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A HOT, sexy TWO-GIRL fantasy

Chapter 2

In a moment, she returns with your food, and places it on a little table. The tea is steaming hot, and you immediately notice the exotic aroma from the herbal constituents wafting up into the air. And, the sandwich has thick, tender pieces of white-meat turkey, covered by creamy cheese and tomato slices. Much better than your standard lunch-time fare of delivery food from the local deli, often eaten quickly at your desk, while you continue to work. “Here you go Michelle. Enjoy! Now, I’m going to leave you alone with Diane. No one else will come in and bother the two of you. If you need any thing at all while you’re waiting, just push this button here.” Jennifer touches your wrist gently, warmly, as she caresses your arm. “It was really nice to meet you, Michelle. And, I really hope that you enjoy every moment of your visit here.” Now, you’re alone. You pick up one half of the sandwich and walk over, into the dimly lit treatment area. A vast array of flickering candles provides the only illumination in the room. The lush, fragrant smell of exotic scents overwhelms you as you enter. Aroma-therapy. It’s intoxicatingly warm in here, and the humidity is dense enough to make the surface of your skin damp with warm, dewy moisture. The scents are exhilarating, and alluring, almost primeval in nature, and they evoke a primitive, highly erotic response from deep within you. The only thing that’s missing here is the lush fauna, and tropical habitat. There is a very large treatment table off in the corner, over near the sink. It’s similar to a gynecologist’s examination table, only this one is much wider than any standard model. The cushiony padding is very thick and soft and it’s covered in a black luxurious fabric that is as soft and supple as velvet. You can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be strapped down tightly onto that table, and manipulated by the female therapist into the many revealing positions, allowing all of your most secret, private areas to be completely exposed to her gaze. You walk over and stare at the table for a second, mesmerized, in almost a dreamlike state. You reach out your hand to stroke the fabric, and find it luxuriously warm and buttery soft and ever so sensuous. Almost like fur! You can’t help wondering what that sensuous material would feel like against your bare skin. Against your bare ass! The very thought of being strapped down onto something like this is almost enough to make you climax right now! Who needs Diane, when you have a seductive device like this? As your gaze wonders about the room, you spy a cabinet that contains enema equipment. An assortment of nozzles in all shapes and varieties, in addition to several strange, medical-looking devices that undoubtedly have some function related to internal cleansing. There is a very large, translucent enema bag hanging on an adjustable metal stand, with many feet of clear tubing attached to it. The tubing runs through a medical device that looks like it would control the water flow in some way, preventing it from overwhelming the patient with too much pressure. Clearly, this is all so much more than you ever did with Kimberly. The enemas that you shared with her were primarily for constipation, even though you both received so much more pleasure and arousal from them. The slight wetness between your legs is turning into a cascade of arousal now, and you ache for internal penetration. A little shiver of apprehension runs up your spine as you ponder the many erotic things that await you here. You walk back out, and pick up the other half of the sandwich, which is actually quite tasty. The tea is sweetened with honey, but it also has a woodsy, herbal component to it. Almost like a forest after an afternoon shower. The smell of the lush vegetation. The fragrance of a field full of wild flowers, adrift in the wind. You’re going to go get changed now, so that you’re ready for Diane. You finish the last bite of the sandwich. That was very good, you think. I wonder where they get them from. Probably a local caterer, or maybe a health-food store. You make a mental note to ask about it. As you slip off your suit jacket, you hear a knock at the door, and a young woman enters. She’s slightly taller than you, with a slim figure, and long straight blond hair, tied back out of the way in a pony-tail. She appears to be in her late 20’s, and your immediate impression is that this woman is striking in her radiant beauty and allure. “Hello, Michelle. I’m Diane Chambers. It’s so nice to meet you!” She places one hand on your shoulder, and with her other hand, she gently touches your wrist and inner palm. Her embrace is warm and comforting, and your eyes connect immediately with hers. Your gaze lingers, as you study her features. She has the prettiest eyes, deep sky-blue, soft and warm, and comforting. Her strikingly pretty face seems virtually unadorned by cosmetics, and her personal scent is as lush and exhilarating as her treatment area was. She offers you the thick padded recliner, as she takes a seat in the plain wooden chair across from you. “Tell me Michelle. What do you do for a living?” Diane’s voice is soft, and her tone is soothing and pleasant. “I’m a corporate accounting specialist with an international advertising agency. Advent Media Associates. Perhaps, you’ve heard of us? All of our clients are top Fortune 500 companies.” “That must be very stressful for you. So often, I find that many of my clients have these demanding careers that encompass so much of their lives, that they simply begin to ignore their own spiritual and emotional needs. After years of working in these fast-paced, highly competitive environments, your body yearns for the simple pleasures of relaxation and a re-connection with your inner emotional needs.” “Tell me, Michelle, are you in a relationship with anyone at this time?” “I was dating a man for a while. But, we broke up when his company transferred him to the mid-west. That was seven