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A HOT, sexy TWO-GIRL fantasy

Chapter 3

The large bulbous end is thick, and it dilates your intestine until it is wide open, as it continues to slide it’s way deep inside of you. The internal sensations are almost more than you can stand, and your whole body begins to shiver with the beginnings of a climax that promises to be more than you have ever known before. Diane gently spreads your cheeks wide, even as you continue to clench your legs tightly together. She is wiggling the thermometer around a bit now, encouraging your body to accept it, and allow it to continue to make it’s way deeper inside of you. And, just as you feel the very beginnings of the familiar waves of pleasure beginning to emanate from within you and sweep across your body, the huge bulb finally slides into place, leaving you breathing in quick little gasps, and your body shivering, and almost convulsing with erotic desire. So close! You can feel the large round flared base of the thermometer pressed tightly against your rectum, holding your cheeks wide apart. You simply can not believe that the huge items is resting complete inside of you now, buried deep within your body. “See that wasn’t so bad, was it? OK, I’m going to turn it on now, and it should beep for about five minutes or so, until it registers your maximum temperature.” Each beep seems to take an eternity. You feel the long thermometer, thick, and buried deep within you, and your fingers slide down to your abdomen, just above your pubic area, pressing inward gently. You can trace the distinct outline of the device deep inside of you, and your fingers move upward, along your hip bone, until they feel the bulbous end high up along your left side, almost directly below the bottom of your ribs. The very though of this long device buried so deeply inside of you is almost more than you can stand, and you squeeze your legs tightly together and writhe around on the table, first rolling completely onto your stomach, and then quickly turning over onto your back. By now, the wetness between your legs has turned into a flood, and the tops of your inner thighs are slippery from the combination of your own arousal a the remainder of the massage oil. As you lie there, grinding your slippery thighs together in complete and utter abandonment to your arousal, you close your eyes tightly, as you feel the cascading waves of pleasure arising from deep within you. Diane touches you gently, rolling your clitoris under her fingertips, stimulating you with little circles of pleasure, directly over the very center of your arousal. Suddenly the beeping stops, and is replaced by a series of three chirps, indicating that the thermometer has completed it’s measurement. Diane grasps the retaining ring and begins to pull it gently out of you, and the sensations of the device sliding out are all that it takes to cause your orgasm to erupt in white hot waves of pleasure, that feel almost electric as they radiate throughout your body. Your hands grip the soft fur of the table tightly, and you thrust your hips upward, hard against Diane’s fingers, as she continues to both pleasure your clitoris, and at the same time, slide the device from your rectum as it clenches in rapid-fire sequence, timed with the waves of pleasure that have taken over total control of your entire being. At last, the bulbous end pops out of your convulsing rectum, and your body finally stops climaxing, leaving you weak, and laughing, with a huge silly grin across your face. You simply cannot believe the intensity and the totality of your climax. That was easily the most erotic, pleasurable experience of your entire life! “You know what, Diane? That was soooooo good for me! I am yours completely now. Do whatever you like. It doesn’t matter to me anymore. You have already given me so much pleasure that I trust you completely, and I’m willing to turn my body completely over to you, to do with however you choose!” Diane smiles as she listens to your promises of complete submission. She takes them as her cue to begin preparing your enema. She turns on the special faucet that delivers the oxygenated water, and allows it to run until the temperature is warm and soothing as the stream of water flows across her hand. She places several heaping tablespoons of the mineral salts into a large pitcher, and allows the warm water to fill it up, quickly dissolving the minerals. She moves the metal stand that holds the enema bag over to the table, within your direct view. As she pours the contents of the pitcher into the bag, you see it expand and bulge outward obscenely, until it is completely filled, and a tiny bit of the froth from the minerals escapes and trickles down the outside. Judging by it’s huge size you estimate that the bag easily contains over two gallons of liquid. You realize that is many times more quantity than you have ever taken in your entire life before. But, you no longer have any fear left within you, because you have abandoned your own will completely now, and left it up to Diane to decide whatever will happen to you. You watch in wide-eyed amazement as Diane selects the large inflatable retention nozzle, with its double clear silicone balloons, from her equipment tray, and inserts its barbed connector into the clear plastic tubing that is coming from the flow controller and the enema bag. Inside the translucent enema bag, you can see tiny bubbles of oxygen clinging to the sides, before they finally break loose