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A Warning Unheeded

Chapter 4

Next morning I awoke with a start. A searing pain suffused my bottom, and I realized that the contents of my nappy had been going to work on my skin. A steadily increasing soreness became more and more intense, and I realized that Sally's prediction of my acquiring nappy rash was coming to fruition. I shuddered, wondering just how painful it was going to get.

A little while later, Sally came in with my breakfast tray, set it down, and started to feed me. As I sucked at my baby bottle of formula she said 'Well, Monday morning. I'm going to phone your office in a minute to tell them you're down with the flu. I think it's rather amusing to think that what you're suffering is something much worse than the flu. And you'll be receiving far more attention than if you were merely ill. Oh yes, Julie and I are going to give you lots of attention, and it certainly won't be to your liking.'

I drained the bottle, and as she put it down I shifted my position and moaned as a searing pain once more suffused my bottom. Sally guessed what it was, and grinned as she said 'What's the matter baby? Sore bottom?'

'It's agony' I whimpered, 'It's really sore!'

'Oh good' she smiled, as she picked up my dummy and pushed it into my mouth, 'This is just about the time I expected your nappy rash to start, and believe me, it'll be ten times more painful by the time the week's out. All that lovely wee wees and poo poos will burn its way into your skin, and even after I release you, I guarantee you won't be able to sit down for days. Now you know why some babies cry so much.'

She finished securing my dummy in place, tied my bonnet on my head, and raised the side of the cot. Looking down at me she smiled and said 'Don't you wish you'd listened to what I said now? Just think, if you hadn't been so silly as to tie yourself up after I deliberately warned you not to, you wouldn't be lying there now dressed as a baby in her cot, with a full nappy and a sore bottom. Oh well' she grinned, 'I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying myself! Now you can just lie there all day. I'm going to go and call your office now, and then I've got some work to do. I'll close the door, so no matter how hard you try yelling into your dummy for attention, I won't hear a thing. I'll be back to give you your midday feed later. Have fun little girl.' She picked up my breakfast tray, and going out of the room, closed the door behind her.

So began the painful and uncomfortable boredom I was to suffer for the entire week. A daily round of just lying there in silence, unable to do or say anything. The only breaks in the monotony were when Sally decided to have some fun by teasing and tormenting me, with the eager help of Julie and Sarah. It was certainly a week I was never to forget.

By the end of the week my bottom was a raging sea of soreness, and I dreaded to think what condition my skin must be in by then. But on the following Sunday morning my torment finally came to an end. Sally came into the room, looked down at me and said 'Well, I suppose it's time to let you go. You've suffered a week's punishment, so let's get you out of this.'

She lowered both sides of the cot, and after removing my bonnet and dummy, unlocked my handcuffs and unfastened all my restraints. 'You'd better just lie there for a bit while you regain your mobility' she advised, 'I imagine you'll be pretty stiff for a bit. So just lie there for about an hour and then I'll help you to the bathroom where you can undress and clean yourself up. I'm certainly not going to do it for you!' It was sound advice. I lay there on the cot, painfully flexing and bending my stiff arms and legs, but gradually they began to recover until I felt capable of standing up.

After a while Sally returned and said 'All right, let's see if we can get you to the bath room shall we?' I eased myself off the cot, and stood there unsteadily for a moment, holding onto the headboard for support. It was wonderful to be standing upright again. I took a step forward, and was glad to find it easier than I'd expected. Sally held my arm, and we went along the passage to the bathroom.

'Now then' said Sally as she unfastened the back of my baby frock and pulled it off over my head, 'You see those three large plastic bags there?' I looked at the bags resting on the floor in the corner.

'Yes' I said.

'Good. They're to put your dirty nappy and baby pants in. As I said, I'm not going to clean you up, you can do that yourself. As soon as I'm out of the room, Take them off and put them in one bag. Tie it shut and put it into another bag. Then put that one inside the last bag and tie that shut. That way we won't have any smells to contend with. Your botty is very messy I imagine, so use plenty of toilet paper to wipe yourself clean, put it in the toilet and flush it away. Then you can take a hot shower. No doubt you've been looking forward to that for several days.'

