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A Very Special Weekend

Part 10

“I have packed everything you’ll need, why don’t you kids go and enjoy your lunch”, Mrs. Riley said.

“You are too kind”, I responded. “Thank you for making lunch and especially thank you for this adorable dress you made me”, I said. “You are such an incredibly amazing person.” I again had this mysterious desire to kiss Na Na goodbye, as we were about to depart to enjoy ourselves. As I kissed her on the cheek, she gave me a pat on the bum as we set off for some fun.

Greg and I walked off hand in hand ready to spend some time together. Mrs. Riley’s additional layer of diapers made it somehow different to walk. The bulk didn’t allow me to keep my legs as close together as was normal, thus the extra diapers created somewhat of a less ladylike (almost a waddle) type of walk. Additionally, the bulk was very obvious between my legs. The diapers rubbed me just the right way. I attempted to pay attention to the scenery and Greg … and not on the sensations I was feeling (again).

Greg commented on my new attire. I also was very aware of both how this new dress felt as well as how adorably cute it was. Greg placed the pacifier between my lips as we continued to head towards the lake. As we neared the beach I observed the beauty once more. The dark green moss on the rocks and crawling up the trees, the leaves scattered on the ground and the sounds of bullfrogs and crickets in the distance. This was becoming so enjoyable to all of my senses. The fragrance, sounds and visuals were utterly amazing.

Greg spread out a quilt Mrs. Riley had packed and we rested, me lying in Greg’s lap as we had done most of the trip. The dress was so short it was hopeless for me to find a comfortable position that didn’t expose my diapered bum. The basket contained 2 bottles, some zip lock bags of fruits and one sandwich (assumingly for Greg). My meal looked to be a container of something that would have to be eaten with a spoon. Mrs. Riley also packed the bib and some cleansing towels. “She thought of everything”, I said to Greg. Hours past as we ate our picnic lunch and enjoyed each other’s company.

Greg asked me if I wanted to just float out on the water and I agreed that would be a splendid idea. Greg helped my get into the boat, but not without a pat on my bum. He rowed us out away from the shore and we nestled in each other arms, again exchanging few words. Greg’s soft touch was becoming a regular occurrence during our time we would spend quietly together… just observing the scenery and light conversation. Greg was rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb and I his shoulder while I contently sucked on my pacifier. My bladder was emptied twice during our outing that afternoon. Neither of us even made comment, I just let nature dampen my diapers with no hesitation and little thought.

Our emotions eventually got the best of us and we starting kissing. The boat was somewhat awkward to really get intimate. I fondled Greg as we kissed. Greg returned my efforts with him rubbing my plastic panties. I didn’t want to harm my dress, so I was very cautious. We both decided that the shore might be more appropriate for intimacy. Greg rowed us ashore and we laid on the quit kissing each other with tremendous infatuation. Greg messaged my plastic panties in that special way, sending me into ecstasy. He knew exactly where and how to make me lose my senses. I returned his efforts by satisfying him orally.

The afternoon passed too quickly and we decided to head back towards our cabin. I really didn’t want to encounter Charley again, so returning before dusk was important to me. As we headed towards our cabin, Jake welcomed us back

“I hope you kids enjoyed your day”, he said. “Very much so”, I replied (after I removed my pacifier).

“Mrs. Riley tells me that Greg wants to go fishing in the morning, I’d enjoy the company”, Jake said.

“I’m looking forward to it”, Greg told Jake.

“I really enjoy it. I have a spare of everything you’ll need”, Jake said. “There’s a chill in the air this evening, dress warm”, he continued. Me and the Mrs. are gunna sit by the fire if you kids wanna stop by, you are welcome.”

“That sounds great”, Greg responded. “Maybe a little after we eat supper”. Mrs. Riley poked her head out the door of their cabin and waved. “Hi kids, I hope you enjoyed your day”.

“We did”, I replied. “Thank you so much for the picnic basket, everything was just perfect.”

Greg and I entered the cabin. Our dinner was warming on the stove. “That woman is spoiling us”, I commented. “Yea, and I don’t mind one bit”, Greg replied.

Greg immediately placed the changing pad on the bed knowing I was soaked. He lifted my dress as he gently helped me lay back on the bed removing my plastic panties and diapers. Greg cleansed me, oiled and powdered me and pinned on 3 diapers followed by pastel plastic panties then carried me to the highchair. After tying on my bib he locked the tray in place and started to serve dinner. Mrs. Riley had prepared this luscious scented stew. I had my usual plate with no utensils and a bottle of warmed milk, while Greg had a large portion and a beer. We ate every morsel of the scrumptious supper.

