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A tale out of Africa

Chapter 3

She followed me out to her 'new home'. Once there, we went straight to the bathroom, where I had her step into the bath, and kneel. Bending her over, I opened another small valve located at the base of the plug. The purpose was rather simple, if I attached an enema hose to that valve, the water would flow through the plug and exit from holes located at the tip of the plug, deep inside her. Water goes in, but only comes out if I detach the enema hose. A small cap can also be affixed to the valve, ensuring that she keeps all of the liquid in.

With the hose in place, and a two-quart enema bag filled with warm soapy water, I released the hose clamp, to start the flow. I knew that with the corset in place, there wouldn't be much room for her belly to expand, so I didn't expect to empty the bag.

She started moaning as the water slowly entered her rear. By the time only a quarter of the bag had been emptied, the moaning turned to grunts. Halfway through, the grunts had turned to pleading to stop, as the pressure was becoming unbearable. I gave it another minute, unhooked the hose and quickly applied the cap. A brisk walk, I thought, would help move the liquid around in her stomach.

I helped her get out of the bathtub, and directed her towards the yard, so that she could take a few turns around the garden.

After about ten minutes, I motioned her back to the bathroom and had her straddle the toilet. Wearing a pair of rubber gloves, I removed the cap covering the water valve, and let it drain completely.

I repeated the enema, emptying the rest of the bag, leaving her with the full stomach for only about five minutes. I screwed the cap to seal the water-intake valve, her insides now very clean, but her hole left distended.

"Can you please remove the plug, Master?" she asked, begging.

"No, " I responded curtly. "For one thing, you disobeyed Mistress Pane, you refused to suck the gardener's cock and you orgasmed at least three time today, so, no, the pug stays in until tomorrow morning."

"But it hurts, Master, and it's very uncomfortable."

"You do remember what we said about complaints, don't you? Any single complaint, add one week of enslavement, don't you remember the contract?"

"I'm really sorry, Master, I promise I won't do it again, but please, one month is already going to be real difficult", she said, wetness forming in her eyes.

"You'll just have to bear it, now I need to get some sleep."

With that, I pushed her towards her 'slave's quarters', that's where she'd be sleeping for the next, let's see, five weeks.

Before putting her to bed, I had her put on a large diaper and rubber bloomers; I could tell she wasn't liking that at all. The elastic at the waist and legs would make sure there was no seepage. She still wore the pumps with the four-inch heels, she was getting pretty comfortable with them, so I knew that I'd have to change that in a few days.

She lay on the double-sized bed, on her back. I left her wrist cuffs and chains attached to her belt, but produced a chain from each side of the bed, and attached them to the cuffs. I then produced two more links at the foot of the bed, and snapped those onto the ankle cuffs, leaving spread-eagle. Two final chains attached to either side of her posture collar, and I was almost done.

The last piece, was a spreader bar to separate her thighs, this was she would not be able to rub herself and chance another orgasm.

Before leaving her to enjoy a 'good night's sleep', I put a remote control type device in each of her hands. These were panic buttons, in case of emergency. You can never be too careful, but I knew that I could watch her every movement through the night-vision equipped cameras, discreetly hidden in corners of the room.

I kissed her on the forehead, and left her to think about the days to come. If she only knew.

Every day, that week, Pane would get to the house by eight o'clock, leave twelve hours later, probably more tired than when she had to do all of the housework her self.

Meanwhile, Maria had been put through her paces. She had improved her time on the treadmill, but by Friday, was still at forty-five minutes. Her transgressions had cost her several paddling, two canning and one whipping session. The gardener was now getting his rocks off on a daily basis and, with the use of a wide ring gag, was able to orally satisfy him as well. She had added another week to her enslavement period, bringing the total to six weeks, but her worst fears were yet to materialize.

During the past week, she had reached from one to two orgasms a day on the treadmill, so that by the weekend she was five orgasms short of her quota for the week. I told that we could take care of it on the weekend, or she could try to make it up the next week. She opted to carry it over. I knew that was probably a mistake, because she was going into to the two orgasms a day week. Her problem.

