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A Very Special Weekend

Part 9 - Day 2

I woke up the next morning feeling amazingly wonderful. I remembered most of last night vividly in my head except the last hour or so. I’m pretty sure Greg had brought me to another exhilarating climax and I kind of remember feeling warm fluids fill my diaper as I was drifting off to sleep.

“Good morning sleepyhead”, Greg whispered in a very joyful voice as he watched me stretch. My bladder ached as I emptied it into my diapers without hesitation.

“I can’t believe what happened last night”, I said. “And I can’t believe how Mrs. Riley has adopted me, that is too weird”.

“I think she’s making us breakfast”, Greg replied.

“I can’t believe her, why is she doing this?’ I asked.

“She really likes you, don’t be so negative about the attention”, said Greg.

“So you want me to just let her pretend I’m her Grandchild?” I asked.

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind that one bit”, Greg responded.

“Well, if that’s really what you want. I promised this would be a weekend you would remember forever”, I said with uncertainty in my voice.

“It’s really what you feel comfortable with. I don’t want to force you into anything that you sincerely don’t want to do”, Greg told me.

“You really want me too, I can see it in your eyes”, I said.

A knock came at the door and I heard Mrs. Riley’s voice asking if we were decent and if she could come in. Greg looked me in the eyes and said, “It’s entirely up to you. You can say no, I won’t be upset at all.” “It’s fine, just let her in. But you know that she will be intruding in on our time, and you’re okay with that?” I asked. “No she won’t. We will be out enjoying this place, it really shouldn’t be that bad”, Greg said. “Okay, Let Na Na in then”, I said. Greg kissed his fingers and placed them on my lips. “Thank you” he said with the most thrilled tone of voice.

Greg opened the door for Mrs. Riley. She really had prepared us breakfast. She had a tray with a red checked cover over it. It smelled scrumptious. “Good morning Greg, good morning Kristen. How did we sleep last night? she asked. “Wonderfully, I replied. “That’s good dearie”, Mrs. Riley said. “I made you breakfast. I know you think I’m going a little overboard, but I adore the both of you and I wanted to make this weekend very extraordinary for you, especially after what happened to you poor dears last night.

“That was too scary”, I said to Mrs. Riley. She placed her food tray on the counter and walked over to the crib while replying, “I’ll bet it was” as she slid her fingers under the elastic in my plastic panties. There I lay, in a crib with soaking wet diapers and plastic panties covering my bottom and nothing more that a flimsy tee on my top wondering what had I gotten myself into. With not a comment that I had obviously slept in the crib and was in wet diapers, Mrs. Riley lowered the side rail of the crib and picked me up. My feet never touched the ground as she placed me in the high chair, attached my bib, slid on the tray and pulled the high chair to the table. It was like this was a daily occurrence for her (and I was guessing is was going to be for me as well).

Mrs. Riley grabbed one of the bottles from the drying rack along side the sink. “What does she drink in the morning? She asked Greg. “It’s in the upper right of the cabinet”, he replied. “Okay.. Got it”, she said as she filled the bottle with a powder and then some water and pulled a pan from the lower cabinet to warm it with. She filled the pot with water and then started to prepare our breakfast she had brought for us.

“What’s in the bottle?” I asked as she overlooked my questions and told me how I was going to enjoy breakfast. “Three eggs or four?” she asked Greg, as he was pulling up the chair next to me ready to eat. “Four, please”, Greg, replied. Mrs. Riley placed a plate of eggs, bacon and homemade muffins in front of Greg. She then started to cut up my meal into minute pieces. She put a large glass of orange juice by Greg and a now warmed bottle of something by me. I asked Mrs. Riley if she treated all of her quest with this kind of attention. She replied, “No. No .. I seldom spend time with quest unless they ask. There is just something special about you and Greg, Kristen”, she replied as she sat along side the highchair and placed my breakfast on the tray. Greg was moaning with pleasure as he was eating his breakfast. Mrs. Riley started to spoon feed me mine.

“This is excellent”, Greg said. “Why thank you”, Mrs. Riley responded. “I was up most of the night”, Mrs. Riley said. “Really?” Greg questioned. “Because of Charley?” I asked. “No, not at all. I was very busy with a project. Perhaps I’ll show you mid day”, She said. “Okay”, I replied somewhat puzzled as to her statement. “This is an awesome breakfast”, I said. “Do you make this every day?” I asked. “Somewhat regularly”, she replied. As Greg and I finished breakfast, Mrs. Riley wiped my face and hands with a dishtowel. She unlatched the tray, picked me up and grabbed the bottle heading for the rocking chair as she did last night. She got herself comfortable and then nestled me in her arms and proceeded to feed me my bottle.

