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A Very Special Weekend

Part 8

As we neared the cabin I heard a low grumbling noise from the nearby trees. The branches of the bushes near us were rustling and it sounded like some were snapping. Greg and I froze in our tracks. Greg pointed the flashlight towards the sounds as we saw this enormous silhouette covered with fur just a few feet away from us. It was very tall and looked to be standing on its hind legs. It appeared to have teeth big enough to devourer us with a single bite. I screamed at the top of my lungs as Greg quickly leaped back. During Greg’s attempt to gain distance from the dark furry beast, he accidentally knocked me on my bum. Greg turned off the flashlight hoping not to attract the thing to us whispering and motioning me to keep quiet. I was in utter panic that harm was to come of us both. I sat there on the ground in terror… crying but attempting not to make a sound.

Greg planted himself to fend off the attack of the beast. He hovered over me to protect me. “CHARLEY … get back,” a voice yelled from behind the hairy creature. The animal quickly fell on all fours and scurried away from us. Jake appeared from the bushes and asked us if we were okay. “What the heck was that?” Greg asked in a scared but under control voice. “Oh … that’s Charley … he’s been hanging around these woods for years .. He’s harmless,” responded Jake. “I haven’t seen Charley around for a few weeks and never thought to caution you about him. I’m very sorry”, said Jake. I rambled unrecognizable slurred speech attempting to explain to Jake what had just happened.

Another flashlight was coming towards us from the direction of the cabins. “Is everybody okay?” She said. “Well… missy here seems a little shook up, Charley just put a little scare into the kids”, Replied Jake. The woman grew closer. “I am so sorry” she said, “Jake should have told you about Charley. He’s as harmless as they come but his size can sure scare you if you don’t know about him. I’m Mrs. Riley, Jakes wife.”

I sat there on the ground babbling and now crying from the incident. “There .. there honey, everything is just fine. I can imagine that Charley frightened you both. I’m very sorry.” She knelt down beside me and hugged my shaking body. Mrs. Riley was a large framed lady with her hair up in a bun. She looked like a twin to Aunt Bea from Andy Of Mayberry, (the clothes and all). Mrs. Riley attempted to help me gain my composure along with helping me to my feet. Greg and Jake helped as well. “Let’s just get you back to your cabin and freshened up. I have the most scrumptious apple pie and some apple cider I’d like you offer you. It will help you calm down” she said.

With Mrs. Riley on my left and Greg on my right holding me close, I was led back to our cabin. Jake was in front of us guiding us safely back to the cabin. It was at that moment that I realized my diapers were soaked and soiled. I must have lost all control during our encounter. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed. As we approached our cabin door Mrs. Riley said, “why don’t we just freshen up? “WE” I though? “Jake, fetch the pie and cider while these kids settle down.” Greg and Mrs. Riley helped me to the chair in our cabin. I was so humiliated. Although our cabin was neat and tidy, the Juvenile apparel I had so carefully picked out was in obvious view all around the room (as well as my bottles).

“Dear, let’s get you into a clean change”, Mrs. Riley said. I looked into her eyes in disbelief. I’m not sure if I was still in shock from the scare or just mesmerized by the idea that this woman intended on changing my diapers, but I just followed her lead as if I had been hypnotized. I looked over at Greg as he shrugged his shoulders not knowing how to deal with her actions as well. She placed the changing pad on the bed, lowed me on the pad and went to the kitchen filling a mixing bowl with warm water. Mrs. Riley returned with the bowl and a washrag. “It’s okay dearie, I’ve changed many a diaper in my lifetime. You just lay still and let Na Na get you all cleaned up.” “Na Na is what my grandchildren call me”, Mrs. Riley told me. Her touch was soft and caring. I could see she meant no harm and had no ill thoughts of my attire or that was she the least bit apprehensive of changing my wet and messy diapers.