and rise to the surface of the water and pop. You wonder how those thousands of tiny effervescent bubbles will feel inside of you, as they tickle and dance around deep inside of your belly. You close your eyes slowly, as you wonder just what pleasures are coming next. Diane switches on the flow-control device and the warm effervescent water begins to fill the clear tubing, driving out all of the air, until it flows gently from the silicone retention nozzle and into a small cup that captures it. Diane presses the button on the wireless controller of the flow device, and instantly, the flow of liquid stops. She pours the lost water back into the bag, restoring it back to it’s original overflowing fullness again. Even though it’s perfectly clear by now that she intends to give you the full amount, you resolve to place yourself completely under her control. To do with as however she chooses. But then, you watch in amazement as she selects a second silicone inflatable nozzle from her tray, and repeats the same procedure again, hooking it to another clear tube coming from the flow controller and expelling the water from the tubing, through the silicone nozzle. Now, there are TWO nozzles ready and awaiting insertion! You gasps in amazement as she slides her wispy panties down and off, and then quickly lubricates one of the nozzles generously with lubricant before reaching behind and slipping it up, and into her waiting rectum, where she inflates the inner bulb, pumping it up until it’s firm and tight within her rectum, before quickly doing the same to the outer bulb, now nestled between her cheeks, until it expands to an almost obscene size, sealing her rectum completely, both inside and out! She eases you gently over, back onto your right side, and pulls your left leg up almost halfway to your chest, allowing her complete access to your rectum, which is still loose and relaxed. The inner balloon slips effortless inside of you, and in just a moment, you feel Diane expanding it, until it’s big and firm inside your rectum. Seconds later, she repeats the inflation process with the outer balloon, and you gasp as you feel your cheeks being spread wide apart by the expanding silicone. And, now that the insertions are complete, she lies down beside of you on the wide exam table, sinking deeply into the soft padding. Her face is mere inches from yours now, and you can smell her fragrance, and feel her warm breath on your face. Her upper leg slides between yours, with her thigh coming to rest tightly against your vagina, which is still slippery with the secretions of your arousal. She reaches for your hand, and places the small plastic remote for the flow controller inside of it. “Michelle, I want to share this experience with you. Normally, I would never do this with a client, but I want you to know that you are very special to me, and I’ve decided to make an exception.” Since her hands are now empty, she places them around your hips, and draws your body closer to hers, until your pubic hair is touching hers, and her arms are grasped tightly around your back, holding your close to her warmth. Her hair is free of the pony-tail holder now, and it cascades down over your arms and onto your breasts, her blonde shade much lighter than your own. Her hair is a finer texture too, almost like silken strands. Your index finger pushes the remote button, starting the flow of water, and you feel Diane push her vagina gently against you as the warm liquid begins to fill her rectum, along with your own. She moans softly now, as she buries her face in your hair and shoulder. Now, YOU have become the aggressor, and this ethereal little feminine goddess has resolved to simply lay there beside you, accepting whatever fate you wish to bestow upon her. Her scent, her silky hair, her soft skin, and her voluptuous body are all highly arousing to you, and you turn her over gently, onto her back, and ease her slim thighs wide apart, before climbing on top, and into alignment with her, so that your pubic areas are touching, and your face is nuzzled deep into her neck and warm, fragrant hair. You are beginning to get quite full now, and you realize that, since the flow device is providing equal water to both of you, that Diane must also be quite full as well. She encircles your body with her arms, pulling you closer. Her hands drift down to your ass, where she presses down, encouraging you to grind your clitoris against her own pubic mound. It takes only moments before Diane is fully aroused, not only from the large enema held within her, but also from the erotic contact with your own body. And, as you rise up off of her, you look down, and see this hot, erotic image of a little girl, aroused and begging for more pleasure from you. With a smile, you ease your body downward, kissing her soft stomach along the way, and then continuing, until your lips are touching her lips, which are now slippery and wet with her feminine arousal. Her vagina is so small, almost child-like, and her lips are short and light-pink. Her lubrication is thick, and viscous, but almost without taste. But, the effect of your stimulation on her is immediate. As your tongue slides lightly over her engorged clitoris, she responds with overwhelming passion, urging you to continue, to caress her harder. It seems like forever, as you languish in her delicious warmth, her exotic taste, and most of all, her highly erotic state of utter and complete feminine arousal. She tries to lie still and allow you to pleasure her