Saturday and Sunday involved stricter bondage, though I did remove the corset for a couple of hours. She'd lost five pounds in her first week, so that when I replaced the corset, I was able to tighten it further, leaving only a one-inch gap of skin shown at the rear; her waist reduced now to twenty-five inches, with the corset. I took more measurements, just to make sure that the ones from the previous week were still accurate, save for the waist reduction. My goal was to get her down to twenty-two, without the corset.

I also gave her a chance to remove the pumps and, for a short while, the cuffs and collar. That really was only so that she could try on the full rubber catsuit I'd received on Thursday. From now on, she'd be required to complete her treadmill exercise and do one hour of aerobics, in the yards, under the hot sun. She'd be able to wear black running shoes for that portion, but her full body, including her head and hands would be covered by the rubber catsuit.

I'd had the suit specially designed with a special compound applied in strategic places to let he sun rays through. Whatever skin was under that compound would first burn then leave a lasting tan. Her tits, cunt and ass areas would be particularly exposed, but the rest would be protected by the thick latex. She'd be sweating like a pig, under that suit, the only openings were meant for breathing tubes stuck up her nose, and a larger opening at her mouth area; this was to be used during exercise after all. Her eyes would be protected by special UV lens, giving her face an almost bug-like appearance.

With the corset back in place, it's removal prevented by the waist belt, and now five-inch pumps, she had to learn to walk all over again. Her asshole was getting uncomfortably distended through the repeated use of the butt plug, but her complaints had died down.

I was to be out of town for the following week, so I received regular updates from Pane, via e-mail or phone. Pane told me that her studies were progressing really well, because she was able to concentrate on her studies at my house (with her whole family at her place, studying in the evening was next to impossible).

Maria was kept busy, as expected, and Pane did remark that by Thursday Maria's tits, cunt and ass had become a bright red; all that outdoor exercise was giving her some colour. She was now running a ten orgasms deficit, but it looked like that by Friday night, she'd be at about eleven or twelve. I wasn't sure she'd want to carry that deficit forward to the following week.

I asked Pane if she was still ok with I'd planned for Saturday night; she was fine with it and had made all of the arrangements.

On Saturday morning, I let Maria out of her corset, shoes, collar and cuffs. She was really grateful. She'd lost six pounds in the past week; the exercise was working well. The continued use of the catsuit would make its mark on Maria's cunt and tits. Talk about a reverse tan-line.

I reapplied the corset, this time tightening it all the way, bringing the rear eyelets together.

For sleeping, she was now wearing short ballet boots. She couldn't actually walk in them, but it must have made her nights seem like an eternity.

Early evening on Saturday, I had her put a new catsuit on. This one had a small opening in front of her tits, which allowed me to pull them through. The constriction of the base of her breasts caused of them to bulge. It also had a zipper which went from just above her mound to the back up to her waist.

She was a little surprised, as she'd only been using a catsuit for exercise. I then had her put on the ballet boots, adding to her confusion.

I applied a large diameter ring gag and secured it at the back.

I then pulled out a thick leather hood to cover her rubber head. It had an opening for her buggy eyes, holes to allow the breathing tubes to be pulled though and a large opening of the mouth. The most curious feature of this hood, other than its sheer sturdiness, were two 'handles' located at about ear level. These were attached to steel bands in a semi-circle around the rear and would provide a very secure support. The hood was then zipped up at the sides and locked in place.

Leading her over to the wooden stock, which now had a bar at waist height to support her, I locked her head and hands in the upper horizontal stock, her feet in the lower ones, then a spreader bar was attached between her knees.

Using a D-ring at the top of the leather hood, I attached a small chain that connected on the stock above her neck. When tightened, it pulled her head back to leave her mouth in an appropriate position. Two buckles on each side of the hood, behind her mouth area, were then used to attach a thick plug, cutting off most of the noise that would inevitably want to creep out. She was almost ready. A pair of nipple clamps with several bells attached to the end would complete the ensemble and stretch her tits.

