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Wonderwoman Back in Diapers

Chapter 5

Superman laid the newly rescued Supergirl down in the nursery next to Wonderwoman. The two grown-up women lay sucking their thumbs in oversized cribs, dressed only in large, bulky, and soggy diapers. Superman wondered how it had come to this. How could all the women of Metropolis be reduced to helpless adult babies with the Justice League watching over them? This seemingly ordinary villain was always one step ahead of the league. But now it would all end, Superman thought. The Nurse was now captured and locked away in the prison. Surely she would know the cure to the formula that now plagued the adult females of Metropolis.

Superman walked to the containment center to look for the Nurse. In one of the cells a strong, but defeated, Nurse lay on the ground. She had been stopped by the Justice League. Her plan had never reached its true fruition. Only half of the intended recipients were affected and the Justice League had finally caught her and surely would find the cure. The Nurse looked up to see Superman walk in, locking the cell behind him.

"We need the cure." Superman stated, "Where is it?"

"You'll never find it. I hid it far away from here." The Nurse replied.

"Well that's too bad, because you're going to be needing it real soon." Superman replied, pressing a panel of the cell.

The panel opened revealing a large stash of various chemicals, one of which was withdrawn before the panel was closed again. Superman took the container and popped open the top. Forcing open the Nurse's mouth, he dropped a pill down her throat, forcing her to swallow.

"You have been given a version of your special drug that takes effect over the course of 30 minutes." Superman told the Nurse. "If you tell us where the cure is we might be able to reverse the effects in time. It's your choice."

The Nurse stared off at an empty wall, paying no attention to the Man of Steel.

"I will not undo what has happened to Metropolis, even if my life as an adult depended on it." The Nurse said, refusing to look Superman in the eye. "This has been my dream, I wish it to be maintained in my last minutes of consciousness."

"Very well." Superman replied, disappointed.

Superman left the room, locking the cell behind him. He tapped the radio in his ear.

"Bruce, I know you thought you were done with this case, but I need your help." Superman said, talking through the device. After a little delay, he got a response.

"What is it that you need me to do?" Batman responded.

"I need you to track down and locate the cure. The Nurse says she hid it far away, but surely she knew she would be susceptible to the formula as well." Superman said, hopeful.

"She would need to have an emergency supply somewhere nearby." Batman reasoned.

"If you can find it we can develop an airborne version to release into the air and cure Metropolis."

"I'll do what I can." Batman replied.

Batman began his search. In the Batcave he turned on the Batcomputer. Alfred, noticing Master Wayne, came down to assist him.

"What exactly are you looking for sir?" Alfred asked.

"The Nurse must have some sort of advanced medical degree in order to be able to create a drug like this. I'm running a search on all of the high-performing medical students recently graduated in the area." Batman replied.

"What exactly are you hoping to accomplish with that information, if I may ask, Mr. Wayne?"

"If we find her true identity we could use it to track down the cure." Batman responded.

After a couple minutes of advanced searching, many students appeared on the screen. The computer identified one of them as matching the description of the Nurse.

"Thats odd, she has a sister who hasn't been affected by the formula." Batman said, searching through the available information.

"Perhaps it's a coincidence sir." Alfred replied.

"I wish it was, but there are no coincidences. She's been given the cure." Batman responded, "If her sister wasn't affected by the formula we could possibly retrieve the cure from her. Send the coordinates to the Batwing Alfred, I'm going for a ride."

"As you wish sir." Alfred responded, "Would you like your evening tea before you go?"

"No time Alfred, maybe once this is all over." Batman responded, climbing into the Batwing.

The Batwing took off, flying into the night sky. It came to a hover above a small house just outside the city. A woman looking much like the Nurse was inside the house watching a TV story on the situation of Metropolis. Batman swooped down into the house, landing just behind the woman's sofa.

"Explain why you're one of the only woman still cognizant anywhere near Metropolis." Batman said, surprising the woman.

"How did you get in here!" The woman exclaimed, "I'll...I'll call the cops!"

"You wouldn't even touch the phone. What do you know about your sister's work?" Batman inquired, wasting no time.

"She doesn't tell me much about what she does. We haven't seen each other for weeks!" The woman said, wetting her pajamas out of fear.

"Every other woman in Metropolis has the mind of a child and you're just fine." Batman glanced at the sodden pajamas, "Well, almost. What did she give you to keep you from having the mind of a child?"

"She gave me some pills a month ago. She said they were for my headaches!" The woman said, "I have some in my bathroom!"

The wet and shaking woman crawled to the bathroom in her wet clothes and came out with 3 pills in a small bag. She handed them to Batman.

"These are what she gave me. You can have the rest, I don't need them anyways." The woman replied.

Batman disappeared as soon as she turned around, climbing back into the Batwing.

"Clark, I have the cure. I'm bringing it back to the Justice League satellite." Batman replied.

Batman arrived back at the Batcave and transported himself up to the satellite. He moved quickly the Medical Center. When he arrived, he gave the scientists one pill to reproduce and then headed to the nursery with the other two. He gave them to the Superman.

"These should do something to stop the formula from taking hold. The scientists are adapting it right now in the Medical Center." Batman said, finished with his job.

"Thanks Bruce." Superman replied.

"Don't mention it." Batman said, leaving the room.

To be continued..