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A Warning Unheeded

Chapter 3

I was woken by the sound of Sally getting up and having her breakfast, and after a while she came into the room carrying my breakfast (if you can call it that) on a tray. While she fed me in what was to become the usual manner, she smiled and said 'Well my goodness me, we did have an interesting time on the internet last night. Some of those baby bondage websites, well I thought I was imaginative, but some of the things we found were really ingenious. We ordered a few items, and you're going to be the one I'm going to try them out on.' I gulped in nervous anticipation. 'Now one of the things I have to do today' she continued, 'Is go to a shop in the city that deals in this kind of stuff, and get a couple of shall we say, unusual items that I can't wait to inflict on you. I am going to have fun!' With a wicked chuckle, she cleared up my breakfast tray, and making sure that my dummy and bonnet were replaced and my cot side raised, she went out to the kitchen.

I lay there, pondering my fate and full of self-pity, until a little later she came back with her coat on. She checked my restraints, and said 'Right. I'm off to the city. Don't get into any mischief while I'm gone will you Emily? See you later.' With that, she gave me a wave and a smile, and went out to the hallway. I heard the front door open and close and then she was gone, leaving me in helpless silence.

The hours dragged by, and for a while I seriously tried to work out a way of freeing myself. If only I could have slipped one of my wrists out of its handcuff I would have been out of that cot in no time. But the cuffs were designed to prevent just that, and after some tentative pulling and tugging, I gave up.

I lay there, miserably contemplating my fate, and at long last I heard the sound of a key in the lock and the front door being opened and closed. A moment later Sally came into the room and came over to me carrying some bags of shopping. 'Wait until you see what I've got in here' she grinned, holding up one of the bags. 'That shop was fascinating, and the guy there gave me some wonderful ideas for teasing and tormenting you. You want to be glad he's not looking after you, believe me! I've given Julie a call and she's coming over after work to help give you your tea. Boy, are you in for an unpleasant surprise! Now you just lie there until she comes, and in the meantime I'm going upstairs to do some work.' She went out and I heard her in the kitchen preparing something for a while before she went upstairs.

The room was warm, and despite the ever increasing discomfort of my position, I began to doze off. I was beginning to find it easier to relax.

I was woken up by the sound of the front door bell ringing, and Sally ran down the stairs to answer it. She opened the door and I could hear the sound of Julie's voice. She was back, no doubt to indulge in some fun at my expense. The two of them went into the kitchen, and I heard the sound of food preparation interspersed with frequent giggles and shrieks of laughter. I didn't like the sound of it one bit.

A little later, the girls came into the room, and looking down at me, Julie smiled and said 'And has Emily been a good little girl today?' I glared back at her in silence over my dummy, and she laughed. 'Well' she continued, 'It seems that Mummy's been shopping, and she's bought some lovely little toys for you.' Sally burst out laughing and added 'And soon you're going to find out what one of them is. Now let's give you your tea shall we?'

She readied me for my meal, and then came the first shock. Once my bib was in place she sat next to me, picked up a food bowl and said 'I've decided to give you something really yummy for your tea. Would you like to see what it is?' Curious, I raised my head to see what was in the bowl, but she held it up for a moment so that I couldn't see what was in it, and said 'No, first of all let me tell you what it is.'

With a huge smile on her face she said 'Now I know that three vegetables you absolutely detest are brussel sprouts, broccoli, and squash. I know you can't stand them and that you never eat them. So you can guess what's in this bowl, can't you?' Oh no I thought, she couldn't. She wouldn't. Unfortunately, she could and she would. The expression of utter distaste on my face told her everything she wanted to know, and she grinned as she said 'Yes, that's right, it's a bowl of overcooked sprouts, broccoli and squash that I've pureed and allowed to go cold. That will be yummy, won't it? And remember, if you don't eat every bit of it, I just might have to consider something nasty by way of punishment. I do have something in mind, and eating these greens is a much better alternative, believe you me.' I did believe her, and resigned myself to eating the horrid tasting concoction she'd made for me.