clitoris, but the delightful, tactile sensations completely overwhelm her, forcing her to push her hips upward, almost involuntarily, seeking even more pleasure, urgently longing for the fluttery little caresses that will drive her to the ecstasy that she craves. Diane reaches down and caresses your hair now. So gentle, it almost belies her own state of arousal. “Kiss me, Michelle.” You make your way back up to her mouth, and she is warm and eager for your kiss. God, she is so passionate! Your tongue explores her mouth, luxuriating in the soft silkiness of her lips and tongue. This is heaven! Kissing this little girl, as she wraps her arms around you, pulling you tightly to her. Your hands are in her silky hair, as your tongue caresses lightly against hers. Her breath is warm, her respirations quick and deep. Her passion is overwhelmingly evident in the intensity of her kisses. Your fingertips pinch her little-girl nipples, rolling them, and then pulling them gently, until they are erect and engorged from your touch. And, all the while, she is grinding her pubic area against yours. Neither one of you can last much longer. Diane’s urgency is apparent now. Her hips pushing hard against you, as she longs for more pleasure. Her body jerks, and her gasps of pleasure are guttural in nature. Diane quickly slides out from underneath of you, and in the process, pushes you onto your back. In a second, she has her own legs spread out on either side of your face, as she takes her place between your own legs with her mouth. Suddenly, this gentle, delicate, virginal creature is kissing you passionately, overcome by her own state of arousal. Her lithe fingers are deep inside of your vagina, seeking out your inner pleasure spot, while her other hand is lightly pinching the soft, tender flesh of your bottom. She is very skillful, her lips and mouth enveloping your clitoris, her tongue fluttery and light, as it caresses you. You reach out and gently ease her slim legs apart, so that Diane’s vulva is pushing hard against your mouth. And, she responds by gently rocking herself against your lips and tongue. In this position, her labia are spread wide apart, allowing you to drive your tongue deep up into her, and twirl it around. God this is so good! Your hands caress her little-girl bottom cheeks, kneading the soft flesh, pulling her downward, urging her to push harder against your mouth. Your tongue skillfully slides over her clitoris, before returning to it’s place deep within her vagina. You draw her short little labial lips into your mouth, gently sucking on them, tenderly biting her feminine flesh. Diane is pushing hard now, her velvety coat of light blonde pubic hair tickles your cheeks, as she spreads wider, allowing you deeper access into her femininity. You can feel the convulsions beginning deep within her. There will be no turning back now. Your tongue wiggles up to her engorged clitoris, your lips drawing it inward, sucking her even more erect, your tongue at it’s most insistent now, as it dances over her pleasure center at lightening speed. Your feel her hips tighten, as your grasp her legs and cheeks, pulling her tightly to you, not wanting even one brief second’s worth of her pleasure to be lost. And, as the overwhelming waves of her pleasure begin to reach their crescendo, your feel the white-hot urgency of your own climax, the cascading series of contractions building, intensifying, until you are oblivious to everything around you, and all that is left is your own orgasmic pleasure. The sheer intensity of the climax is frightening. You feel a release deep inside of you, strange and intense, as if the passion had taken control of your very soul. The waves continue, almost undiminished in intensity, for what seems like an eternity. Your muscles strain against Diane, as does hers against you. The waves of pleasure intensify, becoming white-hot electric shocks, that emanate from deep within you, and ripple through your body, causing you to spasm in involuntary convulsions. And, at that very moment, you suddenly find a feeling of complete and utter peace coming over you. It’s as if time and space were suddenly gone, and all that is left is the union of two souls. Diane is breathing hard as she takes her place beside of you, nuzzling herself into your shoulder. Her gentle fingertips caress you, soothing away your cares, leaving only a feeling of complete and utter serenity. In the flickering candlelight, you see her eyes, dreamy and innocent, as she gazes at you. Bathing in the afterglow, you are completely at ease now, transfixed by the serenity. Lying there with Diane, it’s as if you have regressed, back to a time when you were younger, carefree and longing for all the experiences that awaited you. And, as you hold this little princess tenderly in your arms, you realize that the world still holds new potential for you. Kimberly may be gone. But, you realize that you must go on with your own life. Finding new love, and building new relationships. You realize that you have been clinging to Kimberly’s memory for far too long now, and that her recollection has kept you from finding the new happiness and love that you so desperately crave. Diane has her head on your shoulder now. She’s caressing you gently. And, at this instant, you feel cherished by her, possibly more so than you have ever felt before. And, at this very moment, you realize that you must let your old love go, and open yourself to all the wonderfully infinite new possibilities that await you!