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A Very Special Weekend

Part 3 - Whoops

Perhaps I seemed willing to be a part of his desires. Reality was, I was very uneasy with the planning of the weekend and was uncertain of what I could be comfortable with and what might disturb me. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I was clueless as to what might occur and what Greg might expect of me or how comfortable I would be to his request. On the other hand, I knew what this would mean to Greg. I had thought about what this might do to our relationship ….. if I chose to discontinue my commitment to be his “baby girl’. Now I found myself in a compromising situation. I was at his mercy (in emotions) and I had no idea why this moment was so pleasing to my sensual behavior.

Greg gently removed my pacifier and I found him covering my mouth with a sloppy wet kiss. Plunging his tongue deeply into my mouth as he continued to shift the cloth diaper into an area that sent waves of pleasure throughout my body. He slowly messaged my panties as I responded with moans of delight. A knock at the door shattered the moment… “Welcoming service”. Greg quickly removed his hands from my panties and pulled my skirt down nearly covering my panties as he sat up on the bed leaving me still quivering with my sensations. Greg went over to the door and opened it a slightly to see who was there. He slid though the opening, closing it behind him to meet the property owner.

I started to get myself put back together while Greg was outside with our unexpected visitor. My body was still feeling the pleasure of Greg’s passions. I’ll have to admit I was confused as to why Greg’s actions felt so pleasing. In only a few minutes I was sensually aroused far beyond my norm. This was all so confusing for me.

Greg opened the door slowly and peeked in to be sure I was decent. “The owner wants to give us the nickel tour of the grounds. He brought us a complimentary bottle of wine as well as a bouquet of yellow daisies. Is that okay?” he asked. “That’s fine .. Let me just get a little freshened up first, I’ll be just a few minutes” I replied. I just kind of straighten out my Tee and skirt, brushed my hair, checked myself out in the mirror to be sure my panties were covered and headed for the door. The owner welcomed me to his Jeep and said that the tour would just take a few minutes. He wanted us to see the grounds so we knew what was available to us so we could fully enjoy our weekend. Greg helped me into the back seat and joined me there. Mr. Riley (the owner) headed back up the gravel drive towards the main cabin. The wind from the ride unexpectantly blew my skirt up, exposing my diapers and panties. I quickly grabbed the hem of the skirt and held it in place so this would not occur again. I’m sure Mr. Riley didn’t see my panties. Greg’s smile was devious. He was enjoying every minute of me adjusting to everything.

Mr. Riley drove up a small incline to show us the lake. I was in awe. The lake was like something seen in a movie. Everything was very densely wooded and secluded. The water was calm and almost as blue as the sky. It was beautiful. Down the gravel road was small beach and a pier with a canoe, rowboat and an old sailboat, perhaps the very same one as in the painting hanging on the wall at the cabin. All of the boats were made of wood and obviously had been around for some time but as usual in very good repair. Mr. Ripley stopped the Jeep and told us to get out and have a “quick look around”. I told Mr. Ripley that his property was just gorgeous. He said we could just call him Jake as he started to explain how the property had been in the family for three generations.

I started to feel the urge in my bladder. I couldn’t believe it. I was now in the middle of nowhere with an urgent need to find the ladies room and Jake was rambling on about his ancestors and the property. Greg’s arms were around my shoulders and I’m sure he was aware of my squirming. Greg looked at me and smiled as Jake continued his ‘long’ story. ‘Gee, that guy sure can talk’ I was thinking to myself. As I continued to fight off the pressure, Jake was telling us that this was off-season and we pretty much had the lake and surrounding area to ourselves as he was pointing out a bike trail in the distance. “ I have a few bikes up by the house if you two get the inkling to take a ride sometime”, he said.

Greg tilted his head towards me and nibbled on my ear lobe as he softly said “you sure are doing a lot of dancing around here … do you have a problem?” The only thing I could think of was to slug him, which I did. He jumped back in reflex to get away from my harmless attack. Jake kind of looked back to see what we were doing and shook his head (I’m sure he was thinking how childish I was behaving) as he continued to give us his life story. Only in my situation it seemed like he was reading from his daily diary. I was thinking ‘come on; let’s get going here .. I have to go to the bathroom and now is not the time to hear about every relative you have and how many people have visited your property.’