Mrs. Riley carefully removed my print plastic panties and started to unpin my diapers. She removed my diapers and cleaned my bottom area with a skill only a grandmother would have. She asked Greg to fetch her some fresh diapers and plastic panties as she concentrated to be sure I was cleaned up. I felt almost paralyzed as she lifted my hips and centered the diapers under my bum. After applying lotion and powder, she pinned my diapers tightly with the diaper pins and then slid the plastic panties over my feet and up to my knees. She again lifted my bum to pull the panties up and made sure the diapers were completely covered by the plastic panties. (at least Greg had brought plain pastel pink plastic panties and not my fancy or printed ones).

“Okay … there ya go sweetie. Clean and dry.” Mrs. Riley took my dirty diapers into the rest room and rinced them out in the toilet. Returning to the room, she placed them in the garbage pail we were using as a diaper pail. Neither Greg nor I had said a single word since we had reentered the cabin. Jake knocked on the door as he entered the cabin with a tray containing the pie and a jug, which had to be the cider. The aroma of the pie smelled yummy.

Mrs. Riley told us that because of the incident with Charley she would refund all of our money as well as give us a free weekend anytime we could find the time to return. She felt that it was only fair to show us that our comfort and enjoyment of the camp was more important than the money. “If we can’t have happy customers, we wouldn’t have dedicated our lives to this place” she stated. “That includes your food and beverages and I’ll be by in the morning to wash the contents of the diaper pail, and I won’t take no for an answer. It’s the least I can do for you after what you’ve been through.”

Mrs. Riley picked up the bib from the high chair and started to put the bib around my neck as I flinched to her approach. “I can only assume all of these things are here for a reason” she stated as she pushed my hands away with her wrist and continued to tie the bib on me. She lifted me into the high chair like I was a rag doll and proceeded to lock the tray. Mrs. Riley brought over the pie to the table and asked Greg to fill the 3 glasses with cider. ‘Wait, there are four of us here I was thinking to myself.’ Mrs. Riley answered my confusion with the bottle she was holding for Greg to fill next.

Mrs. Riley sat in the chair next to me and took my hand. Jake took Greg’s and they both lowered their heads. Mrs. Riley asked, “Greg, could you please hold … what’s your name dear?” she asked as she looked towards me. “Kristen”, I replied. “Oh, what a darling name, now Greg, hold Kristen’s hand so we can give thanks for our food”. We all bowed our heads as Mrs. Riley blessed our food in prayer. “Amen”, we all responded to when she had ended.

Mrs. Riley put a small portion of pie on a spoon and started to feed me. I’m sure the look of shock on my face was priceless. She rambled about how she enjoyed cooking and that most of her recipes were in the family for years. ‘OH NO, she’s worse than Jake’ I was thinking to myself. Mrs. Riley continued to spoon-feed me as she and Jake took charge of the conversation. Greg seldom had any chance to respond with the two of them controlling the conversation. And I was not sure if I was allowed to be involved in the discussion. I just took each spoonful Mrs. Riley placed to my lips. When I had finished, Mrs. Riley cleaned my face and hands then removed me from the high chair and carried me over to the rocking chair. Nestling me in her arms, she placed my bottle to my lips and I started to suck on the nipple. She never missed a beat. She just continued to talk about everything under the sun, feeding me my bottle as if I was one of her grand children.

“Good girl .. You drank it all”. “Well … we’ll let you kids get some rest” as she picked me up gave me a big hug and kissed me on the forehead. “Goodnight Greg, night night Kristen” she said as she headed for the door. “Goodnight and thank you Mrs. Riley” I said”. “Please call me Na Na” she asked. Greg and Jake said their goodbyes as well as Jake closed the door behind him. “Care to tell me what just happened?” I asked Greg in uncertainty. “Well, I think you have two new Grandparents” he said with this most content look on his face. “OMG, this is insane”, I said. “I know” Greg replied. “I couldn’t have planned this any better. Each part of the day just keeps getting more awesome.”

Greg gave me another one of his passionate kisses that took me off my feet. He carried me to my crib and laid me down. Greg went to the dresser and returned with a new pacifier (I have no clue what happened to the one I was so contently sucking when that monster from the bushes appeared). Greg covered me up with a blanket, kissed me goodnight, placed the pacifier in my mouth then gently started to rub my plastic panties.