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A Very Special Weekend

Part 5

I closed my eyes and concentrated on wetting, however, it wasn’t effective. It was too difficult for me to just wet at will. Greg started to coach me through the process. “just relax your entire body. Think of pleasant things and remove your awareness from your bladder. Feel the water on your feet.” Greg started to dip his hands into the lake water. I could hear the sound of the water dripping back into the lake from his hands. It felt like forever trying to just wet. The urge heightened as I felt a little trickle escape into my diaper. I still had my hand on my plastic panties and was unknowingly rubbing the soft vinyl. Finally, the trickle turned into a stream. As I felt myself wetting I found myself more intensely rubbing myself. The phenomenon of my wetting and my hand rubbing myself sent me into sensual elation. My uncontrollable moans could probably be heard over the entire lake.

“OH MY GOSH” I said as I opened my eyes to Greg hovering over me with his usual grin. “This is becoming such a turn on” I said. Is this going to happen every time I wet?” I asked Greg. “It’s entirely up to you ‘baby’ .. for some it can. Now do you see why I am so interested in seeing girls wet?” “uh-huh” .. I replied, still struck with the pleasure of the moment.

Greg and I sat in the middle of the lake our limbs entangled, I still had one hand on my now warm and wet panties messaging myself without really being conscious of what I was doing as Greg gently ran his hands through my hair. We looked up at the soft blue sky daydreaming. There were no spoken words and perhaps none required. Gazing into one another’s eyes relayed our emotions.

I was noticing the sensation of the wet cloth touching my skin was very appealing; reflecting to past experiences, of being wet was way uncomfortable. No doubt this was a new feeling for me. So many new sensations, so many new stimulants and an unexplainable enjoyment of Greg’s desires.

Having no concept of how long we had enjoyed just drifting on the water my tummy began growling with hunger pangs. “It’s sounds like you’re hungry. Maybe we should head back in”, Greg said. “Awe, this is so nice, I would hate for it to end” I replied. “We have ample time to enjoy this over the next few days. Let’s get back and eat.” Greg untangled our bodies and repositioned himself to row us back to the beach. I continued to lay there with my feet still dangling in the water as my mind wandered, reliving all the experiences of the morning.

Greg rowed us back to the beach, jumped into the shallow water and pulled the boat on the fine sand. “Okay princess, let’s get you out of the boat and back on land.” Greg broke my trance as he held my arm to help me out of the boat. I adjusted my clothes and pulled my skirt down to cover my plastic panties. Again cuddled in each other arms, we walked the sand beach heading back to our cabin. The sand was so fine. With each step, my toes sank as we wandered towards the path that led us back to our cabin.

As we approached the trail leading us back, Greg put on my anklets and tennies for me. We arrived back to the cabin and found our groceries delivered as promised. So different from our usual grocery ordeal back home, the food was delivered in boxes and right into our kitchen. Such a marvelous way of living I thought to myself. I started to unpack our groceries into the pantry and noticed numerous jars of baby food. “How did these get here?” I asked Greg. “I told Jake we might need them for our friends child. He told me that if we didn’t use them, the storeowner would gladly take them back. Let’s get these things put away and eat. I’m starving.”

“Aren’t we going to change me?” I asked. “Naw .. not until after lunch, just go sit on the sofa while I make our lunch.. I’ll just be a minute.” Greg told me. “Okay” I said.

I was staring out the window not really paying attention to Greg with the mornings happenings still vivid in my imagination. “Princess … are you listening.. Lunch is ready” Greg broke me out of my daydream, “sorry” I replied as I got up and walked towards the kitchen area. Greg had a few jars of baby food and a bottle sitting on the kitchen table as well as the high chair in place. “I’m not going to eat that stuff am I?” I asked. “Oh, just humor me … if you really don’t like it, I won’t make you eat it” Greg responded. I walked over to the table but Greg redirected me to the high chair as he guided me into the seat. After fastening the tray he attached the bib I had purchased around my neck. “I’m so glad I bought all of these things. I guess I had no idea what I was doing,” I said in a frustrating voice. So concerned about the baby food, the highchair and bib didn’t even seem out of the ordinary. Almost as if it was a usual occurrence.

