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A Warning Unheeded

Chapter 2

Just as it was getting light, I woke up with a gurgling sound coming from my bowels, and felt a movement within. Something was happening. As full daylight began to stream through the window, I began to moan and writhe against my restraints as the huge laxative overdose began to take its effect on me. Slowly but surely my bowel movements increased in frequency and intensity, and a grim determination not to let go overcame me. As the laxative worked towards its inevitable result, I tried to squeeze my buttocks tightly together, but because my legs were strapped wide apart, it was impossible.

After a little while, I heard the sound of Sue getting up, and a little while later she came into the room fully dressed with a battery powered electric razor in her hand. She put it down, lowered the side of the cot, and removing my blankets, inspected my restraints. They had done their work well, for she didn't have to tighten them.

'Right' she said, picking up the electric razor, 'We can't have our little baby girl with a six o'clock shadow can we? So each morning I'll give you a trim just to keep baby's skin nice and smooth.' She removed my baby bonnet and quickly shaved me before wiping down my face with a damp flannel, and I gave a small moan of pleasure which she deliberately interpreted as a baby noise.

'Did I hear baby moaning?' she said, smiling, 'Dear dear, that won't do. Obviously you want your dummy.' I watched in despair as she picked the dummy up, pushed it deep into my mouth, and tied it tightly in place with the securing ribbons. Then she replaced my bonnet, and I was once more humiliatingly silenced.

Another gurgle and movement in my bowels made me renew my struggles against my cot restraints, and Sue grinned with delight. She knew exactly what was happening, and began to giggle. 'Oh boy' she said, 'I knew this would be an effective punishment, but I didn't realize just how much fun it was going to be. Come on baby, let me see you fill your nappy like a good little girl.'

By now I was getting desperate as I felt the contents of my bowels creeping inexorably down towards my bottom. I heaved and groaned, but knew that I just couldn't hold on any more. With a sob of humiliation I finally let go, and a warm sticky flood gushed out and filled my nappy. It oozed into the wet terry toweling cloth, and I could hear it squelching around my bottom every time I moved. I was devastated with humiliation as Sally burst out laughing. 'Well well' she grinned, 'At last. How does that feel? Nice?' She clapped her hands with glee, and tears of mirth ran down her cheeks. 'Lovely' she laughed, 'Absolutely perfect. A completely helpless little baby girl waiting to have her nappy changed. Well I'm afraid baby's going to have to wait for several days before we're going to take off that nasty smelly nappy. And by then I'd say she'll have a monumental nappy rash she'll never forget. I reckon baby's bottom will be sore for at least a week, and there's nothing like a sore bottom to make you remember, is there? Now I'll go and get you your breakfast.' She gave a last little giggle, and went out of the room leaving me overwhelmed with humiliation as I felt the horrible mess oozing around my bottom inside my nappy and plastic baby pants. I was utterly mortified.

I lay there in the cot as helpless as an infant, and every time I tried to move I heard the rustle of my plastic baby pants, and the sticky muck squelching around my bottom reminded me of my stupidity in getting myself into this horrendous situation. I could hear Sally preparing my breakfast in the kitchen, and guessed it would be more of the same. I was right. After a little while she came into the room with a tray and set it down on the table next to me, just as she'd done the day before. She lowered the side of the cot, removed my bonnet and dummy, and proceeded to feed me again with exactly the same baby food as before,

'You'd better get used to this ' she grinned as she spooned the baby cereal into my mouth, 'Because it's the only food you're going to get until I release you. And that won't be for quite some time.' I groaned with despair, and she gave a chuckle. She was enjoying every minute of it, and with her sadistic inventiveness, I didn't want to think what else she had in store for me.

When my feed was over and I was once again dummied and bonneted, Sally bent over me and said 'Well I expect you've been wondering what other little treats I've got in store for you. I've had all night to think of a few, and believe me, I intend to enjoy myself at your expense. I'll teach you to cheat on me. So just to give you something to think about, I'm going to invite Julie and Sarah over this afternoon and show them my lovely little baby. Won't that be fun!'

