punishment or chastisement will be as severe as the said George Cane believes I merit. With proviso that the said punishment or chastisement, does not permanently mark, maim or disfigure me. With proviso also that the physical application of the said punishment or chastisement, shall be carried out with the utmost prudence and discretion. So that my Husband, Family, neighbours and friends and every one who is not a signatory to this document, shall remain totally unaware of this agreement.

The said George Cane, for his part, will administer the said punishment or chastisement, personally and with the enlisted aid of, not less that one and not more than four assistants. All assistants will be appointed by the said George Cane."

During the reading of the document, June had been trying hard to concentrate on what Dolly was saying. But she was also very aware that this man, to whom she was about to sign over her young body, was staring at her with hot, smouldering eyes. She could feel them probing her lush, comely charms as they pushed and bulged against the thin material of her light, summer dress.

Suddenly the older woman had her full, shocked and undivided attention. She leaned forward, her hand quickly raised.

"I.....I'm...I'm sorry, Miss Stern." The young blonde stammered confusedly. "I'm afraid I don't understand. Could you read that last part again, please?"

"Certainly, my dear." Smiled Dolly, sweetly. "I thought you'd query that."

And she read out the last paragraph again.

June looked aghast. "Assistants? What on earth do you mean? I...I.."

"Let me explain, Mrs Bending." Molly smiled at the girl. "We feel that it is essential that Mr Cane has witnesses to verify his account of these proceedings. You see, my dear, you might change your mind and say that you were forced. Then again, those same witnesses might, at some future date, try to hold this information against Mr Cane or even yourself, if they were just mere spectators. So we decided that they would be more wholeheartedly committed to the scheme, if they were made full accomplices to it." She smiled again. "Is that clear to you now, my dear?"

"Ho, no, Miss Stern." Gasped June, white faced and shaking her head vehemently. "No. I couldn't. Not with all those people."

"Well, my dear." Replied the older woman, still smiling pleasantly. "These are the terms. And you know what the alternative is, don't you?"

The unhappy young wife's face fell. Bowing her lovely head, she started to weep.

"Ooooh, Miss Stern." She sobbed, "You know I have to agree. I can't let my Husband find out. I just can't." And she hid her pretty face in her hands.

"Well, he's not going to find out, now is he?" Dolly grinned, giving George a sly wink. "Let me read you the rest of this document, so you will be quite clear about all the things that you are going to have to submit yourself to."

With a smirk on her sensuous lips, the lovely brunette began again to read out the contract.

"Having administered the said punishments or chastisements to my body, the said George Cane may claim the right to use my body for his own sexual gratification, and I freely grant him the use of my body for any sexual act, natural or unnatural, for which he should desire to use it." She paused and glanced at the sobbing young mother. Gleefully watching her reactions, she continued.

"Also, the said assistants, having , under the direction and supervision of the said George Cane, administered punishment or chastisement to my body, may claim the right to use my body for there own sexual gratification, and I freely....."

"Oh, God, no, no." June interrupted, crying dejectedly. "Not that too! Not with strangers."

"Well now, we won't all be strangers, Mrs Bending." Dolly again gave the young wife her sweet smile. "I myself will be one of Mr Cane's assistants and friends of ours, a married couple, very nice people, will be two more. Mr Cane and I have not yet decided who the fourth shall be."

June's tear filled eyes opened wide with shock.

"You, Miss Stern?" The blonde gasped. "And a man's wife? Surely you can't mean....?"

"Can't I, Mrs Bending?" Dolly chuckled. "Just you listen to the terms of the contract and find out."

With the young woman listening to her in wide eyed horror, Dolly continued to read.

".....and I freely grant them the use of my body for any sexual act, natural or un-natural, for which they should desirer to use it."

Dolly turned the paper's pages and read on.

"Farther to this, the use of my body for sexual gratification by all parties hear mentioned, shall take place at the said parties command and these sexual acts, natural or unnatural, may be performed before, after or during the said punishments or chastisements.

