Wicked Spin

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A tale out of Africa

Chapter 4

While they were busy unwrapping their gifts, I went back to Maria; I had a small job for her. I removed the spreader bar linking her knees and removed her feet from the lower stocks. Removing the ballet boots, I applied a more modest pair of 4-inch heeled pumps.

Unlocking the vertical stocks, I helped her unbend and gave her a few seconds to stretch, while I gathered a monoglove/arm-binder from the closet. She moved very slowly, unsteady from the ordeal she'd just been through.

When I returned to her, I slipped the lower part of the single glove onto her wrist area. This was not a particularly severe device, as it did not force her elbows together, but rather left several inches between them. It would nevertheless pull her shoulders back and cause her breasts to jut out. I zipped-up the glove and fastened the straps over her shoulders. I then found two small screw-type clamps and tightened them onto her already sore nipples. I couldn't see her eyes, though I sensed their pleading for all of this to end, but reminded her, while whispering in her ear, that she had agreed to all of this. Her body language betrayed abject acceptance.

I fastened an odd looking belt around her waist. It was unique in that it held a large serving tray fixed to hinges at the front. Pulling the tray up to a near horizontal position, I took two chains dangling from the front, adjusted their lengths and attached them to the nipple clamps. The tray itself was made of lightweight material, was supported at the waist, so it did not stretch her nipples, too much. The tray was slanted upwards a little, because I knew that with any weight applied to the tray, it would pull down on her nipples, while still keeping the tray level.

Uncorking a two bottles of champagne, I poured the fizzing liquid into properly chilled glasses. As I placed each of twelve glasses onto the tray, I could see that Maria's nipple were getting more and more distended.

I slowly turned her towards the group, cautioning her not to spill anything. A slight push of my hand on her gloved arms, prompted her forward. Standing now in the middle of the room, each of the participants took a glass off her proffered tray, certainly relieving the tension from her nipples.

Taking my own glass, I said: "To your team's success, and I'm sure that this whore here, " pointing to Maria, "would like to thank you for your generosity tonight. To your success." I was sure that Maria was not wishing the same, in case I decided to throw another 'party'.

Once they'd all left, I removed the tray and the connected nipple clamps, along with the monoglove. Without too much prodding, I told her to remove everything, except for the corset and plugs of course, and told to clean herself up; cleaning the room would wait till tomorrow.

While she showered and brushed her teeth, I removed the bed coverings and tossed the spent sheets, crumpled from the extensive activities, into a corner. Taking a rubber bed sheet, I secured it onto the bed's mattress.

When Maria came back out of the bathroom, I noticed that she was walking somewhat bow-legged. All that fucking and the still secure plugs were making her waddle. I told to get a little food and drink then, as I was sure she was utterly spent from the evening, told her to get ready for bed.

Without prompting, she went to the cupboard and removed an oversized diaper and rubber panties, she was beginning to understand the ritual. "No," I said, "You're not going to need those tonight." She looked at me, puzzled. "Do put your ballet boots and cuffs on, though."

Once she'd properly fastened the last cuff, I brought her over to the rubber-covered bed and told her lie down. I attached the cuffs to their regular tethers and applied the spreader bar between her thighs.

I moved closer to her face and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Did you like the evening?" I said.

"Yyyes, Master", she replied. "My cunt and ass hurt a lot from their pounding and I could tell when the ladies were having their go at it, because they used much larger dildoes and were much meaner."

Stroking her sensitive tits and nipples, I said: "Are your tits very sensitive? Do they hurt?"

"Oh yes, Master. At the start of the evening, I felt repeated strokes of a thin cane against my tits, while one of the ladies was counting every one. She was up to thirty-five, then I heard someone reminded her that those did not count for the points. I then felt very hard smacks from the paddle on my ass, as I heard the first lady's voice count up to forty. She was complaining that she'd wasted time on my tits.

"I then felt more tugs on my nipples and more stokes of the cane, as one of the boys was pounded my ass, having taken the lady's place behind me."

"Well, " I finally said, "perhaps if the team wins the next round, we can do this again."

"I hope that the month is up before then, Master," she meekly said, "I don't think I would enjoy another evening like this one, Master."

"We'll see, " I responded, gently rubbing her nipple between my fingers.

I reached down between he spread legs and remove the cap to the inlet valve. While the small holes at the end of the plugs would probably be clogged with their spent cum, some would likely leak from the valve.

"Good night, and sweet dreams, " I said, pulling a cover over her and placing the remote alarms buttons in her hands.

'I wonder what she'll be dreaming of', I though, as I turned off the light and left the room.


The next morning I had her clean the room, including the rubber sheet that had covered the bed. A lot of cum had dripped out of her stretched ass and cunt through the plug's valve, and she'd have to lick-up every drop before breakfast. Needless to say that normal food wasn't so appetizing after that.

After an enema, thorough cleaning and removal of the plugs, I had her put on the diaper and rubber panties, because her now well stretched ass and cunt weren't holding a lot in.

I had a brunch planned for one o'clock on Sunday.

I told to wear copy of the football team's cheerleader dress, tight to the waist, very loose skirt, covering frilly cotton panties, short white sock and running shoes. (This way, her diaper and rubber panties would not show, though her nipple would rub against the rough cotton fabric.)

She was obviously puzzled by the selection, until I told her that it was the 'official' celebration for the football team's recent success. It was a short drive to the country club.

