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A Friend in Need

Chapter 1.

The big car sped along in the warm, early afternoon sunlight. George Cane knew he was driving just a little too fast. He made a great effort to reduce his speed below the limit. It would be ironic if he were to have a bump today, of all days.

He chuckled to himself. "Eager. That's what you are, old son". He thought.

He glanced at the dashboard clock. 12-55. He was early. Dolly had said to pick her up at 1-15 and he was nearly there.

As he neared their meeting place, he could see Dolly waiting by the curb

He grinned. "So, you are eager too, my lovely."

Seeing him, she waved her hand and gave him a big smile as he pulled up beside her.

She was a lovely looking woman and the light summer dress that she wore showed up the soft, voluptuous curves of her lush, thirty eight-year-old body. Leaning over, he opened the car door and she slid into the seat next to him.

"You're early." She grinned.

"And you." He grinned back.

"I know." She giggled. "I can't wait."

She pulled up her dress, so that he could see her full, white thighs. He squeezed the warm flesh of the one nearest him. Then with a roar, he pulled away from the curb.

George was fifty, a little over weight and his grey hair was receding, but he was feeling great. He was lucky to have a beautiful, sexy mistress, like Dolly Stern. 'What would he do without her?', he often asked himself.

What, indeed? With his dull, lack-lustre wife and their dull, lack-lustre marriage. It was true, he had a beautiful home and two lovely, grown up daughters, each with a family of her own. But it was only Dolly who put any sparkle into his life.

George was area manager for a large finance company in this part of Southern England and Dolly was his under-manager. "Under him, in more ways than one." she would often joke.

A top accountant, he'd had his promotion ten years ago and Dolly had joined the department two years later. She was the answer to all his prayers. They had soon become friends and then lovers. He was away from home such a lot, it was easy. After eight years, his wife still did not suspect a thing.

And Dolly? She liked their arraignment the way it was. A divorcee, she wasn't looking for a husband. 'Once was enough.' she'd say. For George, she was now indispensable. And he loved it. Apart from being a very good assistant, she was also beautiful, sexy, lustful, dirty minded, sexually insatiable, enthusiastic, and very, very, inventive.

Which was the main reason they were now driving, excitedly, to their secret afternoon appointment with LUST.

During their happy years as lovers, they had eagerly tried everything sexual that their very inventive minds could think up. They had even tried 'Swinging' with quite good success. One very nice couple in particular, were most compatible. Both Men and Women quite at ease in each other's company and fired by their mutual lechery, they would delight, when ever possible, to vent their lusts on each other's bodies. The two women were particularly excited by indulging in the most gross and depraved lesbian perversions that their lascivious minds could dream up and goading their lust enraged lovers to new heights of frenzied sexual performance.

How ever, it was not to Bill and Celia Pain's house that they were heading today. No, this was a new thrill, entirely.

One of George and Dolly's favourite 'turn-ons' was Fantasizing. And one of their favourite Fantasies was to have a beautiful young woman completely at their mercy. So completely in their power, that they could subject her to any gross humiliation and indignity that their debauched and lascivious minds could think up.

Oh, what delicious orgasms they had both been able to achieve while dreaming of the things they would make her do. And now fate had stepped in and it looked as if just such a beautiful young woman had been delivered into their hands.

Most of the business George's department had to handle was the financing of loans. In fact, money lending and the collecting of the repayments on these loans.

He had a large staff of collectors and it was only when a client fell into serious arrears with their payments that he, or Dolly, would have to personally intervene. There was seldom any trouble. They could generally arrange for the client to take out a bigger loan with a much longer period of time to pay off the full debt. A much higher interest rate, but with much smaller monthly payments, of course.

Some months before, Dolly had been sent to see a Mrs Bending, as the collector thought that the woman had fallen too far behind with her payments.

Dolly had found the client was a beautiful young woman of twenty two years old. The Wife of a much older Merchant Navy Officer, who was away from the family home for, at least, nine months a year. She had a Daughter of three and a Son just over a year old.

The Husband paid almost all the bills through his bank and would have been enraged if he had known that his young Wife had been borrowing money over and above her very generous allowance. Dolly had found that the girl was getting hopelessly out of her depth with her loans. But when she saw this beautiful young blonde Juno, left so alone and vulnerable, without any real friends she could turn to, the older woman knew, with cruel delight, that the gods of lust had answered her most ardent prayer.

Dolly hadn't stopped the pretty young woman's credit. In fact, after a brief and friendly word of caution, she had actually extended it.

Mrs Bending was delighted and only too happy to accept Dolly's friendship. The two women got along like a house on fire. After a long chat, Dolly made ready to leave.

"Well, I must go now, Mrs Bending." She had said, rising to her feet.

The young blonde also stood and put out her hand.

