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A HOT, sexy TWO-GIRL fantasy

Chapter 1

“Miss Ryan, I have John Buckingham for you on line one. Do you want to take the call, or should I have him leave a message?” your assistant asks. “Yes, please take a message. Tell him I’m in the middle of a international conference call now, but I’ll get back to him this afternoon with the budget projections.” That was a lie. You’re not in the middle of a conference call. Instead, you’re sitting at your desk, with your morning latte and croissant , and reading the newspaper. And, the truth is, you’re nowhere near completion on that report. The accounting statements from the previous quarter lie on your desk, untouched yet. You’ve been dreading the task for weeks now, because you know that, once you begin, it will evolve into a series of conflicts with each and every department head, with endless revisions and constant inter-office bickering over budget allocations. Nobody ever wants to give an inch! And, honestly, you just can’t seem to even find the energy to get started on this completely overwhelming task. I wonder if I’m coming down with a cold, you think. Or, maybe the flu? Lately you’ve been feeling tired, and kind of weary, as if you’re just not getting enough sleep. Perhaps it’s all the stress. Your job is so demanding. The long hours into the late evenings, the endless meetings. And, it seems like there is always some kind of management emergency that inherently demands your immediate and undivided attention. It’s as if you spend your entire time running from one overwhelming crisis situation to the next. When your day is finally over, it feels like you have just ran a marathon. You’re completely exhausted! Just staying awake on the drive home is almost more than you can do some days. Seven times this month, you had to leave your own car at the office and take the company limo home, where you could slip off your shoes, stretch out, and fall fast asleep on the soft, supple leather of the upholstery. If only you could pursue your real passion, writing. That would be so much better! In college, you always dreamed of writing fiction, even though you majored in business finance and economics. Children’s books, or even mysteries or romance. A job where you would be free to let your mind construct endless fantasies of forbidden desires and wildly exciting romances, unbridled by the earthly demands of the world that we live in. But, these days, with the economy as it is, you’re so glad to have your executive income, even if the job does come with lots of stress. It’s the eternal clash between the wondrous life that you always dreamt about, and the stark realities that you’re forced to accept. Maybe, I just need to schedule a vacation, you think. Some lush, tropical Caribbean paradise, with a secluded beach, where I could spend every glorious day completely naked and just lay back in the warm sun and sand and unwind, without a care in the world, for one whole solid week, without the cell phones or the PDA, or the high-stress business meetings. Free to rekindle the tranquility and serenity that has been missing from my life for so very long now. That would just be a little slice of heaven! You look out your office window for a moment, transfixed, gazing off in the distance as a jet slowly arcs across the Dallas skyline in the morning sun. It seems to be moving in slow motion, a sharp contrast to your own life of hectic schedules with executive clients and media companies. It seems surreal, and for a moment you long to be on that plane, heading anywhere that the prevailing trade winds would carry you. Free to abandon yourself to the forces of nature! Free of the everyday stresses and hectic lifestyle that has become your daily routine. You’re latte is cold now, and you ask your personal assistant to bring you a fresh cup. Well, I better finish reading the paper, before I get back to these budget reports, you think. As you turn the page, you come across an interesting ad in the health care section. Do you suffer from headaches, stress, or fatigue? In addition to the normal spa treatments, we also offer luxurious, soothing colon therapy sessions, where you can relax and unwind from all your cares. For women, done by female therapists New clients currently being accepted Call 800-SPA-FOR-U Fatigue, stress, and headaches? God, those are EXACTLY what my problems are, you think. They hit the nail right on the head! Colon therapy? Isn’t that like some kind of an enema, you wonder. I haven’t had a good enema in years! Not since my room-mate moved away, back in business school in Manhattan. Your mind wonders back to the days when the two of you would spend the entire weekend studying late into the evening. Living on a diet of vegetarian pizza and greasy take-out Chinese food. No wonder you were both so constipated all the time! The delicious enema sessions that you shared together! Kimberly pretended to just use them for medical reasons, but you always knew better. The way she sighed so contentedly when you lubed up her cute little butt made it perfectly clear that, for her, it was much more than any simple medical need. As you let your hands caress the baby-smooth skin on her girlish little bottom, she began to breathe fast and deep, and writhe against your thighs, as she laid there on the bathroom floor, across your outstretched legs. When you reached underneath her, to soothe her full belly, your wrist would ever-so-gently graze her little pussy, which was so often damp and