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Wonderwoman Back in Diapers

Chapter 3

Martian Manhunter was at his post, watchful as ever, when he received a message from Wonderwoman. She mentioned that there was a note left by the Nurse in the building and that they had rescued Supergirl. Martian Manhunter thought about this for awhile. He knew that there was no way for the Nurse to evacuate so many people in such a limited amount of time without leaving evidence. But how was the team going to find such evidence? What they needed was a detective, and he was more than willing to provide them with the best he could offer…

Wonderwoman looked at the note a little longer before sealing it in a plastic container. It was evidence, it had to be kept safe. Her earpiece was picking up a call from Martian Manhunter:

"Diana, I am unconvinced that the building is all that it appears to be. Something more must be there to use to find the Nurse."

"Look Jon, We've done everything we can. Clark can't see anything rather unusual about the rooms. It appears that the rooms are simply oversized nurseries. We need someone down here that actually knows what to look for."

"I understand. I have sent down Bruce for a more thorough investigation. He should be there within the next three minutes."

"Has he been briefed?"

"Yes. Inform me of any information you receive. Good luck."

"Thanks Jon."

Wonderwoman headed towards the front of the building to meet up with Batman. As Wonderwoman was walking she reached down and felt the front of her diaper. Sure enough, it was soaked. She took a quick duck into the bathroom to change. Taking off her skirt she untaped the yellowed diaper and threw it away. Getting onto the adult changing table, she noticed the necessary changing equipment in cubbies in the wall. Wonderwoman realized that she would, in the future, have to find a way to fit a diaper bag into her costume. She had never changed her own diaper before, and was rather unsure as to how to go about it. Reaching towards the wipes, Wonderwoman wiped her crotch down. Then she took the diaper and laid it down underneath her. Taking baby powder, she powdered herself and then reached down and taped the tapes in place. The diaper fit snugly around her butt and crotch area, exactly her size. Pleased with herself, she put on her skirt and went out to meet Batman.

Wonderwoman left the bathroom to find Batman walking into the building.

"Hello Bruce."

"Where are Clark and Kara?"

"Right upstairs, last room on the right."

Batman walked ahead of Wonderwoman and went up the stairs and into the room. Upon entering the room he paid almost no attention to Superman and Supergirl, but merely walked to the crib and began looking underneath.

"What are you looking for?" Superman asked.

"I'm looking for some sort of crevice or break in the floor. In order to evacuate paralyzed victims out of this building within an hour or two, the Nurse would have to have some sort of way of transporting victims while leaving them in their cribs. Judging by the thickness of the ceilings on the lower floors, I believe the victims were transported through a contraption under the floor." Batman answered.

Finding no such crevice or break, Batman took out a laser and cut around the crib.

"I could just use my laser vis-" Superman was cut off.

The laser cut full circle around the crib, caving in the floor. The ground fell away as if it was made of glass. Batman's reflexes were instant. He grappled up onto the ceiling and watched as Wonderwoman and Kara fell in immediately. Superman grabbed onto a door handle next to him, avoiding the fall, before flying down to see what happened afterwards.

"You could have warned us that was going to happen!" Kara exclaimed, scrambling out from the rubble.

"The floor was weaker than anticipated." Batman replied, smiling.

Wonderwoman landed in an awkward position, inadvertently flashing her diaper to anyone watching. Trying to regain composure, she got up and quickly pulled down her skirt. But Superman had seen enough to know that both Wonderwoman and Supergirl were heavily padded, victims of the Nurse's formula. To spare them the embarrassment, Superman said nothing. Batman had no look of shock or disbelief on his face, he simply jumped down from the ceiling and into the hole in the floor. Superman wondered if he had even seen it. The hole gave way to a dark tunnel.

"This tunnel goes on for miles." Batman stated after a quick scan. "It looks to have been here for a long time. It should be already in our database."

Batman brought up a map of the area using one of his gadgets. The tunnel itself was an old subway track that had long since been abandoned. The track split in two, one headed for the center of Metropolis, and the other to a rural area further away.

"It looks like the only way to find which route the Nurse took is to split up and search them both." Superman said, "When we find where the Nurse has gone we can call it a night and head home."

Wonderwoman and Supergirl both agreed on this, while Batman simply began walking down the tunnel.

"It's about half a mile until the tunnel splits." Batman said, "We can figure out who's going with who when we get there."

As they were walking there (though it was more of a waddle for Wonderwoman and Supergirl) Wonderwoman gave Batman the note. Batman scanned it for fingerprints, but found none.

"She knows what she's doing. She left no evidence when she wrote this." Batman said.

"So you can't identify her?" Wonderwoman asked, disappointed.

"No, not yet. But I'm sure by the end of this we'll know who this "Nurse" really is." Batman replied, a hint of motivation in his voice.

They arrived at the fork in the tunnel and it was decided that Wonderwoman and Superman would take the tunnel to the rural area, while Supergirl and Batman would head towards the center of Metropolis.

Wonderwoman and Superman flew down the tunnel. A couple of minutes later, they reached its end. It opened up into a small rural area, with only one house, barely visible, nearby.

"If the Nurse went here, there's a good chance she's staying in that house." Superman pointed out.

Wonderwoman flew over to the house with Superman and opened the door. It was an old cottage with a small animal pen on the side of it. The inside of the house looked like it hadn't been used for years.

"I'm not sure, but I think I see something." Superman said, using his x-ray vision. "Some kind of contraption in the fireplace."