We both went through the usual greetings and pleasantries, had a cocktail and, I'm sure for her, a much needed respite from the ordeals of the previous couple of weeks.

When we got to the main reception area, the tables were glittered with ribbons and decorations. Off to one side, lined-up like a wooden soldiers, stood the entire football team, coaches, managers and support personnel.

As we approached the line, to offer our congratulations and wishes for future success, I whispered into Maria's ear: "Your entertainers from last evening are the last players in the line-up, separated from the rest, and the first three cheerleaders. When you meet each one of them, you'll shake their hand say: 'Thank you, Sir or Mam, for your incredible performance, I was pleased to be of service.'"

I was obviously close-by as she repeated this to the twelve partygoers, blushing as spoke the words to each of them.

I found her fidgeting a lot during the meal; sitting on her still-stinging ass must have been quite uncomfortable, though the padding from the diaper was probably providing a good cushion.

After the reception, she spent the rest of the day relaxing around the house, her asshole slowly going back to its normal size. I had removed the corset and was pleased to see that the constant constriction, along with the diet, was having a dramatic effect on her waist. She'd lost another six pounds, for a total of eleven, trimmed two inches from her waist. When I took more measurements, directly against her skin, her waist was now down to twenty-six inches (she still had four 'real inches' to go).

I left Maria in her room, with only a two-inch collar locked firmly to the bed, instead of the usual bindings. I had left the corset off, as I knew she'd be in for more severe waist training as of Monday.

I retired to my office and turned on the monitors. With the night-vision cameras, I was able to see her bring herself to a body-shaking orgasm within the first half-hour. My recording of also showed one more midway through the night and another just as the sun was rising. She was really enjoying these moments of freedom.

Maria had now been kept in a state of near total enslavement for two weeks. She'd earned an additional week's penalty from a series of misbehaviours the previous week, so her one-month enslavement period was now extended to seven weeks. She'd lost eleven pounds and two inches from her waist. The serious training regime was helping to firm up her thighs and ass, which had become flabby from too little exercise over the past few years. The effect of the special rubber 'exercise suit' was creating a very unique look: her tits, cunt and ass area were getting very dark, while the rest of her skin retained her usual light colour.

The past weeks' training was also having an effect on her disposition, as she was becoming more and more compliant, while her appetite for orgasms, while initially induced, was increasing as well. Maybe it was all of the cum she was forced to take up her cunt and ass, and swallow repeatedly.

According to the rules, as of Monday, Maria was now supposed to orgasm three times a day. The previous week she'd run-up a twelve-orgasm deficit and had to endure servicing twelve horny teenagers as a result. I was sure she'd keep her orgasms in line for the coming week, fearing a repeat of her Saturday evening performance. I had edited the video from the four-hour party, where Maria had been repeatedly used and abused by the boys and girls alike, for future use.

Maria's days were spent taking care of household chores and any other tasks that Pane could dream-up; she was becoming quite adept at creating increasingly humiliating situations. As examples, Pane would have Maria dress like a five-dollar hooker with all too short, tight skirt and heels, while the bright red lips and makeup screamed 'Want a blowjob?', and take her shopping. Or she would have Maria beg to be thoroughly fucked into repeated orgasms by the other house help. Pane was beginning to like her new role and she got to complete more of her studies.

Pane even told me that at restaurants, she would have Maria help her with her chair, and only then sit. When the waiter would come with the menus, Pane would simply say that 'it' (Maria) did not need one, and that Pane would order. Anytime the waiter would bring something to the table, Maria would have to say 'thank you, Sir', not a whisper, but loudly enough to be heard at the next table.

On Monday morning, after looking over the recordings of Maria's multiple orgasms, I went down to her room to prepare her for the day. Unlocking her collar from the bed, I fastened it in the bathroom, so that she could take a bath and remove any 'stray hairs' from her body.

When I returned to her room, after about an hour, she'd already dried herself off. As instructed, her skin was again as smooth as a baby's ass. Bringing her back into the room, I attached some cuffs to her wrists, pulled them over her head and locked them to a chain dangling from the ceiling.

I brought a white box and placed it on a table in front of her. She didn't appear surprised when I pulled out a gleaming black and red rubber corset. It was of a similar design to the one she'd become accustomed to, with a quarter cup to push her breasts up, leading down to her hips. With her hands above her that way, the slimming of her waist was even more apparent.

I applied the corset around her and began tightening. I knew that this one was designed to eventually constrict her waist down to a very narrow, twenty-two inches. She'd have two weeks to get there.

I occasionally stopped to let her catch her breath, but I was determined to get her down to a corseted twenty-three inches. The overnight sleep without the corset made this task a little more difficult, but at last I was successful; about an inch separated the eyelets at the rear. She'd wear it this way for two solid weeks.

I heard Pane coming up the steps to the room.

"Good morning, Pane, how was your weekend?" I asked.

"Tiring, Sir," she responded, "me and my friends partied at the club till dawn on Sunday, and I just couldn't catch-up on my sleep."

I was working the thin, strong belt around Maria's waist and locked it on. I was the only one with the key, so Maria wouldn't be getting any relief till I removed the corset.

I reminded Pane that Maria was now up to three orgasms a day till the end of the week, gave her few other instructions and left for the day.

By Friday, Pane told me that Maria was up to an average of four orgasms a day, and begging for more. She was turning into a nympho-slut, begging to be fucked by any cock that she could shove up her cunt or ass, and she was blowing the gardener and security guards regularly.