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A Friend in Need

Chapter 3.

Flushing hot with shame, the buxom young blonde, thighs splayed wide, back curved inward in an exaggerated hollow, her heavy, fully rounded buttocks thrust firmly out behind her, started to move awkwardly towards the door.

Dolly's giggle turned into a spluttering laugh of delight as she watched the lovely young woman, tears filling her sad blue eyes, walking naked across the room, in the ridiculous and obscene pose she had been instructed to assume.

As George and she followed the waddling girl to the door, Dolly laughed with delight.

"Oh, George. Look at her walk." She chuckled. "See how she moves. She does look like a duck, at that."

She called to the weeping young Mother. "Oh, Mrs Bending, you should see yourself. You look obscene. I wonder what your husband would say if he could see you like that."

"Probable have a heart-attack." George grinned, his eyes drinking in the lewd sight as they moved into the hall.

As they followed the rolling cheeks of the young wife's jutting arse along the hallway to the foot of the stairs, Dolly spied the brightly coloured plumes of a feather-duster, laying on a small side table, it's feathered top attached to a thin bamboo cane about three foot long. With a delighted laugh she snatched it up.

"Look, Mr Cane." She cried, her eyes dancing with malicious amusement. "Just what we need." And she carried the implement with her, waving its plumes in the air.

June reached the stairs and started to ascend awkwardly. On the first stair she stopped and looked back at the older woman.

"Please, Miss Stern." She asked, still weeping with shame. "Will it be alright if I walk normally up the stairs?"

"Certainly not, Mrs Bending!" Dolly snapped, in mock shock. "As I explained to you, you must maintain that lewd pose at all times. Now please climb the stairs."

The stark naked young woman shamefully began to clime the stairs. Fully aware that her lewd pose was, as she climbed higher, exposing more and more of her plump cunny, to the man and woman on the stairs below her.

"That's the way." Dolly giggled. "Keep those thighs open wide. Oh, Mrs Bending. What a sight!"

Her hands tightly gripping the banister rails on each side, the snivelling young wife slowly climbed the stairs in, what was to Dolly and George, a highly amusing manner.

The leering man and woman were leaning foreword as they climbed, peering intently beneath the rounded jut of the girl's swinging, gaping buttocks, at the exposed junction of her of her widely spread thighs.

Dolly could feel her lover's hot breath on the back of her neck and the squeezing of his large hands on her own plump buttocks as they too swayed, provocatively, beneath her light dress. Looking back at him, she rolled her eyes, suggestively, at the girl's big bare arse just above them.

"That's the way, my dear. That's lovely." She called to the weeping young mother. "Now hold tight."

And the leering brunette thrust foreword with the feather duster and plunged its soft plumes between the blonde's plump thighs and tickled the swollen lips of her bulging quim.

June gave a shriek and leapt to the next stair, but to Dolly's delight, she held her pose as she had been instructed.

"That's a good girl." The older woman chuckled and as a reward she goosed the blonde a few more times with the feathers.

When they had all reached the top and were standing on the landing, the naked young woman, still maintaining her rude posture, put out her hand and indicated a bedroom door.

"And whose bedroom is this, Mrs Bending?" Asked George.

"It's the Guest room." June sniffed.

"Oh no, Mrs Bending." Said the big man, shaking his head. "We want the Master Bedroom."

"The Master Bedroom?" June replied in a shocked voice.

"Your own Bedroom, Mrs Bending." Put in Dolly, with her sweet smile. "You see, my dear. The things we are going to do to you, we will do to you in the room that you share with your Husband. And on the bed you share with your Husband. Understand?"

June's tears ran down her red, flushed cheeks and she nodded, dumbly.

Weeping with shame, the buxom, naked young Mother, still maintaining her delightfully indecent walk, opened a door and led the way into her own bedroom.

"What a beautiful room." Cried Dolly, as she looked around.

Situated at the front of the house, the room had two large windows, which overlooked the garden and a great stretch of heath land that spread out for miles on the other side of the road. The sun shone in through the lace curtains and lit the room like floodlight.