I was horrified. Sally had never divulged my secret to anyone before, but now she was about to show me to her two closest friends. I was devastated, and gave a loud muffled 'Mmmmmph! Mmmmmmm! Nmmmmmmm!' as I squirmed and struggled against the cot restraints. I heaved myself from side to side, and strained with all my might against the straps, but it was hopeless, I couldn't move an inch.

Sally stood and watched this display of helpless frustration with a broad grin on her face and said 'Oh dear, doesn't ickle baby want to be admired by my friends? Well she's going to be. This afternoon. And she'll just have to hope that they won't tell anyone else, won't she?' She chuckled with undisguised amusement before picking up my breakfast tray and taking it out into the kitchen. I lay there with my heart pounding from both my exertions, and the dreadful prospect of being seen by Julie and Sarah. She couldn't. She wouldn't! But I knew she would, and I almost cried with the anticipated humiliation of it.

After a few minutes she came into the room, sat down next to me, and said 'Now then little girl, let's get this afternoon's entertainment underway shall we? Watch this.' She took out her mobile phone, and after punching in a number, she put it to her ear. After a brief pause she said 'Oh hi Julie, how's things? Are you free today? You are? Good, because I've got a lovely little treat in store for you. Can you come over this afternoon? Fine. Well in that case, can you give Sarah a call and we can all meet at Mario's for lunch first, and then you can both come back to my place and I'll show you what I've got. What is it? Never you mind, it's a surprise, and I guarantee you the laugh of a lifetime. OK, I'll see you at one o'clock. Great. Bye.'

She put her phone back in her pocket and grinned down at me. 'There we are' she said, 'All done. Now you can just lie there and look forward to being laughed at by the girls. That was part of your fantasy wasn't it? I think you'll find the real thing somewhat less enjoyable than the fantasy, and I can't wait to see you lying there in your nappy and baby frock with a dummy in your mouth, squirming with humiliation. Now I've got a few things to do, so I'll leave you to look forward to your next little torment. This is fun!' She gave a final chuckle and went out of the room.

Sally left me alone with my thoughts for a few hours, and all I could do was lay there helplessly, waiting for her afternoon's amusement at my expense. After a while she came into the room with her coat on and said 'Right, I'm off to meet the girls for lunch. A nice bit of wine and pasta, while all you'll be eating will be baby food. How delightful. Now you just lie there quietly and suck on your dummy, and I'll be back with the girls later. Byeee!' With a parting giggle she went out of the room, and a moment later I heard the front door slam shut. I was alone, waiting for the coming ordeal.

It seemed like an age that I lay there, occasionally straining fruitlessly against the cot restraints and gurgling into my dummy. My jaw was beginning to ache as the large rubber bulb filled my mouth and pressed down my tongue, but after a few attempts to push it out of my mouth, I soon realized that Sally had done an expert job of tying the securing ribbons, and the dummy remained firmly in place. I almost began to doze off, and then I suddenly heard the sound of girl's voices outside, and the front door being opened. 'Here we are' I heard Sally say, 'Hang your coats up and then come straight into the nursery.'

I turned my face towards the door, and a moment later Sally came in, followed by Julie and Sarah. They came over to the cot, and leaning on the side, looked down at me. I could tell they'd had a couple of glasses of wine, and had a feeling that they were game for anything at that moment. I looked up at them, half hoping that the girls wouldn't find it funny and demand that Sally release me, so I strained at my cot restraints and yelled a muffled 'Mmmmmph! Nmmmmg! Mmmmmm!' But with the mood they were in there was little hope of that. As I wriggled and squirmed and gurgled into my dummy, they simply burst out laughing, and giggled until the tears ran down their cheeks.

After a few minutes they wiped their eyes and Julie said 'Oh isn't she delightful! And I love the bonnet. What a cute little baby girl! A bit big perhaps, but very cute.' She burst out laughing again and Sarah added 'Isn't she gorgeous? She's got an amazing resemblance to Tommy, hasn't she?' Another round of laughter followed, and Sally said 'I thought you'd find it amusing. But somehow I don't think he does.'