fragrant with her desire. Soon, your turn would come, and she always seemed so eager to spend long delicious minutes with her slender fingers deep inside your rectum, enjoying all the warmth and delectable sensations as you moaned in desire from her inner caresses. She was always so tender and caring with you, it almost made you want to cry! Those loving enemas that you shared together meant so very much to you. It was as if you had a special bond with Kimberly, sharing a forbidden passion that only the two of you understood. Most times, you could just look at her, without ever having to speak a word. She just KNEW that you were ready, and willing to accept every bit of the passion and caresses that she had to offer. God, how you miss those special times together! There’s no way that anyone else could ever equal the desire that you shared with Kimberly. The very thought of the times that you spent together makes your eyes well up with sadness, as you wonder what eventually became of her. One day, her phone was suddenly disconnected and you finally lost touch, after all those many years of sharing an unspoken love. God, I miss her! Her enthusiasm. Her elation for life, as she regaled me with stories of far-away travels. She was so much more than my best friend! Most people spend their whole life searching for that kind of connection with another human being! A relationship that transcends the limits of mere mortality, and instead, exists on an ethereal plane, in a dimension without cares or limits or earthly boundaries. Intrigued, you make the call to the colon therapy clinic, just to find out a little bit more information. A young woman answers the phone. “Hello, Mayfair health and wellness center. This is Jennifer speaking. How may I help you?” “Hello, my name is Michelle. I’m calling about the ad that you placed in the health section of the newspaper. I’d like to know some more information about it.” “Hi, Michelle! I’m so glad that you called! We are a full-service health and wellness center. All of our staff members are women, and we only treat female clients at this facility. We provide a sanctuary where a woman is free to come and forget about all the stress and anxiety of her everyday life, and relax and eliminate the emotional and physical toxins that burden her. We offer all of the conventional wellness therapies that you normally find at a day spa, and in addition, we have a brand-new state licensed colon therapy clinic. We are currently offering eleven different treatment options ranging from nutritional counseling and weight loss, as well as stress management, and sexual dysfunction treatments.” “Stress management? That’s sounds exactly like what my problem is. How can you help me?” “One of our therapists will work one-on-one with you to help to change lifestyle problems that you have. It’s not the AMOUNT of stress in your life that matters most. It’s really more about how you DEAL with it. All of our behavior therapists are board certified and state licensed. I’m sure that they could help you!” “What would I have to do?” “Well, it all depends on your individual needs. For example, you may need to consider dietary changes. We could place you on a diet of delicious macrobiotic and natural food products as well as nutritional herbal supplements. You would be required to undergo a 2-day fast each week. And, you would need to have a twice-per-week session of colon therapy” “Colon therapy? What is that?” “Colon therapy is where we use special medical devices to flush the toxins from your body. After the age of 20, your body is unable to eliminate all the toxins in your diet by itself. So, we literally fill you with special solutions and flush them out of your system. Along with colon therapy, we offer a liver flush that will also remove all the waste products from your liver. Have you ever had an enema before?” “No, not recently.” “OK, that’s just one part of the whole process. We have special equipment that reaches further up into your colon than a standard enema. It removes over 98% of all the leftover material that has built up since you were a child” “Does it hurt?” “No, absolutely not at all! All of our therapists have your complete comfort in mind, and they make sure that you have a soothing, relaxing experience during the whole procedure. I have to be completely honest with you Michelle. Since I began working here, I get the procedure done twice a week myself, just because I love it so much. I feel so clean and relaxed afterwards, that I almost can’t wait for the next session.” “All of the members of our staff are women. We have just had our whole facility remodeled, and I can assure you that everything here is specifically designed just for your complete pleasure and enjoyment.” “Michelle, I can absolutely GUARANTEE that your experience here will be the most wonderful thing that you have ever had in your entire life!” “And, what about sexual dysfunction? What does that involve?” “Basically, if you are currently unable to achieve satisfactory sexual orgasms, one of our therapists will works with you to help you achieve a more fulfilling sex life. We have state-licensed sexual surrogates, who use state of the art equipment to help you achieve a climax. Often, we find that high levels of stress and sexual dysfunction go hand in hand” “You mean, they have sex with me?” “Not sex, per say. We use simulated devices, such as vibrators and artificial penises. Our counselor, Diane has a 90% success rate in helping dysfunctional women to achieve a more