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A New Outlook on Life

Chapter 2

I was still sitting on the end of the bed lost in thought when Ruth returned. She came straight to the bedroom and on seeing me there she asked, “Have you drank anything or just been sitting there wool gathering?”

“I guess I have just been sitting here.” I looked at the big bag she had laid beside me on the bed. “Did you get…the stuff you wanted?”

“I got the things YOU need so I can help you take care of this.”

I looked up at her with the saddest eyes I could manage. “Ruth do we have to do this? I would rather try to drink that nasty stuff again. Could I try it one more time PLEASE?”

The look she gave me wasn’t one that made me feel hopeful. “I figured you would try this so…” she lifted another prep kit out of the bag. “You can try but only one more time and understand, You will have to drink more latter and then in the end you still must take some enemas.” She crossed her arms; I’m ready to get to business but if you insist go ahead and try. I warn you now though. If you puke it that is the end and I’m going to spank you again for wasting time!” She reached into the bag and pulled out a large wooden paddle type hair brush that had a head that was a little larger than her hand. After removing the pricing and info tags she slapped it against the palm of her hand a couple of times. “Well make a decision!”

“I want to try!” I told her but my eyes couldn’t leave the brush in her hand. I had a thought, “Is it red… the enema thing” I asked.

She chuckled, “Actually two are red and one is white. There is also a red bulb for other injections.”

“THREE of them??? Why???”

She was standing there and patting her foot on the floor. “On second thought Marty I’m not going to give you a choice.” She put the prep kit back in the bag. You are always taking something for your stomach. We almost buy that pink shit by the case. I am going to try this, not just for the prep but for taking care of your tummy troubles in the future. I’ve been thinking about something like this for a while and this has just brought it to a head. Come with me and we will get started!”

I sat there and the panic of the little boy swelled in me. “PLEASE Ruth don’t do this!! Please just cancel the damn test. I already am feeling better anyway!” I begged in a panic.

She looked at me and then came back to me. Standing in front of me with her hands on her hips she asked, “Ok, tell me what your problem is!” I looked up at her helplessly. She sat the bag down on the floor and set the brush on the bed. She began to unbutton my shirt and then when it was off she said, “Stand up Marty. I’m going to take off your shorts. You don’t need them…they will just be in the way.” I stood up and she finished stripping me. Then she sat down on the bed, scooted back and pulled me by my arm over her lap and then and into position. “Now you can tell me what is your problem now or you can tell me after I’ve tried out my new brush! Speak now or accept the consequences!”

“Did you ever give them to yourself?”

“NO!! NEVER I promise!”

“Why not?”

“Because I didn’t want to be a pervert or a queer. I just knew that if I liked that then I must be something bad!”

“Jesus Marty, You have some seriously fucked up ideas. I always just assumed that you were innocent and had never had a kinky thought in your life! Well let me tell YOU something. Your life is about to change. First I’m going to spank you and then while I get your stuff ready you are going to sit on the pot and tell me all about what they did to you and what you thought about when you jerked off. Then I am going to give you enemas until you are clean as a whistle and show you a few of the things that I have been thinking about.”

The spanking was brutal and like the ones my Mom had given me, they only ended when I stopped resisting in even the small way of wiggling. When she finally stopped I lay still for a while and then asked in a shaky voice, “Are you done?”

She giggled, “You did just like your Mom said that you would. You finally will just give in if I just press on.”

“Mom told you about the spankings and the RULE???” I asked horrified.

“Of course, after the church wedding she explained that as her Mother in law had explained to her about your father. You always spank a boy until he stops resisting. By the time they are grown they will be trained to give in to a woman if she is just persistent and firm. You are going to go to the bathroom with me now for your enemas. You need to adjust to this because it will not be a rare occurrence in your future. Any resistance, any lip or any excessive whining and you get spanked. ALL spankings, just as the ones your Mom gave you, will be until you submit. I warn you now though…unlike your Mom I will not always stop just because you submit. Some times you will just have to live with it until I AM satisfied that it is sufficient.” She swatted my tender ass one more time for emphasis and then asked; “Now my precious little boy are you ready to nicely ask me to give you your enemas?”

“Yes ma’am I answered trembling.”

“Then do so and think carefully about what you say.”

“Will you give me my enemas now?” I asked and then felt her rubbing the brush across my ass. “Please ma’am!”

“Very good!” She led me to the bathroom and seated me. I winched as the closed seat of the toilet and my seat made contact. “Now, tell me every detail of your little enema experiences.”

As she removed all of the stuff from the bag I watched and told her all about it. When she pulled the red bags from the boxes I flinched, “Those look just like the ones they used except the hose was red too and the nozzles were black.”

“These are called combination rigs.” She told me. “This is a fountain syringe.” She held up a somewhat larger off white bag with a seashell on it. “This is a colon tube.” She informed me as she showed me a coiled red hose that was as long as she was tall and as big around as her little finger. After showing me a bulb syringe with both enema and douche nozzles she told me to continue.

Instead I asked, “Where in the world did you find all this stuff?” I looked at her a little shocked, “You seem to know a lot about all of it too. What’s with that?”

“Baby you got enemas twice…I got them at the very LEAST, every Sunday right up until we went off to college. I also got them if I was ill, missed school, got my period, was grumpy, tired or in trouble and had gotten a spanking.”

“Oh lord Ruth I’m soooo sorry!” I blurted.

“For what? I hated them when I was little but by the time I was 9 I had learned to like them and other than the ones when I was spanked and then given punishment enemas they were very nice. I admit that it was a little embarrassing as I got older but then Mama began to allow me to fully “relax” while I took them. After I got my period we started taking our enemas together. I’ve missed them but I wanted you and could just tell from the hints that I dropped that you were not going to be receptive.” She smiled and paused her washing of the stuff long enough to kiss me sweetly. “From now on honey you don’t get a choice.”


She looked at me sharply then answered, “How often did we make love last month?” I looked down and shrugged. “I’ll tell you, TWICE and those were because I was ovulating! We did it three times the month before. Our love making has gotten stale Marty! I’m going to fix that!”

“With enemas????”

“You’re damn right with enemas, and spankings and a LOT of other things that we have never done before! Baby if you have ever heard of it we are going to try it!! A lot of it I doubt that you have imagined. You know how they say love and hate are closely related? Well pain and pleasure and humiliation and excitement are too.”

“What if I don’t want to do this?” I asked.

“If you really didn’t want it we wouldn’t be in the bathroom right now, me getting the stuff ready to give you a passel of enemas and you sitting on the toilet with a scorched ass. By the way you need to go ahead and try to go while you’re sitting there so flip the lid up.”

I opened my mouth, closed it then I blushed, stood up lifted the seat and sat carefully back down. “Are you going to hurt me a lot?”

She smiled and patted my leg. “No, not very often other then when you are bad and get spanked. The enemas will become a pleasure for you I promise. I will warn you though you will have to get used to being embarrassed occasionally. Our entire life is going to change and we are going to be settled in before the baby comes. After that I will just operate as if I had two children. I’m afraid though that for a while until you learn to mind better that you are going to have a tender ass most of the time.