'I'll bet he doesn't' said Julie, 'So what's it all about Sal? I mean he looks hilarious, but what's it all in aid of? Some kind of forfeit?'

'No it isn't' said Sally with a grin, 'It's actually a punishment.'

'Punishment? Well it sure is some kind of punishment. But why? What's he done?'

I lay there and blushed crimson as Sally told them everything about my liking for such things when it was all in fun, and how I'd betrayed her trust. When she'd told them just about everything, Julie looked down at me, smiled, and said 'My goodness, you have been a naughty little baby haven't you? Letting Sally down like that. Well in that case you deserve everything you get.' She grinned and said 'I must say it's an exquisite way of punishing him. Making him live through his fantasy, but in a way that will give him anything but pleasure. Yes I like that. Very appropriate. Well, knowing you Sally, I don't envy him the next few days.'

Turning to her she said 'How long are you going to keep him like this?'

'I haven't really decided yet. In the morning I'm going to ring his office and say he's got the flu and won't be in this week. I reckon something like a week in the cot should teach him a lesson he'll never forget.'

'A week!' said Sarah, 'A whole week as a baby in a cot? My word, you don't do things by halves do you Sal? I mean, what about him going to the toilet?'

Sally gave a wicked smile. 'What about it?'

'Well won't you have to untie him when he has to go to the toilet?'

'Silly girl. What do babies do when they want to go wee wees and poo poos?'

Sarah grinned as she realized what the answer was going to be. 'They do it in their nappies' she chuckled.

'Exactly. And this baby is no exception.' She lowered the side of the cot, and leaning over me she pulled up the hem of my baby frock. The girls looked at my nappy and plastic baby pants, and burst out giggling. 'So as you can see' added Sally, 'I don't have to release him to go to the toilet, do I?'

'But what about changing the nappy?' said Julia, 'That's not a job I'd fancy.'

'Who said anything about changing it?'

'But you can't leave him in a dirty nappy for a week! Can you?'

'Why not? It won't kill him.'

'No, but just think of the nappy rash he'll get with a full nappy next to his skin. It'll get horribly sore.'

'Exactly, that's all part of the punishment. Not only is it going to be horrendously humiliating for him to fill his nappy like a baby, but in a day or so he'll start to get a very painful bottom!' She pulled down the hem of my baby frock again and arranged it neatly. 'And I've devised a lovely way of guaranteeing that baby fills her nappy regularly' she added with a grin. 'I feed her three times a day with exactly the same baby food every time, well laced with laxatives. I give her a baby's bottle of formula regularly, and make sure she drinks enough water to guarantee a permanently wet nappy. Ingenious isn't it?'

'Well it's certainly that' grinned Julie, 'You are going to enjoy yourself, aren't you?'

'I sure am' chuckled Sally, 'And the lovely thing is that since I work from home nowadays I can baby sit him all day with no trouble at all.' Raising the side of the cot again she said 'Well we may as well go into the lounge and have coffee and a glass of port. Baby will be safe here until tea time. Would you like to feed her later?'

'Love to' laughed Julia. 'By the way, you can't really go on just calling her baby can you? How about giving her a name? A sweet little girl's name.'

'Now that's a good idea' said Sally, 'Any ideas?' There was a moment's silence and then Sarah said 'How about Emily? That has a nice ring to it.'

'Emily' said Sally. 'Oh yes I like that. OK then, for the next week she's Emily. Good choice.' She looked down at me and said 'There you are Emily, you've got a proper baby girl name. Now you just lie there and have your afternoon nap like a good little girl and we'll bring you your tea later. I'm sure you can guess what it will be, can't you?' I gave a muffled little whimper into my dummy, and she laughed.

The girls went out of the room, and I lay there helplessly while they relaxed in the lounge over a cup of coffee and a port. How I wished I could have been sitting there with them instead of being securely strapped into my cot dressed as a baby, feeling my full nappy squelching around my bottom. It was horrible. Oh well, I'd asked for it, and now I'd certainly got my comeuppance with a vengeance. I had to hand it to Sally, she certainly knew how to get her revenge.

