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A Very Special Weekend

Part 2 - The Arrival

Greg, the gentleman that he is, opened my car door for me. I went through my usual dainty motions of carefully sliding into my seat and then carrying my legs into position not to expose myself. I motioned for another kiss as Greg leaned into the car to meet my lips. I grasped Greg’s hand and slowly guided it up my thigh and under my skirt. I softly whispered, “This is for you” as I placed his hand on my plastic panties. Greg’s kiss froze as he realized what he was touching. He looked right into my innocent eyes. My heart was pounding. For the first time in my life I had taken the initiative to show Greg that I was willing to be an active participant in his fantasies. To make them come true. To show him that I really cared for him.

The expression on his face was priceless. After a silence that seemed to last forever he said “OH MAN!” - “you did that for me?”

“Uh-huh”, I replied. “Let’s get going so we can start our special weekend.”

Greg hurriedly got in the car with an ear-to-ear grin and we started on our way. Greg was obviously at a loss for words. It was apparent that he was surprised with my attire and appearance, yet I knew he was also very enthused by it all as well. I asked him if something was wrong trying to get him to open up a little. He replied that he never would have expected me to be willing to wear a diaper.

I told Greg that I had prepared just about everything that I could think of to be his ‘little girl’ for the weekend and that’s why I had to carry so much luggage with me on this trip. I told him I wanted this weekend to be perhaps just the beginning of something that until now he had only dreamed of. I told him this was all very new to me and that I was just guessing, for the most part, by our conversations. Possibly my unawareness to his desires made my efforts even more appropriate and appealing. I asked Greg if he would teach me to be his baby girl. “I most certainly will” was his no hesitation reply.

“So …. How far are we going to take this?” he asked. I responded with “as far as you want, Greg”. “I have all the supplies for the trip so we can enjoy the outdoors and everything I could think of that a 2 year old might need to go camping with.” I then shyly asked him what he would expect of a toddler girl. He said, “Let me explain that I was hoping for a situation some day that I would be able to take full charge of a girl. To treat her just like she was 2 or 3 years old and have her totally dependant on me in every sense of the word. Meaning, everything that a parental figure or a baby sitter might do.” Unsure of what he meant in detail, I agreed to participate as best that I could.

He asked me if I was really sure I wanted to go through with this? “You are not just teasing me….. are you?”

I replied, “NO, not at all Greg. I will do whatever you ask me to do. This weekend, I am yours to fulfill your dreams.” I again guided his hand to my thigh so he could experience my plastic panties. “You don’t think I would be wearing these and dresses like this if I wasn’t serious, do you?”

“I don’t think so, no” he replied.

The rest of the ride was pretty much us enjoying the scenery and singing alone with the music on the car CD player. Greg was in one of the most cheerful moods I had seen him in a long time. Every time he looked at me I could see excitement in his eyes. Somewhat like puppy’s eyes. We arrived at the lake and Greg drove to the office to get the keys for our cabin. I decided to stretch my legs knowing Greg would be back in a few minutes.

Greg returned to the car with a grin on his face saying, “Come on … let’s get our things put away and settled in.” I got back in the car and we drove down a gravel road that was umbrella’d with trees. The scent of the lake was very pleasing to the senses. The surrounding area and the thick brush along the road showed how secluded this location was. The warm breeze rustled the leaves on the trees that created a sound not heard in the area we lived and the usual sounds of city life were noticeably missing. The sights and sounds were awesome and we’d only just arrived. My butterflies returned knowing that we were only moments away from the start of our special weekend. Greg followed the gravel road to a fork and pulled into an opening where our cabin was located.

Greg told me that he had upgraded our cabin to a larger roomier one. The cabin was aged yet very well maintained. The main building was white with hunter green trim and shutters. Below the roof overhang there was a beautiful flower garden in the front that was well manicured with vines entangled in the post railings. It was obvious that the owners took great pride in their properties. The cabin was very welcoming.

Greg got out of the car and came around to my side to open my door. “Welcome to our playground” Greg said with a sly grin. “Let’s get our things little lady and get situated.” We both grabbed a few pieces of luggage and headed for the cabin door. As Greg inserted the key and opened the door I got a glimpse of a charmingly decorated cabin. The room was full of antiques. The bed was king sized with a detailed appliquéd canopy. There was a gigantic fireplace near the kitchen area and darling wood furniture throughout the room. I walked over, closed my eyes and just let myself fall backwards on the bed. Greg was right behind me doing the same. As my back hit the mattress I opened my eyes and saw there was a crib behind the door. I instantly sat up.

“How come that’s there? Did you ask for it?” I said. Greg replied;” well ….I told the lady at the front desk that we might be having some friends visit us that had a young child. She said she had this cabin that already had a crib and would give me the cabin for the same price. How could I say no?” My face must have paled. I guess I just never really expected …. Well I had no clue really what might transpire. I tried to respond “but…” Greg held his finger over my lips and said that we don’t have to use it. “At least not right away” as he grinned and helped me up off the bed to gather the remaining luggage from the car.

After all the luggage was in the cabin I opened one of my suitcases on the bed to start placing my things in a dresser. I asked Greg which dresser he preferred and he replied that he had no preference. Greg was in plain view to watch me remove everything from my luggage. I wasn’t really sure how to handle this situation. Was I to try and hide my things from him or just unpack as if everything was usual? Oh ….. what the heck I thought to myself. Why don’t I just tease myself right into trouble? I was here and dressed like I was for a reason. I pulled out a few garments and placed them in the drawer. I then grabbed the ruffled panties I had purchased and held them up for Greg to see. “Whatcha think?” I asked in a somewhat sassy voice. “Very, very pretty” he replied. I continued to transfer my clothes into the dresser with Greg watching my every move like a hawk. My top drawer was filling up with plastic panties, my socks and a few bras I had brought. Greg said, “ I don’t think you’ll be needing those, do you?” Being embarrassingly small chested, I replied, “I guess not” and put my bras back into my suitcase and closed it. Greg had my second suitcase already on the bed waiting in anticipation ‘for the show’.

I opened the second suitcase, which contained my tees, a few skirts and two baby doll nities. I’m sure Greg was taking a mental inventory as I unpacked and I sure was uncomfortable with his glaring. “Greg, aren’t you going to unpack?” I asked. “Not until you are completely done,” he replied. The next suitcase was filled with my baby things. As Greg attempted to help me open the suitcase I said “NO!” Greg grabbed me and sat me on the bed. He took his hands and placed one on each of my cheeks, looked me straight in the eyes (which were a little teary with anxiety) and said, “Now listen little girl….. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You have made me happy more than you can imagine. I can guess this is uncomfortable for you…, but please…, just let things happen, everything will go just fine. I’ll unpack the rest for you.”

I just sat there and watched Greg unpack the rest of my belongings as if everything was natural. When he had my entire things put away he reached in my bottom drawer, grabbed a lavender ‘baby daffy’ pacifier and placed it between my lips. At the same time his hands wandered up my thighs to my plastic panties as he gently lowered me to the bed. There I laid on my back with my feet dangling over the edge of the bed dressed like a little girl….. and now with a pacifier in my mouth and Greg running his hands over my diapered panties. I closed my eyes and turned my head as he caressed my earlobe with his tongue.

For a moment I was mortified and uncomfortable with the situation, however, I started to feel something that I wasn’t expecting and I didn’t know how to react. Greg’s hands on my diapered bottom started to feel pleasant. The pacifier in my mouth offered oral encouragement as well. His gestures on my ear lobes were causing me to become attentive to the moment. I suddenly realized that I was enjoying this and that my attire and the guesses I had of what was going to happen where actually heightening my pleasure.