"Thank you so much, once again for your help, Miss Stern." She smiled. "And please call me June."

Dolly, who always called herself 'Miss', smiled and took the young wife's hand, warmly.

"Why, thank you, my dear." She replied. "And what an appropriate name for a young woman with your shapely build."

"I... I'm sorry....?" The girl had blushed.

"You know." Laughed Dolly. "Junoesque? Built like a Juno?"

The older woman curved her hands down through the air in the shapely form of the buxom Goddess."

"Oh. Yes. I see." June laughed, blushing even more. "I suppose I am a bit on the big side."

"Rubbish, my dear." Dolly had cried. "You know very well that you are a very beautiful young lady."

And with that, she had left.

Having handed over the account back to the collector, Dolly had told George all about her wicked plan and they had waited in eager and excited anticipation for its inevitable outcome.

As the weeks passed by, Dolly became a frequent visitor to the lonely young woman's beautiful home. She would bring gifts for the children and sit and gossip for hours. Insinuating herself right into the shapely blonde's confidence, the older woman had soon learned all of June's secrets. Even her few, most intimate indiscretions.

It seemed that soon after her youngest child was born, June had had a brief affair with a student. After a passionate few months, the boy had graduated and had returned home to Australia. Leaving the lovely young wife lonelier than ever.

After a lot of skilful and gentle probing, Dolly had got the shy blonde to blushingly admit that she now spent a lot of her time alone, franticly masturbating, in a vain effort to cool and subdue the raging fires that racked her lovely, passionate, but neglected young body.

"Never mind my dear." Dolly had told her, sympathetically, "I'm sure that soon all your naughty desires will be gratified."

And they had laughed together like two wicked young schoolgirls.

Now it had happened. June had seriously defaulted on her payments. Just as Dolly had known she would. The dept now stood at well over four thousand pounds and George had snapped the trap shut.

Under Dolly's direction, George sent June a number of official letters, informing the young wife that the company was going to take legal steps to regain their money. Even to the seizure of her Husband's and their beautiful home.

The foolish young woman was terrified. Sobbing pitifully she phoned Dolly, Begging her new found friend's help. Dolly, of course, rushed right on over.

"Oh, dear, oh, dear. This is very, very, serious." Groaned the older woman, while looking over the letters. "Very, very serious indeed. How could you get yourself into such a mess, my dear? I did warn you, didn't I now?"

"Oh, yes. You did, Miss Stern. But I never thought that this could happen." June sobbed into her handkerchief. "Please help me, Miss Stern. I just don't know what to do."

"You must pay back all the money, Mrs Bending. Every penny of it." Said Dolly. "And right away. Or they will take your house."

"But I have no money." June cried. "I have nothing of my own. Every thing belongs to my Husband."

"Then you must inform your Husband immediately, my dear." Answered Dolly.

The young blonde's lovely face seemed to crumble and she again burst into tears. "Oh, I couldn't. I just couldn't." She whined. "He'd be so terribly angry."

"I expect he will, my dear. And when he starts investigations into how you spent the money.....There were a number of gifts, weren't there? The Company will send him a detailed report of every thing you bought. Well....He's got to find out about your tall, handsome, Australian, hasn't he?" Asked Dolly, slyly.

"WHAT?" The distraught girl almost screamed the word. She threw herself to her knees at the beautiful accountant's feet. She was near to hysterics. "No. No. Please God, no. Not that. He'd divorce me for sure."

The sobbing young wife pressed her lovely tear stained face down into the brunette's lap. "Oh, please, Miss Stern. Please." She wailed. "You must help me. You must. I'll do anything you say. Just anything." And she wept as she clutched at Dolly's thighs.

If the distressed girl had looked up at that moment, she would have seen the gloating look of triumphant delight that blazed from Dolly's long lashed eyes.

Pushing the girl's heaving shoulders upright; the older woman enfolded her in her arms and pressed her tight. The embrace crushed Dolly's own ample mammaries into the warm, melonous, breasts of the sobbing blonde. Her red lips twisted into a cruel, lecherous pout as she felt the girl's big, firm milk-globes shudder against her own with every juddering sob.

"There, there, my dear." She crooned soothingly, as she patted the young woman's heaving shoulders. "There might just be a way..."

June's head shot up and she stared, wide eyed with desperate hope, into the, once again, sympathetic face of the older woman.

"Oh, I beg you, Miss Stern." The young wife gulped, tears streaming down her pretty face. "If it will save my home and marriage....."

"Well......" Said Dolly, as if in some doubt. "It's a bit unusual."

"Please tell me. Please, Miss Stern." Begged the weeping girl, eagerly.

"Well, what usually happens when someone gets into trouble with their payments." Explained Dolly. "Is that they take out another loan to cover it. They pay off the dept and then they pay off the second loan over a much longer period. Of course, it is much more expensive as there is a lot more interest doing it that way. But the weekly payments are much smaller. You could pay it comfortably from your allowance and still pay it off in about two years, I should think."

