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A New Outlook on Life

Chapter 3

I told her everything and then answered a lot of questions about how it had all made me feel. She wanted to know in detail what I had thought about when I masturbated and then after a long question and answer session about my every sexual thought she nodded and said, “You silly goof! You are about the least perverted soul that I have ever known. You seem to feel bad about almost everything you have ever done that wasn’t straight missionary sex! Honey I am going to take that monkey off your back! From now on I am in charge of you. Everything between your neck and your knees is MINE. You don’t have to feel guilty any more because you are going to do what I tell you to do or get your ass crisped and THEN do it. If there is a pervert in the room dear it will be me! The list of new experiences that you are about to embark upon is 6 yards long!” She had filled up one of the red bags with a white soapy solution and hung it on the towel rack. “Enema time sugar! From now on I am going to take control of your bowels. If you are REAL good about that I won’t take over your urinary duties as well.”

I was shaking as she put me on my knees and then rolled up a towel for me to put my head on. “Ruth, if I am good how often will I have to do these…enemas?”

“If you go every day and eat right you will only get them on Sundays dear. Starting next Sunday you and I will both get them. Do you think that you would mind giving me my enemas? I’ll let you play while you do it!” She told me this as she put on a pair of gloves.

I had always loved Ruth’s ass and been ashamed to admit it. I loved it when we did it doggy style because the view was just wonderful. She was right though I always felt bad about how seeing her cute little puckered asshole made me feel. “I will try and do it just as you teach me too.” I told her.

“You will have to stick your finger in my ass…just as I am about to do to you.” She pressed her greased finger against my asshole and before I could tense up it slipped into me. I gasped and she giggled. “Gotcha!” She worked it all around and then in and out a bunch of times. Finally she reached up inside me and touched something and I squeaked before I could bite down on my lips. “That my dear husband is your prostate. It is the male version of the female G-spot only more so.” She stroked it several times and my hips jerked spasmodically out of my control. “See little boy! There are good things in there if you will just let me get to them! I don’t want you to cum right now but rest assured, I could make you cum without ever touching your Johnson!”

She pulled her finger out of me and I knew at that moment that my life had changed! When the nozzle passed through my snug passage it wasn’t near as upseting as I had feared. The sudden warm flow was even was pleasant. Ruth was very gentle and talked to me as she petted on my ass and bragged on me for being her good boy. When the cramps came that I so vividly remembered, she stopped the flow and reached between my legs to rub my lower tummy. When they passed she resumed my enema. After one more stop she closed the clamp and told me that it was done, removed the nozzle cautioning me to not let a drop leak out and then helped me roll over.

“You need to hold this for 5 minutes while I massage your tummy and push the enema up into you. After we get you more cleaned out you will have to hold it for 10 minutes but you will be more experienced by then.” She pushed things around in me. I could feel it. It actually felt kinda nice really. “Now tell me little boy. Has this been as horrible as you feared?”

“No, not at all; you do it ever so much gentler than Mom and Granny did! It has really been a pleasant experience mostly. The cramps weren’t anything liked what I remembered.”

“I’m happy to hear that. I’m afraid by the end of the day you will be sick of this but in the future I will add little treats to it so you will learn to love it and look forward to our Sunday treats. If nothing else my dear hubby, we will have sex at least once a week because I will guarantee that you will never get enemas from me that you don’t have at least one orgasm unless you have been bad and the enemas are part of your punishment.”

I looked up at her wide eyed. I had occasionally thought of what it would feel like to cum while I was getting an enema when I was a kid. Now all that wondering returned. There was no possibility that I could deny that all of this excited me. My dick was standing straight up and waving up and down with each beat of my heart! Ruth made no effort to ignore it and both petted it occasionally and even offered it quick wet kisses. She knew what she was doing. Even the QUICK kisses left me breathing hard and near to explosion.

When the time was up Ruth patted my tummy and told me, “You have been a very good boy. If you will be as good for two more enemas I will give you a treat!” She helped me up and onto the toilet. “Now, you need to relax and just let the enema control the exit. Don’t strain and push and don’t you dare play with yourself.” She kissed me, “Call me when you’re done and don’t ever flush until I have inspected your work when I give you enemas. Do you understand Marty? If you flush or play with yourself you will get visited by my brush and by now you will already be tender enough that it will really make an impression on you that you won’t like I promise! Got it?”

