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A Very Special Weekend

Part 7

As Greg and I approached the cabin, Greg parked his bike and then helped me off mine. Greg opened the door and led me into our cabin. He started to remove my bib-shorts and then slid his finger under the elastic of my plastic panties checking for the wetness of my diaper. With no resistance to his disrobing me, checking my diapers or placing me on the floor with a blanket, Greg went to the kitchen area and returned with a warm bottle of white liquid. I knew it wasn’t milk and I really didn’t care what it was I guess. I just accepted the bottle and started to suck the nipple.

Greg went to prepare dinner while I just lay there staring at the ceiling enjoying my bottle. I had kind of lost track of time I guess … as Greg announced, “dinner is ready”. Greg lifted me from the blanket and placed me in the high chair, fastened the bib and locked on the tray. He had prepared a pasta type dish with tomato paste. My portion was very well chopped up and placed on a dish on my highchair tray (again with no spoon of fork to eat with). I just used my fingers to feed myself as Greg ate his with a fork.

During my awkward attempt at feeding myself with this liquidly dish, Greg laughed “what a messy eater you are, baby”. I just responded with a smile as he produced my second course of baby food in jars. This time the baby food was strained carrots and applesauce. Not really that appealing to my taste buds, but I ate without fussing.

Greg started to pack a few things for our night adventure back to the lake. I just watched him as I finished my bottle. Greg cleaned the tomato paste and baby food from the bib, then my face and hands as he released the high chair tray and helped me to the floor. Greg changed my plastic panties (my diapers still dry) into the Juvenal pink pastel panties with adorable little bunnies, butterflies, ducks and pigs on them. “What was I thinking when I bought these?’ I thought to myself.

Knowing that the new plastic panties would not stay covered for long, Greg slipped me back into my pink bib-shorts and we were on our way. We arrived at the spot we had enjoyed so much earlier in the day. Greg spread a blanket on the ground and placed me gently on it as he removed my bib-shorts (like I had guessed) and placed my pacifier between my lips. I immediately began to suck on the pacifier like I’d been using it for years. Greg went off looking for something leaving me there watching and wondering what he was up to. Greg returned to make a circle of rocks and fill it with branches. We were going to have a fire it looked like.

As Greg started the fire he pulled a bag of those big marsh mellows from the diaper bag as well as my bib. He positioned himself so I again could lie on his lap and enjoy the sunset. The night was perfect, the light wind and wonderful fragrance of the woods and lake were incredible. We just gazed at the sun setting in the distance, enhanced by the vapors rising from the lake. The colors were magnificent. We roasted the puffy marsh mellows over the crackling fire.

I heard Jake’s truck off in the distance and it seemed to be coming towards us. I instinctively started to attempt to cover-up as Greg just placed his hand on my shoulder and told me to relax. Jake pulled up behind us. There I was with my diapers and print plastic panties in plain sight … sucking on a pacifier and wearing my bib. Jake asked, “Are you kids enjoying yourself?” Greg replied “OH YES … this is the greatest place”. “Looks like you’re in for a spectacular sunset”, Jake said. “I sure hope so,” replied Greg. Greg and Jake exchanged a few more comments, as I lay there confused. Jake seeing me in my diapers, plastic panties and pacifier should have embarrassed me. For some reason it didn’t. I felt it almost as normal as my usual attire from just yesterday. Why was I feeling and thinking this way? Jake and Greg finished their conversation. I saw Jake wink as he bed us farewell and again encouraged us to enjoy our night. “Be sure you kids extinguish that fire before you leave”, Jake said as he drove off.

“OMG .. He must think I’m too weird” I said as Jake disappeared from sight. “I’m sure if he had a comment, he would have made one, let’s just enjoy the last minutes of the day” Greg Said. The sun was now half exposed, hiding behind the trees in the distance. The orange glow of the sunset was a beam across the lake. The sight was spectacular. We just lay there enjoying the view and each other’s company while consuming the warm, mushy marsh mellows. I had that sticky marsh mellow all over my hands and some around my lips.

Again the urge of my bladder went unchallenged as I wet my diapers with no hesitation. Greg slipped his finger in the elastic of my plastic panties; he must of somehow known I had just wet. As the darkness started to set in, Greg removed my bib, cleaned the marsh mellow goop from my hands and face, placed my pacifier between my lips and packed up the rest of the items we had brought along. “We’d better start heading back, it’s getting late,” he said.

With flashlight in hand we headed back towards our cabin. Still with my adorable print plastic panties and damp diapers the only thing covering my bottom area. I held Greg very close due to the fact that it was very dark and I guess somewhat frightening out in the wilderness in pitch black. Along the path back to the cabin I could here ‘little critters’ scurrying in the ground cover and an owl (as Greg informed me) off in the distance. This seclusion was far out of the norm for me. I was both scared by my lack of ability to have any awareness of direction as to which way we were going and at the same time it was very exciting to the senses. “How do you have any clue of where we are going?” I asked Greg with slurred words due to the pacifier inhibiting me to pronounce my words distinctly. He just said, “Trust me, baby, I have a good feel for exactly where our cabin is.” “I guess I have watched too many episodes of Fear Factor”, I said to Greg with a girlish giggle. I then saw the lights of our cabin through the trees and felt a little safer knowing we were close to home.