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A Very Special Weekend

Part 11

I just sat there in a confused state as she returned with a bottle and helped me lay back as she inserted the nipple in my mouth. She also handed me a teddy bear that was one of the many toys inside the playpen. “There, that will hold you”, she proclaimed. As I was sucking on the nipple my nose continued to run.

I snapped!

I started crying uncontrollably. I threw the bottle out of the playpen and it hit a picture on the wall causing it to plummet to the floor and shatter. I stood up in the playpen and started to climb out. The combinations of my state of mind, the bulk of my diapers and the height of the oversized playpen didn’t allow me to reach the floor as I had anticipated. I fell abruptly on the floor now bawling louder and more frantically. Mrs. Riley came running to help me as I lay on the hardwood floor out of control. She gently rubbed my shoulders as I pushed her hand away whining “I have had enough!”

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” Mrs. Riley asked.

“Greg asked me to wear diapers for him this weekend, I didn’t think that I would be sleeping in cribs and being fed and being treated like a baby and have mucus running down my face”, I babbled back in a raised tone of voice. “I don’t know what I expected, but surely not this!” I whined.

“Awe, your poor thing, that’s a lot of ‘ands’ ”, Mrs. Riley said with compassion.

Mrs. Riley commented, “I really didn’t know how this all came about … and I felt it was none of my business. I just saw you two and assumed that your behavior was something usual”.

“NO, IT’S NOT USUAL” I screamed back at her.

“And now I’ve messed myself for the second time”, I cried out while slapping the floor with my hands laying face down on the floorboards.

“Just tell me what I can do”, Mrs. Riley asked with hesitation in her voice.

“You can leave me alone, that’s what you can do”, I screamed back to her.

Mrs. Riley left the cabin while I continued my crying tantrum. I heard the door slam as I lay there in my pathetic state. After a long while I kind of pulled myself together and walked over to the changing table for the diaper wipes, I unsnapped the romper, slid my plastic panties down, removed my diaper and attempted to clean myself up. My BM was all over everything, my clothes, the floor, the changing table, and me; not able to clean up the mess I fell to the floor and cried some more while my nose continued to run.

“Mrs. Riley, will you come help me?” I pleaded.

“Not until you calm down, girl”, she replied.

“I am sorry, I need your help, PLEASE”, I begged in a whiny tone.

Mrs. Riley entered her cabin with a look of disappointment on her face. “Tell me what’s the matter, princess”, she requested.

“I made a mess and I can’t get myself cleaned up”, I replied.

“I thought you were a big girl and didn’t need any help? she rebutted.

“Tell me why you are in such a mood? she questioned.

“I didn’t expect this all to go so far”, I replied.

“What to go so far?” She asked.

“Being treated like baby”, I replied.

“Then why have you been parading around the grounds dressed in diapers, sucking on a pacifier and sleeping in a crib?” She questioned.

“Because Greg asked me to”, I responded.

“And anything Greg asks you to do, you do? She asked.

“No, not at all”, I replied. This was supposed to be a special weekend for him. I told him I would wear diapers”, I said.

“And? Mrs. Riley questioned.

“And I have, and done other juvenile things too!” I said.

“And? Mrs. Riley asked.

“And .. and .. and, I don’t know”, I replied.

“What is it you expect me to do?” Mrs. Riley asked.

“Help me get cleaned up”, I answered back.

“Do you have panties in your cabin?” she asked.

“NO, I didn’t bring any panties”, I said.

“I see”, Mrs. Riley said. “And what exactly am I to help you change into then, my dear?” she asked.

“I have no clue, anything but these messy diapers”, I replied.

“I need you to help me understand how you would drive all the way up here with an entire wardrobe of baby things and expect to be treated different than the baby you portray so well?” she asked.

I had no answer, just a ridiculous look on my face.

“So, do you love him?” she asked.

“Greg? .. yes”, I answered.

“I would have guessed that by all your efforts”, she stated. “And you felt nothing but frustration this entire time you’ve been treated as a baby?” she asked.

“NO, I have enjoyed the feelings and attention”… I paused thinking of what I was saying.

“So which is it? You do enjoy the attention or you don’t?” She asked.

“I do but….” I was without words and confused.

“Kristen, dear, I think you did this because you knew Greg would appreciate it”, correct?

“Yes”, I replied.

“And, you obviously devoted a lot of time preparing for it, right?” She asked.

“Yes”, was my answer.

“And you have felt extra attention and perhaps stimulated by all of this?”, She questioned.

“Yes, but….” I stuttered.

“Well then, tell me exactly how I can help you?”, she responded.

“You can help me understand my feelings” I sobbed.

“Will you let me clean you up and we can discuss what you’re feeling without anymore grumpiness?”, she asked.

“Okay”, I replied, while I was looking at the ground feeling miserable.

“Let’s get you spick and span then and we can sit and discuss your situation, I need you on the changing table, it’s easier on my back then bending over”, she said.

“Okay”, I replied as I stood up and let her place me on the changing table so she could get me freshened up.

Mrs. Riley started the disgusting chore of cleaning the mess I had made and was asking me a zillion questions trying to understand what I was thinking as well as helping me understand what I was feeling and why I was feeling this way. After she had all of my dirty clothes in the washing machine and had me all spotless, she pulled a tee from the changing table, handed it to me and I pulled it on. She walked me over to the couch, placed a changing mat on the couch and me on the changing mat, she covered me with a quilt, handed me a box of tissues for my nose, sat in her chair and continued helping me sort things out. After hours of sharing my thoughts with her, she explained back to me all the emotions I had just affirmed. She told me it was very obvious that my greatest difficulty was just the transition from my usual daily routine and adjusting to so many new changes in such a short time.

“Well … were do we go from here?”, She asked.

“I guess I’m committed to Greg and I’ll stay with the plan”, I responded.

“You guess or you are?”, she asked

“I am”, was my reply

You are sure?”, she asked.

“Yes … I’m fine with it now, especially after our being able to talk through it all.” I said.

“No more whining, crying and tantrums? She asked.

“No. I’m very sorry. I really was acting like a two year old. I’m ready for diapers”, I told her.

“Look me straight in the eyes and tell me what you really want”, She demanded.

“I want to wear diapers”, I told her.

“That doesn’t sound too convincing”, she told me.

“NO… I really am”, I convincingly said.

She went to the playpen and retrieved my pacifier, came over and gave me a hug and asked, “one last time, you are okay with this?”

“Yes”, I replied.

She placed the pacifier between my lips and then asked me to go to the changing table. I decided I would show her I really was ready to continue on with my promise to Greg and ‘crawled’ over to the changing table. Mrs. Riley lifted me on the changing table and went through her routine of diapering me. Her new bulky diapers were again tightly pinned to my bum and the now dry yellow plastic panties followed, as did the romper (all just out of the dryer). I just contently sucked on the pacifier as Mrs. Riley got me redressed. After our very long conversation and my childish venting, I had a new point of view about accepting diapers.

“Thank you Na Na”, I said.

“You’re very welcome, princess”, she replied.

“Let’s try a bottle and the playpen again, shall we?” she asked.

“Okay”, I replied. “I promise I’ll behave from now on. I’m very sorry”, I told her.

In a matter of minutes I was back in the playpen, dressed in my new adorable romper and sucking on my bottle, this time with a gleam in my eye. I had accepted my role and accepted what was expected of me acting like baby girl Kristen.

About half way through my bottle the boys returned from their trip. Jake and Greg entered the room with a string full of fish. “Cute outfit”, Greg said to me as he leaned over, patted my bum and blew me a kiss. “Thank you”, I responded.