Greg just ignored my ‘attitude’ and popped open a jar of apricots. “Here ya go baby, these are delicious.” Greg insisted on spoon-feeding me and was not very precise with his aim. He was purposely making me adjust to the spoon, and deliberately was missing my mouth. It left apricots on my face. He had made himself a turkey sandwich on rye with lettuce and fresh tomato’s. My eyes were glued on his every bite as I enviously watched him eat real food .. Luscious food.

Greg saw the despair in my eyes and offered me a bite of his sandwich. I lunged at it like I hadn’t eaten in days. He told me to “take it easy” he didn’t want me to choke on my food. Greg diced an apple into minute pieces and placed them on the highchair tray with no utensils, I ate with my fingers.. They were so fresh and juicy, very yummy. After I was done, Greg wiped the apricots from my face and bib and removed the highchair tray (leaving my bib on). Greg helped me down from the highchair, grabbed the bottle and headed for the sofa. He sat in the corner of the sofa and pulled me onto his lap, my head resting on his chest in a semi sitting position. As before, he placed the bottle nipple between my lips and I began to drink. “What is this?” I asked. “Just milk with a little protein added, it’s warmed up, maybe that’s why it taste different” he responded. As Greg held the bottle to my lips I had my hands free and really couldn’t find a comfortable spot for them. I was trying very hard to keep them away from my plastic panties knowing that Greg would comment on my fixation of exploring my wet diapers.

My eyes were looking upward at Greg while I was being fed my bottle. I felt the milk dribble down my cheek and started to raise my hand to wipe my cheek. Greg pushed my hand away and used a face towel he had brought to wipe my cheek. “You’re a very sloppy eater little girl” he said as we continued the feeding ritual. After I had completed the bottle, Greg propped me up and started to pat my back to burp me. “Like you really expect me to burp, only babies burp after they eat,” Just as I said that; suddenly and out of nowhere came this unexpected burp. I was surprised that I had actually burped and embarrassed because I never felt it coming. Greg acknowledged my unanticipated burp and wiped my face followed by him removing my bib. “only babies, huh?” he teased.

“Okay … let’s get you changed ‘baby’”. He led me over to the crib and lifted me over the side rail on to the mattress. He removed my tennies, anklets and skirt and proceeded to pull down my plastic panties. Next he unpinned my diapers and once again rocking me from side to side, removed my wet diapers with no help from me. He carefully cleaned me with baby wipes and placed a clean diaper on the crib mattress while tilting me on my side and then lowering me onto the diaper. Greg applied ample lotion and baby powder and began pinning my diapers in place followed by a clean pair of plastic panties. Greg checked to be sure my diaper was all tucked in and pulled the side rail up.

“HEY .. what are you doing?” I asked. Greg placed the pacifier between my lips and told me I needed to take a short nap, ‘quiet time’ he called it. I began to protest and was quickly warned that if I didn’t want to get a spanking, I would just take a nap like I was told and stop being so naughty. I must admit I felt exhausted from all the morning experiences and the crib was an Okay place to just relax and reflect on the morning. So, I lay there in my baby-tee, diapers and plastic panties sucking on my pacifier.

As I lay in the crib, a zillion thoughts went through my head. Yesterday I was working in my office with deadlines and a pile of paperwork nearly over my head. I was in charge of keeping all the paperwork up to date and was very much in control of the office routine. My silk French cut panties were now replaced with cloth diapers and plastic panties. My elegant wardrobe of casual business attire was now a baby-Tee and a very short skirt. I was passively playing Greg’s game, somewhat submissive to his requests. Definitely non confrontational to the role I was placed in and very stimulated by my attire and even remembering my embarrassing wetting accident this morning and now thinking of it as if it were an everyday event. What might cause such a drastic role reversal in such a short time frame? I was thinking. With three days remaining in the weekend, I was also wondering how I would be able to continue fulfilling Greg’s dream.

At that moment I guess I had pretty much accepted that I could survive a few inconveniences and follow Greg’s lead in this charade. I knew that I had pretty much encountered most everything a young toddler might encounter and looking back at it all. It really wasn’t unbearable - and in many instances, especially how it affected my sensual feelings, it was really quite pleasing.


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