months ago. Since then, I tried that speed-dating thing, and I went on a few dinner dates with other executives that I met from work. But, none of them really went anywhere.” Diane rises from her seat and walks around behind you. “May I touch your shoulders, Michelle?” “Certainly. That’s what I’m here for!” She places her hand on your shoulders, and instantly, her long, slender fingers explore deep into the taut muscles of your neck and upper back, working out the built-up tensions, and kneading them into a state of almost complete submission and tranquility. “Mmmmmmm. That feels absolutely wonderful! You are so very good at relaxing me.” “Michelle, here’s what I’d like to do today. We’ll start with a full body massage, with warm scented oils and herbal skin cleansers. Then, we can move on to warm, soothing enemas with oxygenated water and mineral salts. Finally, I will stimulate you, until you reach a climax. I feel that is one of the primary things that has been missing in your life. Too often, women ignore their own emotional longings for touch, and sexual arousal, and simply allow themselves to exist only to serve the needs of others.” Diane comes back around beside of you, and she bends down close, and gazes into your eyes. “Can you trust me to know what you need, Michelle? I can promise that I’ll take extra-good care of you, and make this experience totally soothing and pleasurable and relaxing for you.” Diane gently caresses the side of your face and hair. She is so very tender, allowing her hand to glide down across your face and hair, until it comes to rest on the top of your shoulder. “You know what? Already, I feel so much more relaxed than before I came here. You seem to have a very soothing touch. So, yes, I already feel like I can trust you completely!” “Great, Michelle! I’m so glad to hear you say that! Let’s not waste another moment then. Stand up, and I’ll help you to get undressed.” Diane’s nimble fingers undo the buttons on your navy blouse, and she slides it off your shoulders. Next, she undoes your skirt, and it drops to the floor, and you step out of it. She places your clothes neatly on the small table. And, as she slides her hands lightly along your hips, easing your panties down, you are suddenly focused again on the deep, aching sensation between your legs. It’s much more insistent now, and your breathing becomes deep and rapid, as you respond and yield to her gentle touch. Diane is facing you now, and she places her hands gently on your ribs, and then eases them down to your lower abdomen, her fingers lightly kneading the soft skin and underlying muscles. Diane is absolutely right about her assessment of your life. And, her touch is so very soft and soothing. If it wasn’t for the fact that your pulse was racing a million miles an hour with your own desires, you would be totally at ease with this woman. “Michelle, let me explain something to you. Everything that you say or do here today will be completely confidential. You are free to confide your deepest, innermost secrets in me. I am here for only one reason; your complete and utter pleasure and happiness. Nothing that you say or do here today will ever leave this room, I promise you.” Diane is almost whispering now, her voice soft, as she gently caresses your arms and draws your body closer to hers. As her eyes meet yours, you exchange the beginnings of an eternal pact, an emotional bond that is destined to become so much more than any simple therapy session could ever be. Wordless, she places her hand on the small of your back and gently guides you into her treatment area, and over to the sensuous table, with the silky soft fabric that is almost like fur. Your body sinks into the deep padding, almost as if you were being enveloped in a velvety cloud of softness. The heat from the table warms your back and legs, but nevertheless, you still shiver uncontrollably in anticipation of the erotic experience that is just moments away. Diane slips out of her short white treatment uniform, revealing her underwear. Her panties are almost diaphanous, and even in the dim candlelight, you can clearly see the light blonde hair between her legs. She takes a glass bottle out of a lotion warmer, removes the glass stopper, and pours a generous amount of fragrant oil all over your stomach and abdomen. The liquid is thick and warm, almost the consistency of honey, and you feel it slowly running down onto the sides of your hips, and into the deepest recesses of your femininity, tickling your vaginal lips with delicious sensations, as it mixes with the wetness of your own arousal. Her fingers glide across your skin. Spreading the warm, viscous oil, while kneading away the last of the remaining tension in your stomach muscles. She caresses your ribs, allowing her fingers to massage the small muscles that connect each one of them. Her hands caress gently over each one of your breasts, her fingertips kneading and pulling and pinching your small nipples, which quickly become erect and prominent from her attention. She moves further down your body, directing her attention to your legs and inner thighs. You relax completely now, and allow your body to sink even deeper into the supple depths of the table’s padding, and in the process, spreading your legs very wide, revealing all of yourself to Diane. She is quick to minister to your needs, gently kneading the tender skin that surrounds your vulva, and allowing her hands to glide down the entirety of each of your inner thighs, until the tension in them is utterly gone, and you abandon yourself completely to the soft silkiness of her tender caresses. You feel her thin fingers gently enter you, right on cue, as if she could somehow telepathically sense your irresistible desire for penetration. Your whole body is open and receptive to her touch now. And, you push your hips up, allowing her to see that you are ready and willing for her to explore the deepest recesses of your femininity. Her caresses are very gentle and tender, so unlike the numerous times when men tried to finger-fuck