Wicked Spin
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A tale out of Africa

Chapter 2

We walked towards the bedroom, where Maria was still standing motionless. I took the old cotton dress that Pane was still holding (it did indeed smell bad) along with a pair of cotton underwear, equally old, walked up to Maria and told her to step into them. She tugged them up to her waist, they were obviously two sizes too small. I then had her raise her arms above her head, and slipped the dress down.

"What's that smell? " Maria said. "It smells like someone's not showered in a few weeks."

"This is your work dress, I replied, pulling the short dress down to just a few inches below the soiled panties. I moved to the pack and zipped the dress up, smoothing the fabric over her corseted upper body. It was a tight fit, yet despite the dress' age, the thick cotton would hold-up nicely.

I then took another belt; this one four inches wide, and locked it around her waist. The belt had eight D-rings: one in the middle, front and back, one on each side, and two more rings, off-centred, again front and back, which could then obviously be used to attach various implements.

I took her left wrist, produced a sturdy chain and locked into the cuff. I threaded the chain through the front left D-ring, then the D-ring on the right of her belt, then to her right writs. The chain was long enough that she could lift her hands (there was work to do after all), but if the chain was pulled and attached to the posture collar's D-ring, it would effectively bring both her hands tightly against the waist belt.

As a last touch, I dug into the toy box again, a pulled out a pair of white pumps, with modest four-inch heals, and had her step into them. A steel ring was slipped through the heels, leaving two small chains on each side of the shoe to be locked to the respective ankle cuffs. She teetered unsurely.

I stood up and moved behind her. Holding her by her shoulders, I spoke into her ear:

"Now, remember the agreement, " I said, "you agreed to be the house slave for a period of one month and to follow all of the instructions provided. Right?"

"Uh-uuh", she responded.

I slowly put my hands on her right breast, and found her flattened nipple. I kneaded the nipple between my finger and thumb until it started to get hard. Then, without warning, I pinch her right nipple hard. "That's yes, Master, you slut", I said.

She swallowed hard. "Yes, Master", she whispered.

I squeezed hard again, "I don't think you were being earnest, so let me hear again so I can hear you, this time."

"Yes, Master, " she finally said, in a voice that clearly betrayed her predicament.

I removed the blindfold. Her eyes readjusted to the light for a few seconds, then she noticed Pane, still standing by the bedroom door.

"What is she doing here, " she said, then, almost forgetting, "Master."

"This is Mistress Pane. She will be your trainer for the next month". Maria tried looking at me, but the collar prevented any serious movement. "From this day forward, until the agreement is fulfilled, you will address her as Mistress Pane and obey all her instructions without question, as if they were my own."

Her eyes were getting moist, either because of the sharp smell of her new clothing, or because her situation was becoming all too clear to her.

"You see, " I continued, "on my recommendation, Mistress Pane here has been studying her ancestors' history. How the Portuguese kidnapped thousands of them, and sold them into a lifetime of slavery in what was to become Brazil. She's told me how they were abused and molested, put to backbreaking work for mere crumbs of bread, painting graphic images of what must have been hell for them. You, my dear whore, are to become part of her study program. You will receive an education in how it must have been for those who left this country, their land, their people, never to return."

Tears welled in her eyes, glistening her cheeks.

"Ok, " I said, "I have to go to the office. Mistress Pane will see that you are kept busy."

I left the bedroom, but not before giving Maria a hard slap on her ass. While I was getting stuff ready, I could hear Pane, giving her first instructions. She seemed hesitant, not having been in this role before, but I was sure that after a few days she'd start getting into it.

"I'm hungry," Pane stated, flatly, "start by making me some breakfast."

Maria walked slowly towards the kitchen, getting used to the new heels.

Before leaving, I took Pane aside, told her where the toy-box was and reminded her that she must reinforce the fact that Maria was no longer a person but a slave, slut or whore, and that she should be treated as such,

"You're right, Sir, I'll have to be tougher, " she responded.

I left for the day.

Around four o'clock, my phone rang. "Good afternoon, Sir", said the voice at the other end, it was Pane.

"Hi, Pane, what's up", I responded.

"It's the gardener, Sir", she said, "he'd been working on the new flower bed all morning. At lunch time, I told, Maria, sorry, the slut, to prepare lunch for him. When he came into the kitchen I could see the gardener's, well rather large, thing, Sir, getting hard through his tight pants. I thought it would be a good instructional session to show her how men would take their slave, whenever they felt like it.

"I then told her to get down onto her knees, and to, uuh, help the gardener relieve the tension that was building up in his pants."

"Well, how did she respond, " I asked.

"She wouldn't have none of it, Sir. She said that she hadn't agreed to have sex with anyone else, and thought that whole thing was disgusting."

"Well, she knows the rules", I said. "This is the first offence, but I really think that you need to be tougher, otherwise she'll get into bad habits."

"What do you suggest, Sir?"

