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A Very Special Weekend

Part 1

My boyfriend and I had been dating for nearly a year and I knew of Greg’s interests of girls in diapers. Although he never just came out and said anything, many times he had hinted. There were numerous “you poor baby” comments as well as a few hints of “I bet you would look cute”; referring to what I would look like in child-like clothing when we visited stores or when we saw an adorable baby girl out in public.

We had planned an extended weekend away on a lake and I thought that might be an ideal situation to surprise him with something that he would never expect. I had a little over a week to prepare and do some shopping for this special weekend. I was astounded at how easy the items on my list were to locate as well as somewhat embarrassed at the checkout counter paying for my purchases.

With two days before we had planned to leave, I had almost most everything I was looking for. I was both apprehensive of my plan as well as way excited that he and I would be sharing his deepest dreams. It was such a different look for me; however, I knew that he would be so thrilled to see a girl like he had dreamed of for so long.

Each night I would continue to pack my “special things” and carry on to plan ways to surprise him. I wanted these 4 days to be something he would never ever forget. I tried on everything to be sure of the fit and learned that the thickness of the diapers was far greater than I imagined and my tight shorts really wouldn’t fit me as planned. I resolved this problem when I located bib overalls that were shorts. They were far roomier in the bum area and would work just perfect. I also had a supply of short flip skirts and A dresses as they were very comfortable and easily would conceal the thickness of the diapers I had purchased.

Everything was ready. I manicured my nails and applied two coats of pastel pink polish to my fingernails and toe nails as well as a final gloss coat. I went to sleep early so I would be able for a very early departure, as we had planned. The alarm went off at 4:30 AM and I awoke with butterflies in my tummy. I’m still not sure if they were caused by the excitement of what I had expected from the weekend or that I was scared of adapting to his desires. At any rate, it was time to put my plans into action. I showered, shaved my legs and reluctantly shaved my lower area as well. I towel dried myself and powdered my entire body with baby powder. I laid a diaper on the bed, lowered my bum on it and applied baby oil and baby powder before I Velcroed and pinned the diapers securely in place. The cloth diapers I had located were contour (similar to disposable diapers in shape and fit). It was such a different feeling; the bulkiness and softness of the diapers were nothing like the feel of the French cut panties I was so accustomed to. The feeling of the diapers and the babyish aroma of the powder were somewhat delightful. Next I slid the pink plastic panties over the diapers and checked to be sure that I had everything just right. I slipped on a peach colored baby-tee followed by delicate white lace nylon slip and a pastel blue floral mini flip skirt. The skirt was very short and well above my knee but adequately covered my plastic panties. I was conscious that I would have to be cautious and ladylike while bending over. Next I put on peach ruffled ankle socks and low cut hiking boots as we planned to do some walking excursions. I pulled back my hair into a high ponytail and slipped the ponytail through the brimmed cap. I then applied light makeup and I was ready to start my final packing.

As I walked by the mirror I saw a cute girl that looked much younger than my actual age. I turned to view myself being sure that the fullness of my diapers was not evident. Everything looked just precious. I swear that if I didn’t just put diapers on myself, I would have no clue I had on anything other than panties under my skirt. I moved my bags to the garage knowing that Greg would be there very soon. My butterflies had intensified and I was way excited in anticipation of Greg’s arrival. I didn’t have to wait long; Greg was there early as he is a very punctual guy. He pulled his car up to the garage and I immediately walked over and gave him a big hug and a moist and sensual good morning kiss.

Greg commented that I looked amazing cute this morning and asked if I was all ready to go. I answered him “so more than you know” with a devilish grin. He had a puzzled expression as he helped my carry and packs my belongings in his car. Greg commented that I sure had a lot of luggage for a 4-day weekend. I replied that I had a special need for extra room on the trip. He looked at me in bewilderment.

Well everything was packed and we were almost ready to go. I buttoned up the house, set the alarm and again gave Greg a hug and another passionate kiss. Greg returned the gesture and I could tell he was enjoying the moment. I then said to him; “Greg … I have a surprise for you.”


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