"Now, whore, I understand that you have run up quite an orgasm deficit. According to Pane, you haven't been very excited lately and you've now missed thirteen orgasms." I continued, "I didn't think that moving these to next week was going to be very productive, because you'll be at three a day already." The phone rang, it was the security guard; I had guests.

A tap on the door. When I opened it, there stood nine, black, strapping football (soccer) players and three of their cheerleaders. All of them, visibly eager for a good time.

The team, sponsored by my oil company, had won the divisional championship the previous day. The boys, or should I say men, eighteen to twenty-one year old, were here to celebrate (and celebrate they would).

I had some beer and stuff laid out in the room. Bright lights were focused on the rubber-clad figure in the centre. (The cameras would catch every minute of the 'party'.)

I congratulated each one of them, their grip showed their aggressiveness. The young ladies were in the same age bracket, beautiful and well build.

I gathered them together and told them that the evening was only a small token of our appreciation and that I'd arranged for some prizes and, pointing to Maria, some entertainment. The entertainment was somewhat obvious, but perhaps not for the ladies.

I went to the bent over Maria, and unzipped her catsuit from the back to the front of her waist, revealing her 'tanned' ass and cunt area.

"As you can see, " I said to the team, "this is a white, female. I can tell you that she is Brazilian and comes from a long line of aristocrats. Going back four generations, her family was one of the largest slave traders in the country. They kidnapped thousands of your ancestors, brought them to the new land, and made them work till exhaustion and death. The abuses inflicted by these people, " pointed at Maria, "are well documented. Because of her family's wealth and position, they performed unspeakable acts and got away with it. Rape, incest, beatings were part of day to day living for your ancestors and these people", pointing again, disgustingly at Maria, " got away with it for a hundred years."

The tension was palpable. The team's eyes, men and women, betrayed a growing desire for revenge.

I continued. "This piece of white trash, whore, as she prefers to be called, is giving you an opportunity to give back a little of what was taken away from this country hundreds of years ago." Their eyes lit up. "To make this more exciting, I have come up with a contest of sorts", I was now really getting their attention.

"I have come up with two main prizes of a complete computer pack. The rules are simple, the guys will get one point each time they've cum in this slut, while the ladies will get one point for ten smacks of the paddle or licks from the whip they bestow on this whore. As you can see, her ass and cunt area is fully exposed, so guys take your pick as to which of these two holes you prefer, or, if you wish, the mouth; the mouth can, of course, serve both guys and ladies, but for the ladies, the orgasms don't accumulate points. What do you think?"

Smiles all around, for a moment I thought they'd break into applause.

"I normally would have asked all the guys to use condoms, but fortunately you've all been properly tested, so there won't be any, how should I say, medical problems. That doesn't mean you shouldn't use a condom, normally, but we're satisfied that for tonight its ok." Nods and acknowledgements all around.

I put the music on, and invited them to grab a beer and whatever food they wanted. I told them that I would leave them alone for the evening and that they had four hours. I also suggested that they let the ladies start and told them to take one token for every accumulated point, the largest number of tokens would win. I looked at one of the ladies and suggested that perhaps she could keep tabs of the tokens.

I showed them where the paddles, whips and, for the ladies, strap-ons of various sizes. Maria was in for quite a night. I left.

Back in my home-office, I turned on the monitors and started the recording. I could see them getting beer and trying to figure out who would go first.

One of ladies, with very short hair, went to the closet and pulled out a thick, leather paddle. She approached Maria and smacked her once. Tame. The other prodded her on to smack harder. What peer pressure can do, as she raised her arm and let go a much harder smack. Eight more followed, increasing in intensity.

Meanwhile, one of the boys was moving in front of Maria's face. He noticed the plug and the handles. Not one to waste time, he quickly unfastened the plug, and let it hang from one of the buckles. Unzipping his pants, he pulled out a modestly large cock, definitely already sporting a hard-on.

Maria was trying to say something, but the young man's cock silenced her pleadings. Grabbing the top of the hood, he slowly pushed his cock inside Maria's 'awaiting mouth'.

Meanwhile, one of the other boys was positioning himself behind, getting ready to poke her. I couldn't tell which hole he was heading for, though he seemed to be thrusting up, which probably meant her cunt.