'Right' said Sally, giving Julie a grin, 'Let's start shall we? Open wide Emily.' With a sigh of resignation I opened my mouth, and she shoveled in the first spoonful. Nothing could have tasted worse, and I screwed up my face as the foul tasting cold vegetables slid down my throat. I gave a groan of despair, and the girls laughed. 'Now now' teased Sally, 'You've got to eat all your greens if you want to grow up into a big strong girl.' I couldn't believe this nightmare, but was soon reminded it was real as Sally pushed another spoonful against my closed lips, and with a giggle smeared some of it around my face. With a gulp I opened my mouth, and once again found another foul tasting load going down my throat. I couldn't even hold my nose, so I was fully aware of just how awful it tasted.

With refined judgement, Sally spun it out to make this torment last as long as possible, and I squirmed and writhed in my restraints as the worst tasting meal of my life went down my throat. But mercifully it came to an end, and as Sally scraped the very last drop from the bowl and spooned it into my mouth, she said 'There's a good little girl. I can see how much you enjoyed that, so from now on I'll make sure you eat a nice big bowl of it every day. Aren't I kind?' I looked at her in despair, which was exactly the reaction she anticipated.

At least the vegetables were followed by a jar of apricot puree, and I was relieved when Sally said 'Oh by the way, there are no laxatives in your chocolate mousse tonight. Thought I'd let you know.' I could hardly believe my luck, and actually enjoyed it as she spooned it into my mouth. At least the taste of the vegetables was gone.

But I should have guessed that Sally had something else up her sleeve. She wiped my mouth, removed my bib, and took the dirty bowls out to the kitchen. Then she came back into the room carrying something in her hands. Julie looked at me, grinned, and said 'Now we're going to play with one of the toys Sally bought today. This will be fun!' I tensed in my restraints, aware that something unpleasant was about to happen.

Sally came up to me, and held up what she'd bought. At first I thought it was simply another over sized dummy like the one she'd been using on me, with a mouth cover and a cute little ring on the front. In this case though, it had thin straps to go around and over the head much like a bridle, to hold it in the mouth even more securely than the ribbons attached to the other dummy. And there was a much more important difference. Instead of a rubber bulb to go in the mouth, this one was fitted with a hollow ball made of hard plastic, full of holes. Unaware of the significance of the design of the ball, I looked at it curiously.

'Right' said Sally, 'Time for your new dummy Emily. Open wide' I knew better than to resist by now, and she pushed the dummy into my mouth. I was surprised to find that the plastic ball was bigger than I thought, and it filled my mouth, pressing down my tongue so that I couldn't move it. She quickly pulled the straps over and around my head before buckling them up tightly at the back of my neck. The dummy was now very securely fixed in my mouth and I knew there was no way of pushing it out by even a fraction.

'There' said Sally, smiling at me, 'Isn't that nice? A lovely new dummy. But this is a special kind of dummy. Oh yes, and you're about to find out why. But first we need to keep your head still.' She went to the box in a corner of the room where we kept our bondage restraints, and took out a long strap with a clip at either end. Coming back to the cot, she attached one end of the strap to one of the corners at the top end. Then she passed the strap under my chin, and clipped the other end of the strap to the other top corner of the cot. The strap was adjustable, and she shortened it so that the strap pulled my head immovably up towards the top end of the cot. I was now completely unable to move my head, and anxiously waited for what was coming next. I didn't have long to wait.

Sally went out to the kitchen for a moment, and came back with a small bottle of clear liquid that she placed on the small table. I could no longer turn my head, so I didn't see what it was. 'Now' said Sally, 'Let's show you just how different this dummy is from the other one.' She took hold of the ring on the front of the dummy's mouth cover, gave it a twist, and began to unscrew it. After a few turns she pulled it out, leaving an open tube leading from the front of the dummy into the plastic ball filling my mouth. I could now breath through it, and found it a relief from having to breathe only through my nose with the other dummy.

But my relief was to be short lived. Sally picked up a small funnel from the table, and inserting it into the front end of the tube, she carefully screwed it into where the ring had been. That done, she checked that my head was immovably secured and that the funnel was correctly positioned. Then she looked at me and grinned. 'There we are' she said, 'I can now pour anything I like down that funnel, and if I hold your nose, there will be nothing you can do but swallow it. Clever, isn't it?' I now realised what a diabolical toy she'd bought, and whimpered as I realized that she could force me to drink anything she chose at whim, and there was nothing I could do to stop her.