Farther more, I do wholeheartedly pledge to place myself, eagerly and enthusiastically, at the disposal of the said George Cane and his assistants, at any place they consider suitable, at any time they consider opportune and there, under the terms of this agreement, deliver up my body to them, to use as they see fit.

This contract will run until al my debts are paid."

Dolly placed the document down on the small table to the side of the sofa.

"It is then signed by you, Mrs Bending." She added. "And then by the witnesses. First Mr Cane and I, the other three assistants can singe at a later date."

There was silence for some moments, broken only by the sound of the pretty blonde sniffing as she wiped tears from her eyes.

George leaned forward.

"Is that clear to you now, Mrs Bending?" He asked.

"Yes." The girl sobbed quietly.

"Good." Smiled Dolly. "Then if you'll be so good as to sign your name to the contract, we will witness it."

She handed the young woman a pen and pushed the documents across the table to her.

Bending over the papers, June signed. George quickly followed suit and lastly Dolly signed. After June had signed a few more papers, George placed them in his briefcase and locked it.

Dolly turned to June, who was sitting twisting her handkerchief.

"Right then. Mrs Bending." The handsome woman smiled her sweet smile. "It's time for us to collect your first payment. Stand up, please."

The young woman rose and stood, nervously, before the man and older woman. Their eyes moved over her lush, full curves. She blushed and dropped her own eyes in response.

"Take off your shoes, Mrs Bending." The brunette instructed.

June kicked off her slippers to one side. The man and woman dropped their eyes.

"What pretty feet, my dear." Said Dolly. "So soft and smooth. Don't you think so, Mr Cane?"

"Beautiful." Agreed George. "Let's see the rest."

"Certainly, Mr Cane." His Mistress said, dutifully. She turned back to the young wife, still smiling. "Take off all your close, Mrs Bending. Mr Cane would like to see you stark naked, before we begin."

Flushing a deeper red and biting at her full lower lip, the shapely blonde opened the buttons on her dress and shrugging her smooth shoulders allowed it to drop in a pool around her feet. Kicking it aside, she stood there in just her satin and lace bra and panties. The garments were pure white and made her look almost virginal.

Dolly frowned a little.

"In future, when we meet for you to make your payments, you will wear no underwear, what so ever. Do you understand, Mrs Bending?" The older woman said firmly. "Even if you have to travel quite far to meet us, you will be quite naked beneath your dress, alright?"

June nodded, miserably.

"Yes, Miss Stern." She answered.

Dolly smiled, smugly.

"Take off your brassiere and show us your big breasts, my dear. They look as if they are about to burst out, anyway." She giggled.

The red flush of shame spreading down her body, the embarrassed girl opened her bra and threw it aside. She stood, arms hanging to her sides and head bowed in humiliation. The large melonous globes of her amazing breasts, reared out soft and firm from her ribcage. The long, thick, rubbery nipples, already swelling and stiffening under their gaze, seemed to point straight out at the popping eyes of the leering man and woman.

"Really astounding, Miss Stern." Said George, leaning forward to ogle the younger woman's quivering, white mammaries at a closer range.

Dolly's eyes glowed hotly and she ran her tongue over her full, red lips as she nodded in agreement.

"Delicious, aren't they?" She answered, her voice thick with desire. She tried to keep her vocal tones steady as she spoke to the young woman standing before her.

"Take off your knickers now, Mrs Bending." The brunette ordered. "We want to see everything."

With a whimper, the young wife placed her thumbs into the waistband of her knickers and, slipping them down over full hips and thighs, she let them fall around her ankles. She stood before them, head bowed, shoulders slumped with shame, one full, plump thigh crossed in front of the other and both hands covering her pubic mound.

"Now, stop that, Mrs Bending." Dolly snapped at the girl. "Put your hands to your sides and stand up straight. Quickly now."

Miserably, June obeyed.

"That's better. Come on, shoulders pulled right back and stick out those great, big jugs of yours." Dolly directed as the young wife hurriedly did her bidding. "That's it. Now kick those knickers away and stand with your feet apart. Good. That's excellent. Now, stick out your belly, so we can get a good look at you."