June rested her ample bottom down on her heels and looked up at Dolly with wide eyes. "Then why can't I do that?" She asked. "It's so simple."

"I'm sorry, my dear." Dolly shook her stylishly permed head. "You've absolutely no credit. I'm afraid no one will lend you any more money."

June looked dismayed.

"Then how.....?" She began.

"There's only one man who could agree to make you this loan, my dear." Went on Dolly. "And that is my Boss, Mr Cane. He's quite a nice man, but he's got some funny ideas. He might just agree to give you a loan. On certain conditions."

"What conditions? I've said I'll do anything." Sobbed the young blonde.

"Well, now." Dolly went on. "Mr Cane doesn't believe people should be able to get away with things, without paying a price. He believes that people should be.... Well, punished for their sins, I suppose."

"Oh, God. Not as much as they are going to punish me, surely?" June cried.

"I think that when I explain to him that you will lose your home, your Husband and even your two children if this gets out, then he will agree to giving you a covering loan." Smiled Dolly.

"Oh, Miss Stern. Thank you. Thank you." Cried the girl, joy shining through her tears.

"Just a moment." Said Dolly, holding up her hand to stop the girl's thanks. "He will agree to the loan on condition that you, in turn, agree to accept an alternative punishment from him, instead."

"Punishment?" Asked June, wiping away her tears. "What sort of punishment?"

"You did say that you would do anything." Smiled the brunette.

"Well, yes. But....Well, I've got to know." The girl sniffed.

"Of course." Answered Dolly. "Your punishment would be a physical one. You are very lucky, in a way, my dear. You see, Mr Cane likes smacking naughty girls on their bare bums. I'm sure he'll make a deal with you. After all. You've got such a lovely bum, haven't you?"

June gasped.

"You mean....? She started the question and stopped in mid sentence, her eyebrows arched high in surprise. "No. You couldn't..... Could you?"

"Oh, yes. I'm deadly serious." Answered the older woman, with a nod of her lovely head. "And it will be a lucky stroke for you. If you will pardon the pun. As it would get you right off the hook, my dear."

The young wife looked doubtfully at Dolly as she dabbed at her tears with her wet handkerchief.

"How hard, exactly, would he want to beat me?" She asked.

"Well, it would all have to be very secret, so he couldn't hurt you too much, could he? I mean, he wouldn't injure you or anything like that." The brunette reassured the dubious blonde. "Mind you, I'm sure that shapely bottom of yours will know all about it. You'll think your bum is on fire, before he's through with it."

"Well, then." June gave a shy smile. "If that's all there is to it...."

Dolly lifted her hand again.

"That isn't 'all' there is to it, I'm afraid, my dear." She smiled sadly.

"You see, Mr Cane will say that agreeing your loan and administering your punishment, is his service to you. And you will have to pay him for that service."

"Pay him? But I have no money." Cried June.

"No, no, my dear." Dolly smiled. "He'll want you to pay him 'in kind'. You understand?"

June looked shocked. "That's preposterous." She cried. "Oh, no. Certainly not. I just couldn't."

"Well, then." Dolly shrugged her shoulders and picking up her handbag she made as if to stand. "If you'd rather lose your home and family. Of course, it's up to you."

"Oh, God. No. No." June buried her head once more in Dolly's lap and again burst out crying. "Oh, Miss Stern." She sobbed. "I'll do it. I must. It's the only way out."

The older woman had to, once again, hide her delight. Pushing the weeping girl upright and looking into her lovely, tear stained face, she smiled sweetly.

"Good. I'm sure you've made the right decision, my dear." She nodded. "Mr Cane is quite clean and not all that bad looking. Who knows? You might even enjoy it. Any how. It's not as if you've never committed adultery before. Is it?"

June went on weeping softly, sitting back on her heels. Dolly stood up.

"You can stop crying. Your troubles are over and everything will be just fine." She said lightly, moving towards the door. "Leave it to me. "I'll arrange everything."

She stopped and looked down at the sobbing girl. "Where are the children?" She asked.

June got slowly to her feet. "They're at my sister's." She snivelled.

"Can she have them next Saturday afternoon?" The accountant asked.

"Yes." The sniffing blonde answered. "She loves having them."

"Excellent." Dolly's full lips curled in a delighted smile. "I'll bring Mr Cane her then. We'll sign the new agreements and you can make your first new payments to him right after. We'll be here about 1.00 to 1.30. Be sure to make yourself pretty, now. I'll see you then."

After they had said their goodbyes and June had closed the door after her, Dolly walked to her car. As she walked, the lovely brunette laughed with wicked delight. The gusset of her satin knickers was soaking wet.


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