Wicked Spin

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A tale out of Africa

Chapter 5

During the weekend, I made sure that her ass and cunt were regularly filled and let her get herself off several times. The corset stayed on, though her weight loss was precariously close to the maximum of fifteen pounds, so I did let up on the exercise for these two days.

She had one more week to go of the 'official enslavement period', but with the three additional weeks she'd accumulated, she still had a month to go and was now at a minimum of four orgasms a day as of the following week.

She knew she'd be menstruating as of the end of the week, so I think she took it upon herself to get her full week's orgasm quota in by early Thursday, though she was adamant about blowing the staff anyway.

By the end of that week she'd earned another week's enslavement, so she was in for another month. I let her rest throughout the weekend, because I had some interesting plans for her come Monday.

Rested and somewhat relaxed, Maria was now fully into the pattern that had been set out. She'd wait for me to unlock her from the bed and get herself ready.

She was going to loose another inch off her waist, so I fastened her hands to the ceiling chain removed the locking belt and began tightening the corset till both edges touched. Because I hadn't removed the corset, I couldn't tell what her actual measurements were, but I knew that with the corset, it was a slim, twenty-two inches. She was getting used to the constant pressure, so she easily caught her breath.

I turned her so she could see the effect in a full-length mirror. She was both amazed and stunned at the difference in her appearance from a month ago. Her ass, cunt and tit area was now a very dark brown.

I applied some cuffs to her ankles, then a spreader bar; she didn't know what was coming, but the look of dread on her face betrayed her frustration and capitulation.

Removing a box from the cupboard, I placed it on the table next to her. She could see the content, as I opened the box; she gasped as her jaw dropped.

"Is that what I think it is?" she said.

I slapped her hard across the ass and reminded her of her manners.

"I'm sorry, Master. Is that a chastity belt, Master?" Se corrected herself.

"Indeed, slut, " I responded, like a mad scientist before his invention.

I hadn't invented it, of course, it was a shiny, steel, complete chastity belt, designed for severe, long-term use. Severe in as much as once properly fastened, it would prevent any contact with her genital area and, in so doing, any chance of achieving her now very frequent orgasms.

"But Master. I won't be able to put anything up my cunt or service your staff, as I'd been doing for the past month."

"That's exactly the point, whore", I said, almost clinically. "From this point forward, you will live in absolute frustration, totally unable to touch yourself as you've become fond of doing. The belt's design will allow for all of your normal bodily functions except, of course, orgasm. Your ass will be plugged as required, using one of the attachments provided, but no more thrusting deep inside your widening asshole.

"This of course won't prevent you from sucking any cock, which will now become your only source of pleasure. In fact, your former orgasm quotas have been replaced by blowjob quotas, so that by the end of the month you'll be sucking eight a day."

"But Master, " she tried saying, "there is only the gardener and the two guards, how can I make that quota?"

"Easy, " I replied, "there are two other guards that work the night shift and if that isn't enough, you can get real intimate with the grocery clerk or car valet, I don't care, but you will make your quotas."

"I'll try Master, but it's going to be hard without any orgasms, I'll go crazy."

"No you won't, but you will be frustrated as hell."

I applied the belt around her waist, which would also effectively lock the corset on. Pulling the crotch piece through her ass, I adjusted it so that it fully covered her nude mound. Up to the nicely fitting waist belt, I locked it on securely. Not entirely though, I added the special crotch cover and locked that on, effectively sealing her cunt from any intrusion, obviously, but also made such that she couldn't even slip a finger behind the shield to reach her clit.

I heard footsteps approaching the room, Pane. I opened the door to let her in. The look of amazement on her face was quite a sight.

"Well, Sir, it looks like the belt fits just like you said it would. It looks both amazing and, very secure."

"It's secure indeed, " I said. "I have a spare key in this sealed envelope in case of an absolute emergency, and I know I can trust you be very careful with it."

