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Wonderwoman Back in Diapers

Chapter 4

Wonderwoman slowly opened her eyes. She was back in her room on the Justice League Satellite. As she woke up she noticed that she had her thumb in her mouth. Wonderwoman quickly pulled it out and sat up. The she remembered what had happened. She looked down at her diaper. She could feel that it was drenched. She was going to need thicker diapers… She looked in her closet and found a stack of thick and dry diapers. The lab people must have put them there in the night. But how would she be able to carry them in her suit?

"Wonderwoman? You there?" A voice said at the door.

"One minute!" Wonderwoman replied, hurriedly pulling a diaper out from the stack.

She took off her wet diaper and changed herself quickly. Wonderwoman then waddled to the door. It was Supergirl.

"We know where the Nurse is. Superman and I are going to catch her today and we need your help." Supergirl said.

"I'll meet you down there." Wonderwoman replied, "I should only be a minute."

Wonderwoman went back into her room. She examined the stack of diapers more closely. They looked like they could be easily folded. Wonderwoman folded one of them up and fit it into a small pouch. She slipped the pouch on the belt of her suit. She thought it fit in with her suit rather nicely. She went out the door and to the teleport pad.

Meanwhile Superman and Supergirl found themselves at the end of the tunnel from yesterday.

"I take it you and Batman found the lair?" Superman inquired.

"Yes, at least he thinks he did." Supergirl replied, annoyed. "He saw traces of her fingerprints or something stupid like that."

"Wonderwoman and I didn't have such an easy time." Superman said, pushing out the memory.

Wonderwoman appeared behind them.

"Glad you could join us Diana!" Superman replied, showing no memory of their previous encounter.

The tunnel opened up into an alleyway formed by two buildings.

"Batman said that the building on the right is where she is now." Supergirl said, pointing to a large skyscraper.

"That's one of the tallest buildings in Metropolis!" Superman said, "How could she get there?"

"I guess we'll have to find out." Wonderwoman replied, waddling over to the door.

The building had a new paint smell and boxes lay on the floor. It looked as if the building was being moved into. They decided to check out the other floors for evidence. There was no evidence of the Nurse, only mysterious boxes on each floor. They stopped at one floor that had a large number of these boxes.

"What do you suppose is in the boxes?" Wonderwoman asked, looking at one of them.

"If this really is the Nurse's new hiding place, I'm not sure I want to find out." Supergirl replied.

"Clark, can you see what's in this box?" Wonderwoman asked.

"Hmmm…" Superman stared into the box, "Nothing strange, just a bunch of plastic."

"Why would the Nurse have boxes of plastic?" Wonderwoman asked, almost to herself.

They continued to search each floor until they finally arrived at the last floor at the top of the building. This floor, unlike the others, contained no boxes. Superman walked into the room cautiously. Nothing seemed odd at first, but when Wonderwoman and Supergirl had walked inside, the ceiling began to change.

"Clark! Look up!" Wonderwoman yelled, "Something is coming out of the ceiling!"

A platform was slowly decending from the ceiling. The floor underneath them began to change as well. An opening was being created in the floor, right near where Wonderwoman was standing. Wonderwoman fell forward, but Superman quickly grabbed her skirt to pull her back. A ripping sound was heard as Wonderwoman was pulled back to lie on the floor. Her skirt had been partially ripped, falling down to reveal a now sodden diaper underneath. But it appeared as if no one was paying any attention to Wonderwoman, as the Nurse stood on the platform now level with the floor of the room.

"Hello Justice League!" The Nurse said, welcoming them with a devious smile. "I'm afraid you are too late to stop me. You see I have already distributed my formula to Metropolis. All the women in Metropolis will soon be reduced to mindless infants, a blissful state few can remember."

"You couldn't have possibly distributed your formula to the entire Metropolis yet!" Superman said in disbelief.

"Ah, but I have! I was able to get massive doses of the formula Supergirl and Wonderwoman have recently received into the water supply. All I have to do is press this button and the formula will be activated." the Nurse said, gesturing towards a button on the platform she was standing on.

"Only women are affected by the formula?" Supergirl asked, curious.

"I have specifically used them as a test group, soon the men will meet the same fate." The Nurse replied, sneering. "Soon I will welcome all into this building to serve as a nursery for those gifted with eternal bliss and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

The Nurse reached down to press the button, but not before Superman lunged forward at her. Immediately Superman bounced backwards.

"It's some sort of shield!" Superman exclaimed.

"I always take precautions..." The Nurse replied, pressing the button firmly.

Wonderwoman watched as Supergirl collapsed to the floor next to her. Then Wonderwoman felt her body betray her. Her arms and legs flew helplessly about her. She tried to suppress them but she only managed to get her thumb in her mouth. Wonderwoman felt the formula attempting to take over her brain, but she fought back. Wonderwoman struggled and saw that Supergirl had already given up, a wide smile slipping onto her face as she filled her diaper. This only made Wonderwoman fight back harder, forcing the formula out of her brain, using her willpower against it.

The Nurse's platform dropped down through the now opening floors below her. The boxes opened, revealing diapers and changing equipment. Some boxes released a foggy substance into the air, allowing the Nurse to get away. But Superman was determined, having recovered he dived down after the Nurse. A hot pursuit ensued, the Nurse reaching the bottom floor with Superman on her tail. She pressed a button in her pocket, revealing a small opening in the floor for which to escape. The Nurse almost made it inside, but Superman tackled her, knocking her away. Superman bound the Nurse's hands and called for a teleport back to the station.

"You're not getting away this time. We'll find a cure, you just wait." Superman replied, vanishing with the struggling Nurse.

Meanwhile Wonderwoman was having troubles of her own. She struggled with the effects of the formula, but her strength was dying out. She felt her body begin to push a load into her diaper. She felt the gooey mass slip into the seat of her diaper, squishing itself against her bottom. She tried to keep her mind together, gagging at the smell. Wonderwoman felt the diaper become warm, the feeling felt…good. She closed her eyes, ready to give in to the bliss. Superman reappeared beside her, picking her up and transporting her back to the station. He took her to the hospital on the JLA satellite and laid her down.

"What do you want us to do for her?" one of the nurses asked.

"She needs medicine to help her fight the formula. It might be already too late." Superman replied.

"Come this way." The nurse said, "We'll put her in the nursery."

"Good, I'll go get Kara." Superman replied, laying Wonderwoman down on a bed.

Superman left to go get Supergirl. Wonderwoman felt medicine going into her body. The formula stopped trying to take over her mind. She would remain conscious. She would not slip away like Supergirl did. But as she lay there, sucking her thumb, she realized that if no cure was found, she would remain an infant for the rest of her life. She, unlike the other women, would remain aware of what had happened to her. Wonderwoman smelled her diaper's stench, she felt the mess squish along her butt, the warm feeling fading away. She didn't want everyone to be like this forever. There would be a cure, Wonderwoman knew it.