“Greg, what does she have to wear today?” Mrs. Riley asked. Greg showed her a few tops that I had hanging in the closet. “The white one with the lace trim is darling, leave that out please”, she said. Greg pulled out some kaki shorts for me to wear. “Oh no, those just won’t do. Don’t you have something flowery for her to wear?” She asked. Greg showered her a few things I had brought and she chose a black flip mini skirt with a pale pink floral design.

I laid there in a daze thinking ‘this woman has taken control of my life. She’s choosing my close and feeding me a bottle of something and she won’t even tell me what’s in it.’ Mrs. Riley looked me in the eyes while I was sucking my bottle and said, “you have the most beautiful eyes Kristen, Greg you are one very lucky guy.” “Oh, I know”, he replied. How could I think badly of such a sweet person?; I was thinking. She really does seem to care.

After I had finished my bottle Mrs. Riley carried me to the bed. She leaned over to the crib, grabbed my pacifier, placed it between my lips and started her task of cleaning and rediapering me. Off came my plastic panties and wet diapers and into the diaper pail they went. She was very thorough with making sure my bottom region was hygienically clean. Once again she lotioned, powdered and clipped the diaper pins on a snug fitted diaper and pulled my plastic panties into place. She sat me up on the bed removing my top. A light touch of deodorant and she pulled my white top she had chosen over my head and tugged it down to the top of my plastic panties. As he slipped my skirt up she commented, “this is a cute outfit, you have wonderful taste, dearie?”

Next she fixed my hair in a high ponytail and combed my hair to give me bangs. I haven’t worn bangs since I was in school. With lace anklet’s and my tennis, I was dressed for the morning. “Greg, would you carry the diaper pail to the cart outside the door please, Hun?, she asked.

“Sure will”, he replied.

“Oh you don’t need to wash that smelly stuff”, I said.

“It’s no problem, I have wash to do today. A few more items wouldn’t be a bother … really” she replied.

She kissed me on the forehead and said, “Okay, you two go enjoy yourself this morning. I’ll have a lunch basket all ready for you about 11:30 if that’s okay with you?”

“Oh, that’s too much”, I responded. “

Not in the least.. I insist,” she said.

“Alrighty then, I acknowledged. “As long as you’re okay with all the extra work”, I said.

We all left the cabin. “Bye Na Na”, I said. “Bye-bye pretty Kristen”, she waved.

Greg and I headed for the lake while Mrs. Riley wheeled her cart back to their cabin. I removed the pacifier from my mouth and asked, “Okay, explain to me why I am enjoying this?” I was almost skipping down the trail.

“I have tried to explain to you many times that this can be so exciting”, Greg answered.

“Tell me deep down that it isn’t a little exciting and it doesn’t feel great”, he said.

“I’ll have to admit I haven’t felt this much attention in a long time”, I said. “Actually, I do enjoy it I guess. I’m not sure why … and at times I feel naughty acting like this. It’s all just so confusing, so much has happened so fast”.

“Don’t feel guilty about the taboos in the world. Just kick bad and let it happen. Enjoy it … and at any time you feel uncomfortable or want to stop, just say so and we will”, Greg said.

Greg was so sincere with his thoughts and remarks. I knew he meant every word he said. That I could, at any time discontinue my charade and he wouldn’t be upset. The gleam in his eyes and the happy nature of Greg just lured me deeper into his fantasy. I really had no intention of stopping this weekend. It was too sensual and exciting for us both. Every time I thought I had encountered pretty much everything. Something else would slip into our day that made this experience even more intriguing.

We again found ourselves in what was becoming our favorite spot overlooking the lake. We just lay in each other’s arms enjoying the surroundings. Once more, I was contently sucking the pacifier not remembering when or how it ended up between my lips. We spent most of the morning just staring at the beauty we were immersed in and talking about all that had happened and sharing our inner most feelings. We eventually started walking. We noticed a trail that took us deeper into the wooded area and followed it aimlessly just looking at all the sites. It was getting near lunch and Greg made sure we were heading in the direction of the cabin. My bladder was telling me I had to wet but my mind ignored it as I flooded my diapers not missing a step. I must have made some sort of sound because Greg commented how erotic it was knowing I was wetting my diapers.

