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A Very Special Weekend

Part 4

As we arrived back at our cabin we both thanked Jake for his hospitality in showing us the sites and his property. I followed Greg into the cabin and jumped onto his back like for a pony ride. “OH MY GOSH .. you have to stop doing that!” I exclaimed. Just then I realized how much I had enjoyed what had happened, and it took place in such a short time. Even though I was very disturbed at the time I had wet myself, now after the trip back and Greg’s ability to make me feel so good, it wasn’t as upsetting to me at this point. As we entered the cabin I saw a girl on Greg’s back riding him like a horsy dressed in childish clothing in the mirror; while thinking to myself, ‘gee … if Mother could just see me now’. Why am I enjoying this? Why do I feel like acting as a child?

“Do you think Jake will say anything about my diapers? That was so embarrassing.” “Nah, I’m sure he was nearly as uncomfortable as you were.” Greg replied. “We should get you changed, huh?” Greg asked. “Please” I said. “I didn’t see a changing pad, where did you pack it?” Greg asked. “Ummmmmm … I never even thought about a changing pad” I replied. “Well … unless you want this cabin to smell, we need something waterproof to use when I change you, ‘baby’”. Greg was looking around the cabin and found nothing that would suffice as a changing pad. He told me that ‘for now’; we would have to use the crib because it had a waterproof mattress and the only thing available to us. The crib, as with most of the cabin’s furniture and décor, was an antique. It was extremely large dark wood and very well built. To my dismay, it appeared plenty ample to accommodate my 5’5” petite build.

“NO WAY!” I screamed back at him. Greg moved closer and hugged me. “Either we need to use the crib to get you changed … or you will have to remain in that wet diaper until (and if) we can find a changing pad. He was once again messaging my diaper the exact same way that had sent me into ecstasy twice thus far this morning. This time, however, he grabbed my hand and had me touching my plastic panties as well.

Next came the moans and the awkward “well. …Okay”. Greg picked me up into his arms and turned towards the crib. “It’s not fair!.. Every time you want me to do something you have taken advantage of me.” I whined.”

“Well.. in no time, you will be more used to the routine and I won’t have to ‘persuade’ you as often.” Greg gently placed me in the crib as I continued to protest to just about everything. He placed my pacifier in my mouth once again and asked me to just suck on my ‘binkie’ and that everything would be just fine. “lay back and relax while I get your things ready.” He said in a very calming voice as he removed my shoes, anklet’s and skirt. “That’s my girl .. just relax now.”

Greg brought over my diapers and panties as well as the baby powder and lotion. While Greg was gathering everything for my first ever diaper change (since my childhood), he was also unpacking a few of his things as well. Sitting in the crib waiting, I grew impatient. I asked Greg if he could hurry this up. “Geeze .. you are impatient …. You have to learn that I’m going to take care of you as best I can, but I can’t devote every minute of my time catering to your every whim.” Greg pulled out one of the baby bottles from my lower drawer and filled it with the iced tea I had made for the ride. He walked over to the crib, removed my pacifier and placed the baby bottle nipple in my mouth and told me to “just suck on this while I get your things ready.” I unenthusiastically started to draw fluid through the nipple as Greg continued with a little of his unpacking and gathering my changing items.

A knock at the door put me into near hysteria. Greg told me to just stay put and ‘keep sucking’, he would be right back. I was so scared that someone might see me even though I trusted that Greg would not embarrass me. I knew that Greg might become upset or I might fall and injure myself if I climbed out of the crib. I heard Jake and Greg talking outside the cabin but I couldn’t hear what was being said. I just lay there in the crib, staring at the ceiling, sucking on my bottle and hoping Greg would get rid of Jake as soon as possible so I could get out of this crib.

Greg opened the door as he was thanking Jake. He carried in another antique. This one was a large old wooden high chair. “Look what Jake brought for us!” Greg mockingly said. “Jake thought we might need a few things ‘for when our friends with a small child visit us’”. Next he carried in a playpen. Again a large well kept piece of furniture. “What… no stroller?” I sarcastically asked. “I can go ask Jake if he has one if you want” Greg responded. “NO.. no .. no .. that’s just fine”. I said. Greg said that he though Jake went out of his way to bring us this stuff. “He sure is a great guy .. huh?” “Oh yea, the greatest” I mockingly replied.

Okay .. so let’s get you changed and go back to the beach, whatcha say?” “Fine”, I replied. Greg walked over to the crib placing my bottle back in my mouth as if I had accidentally dropped it. Next he pulled down my plastic panties and slowly slid them down over my feet. Then he removed the diaper pins and my diapers. Now, I felt ridiculous. I was unclothed from the waste down waiting for a clean diaper. Oh, ‘how embarrassing’ I was thinking. Even my diary will be blushing as I write this.

I lay there with my mussed shoulder length sandy blonde hair lying on the crib mattress, haloing my head. My head was turned sideways because I was too embarrassed to look at Greg while he was changing me. I separated my knees to help Greg and also to hurry this along. Greg rolled me to one side, positioned my diaper, powdered every inch of my diaper area and rolled me back onto it. He overlapped the cloth fabric and clipped on my diaper pin. He repeated the same actions pulling the overlapping cloth very snugly into place and pinned on the second diaper pin. He chose a pair of pastel yellow baby panties and slid them up my legs towards my bum. Greg shifted my weight side to side as he pulled the plastic panties into place, being sure that the diaper was fully covered. Greg patted my bottom and said. “there we go ‘baby’ all clean and dry.” It had just dawned on me that Greg had diapered me without any effort on my part. He obviously had some kind of past experience doing this. “Where did you learn to do that?” I asked. “Plenty of years of babysitting during Junior High for spare cash” was his reply.