"First off, I think she's got to learn to suck. So you will look into the toy box, and find a penis gad. There are four sizes, take the second largest, and lock it on. You'll recognize it because it's black, short, and has small holes for her to breath through. Once you've done that, take her to the maids quarters. You'll notice that I've had a few alterations made. There's a heavy wooden stock, for her head and hands, along with another one for legs. Make sure that the stocks are properly locked. Once you've got her bend over into the stocks, lift up the dress, take the heavy leather paddle, and give her at least twenty smacks, but as many as you'd like. When you've done that, leave her in that position. I have the key to the stocks."

"Ok, Sir, " she said.

"And by the way, " I added, almost flippantly, before clicking off, "once you've paddled her thoroughly, invite the gardener to relieve his frustration up her ass."

I got home at around eight. It was dark, but still hot from the day's sun. I dropped my bag off in the house, then went around back to the maids quarters. When I opened the door, I could feel the heat; the room was not air-conditioned. I saw Pane at her new computer, my dear Maria, or at least Maria's ass, sticking out in the other corner of the room. He ass was scarlet red, and dried cum was glued around her hole, and along the top of her thighs.

"How many swats, " I ask Pane.

"Forty, Sir, my arm was getting tired, but the gardener was persistent and did her twice" she replied.

"How was the rest of the day?"

"She, the slut, spent an hour on the treadmill, Sir. She was supposed to have done the circuit in forty minutes, so I gave her one swat for each minute over the limit, that's why it was forty swats, Sir.

"As instructed, I had her wear the double-dildo rubber underwear the whole hour and, with her hands tied behind her back, her clamped tits linked to the front of the treadmill, she was motivated to keep pace. I think that the heels might have slowed her down, but I'll keep working on her, Sir, until she gets it down to at most forty minutes."

"Did she orgasm?" I finally asked.

"Yes, Sir, she came at least three times during her fast walk on the treadmill. The little rubber knobs on the inside of the tight rubber underwear must have stimulated her clit, Sir."

I smiled wryly, and told Pane that she could go home.

After she had left, I got closer to Maria. The stench from the soiled dress was very strong. Her cotton underwear had been left rolled down as far as her spread legs would allow. I stroked her ass and could feel the heat left from the sever paddling, though I was sure she'd be getting more as the month progressed.

"Are you enjoying the cock, slut?" I said, slapping her upturned ass. "You know the rules. Disobeying them is not an option. The next time Pane tells you to suck a cock, you will answer, 'with pleasure, Mistress'."

I went to a locked cupboard and retrieved an inflatable butt plug. Using a little lubrication, I inserted it up her distended asshole, and inflated it with several pumps. The plug had an outer ring, so that once inflated, it wasn't going pop out, nor let anything seep through. I detached the pump from the plug; it had a quick disconnect, so that no air would escape. I put a small cap on the inlet and pulled up her panties. The plug was designed to balloon up inside and enlarge at the base, causing her asshole to remain distended.

I unlocked and opened the stocks, then helped her unbend from what must have been a strenuous position.

Her eyes were puffy, probably from many a tear, while her mouth was kept wide open from the penis gag. After close to four hours with her mouth stretch that way, her jaw would be hurting badly. I unlocked and removed the gag. If the posture collar had not been in place, I'm sure she would have dropped her head. She was silent.

"I believe that you've been treated fairly, given the circumstances, " I said. "You will keep that plug up your ass until I remove it, and you will obey the instructions given you, right?"

"Yes, Master. " she demurely said. "It's just that I could see that his cock was so big, and I've not had a lot of experience with sucking cock, Sir."

"Practice, my dear, " was my comment, "Mistress Pane will ensure that you get plenty of it."

"Yes, Master", she said, dropping her eyes.

"Now, take that dress off, but leave the underwear on, and go make some dinner."

"But Master, " she said, "I can't go out looking like this. Why can't I keep the dress until we get to the house?"

"This room, dear slut, is your home for the next month and I don't want to see that dress in the house. During the day, when you're working is fine, but otherwise it stays here. So get to the house, and prepare dinner", I said, raising my voice. I reattached the chain linking her wrists, through a D-ring at the front belt. She left, her walk made more uncomfortable by the plug in her ass.

I rummaged around the maids quarters for a while, getting a few things ready.

She was busy preparing dinner, by the time I got back to the house. It was a delightful site. Here she was, standing in 4-inch heels, wearing only the corset and greyish looking panties, the posture collar and cuffs.

I had her serve my plate, and told her to kneel next to me, while I ate; she would eat later. By ten o'clock, she had eaten and cleaned the kitchen; there was no dishwasher - that's what maids are for - so it took her while to finish.

She came to my office, where I was just wrapping up a few things. "May I take bath, please, Master?" she said.

"I think you need it, " I responded, "but we've got to clean up your ass, don't you think?"

"Yes, Master. Can you please remove the plug, so that I can wash out my ass thoroughly?"

"Removing the plug won't be necessary. Come with me to your quarters, I'll show you how it's done."