'So this is where the fun starts' she said. She picked up the bottle from the table, and held it in front of my face so that I could read the label. I couldn't believe what it said, and jerked in my restraints as I now realized just how unpleasant the next few minutes were going to be. The bottle was labelled Castor Oil. The dreadful taste of castor oil is legendary, and naughty children used to be punished by being given a spoonful of the foul tasting liquid. And here was Sally holding the equivalent of about half a glass of the stuff. I couldn't believe what was about to happen. But it was. With a wicked grin, she tormented me by slowly unscrewing the cap while staring me straight in the eye. She was loving every minute of it.

She put the cap down on the table, and holding the bottle next to the funnel she said 'All right Emily, time for your medicine. Julie, hold his nose will you?' Just as one does when making someone take their medicine, Julie gave a grin and pinched my nose shut. I gave a last wail of despair as Sally tilted the bottle and a thin stream began to pour into the funnel. As soon as it ran into the hollow plastic ball filling my mouth, I realized how ingenious this feeding dummy was. If there had just been a rubber bulb with a single tube down the center, I could have blocked the end with my tongue. But with this arrangement there were so many holes in the ball, that no matter which one I blocked with my tongue, the foul tasting liquid simply streamed out through the other holes and down into my throat. With Julie pinching my nose shut, I began to swallow the vile stuff automatically, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

As soon as the foul tasting castor oil hit my taste buds I groaned and gurgled, and jerked in my restraints. I desperately tried to jerk my head from side to side in an attempt to disrupt the awful taste which had now invaded my mouth, but it was hopeless. My head was held in a vice like grip and there was absolutely nothing I could do but swallow.

Sally looked me steadily in the eye with a huge grin on her face, and Julie giggled as the steady flow of castor oil disappeared into the funnel and down my throat. As I saw the bottle emptying, I could hardly believe that she'd do such a thing. She'd given me a gigantic dose of castor oil.

Once the bottle was empty, Sally put it down and Julie released my nose. Suddenly I received the full force of the horrible taste of the castor oil, and shuddered. Sally looked at me and grinned. 'That was fun wasn't it?' she said, 'But not half as much fun as what will happen shortly. We don't need the feeding dummy now, so let's give you your proper one, shall we?' She unfastened the strap holding my head in place, and then removed the feeding dummy. I moved my aching jaw, but barely had time to enjoy the relief before she took the other dummy and fastened it tightly in my mouth with the securing ribbons. She tied my baby bonnet on again, and pulled up the side of the cot. Then she looked down at me and grinned. 'Well' she said 'Now you know why I didn't have to put laxatives in your chocolate mousse tonight. I gave you something much more effective. And very quick acting. I'd say you'll be filling your nappy within an hour or two, so we'll come back and see how you're getting on in a little while. Enjoy yourself won't you?' I groaned with despair as she and Julie went out of the room to prepare their own tea, leaving me to go through yet another horrendous and humiliating experience.

Just as on the previous occasion, my bowels soon began to gurgle, and once more I groaned with humiliating discomfort as a warm sticky flood emptied into my nappy, and I writhed as I felt it squelching around my bottom, seeking every nook and cranny.

A short while later the girls returned, and could immediately tell that the castor oil had done its fiendish work well. Sally grinned as they leaned on the cot rail and looked down at me. 'Well I must say that feeding dummy is a wonderful idea' she said, 'I can think of all sorts of unpleasant things to give you to drink, such as the water I boiled the sprouts and broccoli in. Or perhaps some sour milk that's gone off. That has a really nasty taste, doesn't it? Oh yes, I think I can come up with some lovely goodies, as well as plenty more doses of castor oil of course. That's much more fun than just plain old laxative chocolates. They're much too nice!'

I groaned at the thought of the foul tasting drinks she had in store for me. The trouble was that she knew exactly which tastes I liked and which ones I absolutely detested, and she obviously intended to take full advantage of the fact.

Sally decided to put me to bed for the night, and removing my dummy, she covered me with my blankets before she and Julie left me to it. For a while I lay there with the residual taste of the castor oil still in my mouth. It was hard to get rid of. I tried to ignore the foul mess squelching around in my nappy, but every time I moved it reminded me of my situation.

But eventually I dozed off, wondering what other horrors Sally had in store for me.