“Yes Ma’am! I be good!” She kissed me again and left me to it. The enema rushed out and I was amazed as it did its job. It took a while but eventually I was done. I called Ruth after I was cleaned up and she came inspected and flushed.

“Very good. Have a seat while I refill.”

“Ruth, how many do you think it is going to take?”

“I don’t know for sure. I plan on giving you three soapy enemas and then rinses until nothing comes out but clear water. The third soapy enema I am going to put in high with the colon tube and then when I rinse you, after a couple of rinses I will return to the tube for the rest of your enemas. We will also switch over to the larger white bag and that will help get you washed out faster too.”

I thought about all of this and then asked, “You like doing this don’t you?”

She smiled, “Actually I do Marty, quite a lot. I always planned on this sort of thing being part of my marriage but you always got a panicked look on your face if I mentioned enemas or me sticking something up your ass so I just laid it aside. Everyone in my house got them even Daddy. Some times when Daddy and Mama had a fight she would take him to their bedroom and he would get it just like the rest of the kids did. Then he and Mama would go to the bathroom and we all knew what happened after a spanking. I always thought that was just how things were supposed to work. After they came out of the bedroom Mama would take Daddy to bed. You always had to go to bed after you were spanked and then given punishment enemas in the evening. It was part of the punishment. I don’t think Mama punished Daddy with that though. When this happened Ellen or whoever was the oldest would be in charge for the rest of the evening. One time Billy acted up and wouldn’t mind and told her he didn’t have to do what she said cause she wasn’t Mama. Ellen had to knock on their door and tell Mama. Mama handed out the whipping belt, told her to tear Billy’s ass up, give him three punishment enemas and then tear his ass up again for making her bother them. She told Ellen to let me help and after that nobody EVER bothered Mama and Daddy again when he was being “punished.” You will see, a spanking, 3 enemas and then off to bed early for some nasty and wild sex will make a new man out of you the next day!”

I was a little shocked. Her Daddy was even bigger than me and her Mama was a little bit of a thing. The thought of HIM getting what I was getting was a bit stunning. Ruth put me back on the floor for another round. I gasped as her gloved finger again made me feel like I was going to pop and once again she stopped short of that. I was in a much better frame of mind this time and maybe that was the difference. Or maybe I was partially cleaned out for this one. Whatever the reason, this enema was much easier to take and the cramps were for the most part not very uncomfortable.

After your next enema we will take a break. You’ve been good and deserve a reward. She tormented me, especially during the hold after she rolled me over and I had no problems holding it. She took me to the toilet and seated me telling me as she did that I needed to always hold until I had her permission to release. Once I was seated she took off her shirt and bra and came to me feeding me a nipple before telling me I could release. I have always had a special attraction to her breasts. They were full and perky. Against her pale alabaster skin her dark areolas and big thick nipples stood out beautifully. I suckled eagerly and released as she had ordered.

The third soapy enema was given differently. I was put on my back and she fed that long hose up into me twisting and turning it until the entire length was seated. The white bag held 4 quarts but she told me that she had only put 3 in it this time. It was easier to take but when I was full I had a hard time holding it. The 5 minutes passed slowly after she had finished it and retrieved the hose. This time when I was seated Ruth took off her pants and panties and after ordering me to hold the enema she began playing with herself and kissing me her kisses sank lower and she latched on to one of my nipples. My nipples are VERY sensitive and she knew it made me hot when she did that. When she sank further and took me into her mouth I KNEW that she owned me. This wasn’t something that she often did. I NEVER asked for it. To tell the truth in my mind it was something dirty and a little slutty… Not the sort of thing that nice girls like to do.

When I was moaning and about to lose everything she stopped looked up at me and said, “When you cum you may release. Hold your hands over your head and don’t touch my head! If you touch me you will get a spanking!”

She returned to her work and shortly my hands were holding my hair and I was screaming as I had the most incredible orgasm of my life. It went on and on and on. Ruth didn’t stop or gag or anything. She drank it all down and kept demanding more. I soon understood the torture of not being able to touch her!! I couldn’t make her STOP! When she finally did I was having a fit and I think it was my squealing that finally tickled her so much that she had to stop to laugh. She got up and kissed me deeply. I didn’t know what I thought about THAT but her passion carried both of us and I decided that if she could deal with my cum in her mouth I could too.