Greg held my hand as we walked closer to the area around the beach. I was really feeling the discomfort from my bladder at this point. Our ‘nickel tour’ was turning out to be more of a two-dollar tour. All I could think of was getting back to our cabin.. And quickly. Jake asked if we wanted to go see the old waterwheel that was used for farming in the eighteen hundreds. I quickly replied “No thank ….. “ as Greg talked over my plea for return and replied, “of course we would .. That would be so cool”. I pinched his bum as again he smiled at me with less than honorable intensions written all over his face. I’m sure he knew exactly what I was feeling and I had no clue why he would even want to put me through such agony.

We again all got in the Jeep as Jake continued his complete family tree history. Jake was driving away from our cabin instead of closer. I leaned over to Greg and whispered in his ear “I have to go to the ladies room”; he said, “I know, I’ve noticed you squirming… remember you saying that you would do whatever I ask you to do? And that this weekend, you were mine to fulfill my dreams?” “Well yes, but I need to get back to the cabin Greg” I replied with uneasiness in my voice. “Well … I want you to just let it happen” Greg whispered. “NO .. Please” I replied as my eyes started to tear up. “I can’t hold it too much longer” Greg told me “then don’t.” I sat there so uncomfortable and very angry that Greg would ask me to ‘just let it happen”. What have I gotten myself into? I was thinking.

It seemed like an eternity before we arrived at the waterwheel. As I was getting out of the Jeep my mind was concentrating on holding my aching bladder. Not really paying attention to what I was doing, I slipped on the Jeeps step by the door and started to fall forward towards the ground. Greg tried to catch me but he didn’t get a good enough hold. As I fell to the ground I lost control…. Not only lost control, I couldn’t stop from wetting myself. I lay on the ground stunned at what I had just done as Greg and Jake jumped out of the Jeep to see if I was Okay. “Are you okay?” Greg asked. “NO … I’m not okay” I whined back. There I was laying on the grass, sitting in now soaking wet diapers. My skirt had risen during the fall revealing my panties for the world to see. My self-dignity was shattered and I was fuming mad. I grabbed a handful of grass and threw it towards Greg in my frustrations with a childish “uhhhhh”. Of course the grass just fell to the ground far short of Greg.

Jake said nothing about my undergarments. They both helped me up, back into the Jeep. “We’d better get you back to your cabin, Missy ”, Jake said. Greg attempted to comfort me, but I rejected his actions. I was so embarrassed at what had just happened. I would guess we had driven about 30 to 45 minutes from the cabin on Jake’s excursion. The trip back was going to be so unpleasant I remember thinking. Greg placed my head on his shoulder and this time I accepted his efforts because I was so upset. After awhile his hands slowly wandered towards my panties. As I grabbed his hand to stop him he said, “please, just let me touch your panties”. I just didn’t have the energy to fend Greg off I guess and I allowed him to feel my embarrassment.

Greg again started to position the cloth diaper in the same area as he had done before…. Slowly messaging my panties. Again I felt that same wave of pleasure come over me … only way more intense this time. As before, I was sitting directly behind Jake so he couldn’t see me if he were to turn around. As Greg continued to stimulate me, thoughts of why this was so sensual were going through my mind. I had just had one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, I had wet myself like a child (which I hadn’t done since I was 4 or 5) and this all still was very gratifying to me. I’m not sure if it was a carry over emotion from our first attempt or that the cloth diaper being wet was just more erotic, but Greg was satisfying me. I had no idea why I felt like I did. With a jolt to my senses, my insides clenched up and down with the most powerful waves of pleasure. For several moments I was lost in this lightheaded ecstasy, trying to maintain my composure as the thrill of the moment tried to take control over me.

I felt so naughty. We were in Jakes Jeep, driving back to our cabin and I was beginning to feel myself nearing a sensual climax. Greg sure knew exactly how to send me into ecstasy. At that moment I lunged back into the seat and just sat there with my hands over my mouth trying to hold back my screams. Greg had succeeded with his efforts. During this entire incident, Jake continue to ramble on about his life and Greg was responding for the both of us with out of time “uh-huh’s” to Jakes gibberish.

I fell limp into Greg’s lap. This was one of the most intense climaxes I have had. My body felt almost lifeless as I was still enjoying the feelings I had just encountered. I wondered if Greg had any clue that at that moment I was silly putty, and that I would have done anything he asked. “There’s a lot more of that to come, baby,” Greg softly whispered in my ear. “Mmmmmmm .. I can’t wait” was all I could muster for an answer.