Wonderwoman got on her hands and knees and looked up the fireplace. She reached up and felt for any kind of lever and, finding one, pulled it. A cool wind swept through the empty house. Wonderwoman felt a draft up her back and quickly backed out from the fireplace and stood up. Realizing her diaper was on full display, Wonderwoman's cheeks blushed bright red. She decided to go with a longer skirt next time.

"I pulled a lever in the fireplace." Wonderwoman said, "There must be another lever or something near here."

Superman pushed in the mantlepiece on the fireplace with a "click". The fireplace turned 90 degrees revealing a staircase leading underground. Wonderwoman walked inside first.

"What do you think she has down here?" Wonderwoman asked Superman, but before Superman could answer the fireplace turned back around.

Instantly the steps folded up and became a ramp. Wonderwoman fell onto her padded bottom and slid down into a dark room. Landing on her ample chest, a thick wall slammed down behind her, sealing off the way in.

"Clark! Help! I can't see anything, I'm stuck in here!" Wonderwoman yelled, but there was no response.

Wonderwoman looked around for a light switch. She reached over to a nearby wall and ran her hand along its side. Finding a protrusion in the wall, she pressed it down. The lights went on all around her, illuminating the area. Wonderwoman was trapped in a small empty room. The ground was a soft, mattress-like material, while the walls were a hard metal. The room was empty but for a large screen on the far wall. The screen flickered on revealing a video of the Nurse.

"Welcome test subject to my experiment room! Here I test my latest and greatest formulas on unsuspecting subjects like you! Today's test will be a dose of one of my many formulas, Formula 2. Let the experiment commence!"

The Nurse's image flickered away and the screen went blank again. The screen was then lifted away revealing a vent concealed behind it. Wonderwoman watched helplessly as a strange gas was released into the room.

"Diana are you there?" Superman yelled, "I can't see through these walls."

"Clark! I'm inside a room near the far wall. Don't go inside until I say it's safe, I don't know what's going on in here." Wonderwoman replied, nervous.

Wonderwoman made a valiant attempt to hold her breath, but she was unable to do it for very long. Wonderwoman gasped, taking in much of the gas at once.

"Hera, give me strength." Wonderwoman said, closing her eyes and fearing for the worst.

She lay there for what felt like eternity. Wonderwoman waited for what the formula would bring her, but nothing happened. She got up and walked around. She seemed to be just fine.

"Come in Clark!" Wonderwoman said, "The gas in here has cleared."

Superman broke through the wall and came inside.

"Are you okay Diana? What happened?" Superman asked, worried.

"It's strange, nothing seemed to hap- " Wonderwoman tried to answer, but she stopped.

Suddenly Wonderwoman buckled over and fell down. She clutched her stomach and groaned loudly.

"What! What's going on?" Superman said, running over to Wonderwoman.

"Nghh!" Wonderwoman replied.

Wonderwoman's stomach was churning furiously. Wonderwoman realized the formula must have been some sort of powerful laxative administered through the air, but the realization came too late. Wonderwoman clenched her butt cheeks together, but was unable to stop the massive surge of poop into the seat of her diaper. The diaper bulged outward, making it quite obvious under her skirt, and became discolored. Superman watched with disbelief as his friend and colleague filled her adult diaper. Wonderwoman gasped for air, but her bowels weren't done yet. Another massive movement added to the load in her diaper, but signaled the end of her messy ordeal.

"Ugh…" Wonderwoman groaned, exhausted and embarrassed.

With all her strength Wonderwoman tried to get up, leaning against the wall. Her legs could barely close with the huge load in her diaper, and she herself was tired. Wonderwoman collapsed down onto the soft floor.

"Diana, let me help you." Superman said, his eyes showing sympathy.

"You don't have to Clark… I can change myself." Wonderwoman said, shamed and embarrassed. "Tell Batman the Nurse isn't here. Leave me."

"Diana, you can't stand, let alone change yourself." Superman replied. "I'll go and get supplies you just stay here, Batman can wait."

Wonderwoman lay there, disgusted by the smell of the mess now plastered to her bottom. She lay there wondering how she was going to stop the Nurse when she couldn't even control her body. She felt something she hadn't felt in awhile; A feeling of being powerless, of being unable to help the League like she should. They had to stop the Nurse quick, before anything more embarrassing happened to her (though messing herself in front of a colleague was about as embarrassing as it could get). Wonderwoman was worried she was just weighing her team down. Most of all, she worried about the word getting out, but Superman was someone she trusted, and he wasn't the kind of person that would tell anyone about this incident. She knew it.

"I'm back Diana. There was another one of those nurseries downstairs." Superman said, walking into the room with supplies.

Superman walked over to Wonderwoman. She lay there and closed her eyes as the diaper was untaped and pulled out from under her. He silently wiped her clean with his soft, gentle hands. She blushed furiously, but still trying not to think about her embarrassing situation. Her mind wandered as Superman powdered her. She hoped Batman and Supergirl had been more successful than she had been. Superman taped up another, thicker diaper around her crotch.

"All done." Superman said to her, smiling. "Ready to go home?"

"Yes. I most certainly am." Wonderwoman replied, relieved.

"Jon, beam us up." Superman said, pressing on his earpiece.

Superman picked up Wonderwoman and they both disappeared from the room. They reappeared on the JLA Satellite, with Superman carrying a exhausted and sleeping Wonderwoman back to her room. He laid her down on her bed and shut the door.

"What a night." Superman said, walking down the hall to his room.

To be continued...