"Of course, Sir " Pane replied, "it's going to be interesting to see how she behaves this week, especially now that she can't cum."

"That's your responsibility, " I responded, "I've left most of the discipline portion to you and I know that you'll do what is necessary."

"Thank you for your confidence, Sir, I'll do my best."

"I didn't have time to warm her ass before you arrived, " I said, heading for the door, "so I'd suggest thirty slaps from the paddle to get things going." I left.

"Thirty it is, " I heard Pane muttering, as I walked back to the house, "and I want you to count out loud, slut."

"One, thank you Mistress. Two, thank you Mistress, " I faintly heard from afar.


When I returned that evening, I found Pane standing in front of Maria, a leather quirt in her hand. Maria was trussed-up almost as I'd left her in the morning.

"Please, Mistress, no more", I heard Maria say, tears visible.

"Good evening, Pane, I see you're still at it, " I said.

"She was such a bitch, Sir, " Pane replied. "She was begging all day for just one orgasm, 'just one', she'd say, and every time I'd have to remind her that that wasn't going to happen any time soon and took to punishing her every time she begged."

"Excellent, " I said. "Maria's needs aren't important. Are you almost through?"

"Just a little while, Sir, I just wanted to finish this session. I had the slut prepare dinner for you, it's in the oven. When I'm through, I lock her down, and lock-up, if that's ok with you, Sir."

"That just fine, " I said. "Take all the time you need. See you tomorrow."

"Goodnight, Sir ", Pane said, as I left the room.


I went to the house and ate a very tasty vegetable pie, a local favourite.

At about ten thirty, I turned on the monitors to Maria's room. Here she was, shackled to the bed, wearing her ballet boots, corset and, of course, the ever-present chastity belt. The thigh spreader was no longer needed, as she couldn't feel anything in that area anyway. I turned the monitor off and went to bed.

I wasn't sure what had awakened me: a need to piss or a pain I was feeling in my jaw area. I opened my eyes, or at least tried to. I felt as if someone ad hit me on the head with a hammer. I think I sent a mental signal to raise my right hand, but the hand was not responding nor the left one. In fact nothing was responding. My whole body felt as if there was a two hundred pound weight on it, and I couldn't budge.

"I know you can hear me, " said a familiar voice. "You're still very much alive but the tranquilliser will prevent any brain signals from reaching your body, so in effect it's like a coma, though you're very firmly cognizant of every thing around you.

"The drug affects your central nervous system and has been used by tribes here for centuries. Of course it's not permanent and we can reanimate your body bit by bit, bringing parts on-line, so to speak, as we require."

I wanted to open my mouth, to say something. Nothing, while the voice sounded like coming from deep inside a cave. I thought I recognized it, but couldn't quite place it.

"You're obviously very anxious, of course, to know what's going on. In the meantime I'll release the valve here, so that you can take a piss."

I was in ecstasy, as my bladder finally drained, my mind lost in what would be a normal biological function.

"My name is Mistress, " said the voice, "that's all you need to know about me. You have been brought here as an experiment, of sorts, to help us test various evolutionary theories. We know who you are and have been closely following your actions since you arrived."

Recovering from my momentary blissfulness, I was now focused on what was being said.

"You came here to exploit the country's riches, its oil. You proceeded to create an exploitive situation, with your wife as a full time slave. You coerced locals to do your bidding, including members of our football team, thereby attempting to corrupt their bodies and minds with your money and gifts.

"You are a very smart man, " continued the voice, "but not quite smart enough. You see, as I said, we've been monitoring your activities very closely. When we first heard of your plans to enslave your wife, we felt it necessary to take action in, as you'll find out, a very decisive way."

The voice faded in the distance, as my mind slipped into neutral and faded just as easily.

I was awakened again by this need to take a leak. I tried opening my eyes again, this time letting in a glimmer of light.

"You'd probably like to piss, wouldn't you", said the voice, as relief swept over my body, the catheter valve obviously being opened.