Greg cleaned up the dishes and we headed off towards the Riley’s cabin. Both the Riley’s greeted us as we approached. As we entered the cabin we were equally amazed at how well decorated the cabin was. Definitely a country look with incredible antique furniture. In addition to what would expect to find in a typical home was similar antique baby furniture that was very comparable to what we had in our cabin. In addition to the crib and highchair that we had was a changing table and playpen. Both equally handcrafted and in good repair. My eyes widened as I viewed the furniture, however, I did not acknowledge them. Greg pinched my bum letting me know he had seen them (and probably was enjoying what was obviously going to happen in the near future).

We sat on an oversized upholstered couch near the fire. The fireplace was humungous and warm. Greg and I cuddled on the sofa as Mrs. Riley walked over handing me a bottle. She removed my pacifier and placed the bottle to my lips. I was enjoying the attention, no doubt, however, Mrs. Riley’s ability to talk around me was obvious. She acted as if I was transparent. She acted as if I was a toddler and not able to grasp the conversation. The Riley’s and Greg conversed while I sucked the warm fluid from my bottle. I guess I had drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to Mrs. Riley telling Greg that she would come get me early in the morning when Jake and he went fishing. “I’m sure you both had a big day and want to get some sleep”, she told us. Greg and I thanked the Riley’s as Mrs. Riley took my bottle, replaced it with my pacifier while slipping her fingers under the elastic of my plastic panties. Greg carried me back to our cabin, removed my beautiful dress and slipped me into a short pink nightie. This time he laid me in the big bed. Greg stripped down to his briefs and covered us both with the hand-stitched quilt. We almost immediately fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It was still very dark when I heard Greg waking me. “We’re going now”, he whispered. Greg gently kissed me on the cheek as he headed out the door to go fishing. Mrs. Riley covered me with a blanket then picked me up cupping her hands under my diapers and carried me back to her cabin. I was half asleep and lethargic as Mrs. Riley carried me towards the cabin. About midway back to the cabin I felt the warm liquid moisten my diapers. Mrs. Riley placed me in her crib and covered me as I dozed back off to sleep.

I awoke with the urge to empty my bladder (and I did). Mrs. Riley noticed I was awake and said, “Good morning princess” with a warm smile on her face. “Good morning Na Na”, I responded through my pacifier. Somewhere yesterday afternoon or last night, I must have inflamed my allergies. My nose was running. Mrs. Riley picked up on my condition and wiped my nose and upper lip. “Thanks”, I said. “Let’s get you showered”, she recommended. Mrs. Riley released the side rails and lifted me to the changing table. She removed my nightie, plastic panties and diapers and then carried me to the washroom. She ran and tested the water and then helped me into the shower. Once I was wet she lathered and washed me and shampooed my hair and then rinsed me.

“All clean”, she announced as she dried me off thoroughly. She covered me with the oversized towel and carried me to the changing table. She reinserted my pacifier in my mouth and proceeded to oil and powder me. The diapers and plastic panties she had washed from my diaper pail were neatly folded on the shelves of the changing table. There were additional diapers as well. Mrs. Riley picked one of the new diapers. These were very different than the ones I had purchased. These diapers were flat and VERY thick, perhaps equivalent to 3 or maybe four of the type I had originally purchased. Mrs. Riley tightly pinned her new diapers on my bum and covered them with pastel yellow plastic panties. The new diapers were so soft and comfy, almost like wearing a cloud, but very bulky. She then reached for a garment from a hanger in the closet near the changing table. She started to snap the outfit free of wrinkles as I saw this most adorable peach feminine bubble romper made of cotton with an intricate heart and flower embroidery on front and detailing on edges of collar as well as a snap crotch. The romper was sewn "heirloom style" across the waist with rows of delicate French lace at the leg openings, also across the bum.

“OMG, that is too adorable”, I blurted out. “It’s beautiful!”

“I made that for you yesterday”, she told me. “I thought you’d like it”, she said. “Here, let’s try it on”, she said.

She placed the leg opening at my right foot as I held her shoulders for balance, next came the left and then she slip the bubble panty up over my plastic panties. She slipped on a lap shoulder white tee (the stitching was peach to match the romper) and then carried the ruffled straps of the romper over my shoulders, crisscrossed them in the back and fastened them to the panty part of the rompers. Like the dress she had sewn for me yesterday, I could not remove this romper by myself. Everything fastened in the back. I turned and hugged Mrs. Riley for her again outstanding efforts. “You are the best!” I exclaimed.

”Thank you”, she replied as she led me over to the playpen. “Let’s get you situated, I’ll bring you back a bottle to keep you content. That way I can attend to a few chores I need to do.” she told me. She slipped matching booties on my feet then lifting me into this large oversized playpen. I just sat there in a confused state as she returned with a bottle and helped me lay back as she inserted the nipple in my mouth. She also handed me a teddy bear that was one of the many toys inside the playpen. “There, that will hold you”, she proclaimed. As I was sucking on the nipple my nose continued to run.

I snapped!