'When you've dried yourself off, give me a call and I'll see what I can do about that nappy rash. All right then, I'll leave you to it.' She went out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her, and I started to remove the baby pants. I pulled them down and put them in one of the bags. Then I unpinned the terry towel nappy, removed it, and put it in the bag. Suddenly the smell of my full nappy hit me, and I screwed up my nose. Phew! It was awful. I finally unfastened the tabs of the disposable nappy I'd used as a liner, and put it into the bag before quickly tying it shut. I put the bags one inside the other, and put them down on the floor.

The moment I started wiping my bottom clean I could feel how sore it was, so I wiped it very gently. But at last I was relatively clean, and I flushed the soiled paper down the toilet before stepping into the shower. I turned on the hot water, and gave a yelp of pain as the hot water hit my tender skin. I felt as if my bottom was on fire, and groaned as I soaped myself clean.

After a long and soaking shower, I dried myself down, gently dabbing my sore bottom dry. I turned to have a look at it in the mirror, and gasped. My bottom was scarlet with the effect of the nappy rash I'd acquired, and I rubbed it tenderly. It sure was painful.

I went to the bathroom door and called out to Sally that I was ready. She told me to come into our bedroom to dress, so I wrapped my towel around me and went along the passage to our room. Sally was there, and grinned as she said 'Better?'

'What do you think?' I said ruefully.

'How's your bottom? Sore?'

'Of course it is!' I retorted.

'Let me have a look. Bend over the side of the bed.'

I did as she said, and she gave a chuckle. 'My goodness' she said, 'You do have a classic case of nappy rash, don't you? Must be as sore as anything. Would you like me to put some ointment on it for you?'

'Yes please' I said, surprised at her concern. Sally took a tube of ointment out of a drawer, and removing the cap, she squeezed a generous portion into her hand. Putting the tube down, she said to me 'Right, just bend over and I'll rub it in.' I bent forward, resting my hands on the bed. Then she put her hand on my bottom and began to rub the ointment well in. In a few seconds a searing pain spread across my bottom, and I yelled in pain. Knowing her wicked sense of humour I should have suspected something. It wasn't soothing skin cream, but full strength deep heat ointment, and the pain brought tears to my eyes. Sally burst out laughing as I jumped up and desperately tried to rub off the ointment from my bottom, but that just made things worse. Still giggling, Sally gave me a cloth to wipe my hands as the pain subsided slightly, but I realized that I was going to have a very sore bottom for several days to come. 'That was fun' she chuckled, 'Don't worry, it won't last forever. Just a little souvenir from your week in a dirty nappy.'

'Well' she continued, 'I think we can say you've officially paid the penalty for cheating on me and I hope it's taught you a lesson. But take it as a final warning. If I ever find you trying to deceive me like that again, I'll make last week seem like a picnic. I may not be lucky enough to find that you've very conveniently trussed yourself up for me as happened this time, but with the aid of all those delightful photos I've now got stored in my computer and also Julie's computer as a back up, I'm sure it won't be difficult to make you co-operate.'

Horrified, I blurted out 'But that's blackmail!'

'No it isn't. Let's just call it coercion. Now get dressed and we'll have some breakfast.' She went downstairs to prepare breakfast, while I dressed myself in something decent for the first time in a week.

Breakfast was accompanied with a lively discussion on the justice of what Sally had done, but I could hardly argue with her that I'd deserved it. I'd blatantly disregarded her warning, and suffered the consequences. Besides, I knew that despite my horrendous experience of the previous week, I still wanted to continue with our mutual sessions of Sally tying me up as a baby or a little girl and being playfully teased and taunted. Some fantasies are just too strong to ignore or discard, and Sally was my only means of continuing to experience that fantasy.

So we continued living together and both enjoying our mutual pleasure, but after my week as a baby in the cot, I vowed never to get caught like that again.

Unfortunately, as somebody once said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and eventually my common sense deserted me again. A few weeks later, when Sally was away on a business trip, I started to indulge myself again, and was soon up to my old tricks. I got away with it for nearly a year, but inevitably, fate stepped in and I got caught in the act again. Sally's resulting punishment did indeed make my week in the cot seem like a picnic. But that's another story.



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