Greg slid on my yellow ruffles anklets and my tennis shoes and said, “when you have finished your bottle, we can get going.” As he continued to finish his unpacking. “All finished” I said as I threw the bottle out of the crib. Greg commented that I sure was acting like a bratty kid. “I had no idea that you could be so childish” he said. He walked over to the crib and gave me the ever-famous ‘pointing finger’ and said; “now you behave little girl”. Greg lifted me out of the crib and placed me on the corner of the bed sitting up. Next he slid my yellow floral mini flip skirt up my legs and pulled me into a standing position. He adjusted the skirt and pulled the waist up so the length fell far above the knee, which made it shorter than I would normally wear it. I attempted to pull it down a little but Greg grabbed my hand saying that it was just fine the way it is. It looks cute.

Greg and I made a grocery list for the local general store. Jake had informed us that they would deliver for free. Greg grabbed his sports bag and started putting supplies in it using it as a makeshift diaper bag. We locked the cabin and walked hand in hand to Jake’s cabin to deliver the grocery list. Jake was on his front porch and had a fiendish grin as we approached. I’m sure my face was red. I certainly felt embarrassed. How could he not know? I was thinking to myself. Greg wrote a few things on the list as he handed it to Jake. “I’ll take care of this right away. They should have this back within the hour” Jake said. We thanked him and walked towards the gravel road heading towards the lake. “You kids have fun now, and play safe” Jake said. “Oh, we will”; Greg responded as was briskly continued in the direction of the lake. I had my arms around Greg’s neck as we walked. Greg had the sports bag in one hand and the other hand on my bum.

“He knows doesn’t he?” I asked Greg. Who knows he asked? “Jake thinks that I am a baby doesn’t he?” “So what if he does,” Greg answered. “He’s a nice ‘ole guy that probably spends his time reading dirty magazine for thrills. Let the poor guy think what he wants. He’s harmless and hasn’t said a thing about it to anyone …. I’m sure” “I’m like … so embarrassed when I see him” I told Greg. “Just don’t worry about it” he replied. “Jake brought you more baby furniture so he seems to be encouraging it ‘assuming he even has a clue’”.” Just don’t get so excited over nothing. Let’s enjoy this weekend, Okay?”

“Okay”. I replied.

As we walked to the waterfront I was again in awe of the beauty of the lake. What lovely surroundings to enjoy our weekend. “You wanna go rowing for awhile?” Greg asked. “Sure” I replied. The rowboat was another vintage piece of the property. I had seen boats like this in paintings in the library. Constructed of wood, the boat was large and deep with high seats. With many years or layered paint, the boat looked charming, as did most of the fixtures around the property. Greg slid the rowboat down the sandy beach and into the water with a grunting sound. I also pushed - as if my efforts were of any assistance to Greg

I grabbed two life cushions as Greg placed the oars in the oarlocks. Greg took my hand and helped me balance as I got in the boat. He pushed us away from the shore and jumped in. The water was so clear you could see the bottom of the lake. I sat sideways, one seat forward of Greg. He rowed the boat away from the shore as I removed my shoes and socks and lowered my feet into the water. The temperature was like a tub. So warm and so soothing. Greg placed the cushion under my head as I lay there admiring the blue sky above us. “Having fun there?” Greg said as he looked at my plastic panties. I was rubbing my panties and I didn’t even realize it. “I can’t believe I was doing that,” I said. Greg told me that the feel of plastic panties was a ‘turn on’ for many, so I shouldn’t be self-conscious and to please continue because he thought that it was very sexy to see me like that.

I looked around to see if anyone could see what I was doing. There wasn’t a soul in site. We were out in a very secluded area and had the lake all to ourselves. I playfully continued to rub my plastic panties knowing that Greg was watching my every move. I’m not sure what came over me but I decided to put on a little show for Greg and I also sensually sucked on my finger while I was rubbing my plastic panties as I lifted my skirt. “You go girl!” Greg enthusiastically said. I felt so naughty. It’s not like I had never touched myself before. But it sure was an exciting feeling for me; and judging by Greg’s facial expressions, he wasn’t about to stop me.

While I was putting on my show for Greg I once again felt that sensual feeling that Greg had done to me earlier. Also I had the sensation of a full bladder as well. “OH No I have to wet again!” I told Greg. “I think this water may be causing my urge.” Greg rested the oars on the side railing of the boat and came towards me. He positioned himself on the seat alongside me and took my wrist into his hand. Greg placed my hand on my breast and gently ran my fingers across my nipples. It was like he was ignoring my statement as he continued to glide my fingers across my now firm nipples.

Again I was in a trance of arousal. Only this time, with Greg’s, help I was feeling the sensual sensations and I was doing it to myself. Greg continued to encourage my self-gratification as he whispered, “you have to just relax and wet when you have to wet. I don’t need to know every time you have to go; I will check your diaper and change you when it’s time. Now just wet your diapers ‘baby’. “ummmm Greg I can’t.” “Sure you can” he replied.