satisfying sex life.” “All of our sessions are done in a soundproof treatment area, so that you are assured complete privacy and discretion. We provide a safe, relaxing and nurturing environment where a woman can come to explore all of her emotional needs.” “Why don’t I set you up with an appointment to discuss your needs with Diane, our senior counselor. She is very experienced in these matters, and I’m sure she’ll be able to help you.” “We have an opening available at 12:30 and 5:15 today. Which would you prefer?” “Well, I can take the afternoon off from work. So, 12:30 would be better for me. Tell me, how long does the session last.” “Most of our sessions last approximately two to three hours. But, there is really no set time limit.” “Let me give you our address, Michelle. We are in the Mayfair medical plaza, at the corner of 10th and Sycamore Street. There is off-street parking available at the rear of the building. Our suite is on the top floor, room 1521. Do you know where that is?” “Yes, I work on 18th and Elm. I’m about a mile from your office.” “Great, you just take the elevator to the 15th floor, turn right, and we are the suite at the very end of the hall. We have no waiting area. The receptionist will show you right into one of our treatment areas and you can get started right away.” “I’m in my business attire. Will I need to go home and change into something more comfortable?” “No, not at all. You can come exactly as you are, because we provide exam gowns and robes for all our clients.” “OK, that sounds fine. What will the fees be?” “For all new clients, we are offering a dual-mode treatment plan, where you can receive any two of our services for only $99 per session. We are a completely new facility and we are interested in building up an extensive client list in the community.” “Michelle, I’ll just need your full name, please.” “My name is Michelle Ryan.” “Great, Michelle. So, Diane Chambers, our head therapist, will see you at 12:30 then. And, thank you again for calling, Michelle!” So far, none of this sounded like exactly what you wanted, but they did mention the word enema. So, what did you have to lose? It certainly was worth a try. At noon, you left your office and told your assistant to cancel all appointments for the remainder of the afternoon. In the elevator, you wondered how you were going to explain your enema fetish to a complete stranger. As you stepped out onto the 15th floor, you felt a strange slipperiness between your legs. You hadn’t felt that feeling in months. Not since you had drinks late one evening with the people from accounting. One of the men got a little drunk and slid his hand up under your suit as he sat there beside of you. His touch was rough and insistent, not at all like the gentle caresses that you were so used to with Kimberly. But, that is what you have come to know and expect from all the men in your life. Suite 1521. There it is, right at the end of the hallway, just like Jennifer said. You walk in, and up to the receptionist’s window. “Good afternoon! May I have your name please?” “Michelle Ryan.” “Oh, hello Michelle! We have you down for 12:30 with Diane. You’re a little bit early, but that’s fine. Why don’t you go have a seat in her treatment room. Diane’s not back from lunch yet. But, she’ll be with you in 15 minutes, Michelle.” “She has a brand new recliner, with thick padding and soft imported leather, where you can lie back and relax. When you turn on the heat and vibrations, you could easily fall asleep in them. Did you have lunch yet? Would you like to try some of our soothing green tea with herbal extracts? Or perhaps a snack? Today, we have free-range turkey breast on fresh whole wheat, with feta cheese and roma tomatoes with a light vinaigrette sauce. They are wonderful! I have them almost every day. Or, perhaps you’d just like salad?” “No, I didn’t have time for lunch yet. You must have read my mind! The turkey sandwich will be fine. And, thank you! You’re very kind.” A young girl walks out from the rear of the office, and extends her hand. “Hi, Michelle, I’m Jennifer. I spoke to you on the phone this morning. Did you have any trouble finding us?” “No, not really.” “We just opened these offices here. All of the rooms are specially soundproofed, so you will have complete privacy while you are here with the therapist.” “Here, let me show you to Diane’s treatment area.” Jennifer leads you down a hallway to a secluded back office in the rear of the suite. She swipes the electronic entry key-card that is hanging from her neck, and waits just a second for the security system to process her request and unlock the door. Jennifer touches your back gently with her hand, as she leads you inside. “Here Michelle, you can have a seat in this padded recliner. Trust me, they are soooo comfortable to relax in. It’s so warm, because it’s heated, and they have this special vibration feature that will put you to sleep in no time at all. We have one just like it, out in a little room by our reception area, and I always use it for naps at lunchtime. There’s a little blanket here too, if you like.” “Now, you just make yourself comfortable, and I’ll be right back with your turkey sandwich and hot tea. When you’re done eating, you can change into this pink exam gown and hang your clothes on this rack. The bathroom is right over here, in case you need to use the restroom or wash your hands.” “Thank you, Jennifer. This is all so wonderful. Really, you’re so nice.”


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