you, pounding hard away on your vagina, almost brutally so, leaving your body sore and battered in the following days. With Diane, it’s so much more like caresses, that gently explore your body. Her nimble fingers searching for all the secret inner pleasurable spots, and then lingering there, driving you into a delirious, overwhelming state of total pleasure and arousal. Now, you are ready to surrender yourself completely to this woman in every possible way. She is totally in synch with your every need and emotion, and she senses your willingness to submit to deeper, further exploration in your nether areas. She wipes the remaining traces of the viscous, fragrant oil from your skin, and gently prompts your to turn over, face down, so that she can progress to the secret, erotic pleasures that have been missing from your life for so many long years now. It seems like an eternity ago, when Kimberly last touched you there, easing her fingers gently inside your rectum, searching for the delicious sensations that you both loved so very, very much. Diane is so gentle with you. Taking her time, kneading your soft little sphincter ring, massaging it, until it relaxes and yields to her fingertips. And, as she finally begins to ease her fingers into you ever-so-slowly, you can stand it no longer. You spread your legs as wide as possible, until your feet are right at the edges of the table, and arch your back up, at the same time pushing your whole body down towards her, so that you drive her slender fingers far inside of your rectum, all in one quick, deep stroke! Your rectum is suddenly spread wide open, and Diane’s slender fingers come to rest far up inside you, with her remaining fingers and the rest of her hand pushing tightly between your widely spread cheeks, and you can’t help but groan in pleasure over the sheer intensity of the penetration. That sensation take you back over a decade, to when you and Kimberly would lie together in the dark, promising each other that you would build a life together. A relationship that would last an eternity. Transcending the limits of mere mortality, and venturing into a cosmic arena where the unspoken passions and love for one another would continue long after both of your earthly bodies have failed. You can still feel Kimberly’s warm breath as she cherished your body in the darkness. You can still remember exactly how you could feel her heart beating within her chest, and how you felt so in touch with her inner being. God, you were so in love with her! In all of the relationships that followed, you have never even come close to duplicating the acceptance, and sheer emotional connection that you shared with her. Diane has her fingers deep inside of you now, and she’s pulling your cheeks wide apart with her other hand, giving her the access that allows her to touch you in the most intimate way possible. You are moaning with pleasure, and you turn slightly onto your right side, and draw your left leg up, giving Diane the deepest possible access into your rectum, and she responds by easing her fingers in that very last little bit, touching the deep, forbidden areas that have been ignored within you for so very, very long. Your arousal is so completely overwhelming now that the sounds that emanate from your mouth are almost guttural, and they betray just how much you love this feeling of complete and total surrender to another woman’s passion and internal caresses. It seems like forever, as you luxuriate in the delicious sensations of another woman’s fingers deep inside of your rectum. Her fingertips massaging, stroking, and exploring your innermost recesses, seeking out the hidden pleasure that lie hidden deep within you. And, just when you are sure that you can’t stand even one more moment of this overwhelming pleasure, Diane gently withdraws her fingers and quickly walks over to the cabinet containing the enema equipment. She selects a variety of different items, placing them all on a plastic tray, along with the container of mineral salts that she intends to use in your enema. “Michelle, I’m going to do a quick rectal temperature with you. But, I won’t be using the standard little glass thermometer though, because they can sometimes break. Instead, I will be using a much larger thermometer, which is specially designed to slide much deeper into your rectum, so that it registers your internal core temperature.” She returns to your side, and places the plastic tray on a stand beside the table. Even in the dim light of the candle’s flickering illumination, you can clearly see that the thermometer is very intimidating. It’s long, probably well over a foot or more, and it has a thick, bulbous end that is designed to be inserted much deeper into your rectum, up to where your large intestine turns and begins to make it’s way up your left side. At the other end is a wide round plastic ring, that is designed to hold the item at the correct depth inside of you, and to prevent it from disappearing entirely up inside of your intestine. The very idea of such a large item being inserted up inside your rectum leaves you shivering, and you begin to whimper in apprehension of just what this will feel like. “Michelle, I want you to relax. This item may seem like it’s much too long to fit inside of you, but I can assure you that it’s very flexible. Trust me, you will feel it slide deep inside of you, but the feeling will be entirely comfortable, I promise you.” Your rectum is still relaxed and slippery from her prior caresses, and the thick bulbous end enters you easily, sliding gently inside your rectum, until the end disappears completely inside of you, leaving only the long thick plastic extension sticking out of you. “OK, Michelle, now take a deep breath, all the way in for me.” As you begin the long breath in, Diane pushes gently on the thermometer, and it begins to disappear inside your rectum. Still on your right side, you squeeze your legs tightly together now, as you feel the device sliding deeper and deeper inside of you, further than anything has ever touched you before.