As we neared the cabin I was in shock too see my diapers and plastic panties hanging from The Riley’s clothesline. “OMG!” I said as we entered the immediate camp area. “It looks like Mrs. Riley is almost done with your laundry”, Greg teased.

“Greg .. Kristen”, Mrs. Riley called.

“Yes Na Na”, I replied.

“I have your lunch all packed when you are ready, just come over and pick it up please”, she said.

“Okay, be there shortly”, Greg replied.

“I haven’t seen Jake all morning”, I commented to Greg. “Maybe the bear got him”, Greg sarcastically replied. I responded with a jab to his tummy. “That’s not even funny”, I said. Greg just laughed off my attack as harmless (which it was). Greg told me he was going the Riley’s cabin to get our basket for our lunch excursion and for me “to wait in the cabin …like a good girl”. I just gave him my fake smile and pushed him out the door.

I heard Greg returning and it sounded like Mrs. Riley as well. Greg placed the lunch basket on the front porch and entered the cabin. Behind him Mrs. Riley entered with something in her hand. She pulled a soft pink gingham dress from behind the door. It had ruffles everywhere! The old-fashioned style pastel pink gingham checked skirt was overprinted with white hand embroidered eyelet flowers. The neckline, sleeves and attached cotton petticoat were all edged with openwork white eyelet trim. Keeping the full skirt puffed out were two layers of sparkly pink bridal tulle, which was also used to keep the “pouf” in the gathered sleeves. The toddler-style raised waist was trimmed with a smocked and ruffled trim topped off by a delicately embroidered tulip-motif ribbon. The bodice was appliquéd with a trio of red and pink tulips accented by stems and leaves. Fourteen pink paralyzed oval buttons closed the back and the attached sash was long enough to make a generous double bow.

“Kristen, I was up a good part of the night sewing this for you. I hope you like it.” Mrs. Riley said.

“Oh, it is so beautiful”, I told Mrs. Riley.

She hung the dress on the door and walked over to check my diaper. Let’s get you changed so you can go enjoy your lunch. Mrs. Riley removed my skirt and placed me once again in my usual position for a diaper change. I was really becoming to enjoy her gentle touch and the dry comfort of fresh diapers. After she cleaned me up, oiled and powdered me, she again tightly pinned my diapers on, however this time she pinned on 3 diapers instead of the two I usually wore. Mrs. Riley pulled up my plastic panties and made sure I wouldn’t leak by adjusting the fit.

She reached for the panties from the ensemble she had created last night. She placed the most adorable rhumba panties over my plastic pants. The fabric was so soft and the endless rows of lace on the bum were so adorable. Next she slipped the custom made dress over my head and helped me slip my arms through the sleeves. Mrs. Riley buttoned up the fourteen buttons up the back and fluffed the dress so it hung evenly on me. “Oh .. don’t you look just darling in that dress” she proudly announced. “Doesn’t she?” she asked Greg. “It’s perfect!” Greg replied.

Mrs. Riley attached the pacifier to a clip she had sewn into the dress. Lastly, she tied a pink ribbon in my hair made of the same fabric that was part of my new dress. ‘She’s thought of everything’ I was thinking as I admired the perfection in her work. I turned and gave Mrs. Riley the biggest hug for her efforts. “This is so amazingly beautiful”, I said. “I can’t believe you spent all that time making ME such a darling dress.”

You are worth every minute Princess”, she replied. I had no doubts that my ruffled bum was in view for Greg as I had placed my arms over the shoulders of Mrs. Riley. He watched us exchange hugs (and I’m sure that he was enjoying the view).

“I haven’t seen Jake all morning”, Greg commented. “Oh, he’s been fishing all morning”, Mrs. Riley advised us. Maybe Jake and you can go fishing in the morning. I’d be more than happy to sit for Kristen if that’s okay?” Greg looked towards me for approval. “Sure, that would be just fine”, I offered. Greg kissed my cheek and said, “Thank you.”

“I have packed everything you’ll need, why don’t you kids go and enjoy your lunch”, Mrs. Riley said. “You are too kind”, I responded. “Thank you for making lunch and especially thank you for this adorable dress you made me”, I said. “You are such an incredibly amazing person.”


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