At the other end, the boy had now grabbed the handles and trusting in and out of Maria's mouth, his eyes closed, he was enjoying this.

One of the girls was playing with the bells hanging from Maria's nipple clips, swinging them from left to right and jingling. The weight of the bells compounded by the swinging was surely causing increasing discomfort, if not pain.

The next four hours was an orgy of fucking, slapping, whipping and cuming. Maria's ass and cunt must have been sore from all that humping and must have felt pretty full.

The boys and girls also made out on the bed, in the bathroom, on the chair, but, of course those didn't earn any points, nor did the pumping with the strap-ons.

I called the room at about ten thirty, to tell them that I'd be down in about an hour, so if they wanted to shower or take a swim in the pool (after a shower, of course), I'd award the prizes.

When I got to the yard, most had dressed, while a couple was still in the pool. I invited them to come together and told them that we'd tabulate the scores.

While the last of the stragglers were pulled together, I went to Maria to see what state they'd left her in. Her ass was scarlet red, no blood, but several stripes and raised welts. She wouldn't be able to sit for a week. Her usually distended asshole was enlarged further, while her cunt was red from the fucking but also from when the paddle or whip hit the spot. There was some cum dripping from her cunt and her asshole, but I imagined that most of it was still now deep inside.

I went to the cupboard and pulled two large inflatable rubber plugs, one for each of her dripping holes. They went in as easy as a hot knife through butter, as expected. Each plug was of the same type I'd used earlier and had both inner and outer rings which, when fully inflated, would completely block the holes; they had the quick-release pump valve and a cap covering the enema/water inlets.

It had taken several pumps to fully seal her cunt and asshole and, with the safety caps fully tightened, I zipped-up the catsuit, thereby sealing all of that cum deep inside her.

Moving to the front, I heard sobs and weak moans. "Have you swallowed everything?" I asked her.

She mumbled something through the ring gag; I thought it sound like, 'yes'.

"Good, " I said, "because now I'm going let your head down, and I don't want anything dripping out, understood?"

I unhooked the leather hood from the top of the stock. Her head found its more natural position, though I did notice some stuff dripping from her mouth; probably couldn't really help it, though.

I then unlocked the leather hood and removed it, leaving her head covered with the rubber hood from the catsuit, and removed the ring gag.

She let her jaw adjust to its normal position, and said: "Thank you, Master."

"Anytime", I said.

I then applied a rubber mouth piece that would cover her lower face, from under her chin to just below her nose; this way she'd have a chance to relax her mouth a little from the jaw wrenching ring gag and she'd be sure to keep in all of the 'young love juices'.

The nipple clamps were next. I pulled the weights and bells, hanging from the clamps, and let them go for one final swing. The bells chimed their last chords accompanied by her squeals from behind the rubber gag. Finally, she squeaked, as I removed them, letting the blood flow back to her nipples.

Her breasts were streaked and red from either the small leather quirk or whip or both. Again, no permanent damage, but they'd be sore for a while. Thankfully, for her, she did not have large breasts; with less exposed skin, the damage to her tits had been limited.

I left her in the stocks and returned to the tired, but anxious group.

"I hope you all had a good time," I said, "I'm sure that this whore will remember this evening for a long time. Now for the scores."

The scorekeeper dutifully gave me the list. The names of the three ladies were listed first, followed by the nine footballers. As I glanced down the list, my eye focused of the two high-scores, one in each of the ladies and men's categories: Constance, six and William, four. The two other ladies had scored three each, which meant that poor Maria had, during the last four hours, received at least one hundred and twenty smacks across her ass, not to mention her tits, which hadn't score any points.

After William, one had three points, five had score two and, poor Mathew only one. (I was told later that he had by no means been inactive, but had preferred to help the other 'ladies' out.) None appeared disappointed with their performance.

In announcing Constance and Mathew as the high-point winners, their victory was greeted by a round of applause. I pointed to two large boxes in the corner, their prizes. I then produced ten high-end mobile phones and gave one to each of the other participants as consolation prizes.