Dolly looked out.

"Excellent!" She cried. "No one can overlook us here and the light is marvellous."

The beautiful accountant turned back to the room and gave June a lascivious leer.

"How do you want her, Mr Cane?" She asked her already sweating lover.

"Well, now. I think I'll leave that to you, Miss Stern." George chuckled.

"Oooo. Thank you, Mr Cane." Dolly grinned and turning to June she ran her hand over the luxury bed cover and said.

"What lovely silk coverings, Mrs Bending. I do so love the colour. Lilac is one of my favourites, too."

She moved around the room, giving it some thought.

"Come and stand just here, Mrs Bending." She ordered. "Here at the foot of the bed. About three foot away from the end."

The buxom, foolish looking girl walked, lewdly, to the place indicated and stood there trembling in her obscene posture. Looking back at George and Dolly over her smooth, round shoulder, she gazed at them in fearful apprehension.

"Now, then." The older woman smiled at her. "You told me that you go to 'Keep Fit' classes, my dear. That's right, isn't it?"

June nodded, miserably.

"Good." Dolly laughed. "Then, move your feet a little wider apart please, Mrs Bending. That's lovely. Now, bend right over and grip your ankles with your hands. And remember. Keep that lovely big bum sticking right out. Quickly now. We've got such a lot to do to you this afternoon. We don't want to waste time, do we?"

Sobbing bitterly, the buxom young wife bent right down and took a firm grip on her trim ankles.

"My goodness! What a sight!" Dolly giggled, as she and George moved in closer behind the big blonde. "That's a lovely position, my dear. Keep those shapely legs nice and straight. Try and hollow your back a little more. That's it. That's beautiful. Don't you think so, Mr Cane?"

"Excellent!" George agreed, as he bent his face nearer to the beautiful, rounded buttocks.

"Oooo. You should see yourself, Mrs Bending." The handsome older woman chuckled, unmindful of the younger ones tears. "This big, fat bum of yours as rounded out splendidly. Oh, and just look at that. Your chubby cunny is bulging right out from between your lovely thighs." She looked at the sobbing girl's lovely face and leered at her, lecherously.

"How sweet it looks." She crooned. "We can see all the crack. It's quite red and wet, my dear. And so are the inner lips that are hanging out of it. Oh, it's so pretty."

Here the lustful brunette gave a dirty, throaty laugh.

"Ooooo! Mrs Bending." She said, pretending to be shocked. "We can even see your bumhole. It's trying to hide there, between the cheeks of your arse. Oh, I've just got to take a closer look at that. Besides, I've got to examine this sopping cunt of yours. So just hold still."

Her eyes shining with excitement, Dolly placed her hands on June's rounded arse, one on each smooth, white buttock. The younger woman wailed, but held her lewd position.

Dolly, giggling loudly, glanced down at June's flushed face. Big tears were running from the weeping blonde's down-cast eyes and dripping off her red, flushed cheeks onto the cream coloured carpet.

"I'm just going to pull apart your bum cheeks, so we can have a good look at your arsehole, Mrs Bending." Laughed the leering lady. "Keep them slack, now."

And with malicious delight, the beautiful business woman clenched her long, elegant fingers, cruelly, into the soft flesh of the young wife's big, full, dumpling-like buttocks and, pulling them open, spread them wide apart. There, shamefully exposed to her lecherous gaze, was the puckered, wrinkled lips of the sobbing blonde's pouting anus.

"Ooooooooo. Mr Cane. Look at that." Dolly almost snarled the words. Her lovely, full red lips were twisted into an obscene pout of lust. "It's sweet Mrs Bending's arsehole. Oooooo. Look at it. Isn't a big one? All wrinkled and pink." She dropped her eyes, again, to June's flushed face and leered, lasciviously. "How pretty it is, my dear."

George pushed his sweating face even closer to the young woman's shamefully displayed anus, his eyes burning with desire.

"It is a big one." He agreed. "But it looks pretty tight, to me."

