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Wonderwoman Back in Diapers

Chapter 2

On the Justice League Satellite Wonderwoman is sitting in her room wearing a rather bulky diaper. Wonderwoman wasn't sure what to do about this change of pace. She needed diapers for the next six months until the formula the Nurse had given her wore off, but she had no idea how to go about fighting crime in this bulky "protective undergarment", as the lab people called it. As she sat there thinking she noticed one of her older costumes hanging up in her room. Suddenly a solution came to her: A simple costume change would do! If she changed her costume that she was wearing a skirt, then perhaps she would be able to hide the diaper she was wearing underneath.

Wonderwoman got to work converting her costume. When she finished she slipped it on and checked the mirror. The diaper was barely noticeable, only someone looking for it would notice. She began thinking of what to do about the Nurse. She paced back and forth inside the room. She wasn't used to the thickness of the diaper. She vaguely remembered wearing diapers when she was first created, but it was a distant feeling she had, for the most part, forgotten. As she looked in the mirror she noticed that the diaper was so thick it made her waddle a little bit when she walked. She silently hoped no one would notice. After much thought Wonderwoman decided that she should talk to Jon, or Martian Manhunter, about the Nurse. She silently crept out of her room and headed towards the center of the satellite where Jon was. As Wonderwoman approached Martian Manhunter sensed her.

"I notice your mission to bring back Supergirl has yet to be completed."

"Jon, you know I don't give up easily. Originally I was counting on breaking her out and, together, taking down the Nurse."

"What happened?"

"I've underestimated the Nurse. She has the capability of sapping powers. I barely made it out myself."

"Perhaps if you had help you could accomplish your mission?"


"I will send Superman with you. He has just finished his last mission. We need you to go get Supergirl out. We need her back here before we make any other decisions."

"What should we do about the Nurse?"

"If you can capture her, then do so. But the number one priority is Supergirl. Get onto the transport beam and I'll send you down to where Superman is waiting."

"Bye Jon."

"Farewell Diana."

As Wonderwoman left Martian Manhunter thought he heard a small crinkling sound, but dismissed it, thinking it absurd. He watched Wonderwoman beam down and wished her luck. She was going to need every bit of it…

Wonderwoman arrived near the Nurse's lair in an instant. As she looked around she noticed Superman standing outside of a small shop. They were in a small city late at night and very few people were awake. Superman was looking around for a hospital that might contain the Nurse, having no luck.

"Clark, it's over here." Wonderwoman told him, gesturing towards a deceptively small unmarked building.

"This building looks almost the same as all the others. Are you sure this is it Diana?" Superman said, doubtful.

"I've been there Clark, I think I would know where it is." Wonderwoman retorted.

They walked over to it. Superman opened the door and glanced inside. It was dark and there was no movement.

"That's odd, these walls contain led. The Nurse was expecting us…" Superman said, disturbed.

They silently walked down the hallway and down the stairs. Wonderwoman and Superman proceeded to search the rooms, all seeming to be vacant. Wonderwoman thought she heard a noise coming from a room at the end of the hallway. She quickly walked/waddled over while Superman was searching another room.

"Great Hera! Clark come in here!" Wonderwoman yelled, shocked.

Supergirl was bound to a crib with Wonderwoman's golden lasso. She was struggling with the magical rope when Wonderwoman entered the room. Supergirl was clad in only a diaper, with a pacifier in her mouth. Supergirl tried covering herself up to no avail.

"What! What happened?" Superman said, running across the hall.

"It's Supergirl, she's here!" Wonderwoman replied, pulling out the pacifier and covering Supergirl with a blanket.

Superman walked into the room.

"Kara! Thank goodness you're okay! I was worried about you." Superman said, seeing Supergirl.

"You two took your time getting here. Supergirl said, annoyed. "Wonderwoman, can you help me with this stupid lasso of yours?"

Wonderwoman began untangling Supergirl and Superman persisted with his questions.

"So now that we have Kara, where is the Nurse?" Superman asked.

"The Nurse knew you both were coming back to get me and left." Supergirl replied.

"Do you know where she went? Did she mention any plans to you at all?" Clark asked, hopeful.

"No, not to me at least, although perhaps something was mentioned to Diana." Supergirl replied, gesturing to Wonderwoman.

"Yes, the Nurse said she had developed some sort of special formula that well," Wonderwoman struggled for words, '"debilitates" people."'

"What exactly does it do?" Clark asked, a little confused.

Supergirl had a good guess that Wonderwoman had also been given the "treatment", but Superman was most likely unaware of the situation. Supergirl was still covered by the blanket and quite thankful that Wonderwoman found her before Superman did, sparing her further embarrassment. She was untangled and let out of the oversized crib. Her clothes were found in the room's closet, and Supergirl went inside the bathroom to change, leaving Wonderwoman and Superman to talk.

"The Nurse's formula reduces adult's minds to a more infantile state. It weakens the muscles and debilitates its victims, even super-humans." Wonderwoman said, answering Superman's earlier question.

"So if the Nurse used it on the general population the people wouldn't be able to survive…" Superman reasoned.

"Not exactly Clark, the formula is strange. The formula debilitates yes, but only for a short while. It must be administered again and again to maintain that effect, so it's more of a temporary thing." Wonderwoman explained.

"So the Nurse would have to find a way to suppress people enough to be able to reapply the formula."

"Yes, but that's not all. The formula has some long term effects as well."

"How long term are we talking?"

"I'm not sure. Six months at least, maybe longer."

"So what is it?"

"Well, some muscle groups don't really hold up as well against this formula as others do." Wonderwoman guessed, "For example, some of the more nether regions…"

"What do you mean Diana?"

"I mean, more specifically, the bladder and bowels…"

"So every citizen who is given a dose of this formula becomes… incontinent?"

"Yes, it would appear so."

Supergirl came out of the bathroom at that moment as if on cue. Wonderwoman and Superman glanced over and Superman gave her a weird look. Supergirl was wearing her normal costume with the skirt cleverly concealing the diaper underneath. It was apparent by the odd look on Superman's face that he now knew what Supergirl was wearing. Fortunately, Superman had yet to notice Wonderwoman's new choice of undergarment, and Wonderwoman wanted to keep it that way. Supergirl was given no such privacy. Superman turned back to Wonderwoman.

"How very strange. Why would the Nurse want this? What's her motivation?" Superman asked.

"From what she told me. the Nurse believes that humanity is better off in a more innocent, infantile, state." Wonderwoman answered, "She'll do anything it takes to get that. If she can weaken the population through this formula… may the gods help us."

"Then we need to find her and stop her before it's too late. Search the rest of the building, see if we can find any evidence of where she's gone." Superman said, motivation in his eyes.

They split up and Wonderwoman searched throughout a lower floor, finding only empty rooms. Soon she reached the last room on the floor and, ready to give up and reunite with the others, she almost missed a clue. In the room, there was a small note on the wall.

"Clark! Kara! Come down here! I think I found something!" Wonderwoman yelled.

Superman and Supergirl hurried down to meet Wonderwoman. Wonderwoman held the note up for them to read:

Hello Justice League members!

I have very good news for you all! Soon you, and the rest of Metropolis, will be in utter bliss. A state of pure innocence and happiness that will leave you more joyful and carefree then you could possibly imagine. It will be a sweet way to end your adult lives and start a new, better life. A couple of you have already gotten a taste of this bliss I speak of and, if you're smart, you won't try to stop me.

Best Wishes,

The Nurse