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A Very Special Weekend

Part 6

I awoke to Greg gently rubbing my shoulder. Evidentially I had dozed off during my daydreaming. Greg tenderly pulled me into a sitting position as I rubbed my eyes attempting to wake. “How long was I asleep?” I asked Greg. “A little over an hour”, he replied. Greg slipped his fingers into my elastic on my plastic panties advising me that I was in a dry diaper. He asked me if I was up for a little sight seeing and perhaps we could visit an area that looked over the local landscape. “Sure, I’m ready” I replied. Greg placed my pacifier back between my lips and gathered a backpack he must have packed while I was asleep. He also had a sports bag (my diaper bag) ready to go.

Greg lifted me out of the crib and held my short bib overalls to my left foot. (This was the light pink denim bib-shorts that I thought might come in handy for the outdoorsy type environment we had planned). I placed both hands, one on each of his shoulders for balance. Next my left foot and then Greg slipped the shorts up over my diapers and my tee and clasped the clips to the front on the bib part of the shorts and snapped up the three snaps on each side of the shorts. ‘OMG, I can’t believe how childish these look’ I was thinking to myself, as Greg made a similar comment out loud. Next came my anklets and tennies. There I was … a girl of 23 dressed like a young toddler, diapered and sucking on my pacifier and wondering why this all felt so pleasurable.

I freshened up my hair and washed my face with cold water and applied skin cream and we headed off for the afternoon sight seeing trip. Greg had gotten two mountain bikes from Jake (I Guess) and had them waiting at the door. I climbed on my bike, Greg on his, and we rode towards a path behind Jakes cabin that assumingly led to this location that Greg wanted to visit.

The weather was so awesome as we peddled our way down the pathway. My eyes were drawn to the beauty of the outdoors once again. Such vibrant foliage and an abundance of large old uniquely designed trees. The aroma of the wilderness was entrancing. I was so enthralled with the beauty of the woods I wasn’t really paying attention to my riding. I guess I had rubbed my front tire with Greg’s rear tire. My front wheel pulled, I had lost control and ended up on the ground in a patch of tall grass.

Greg quickly jumped off his bike to come to my rescue. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Yea, I think so.” As I sat there dazed from my fall. “I guess I should have gotten a bike with training wheels for you” he jested. “Oh… real funny” I replied. I stood up and swept the grass from my clothes and picked what I could feel from my hair. The snaps on my overalls had evidentially unsnapped during my fall. Greg commented that plastic panties were becoming exposed an awful lot lately as he smiled at me in his sarcastic smile. “What do you mean by that?” I huffed back at Greg. “ Are you saying that you think I would prefer to be in just plastic panties and diapers?” With that I undid the straps of the bib part of my shorts, lowered it over my shoes and angrily tossed it a Greg with a whining huff. “Are you happy now?” I barked back at him.

I got back on my bike and waited for Greg to do the same. He was standing there with this ‘YES .. I couldn’t have planned it better’ stare on his face. “Let’s just get going, you got what you wanted, now let’s go!” I sternly said. “Okay, okay, chill. Don’t be mad at me because you are so clumsy.” Greg went over and recovered my pacifier that I had lost during my accident and off we went.

I was riding foolishly fast down the trail, not knowing where I was heading nor what would be around the corner. As I leaned forward to avoid a low tree branch I noticed we had arrived on a grassy knoll that overlook a beautiful valley covered with trees and a winding river. A postcard type beauty seldom seen by ‘city folk’ like us. “Oh … this is SO beautiful,” I said to Greg as I just admired the view. Let’s just stay here awhile and enjoy the sight,” Greg suggested. Greg laid out a large soft and fluffy quilt that he had brought from our cabin on the grass for us to relax on.

Once again I found myself in his lap and snuggled up close. The sense of ‘being taken care of’ with no reservations overcame me. This feeling was becoming too commonplace in this role-playing we were doing. Not that it was a dreadful feeling. It is very unlike my usual routine and very comfortable. It wouldn’t take much for someone to become accustomed to such a marvelous environment. We sat on the quilt for hours and just enjoyed the view and each other’s company. Few, if any words were spoken.

This moment was so vivid in my mind. I could almost picture it as a painting on the wall. Greg cradling me in his arms, me in my tee with only diapers and plastic panties covering my bottom contently using my pacifier with little care of my attire or circumstances. The urge of a full bladder didn’t even disturb the moment. I just let nature allow me to dampen my diapers. I knew … well I think I knew I was wetting, however, I didn’t even attempt to resist.

Greg softly caressed the back of my neck which turned to passionate kissing. Next we found ourselves side by side on the quilt slowing removing each other’s clothing and found ourselves immersed in passionate lovemaking. Sheer exhaustion and sensual ecstasy took my mind out of reality and into some type of dream world. A world of pleasures that I couldn’t resist. I almost felt naughty for feeling so good. It was not like me to be so focused on physical feelings.

It was some time before we reentered into real time when Greg commented that my diaper that he had so diligently removed was wet and that he had better get me dressed before I wet the quilt. ‘Wet the quilt?’ I was thinking. With no apprehension I just allowed Greg to fetch the diaper bag, apply lotion and powder followed by a clean diaper and plastic panties. It was at that moment that I realized I had just finished a bottle. I didn’t even recall Greg giving it to me, nor me drinking the contents.

It was almost as if the diapers were my normal attire. Greg dressed himself and put me back in my bib front shorts, socks and shoes. I just lay there being dressed as a toddler girl glaring insensitively into Greg’s eyes, somewhat oblivious to the surroundings and extremely comfortable with his ‘take charge’ actions. I was, to say the least, passive to his actions.

Greg pick up our belongings, packed them up and tied them back onto the bikes. He approached me and extended his hand to assist me raise myself from the ground as he helped me get on my bike. As we leisurely rode back to our cabin my thoughts were on the days events. Greg suggested we eat and then return to the lake to watch the sunset on the water. At this point, I really didn’t disagree with any of Greg’s request. The state of mind I was in left me yearning for the attention and emotions of my role in Greg’s dream. I was undoubtedly submissive to his desires and enjoyed every moment of how all of this made me feel.

It’s not like I’m not sexually active, however, the circumstances of this day had me on a sensual roller coaster all day long. I couldn’t reject my feelings, nor did I want to. My devotion to Greg and his desires were extremely pleasing to me and I could only guess how Greg felt about this entire day and my behavior to this newfound routine.


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