Dolly nodded, delightedly, and ran her middle finger, eagerly, around the rim of the puckered rosette. It's wrinkled, pouting lip felt firm and rubbery to her touch.

"Yes. It certainly seems quite tight." She said.

Looking again around the bending young mother's soft, bare body to her bowed, blonde head, the grinning brunette called to the sobbing girl.

"Tell me, my dear." She enquired. "Is this big, beautiful bumhole of yours, a virgin?"

The girl's flushed face turned and looked back at the older woman with apprehension.

"I..I don't th..think I..I un..understand, Miss St..Stern." She sobbed.

"Oh, I think you do." The darker woman chuckled, evilly. "Let me put it this way. Has you dear Hubby or the Australian or anyone else, for that matter, ever slipped his cock up your pretty bum? Have you ever had your 'shit shoved up hill'? Have you ever been buggered, Mrs Bending?"

The young woman gave a loud gasp and her face became even redder.

"Most certainly not." She cried, indignantly. "Nobody has ever done THAT to me. Not ever."

"I'm so pleased to hear that, Mrs Bending." Dolly laughed, with a sly wink to George. "So very pleased." She went on. "Now, my dear, let's have a good look at this lovely, chubby cunt of yours, shall we?"

The beautiful woman dropped her right hand down beneath the big, rounded buttocks, to where the humiliated young wife's plump, bald cunny bulged out deliciously from between her voluptuously full thighs. The blonde gave a gasp and a little jump, as she felt Dolly's fingers and thumb run gently over her soft, fat cunt lips, but although she continued to weep, she still maintained her lewd pose.

To Dolly, June's soft, white, bulging, velvet smooth sex looked like a fat, ripe peach that had burst wide open. Compared to the pale, plump lips on either side, its crack was a wet, raw red, from which hung the puffy, swollen folds of the inner lips.

"What a pouter." Dolly leered, excitedly. With her finger and thumb, she prised the fat lips apart and spread the crack open wide. "How pretty it is." She smiled and pushed two fingers, deep, into the girl's belly.

"How is it?" George asked with a grin.

"Well, now." Answered Dolly, rolling her eyes as she twisted her fingers around in the young wife's hot depths. "For such a big young lady with such a fine, fat cunny as this is, she's surprisingly tight. She's a little bit dry, too. But we'll fix that, in a while, I'm sure."

The older woman slipped her fingers out of the younger one's fleshy sheath and pushed back the pulpy folds that formed the prominent hood that protruded from the top of the girl's crack.

Suddenly, between Dolly's wickedly inquisitive finger and thumb, out popped the swollen stalk of a surprisingly large clitoris.

"Oh! I say! Look at this, Mr Cane." The woman laughed. "She's just full of surprises, isn't she?"

And as she and her red faced lover feasted their smouldering eyes on the luscious sight, her tongue licking over her full, red lips, which lust had twisted into a lecherous pout, Dolly eagerly closed her finger and thumb, tightly, onto the bloated bud.

June squealed, as if in pain, but unheeding, Dolly shook the girl's big tickler, vigorously.

"Aaarh! God! No. Don't do that, please." The young wife sobbed, still obediently gripping her ankles.

But Dolly and George were delighted to see that, despite the buxom young woman's protests, her bloated clitty continued to expand and swell up under the skilful manipulations of the older woman's hand. It now extended, rigidly from its hood, engorged and enflamed and could be seen to be throbbing, lasciviously, between the lovely brunette's fingers.

"My, my, Mrs Bending!" Exclaimed Dolly, with a wicked giggle, "Such a big clitty! And so very sensitive, too. I can see you have been working on it quite a lot."

Taking her hands off the weeping blonde, the woman straightened up.

"Right, my dear." She smiled, gleefully down at the humiliated young mother. "Time to start paying your debts."

She turned to George, who was red faced with excitement.

"I think this position is quite a good one to start off with, don't you, Mr Cane?" The lustful brunette grinned roguishly at her lover. "Stand here on her left and give it to her bare handed first, just to warm her up a bit."