After a couple of hours or so I heard the girls go into the kitchen, and judging by their laughter I assumed the subject of their amusement was me. After a short while they came into the nursery led by Sally carrying a tray. It was baby's tea time. She put the tray down, and lowering the side of the cot, unfastened my bonnet and removed my dummy. 'I have to take his dummy out to feed him of course' she explained, 'But don't worry, he won't say anything. I told him that if he so much as utters one word, I'll tie the dummy back in his mouth along with some nice yummy snails and bugs from the garden.'

'Oh yuck!' laughed Julie, 'Yes, well I can imagine that would guarantee his silence. My goodness Sally, you certainly have got him under your control, haven't you?'

'Sure have' said Sally, as she tied my baby's bib in place. 'OK Julie, off you go, you can feed baby Emily, and Sarah, you can give her the bottle.'

'Right' said Sarah with a grin.

Barely able to contain her mirth, Julie spooned the baby food into my mouth as she made cooing baby noises to me as one does when feeding an infant. The others giggled as she deliberately smeared a generous amount of the food around my mouth, which they found particularly amusing when it came to the chocolate mousse.

Suddenly Sally said 'Just a minute, I must get some photos of this.' My heart sank as she went to get her digital camera, and a few moments later my humiliation was being well recorded for posterity. 'This is great' she said as she zoomed in and out so as to show my face clearly, 'And I just realized that with these photos up my sleeve I can make him do just about anything. That is if he doesn't want me to email them to all sorts of people who I'm sure would find them amusing. His work mates for a start.' The girls grinned at the idea, and Sarah said 'What do you mean by making him do just about anything?'

'Well' grinned Sally, looking at the pictures she'd just taken, 'I can think of some wonderfully humiliating ways of punishing him if he doesn't behave himself from now on. For instance, I wouldn't mind dressing him up like this, strapping him into a pushchair, and then taking him out for a walk. That might be rather amusing.'

'Oh you wouldn't!' laughed Sarah.

'You want to bet?' chuckled Julie, 'I reckon she would. Well if you ever do it Sally, let me know and I'll be glad to help. I can just see us taking him shopping like that. It would be a scream.'

'Yes, well I'll only do it if he needs punishing again' said Sally, 'But I imagine it's within the bounds of possibility. Come to think of it, I might just do it for fun sometime anyway. Let's face it, by the time I've taken lots more photos of him during this week I'll have more than enough ammunition to ensure his co-operation.'

I'd been listening to this conversation with increasing horror. This was turning into a nightmare, except this was no dream. I shuddered to think what the future might hold.

Julie finished feeding me, and Sarah took over. She sat next to me, and pushing the teat of the baby bottle past my unresisting lips, she said 'Now come on Emily, drink your milk like a good little girl.' I had no choice but to suck at the baby bottle, much to the amusement of the girls, and I groaned when Sally fetched the large water bottle and made me empty that as well.

My feed over, Sally replaced my dummy and bonnet and pulled up the side of the cot. 'Well there we are' she said, 'That's baby's last feed for the day. Now let's go in the kitchen and I'll make us something for tea.' The girls looked down at me and giggled once more before they went out of the room and I was alone once more.

I lay there quietly, trying to make myself as comfortable as I could, and after a little while they returned with broad smiles on their faces. They came over to the cot and Sally said 'I think it's Emily's bed time, so let's tuck her in shall we?' She lowered the side of the cot and removed my bonnet and dummy. 'She won't make any noise' she said, 'Because she knows that it's the snails and dummy in the mouth treatment if she does.' She replaced my bonnet, laid the blankets over me, and tucked them in. Then she raised the side of the cot again, and the girls giggled as she said 'Nighty night baby Emily, sleep tight. Oh by the way, we're just going to go upstairs and have a look at some adult baby bondage websites and get a few ideas as to how to make this week as unforgettable as possible for you. I imagine there are some lovely ideas out there, so we'll see what they come up with. That should give you something to dream about.' And with a final giggle, the girls went out of the room.

I lay there in the darkness trying to drift off to sleep, and soon heard intermittent bouts of laughing and giggling coming from upstairs as the girls acquired some no doubt imaginative ideas for tormenting me. It was going to be quite a week.