Dolly and George sat on the edge of the sofa, their burning eyes drinking in the luscious site before them with growing lust.

Mrs June Bending, respectable wife and mother, was standing before them, stark naked and shamefully exposing herself to them. The young woman seemed, Dolly noticed with some amusement, to be blushing from the roots of her straw blonde hair, right down to her pretty toes.

"Quite delightful, don't you think, Mr Cane?" Asked the older woman, leaning closer to the naked girl.

"Beautiful." George agreed his mouth dry. "Just look at that Venus mound."

"It's a beauty, isn't it?" Dolly giggled. "It's such a fat one. See how it bulges out, with just that bushy blonde tuft of pubic hair on top?"

The handsome business woman lowered her head and, leaning closer to the blushing young wife, peered intently between the girl's full white thighs. She saw how, beneath the sparse blonde bush, the bulging, rounded lips of June's plump sex pushed out, prominently, on either side of the deep, pink cleft that split the smooth flesh like a soft and swollen peach.

She sat back, still staring with bright eyed delight.

"What a pouter." She grinned. "Do you know George, there's not a trace of hair on the lips? Her 'honey pot' is almost bald."

She looked up at the young woman's pretty, blushing face.

"That's lovely, my dear." She chuckled. "Now turn around and show us that big, bare arse of yours."

Once more on the verge of tears, her full lower lip quivering, the buxom young woman, submissively turned around and dutifully displayed to the seated couple, her beautiful bare bum.

The silence that followed lasted so long that June nervously looked back over her plump, white shoulder. She saw the man and woman sitting on the edge of their seat, leaning eagerly foreword, their mouths open and their smouldering eyes fixed lasciviously on her full, round buttocks.

Dolly looked up at the tearful girl's flushed face and again gave her a sweet smile.

"You really are most beautiful, Mrs Bending." She said. "Most beautiful. And this big arse of yours is just delicious. A perfect shape. Don't you agree, Mr Cane?"

"Beautiful." George nodded his agreement without taking his eyes off the girl's rear.

"Quite so." Dolly continued. "Some people might say it's a little on the big side. Well....they might be right but it's just how we like them. And, also, it's so round and full and firm and white. Quite without a blemish. Yes, my dear, Mr Cane is absolutely right. It is beautiful."

The older woman stood up and stepped closer to the young wife, who trembled with apprehension. Dolly could feel the heat radiate from the younger woman's naked body and the clean, woman smell of her, wafted through her flared nostrils.

"Of course." She continued. "You must learn to exhibit it to its best advantage, Mrs Bending." The business woman ran her hand, lecherously over the snivelling girl's smooth, rounded buttocks. "In future, when ever you present this fat arse of yours to Mr Cane or any of his assistants, you will stick it right out as much as possible. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Miss Stern." June answered, meekly.

"Then why aren't you doing it?" Snapped the lovely brunette. "Come on. Stick it out. Right out. Come on, more than that. Hollow your back. That's it. Spread you thighs more. Wider. Wider. That's better. Round your arsecheeks. That's right. Push them out. There, that's it. That's how you must display your arse, in future. Is that clear?"

Looking back over her shoulder, the red faced, sobbing girl nodded her blonde head.

"Yes, Miss Stern." She snivelled.

"Good. Mind that you do, my dear." The brunette snapped, curtly. "Remember, unless you are told to do otherwise, you will always stand, bend and even walk, with your big bum sticking right out as it is now. And always keep your legs wide open. Never close them. When you display you arse, I want everybody to see your fat cunt bulging out beneath. Do you understand what I'm saying, Mrs Bending?"

"Yes, Miss Stern." June sobbed, her full lips in a trembling pout.

"Good. I don't care if it does make you waddle like a duck. That's the way you've got to do it." Dolly stood back and laughingly admired the lewd and humiliating pose she had instructed the young woman to take up.

"Well, then." She giggled. "Let's see what she looks like when she dose walk like that. Mrs Bending. Would you lead the way up to your bedroom, my dear?"