George, eagerly suiting actions to words, quickly took up his position on June's left. The buxom young wife, her voluptuous body bent over, was still submissively presenting her superb arse for a well deserved punishment.

George gazed down onto the full, smooth white globes, which rounded out so helplessly before him. Having thrown off his coat and tie, he now rolled up his shirt sleeves in a businesslike manner.

"Are you quite ready, Mrs Bending?" He asked the weeping girl.

June trembled with fear as she looked back over her shoulder at the big man's leering face. Her bottom lip quivered and the buxom blonde could hardly speak.

"Yes, Mr Cane." She answered with a gulp. "I'm ready."

"Right, then." George said, rising his big hand high in the air. "You'll be taking this sort of treatment for the next six years, at least, so you had better get use to it. This is the first of many."

The man's hand came smashing down in a long, sweeping swing, with all his considerable force behind it.


The sound filled the brightly lit bedroom.

"YAAAEEERGH!" June shrieked out in anguish. It felt as though a red-hot iron had been pressed against one of her big buttocks. She leapt upright, her body arching backwards. Her hands clutching her clenching buttocks and her feet stamping the floor in a funny little dance.

"Stop that." Dolly shouted, barely concealing her laughter, as the weeping girl's big breasts bounced up and down as she danced. "Take your hands away and get back into position."

Sobbing, the blond tried to resume her former stance, but she found itvery difficult. She managed to grip her ankles, but could not straighten her knees.

Dolly and George laughed, gleefully, as they watched with lustful delight the animated contortions of June's clenching, spasming buttocks.

"Ooooh! That was a good one, George." She giggled, bending forward Eagerly to watch as a flaming red welt, the shape of George's hand blossomed angrily, across one of June's big, burning bum-cheeks. "You can feel the heat from here. If you keep them all like that one, it should be just right."

"I don't think Mrs Bending would agree." George laughed. "Did you feel that one, Mrs Bending?" He asked.

The writhing blonde remained silent, apart from her whining and sobbing.

"Answer Mr Cane when he speaks to you." Snapped Dolly.

"I said, did you feel that one, Mrs Bending?" The man repeated his question.

"Y..Yes. Ye...Yes, I did fee..feel it, Mr Cane." The buxom young mother sobbed out, tearfully, her splendid buttocks still writhing, deliciously.

"I'm so glad." George grinned and again raised his big hand high into the air.


His heavy palm smacked down flat upon June's other quivering arsecheek.

"WAAAaaaahhhhh." The naked, bending, housewife gave another shout of anguish, but before June could leap up, George gripped the back of her neck with his left hand and forcibly held her in position.


The man's right hand rose and fell rapidly and viciously against the screaming young woman's bounding bum and her blubbering cries filled the sunny room.

After a good forty burning smacks across the girl's, by now, blazing red arse globes, George stepped back to admired his handiwork.With a grin, he looked at the beautiful face of his mistress and saw that it was flushed red with excitement.

"Would you like to try your hand at warming the lady's big bum for her, Miss Stern?" George leered at the eager brunette.

"Oh, yes please, Mr Cane." The lovely accountant laughed with delight. "I'd love to."

The man and woman quickly exchanged places and, after insisting that June maintained the grip on her ankles, Dolly stooped for a moment and gleefully examined the weeping girl's red and twitching arse.

"Some of these welts are turning quite purple, George." She giggled. "You must have a very hard hand."

Putting out her right hand, she gently touched the hot, quivering flesh with her fingertips.

June gave a gasp, but Dolly ignored it.

"So sensitive." The brunette smiled. "Just feel that heat."

Then, straightening up, the handsome woman eagerly raised her hand high in the air and brought it slapping down on one of the sobbing girl's quivering arsecheeks with a....


"WAAARRRRHH." June gave a yell and her fat arse leapt again.

Dolly gave a cruel laugh of glee at the writhing of the screaming girl's buttocks.

"Don't you dare straighten up, you Slut." She snapped, and laughing with delight, she began raining blows down onto the weeping young wife's bouncing arse.


"Aaaah! Just look at her squirm." Leered the delighted lady, her hand falling, viciously, again and again on the rounded, writhing buttocks before her.


Suddenly, she stopped smacking the sobbing blonde's bouncing bum and, plunging her hand between the crying girl's quivering thighs, she thrust her stiffened middle finger deep into her winking, red cuntcrack.

The brunette shook her lovely head.

"Her cunny is still too dry for my liking." She said with a thoughtful frown. "Could I try something, Mr Cane?"

"Be my guest." George laughed.

Ignoring the young woman's sobs and withdrawing her finger, Dolly spoke to her, briskly.

"Stand upright, Mrs Bending." The darker lady ordered the blonde.

Completely dejected, June stood up, snivelling quietly.

"Don't forget to keep your lovely bum nicely rounded, Mrs Bending." Dolly said, lightly.

Crying helplessly, the buxom young woman thrust back her heavy buttocks at the leering pair.

"That's better." Dolly smiled, as she and George walked around to the blonde's front.

Placing her fingers under the girl's chin, she lifted her tearstained face until it was upright.

"You must keep your head up and look at us when we talk to you, Mrs Bending." She said.

The business woman turned her head to her boss, but kept her eyes on the younger woman's beautiful face to watch her reaction to what she was about to reveal.

"As her Husband is away from the family home so much of the time, Mrs Bending here, spends a lot of her time alone masturbating herself, Mr Cane." Dolly sneered.

As she spoke the words, the brunette was delighted to see that her spiteful disclosure had struck home. With cruel glee, she saw a deep, red flush of shame flood the young mother's beautiful face and down across her full breasts.

"Is that a fact?" Said George, chuckling at the sobbing girl's obvious embarrassment.

"Oh, yes." Dolly went on. "The dirty Slut fingers herself furiously every day, until her cunt is frothing. Isn't that so, Mrs Bending?"

The girl gulped and tearfully nodded her lovely head.

"Yes, Miss Stern." She sobbed.

"Well, then, Mrs Bending." Dolly continued. "I want you to put your left hand down onto your cunny and spread its fat lips open."

Apprehensively, the girl obeyed. Moving her hand slowly to her sex, she spread its lips with her first and middle finger.

"Come on." The brunette snapped, impatiently. "Open your crack wide. We want to see that big Ciltty of yours, pop out."

Blushing with burning shame, June spread her cuntcrack wide open and pulled back its fleshy hood."

"Aaaaa!" Said Dolly, bending foreword to see better.

Out from between the shapely young Wife's wide spread fingers had 'popped' her enflamed and swollen tickler.

"You see, Mr. Cane." The older woman pointed out. "It's still very stiff. She must like it when we blister her bum."

She straightened up and faced the weeping girl, once more.

"Now, lift your right hand and put your middle finger into your mouth." She Directed. "That's right. You're Frigging finger."

The Young womam complied.

"Cover it well with saliva. That's it." She nodded as the girl did as she was told. "Now coat your big clitty with it."

June looked down past her belly to see what she was doing.

"That's the way." Dolly leered, as she watched the big blonde at her task. "Use more if that's not enough to cover it."

Knees slightly bent, full thighs spread wide, the gasping, naked young mother, spit onto her fingers and smeared her saliva all over her bloated red clitoris.

"That's lovely." Encouraged her gleeful instructress. "Now I want you to give yourself a good frigging, to get your cunny juices flowing. So go right ahead and start fingering yourself, Mrs Bending."

Scarlet with shame, the humiliated young wife began rubbing her fingertips over the slippery nub of her rigid clit.

"Come on. Put a bit of life into it. We haven't got all day." Shouted the eager brunette. "Show a bit of enthusiasm. I know you can do it better than that. Rub harder. Faster. Faster. That's it. That's the way."

Under the delighted gaze of the older man and woman, the buxom young mother began vigorously abusing herself, strumming her swollen tickler until her shapely body was trembling all over in response.

"Yes." Dolly chuckled. "That should do the trick."

And as George sat on the edge of the bed, watching the amusing and arousing scene with mounting excitement, the lecherous brunette began to undress.