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A New Outlook on Life

Chapter 4

When I returned from the toilet Ruth took me naked to the kitchen where she made some tea and got a note pad and pen. “Things are going to change around her from now on Marty. There are going to be rules and repercussions for failing to follow them. As I give them to you, I want you to write them down. From now on when I tell you to do something I want you to do it. Just so you will know when I am serious, if I call you Martin and not Marty and tell you to do and you don’t then your ass is toast. Write that down Martin!”

I looked at her amazed but was writing as I did so. “Ok, What else Ruth?” I asked.

“From now on if you haven’t gone to the bathroom by 8 in the evening you will come to me and ask for your enemas. I want you to go every day.” She watched while I wrote it. “If I decide you have earned a spanking you will not debate the matter with me. You will just do as I order. You will NEVER masturbate unless I specifically order and allow you to do so. From now on I’m in charge of our sexual activities and you will do as, what and when I wish or pay the price. You have been slacking Marty but that is about to end!” She allowed me to catch up. “I am going to take you shopping and buy us some serious sex toys and you some special wardrobe. You will wear what I tell you to from now on. Starting after tomorrow, Wednesdays are black bikini panty days for you and Fridays will be red panty days for you. If I ask to see your panties on those days and you are not wearing them I will spank you and you will wear that color panty for a week with a nightly spanking above and beyond any other spankings just to remind you to always wear your panties on Wednesday and Friday. I am ready for some sexual adventure so over the next few weeks we are going to explore ALL of your various offices as potential sexual use locations. Then you will learn to use my alternate entrances as well. Do you understand what I am telling you Martin?”

He looked like a deer in the headlights. “Not for sure Ruth. You want more sex in some different positions?”

“We are going to do more than just positions Martin. Have you ever thought of fucking me in the ass?” He was wide eyed but nodded. “Good because you are going to. That shouldn’t be to challenging for you. Having me fuck you in the ass with a big strap on dildo may take a little more adjusting to for you though. We are going to join a special club for couples with dominant wives and attend their meetings and parties. You are not writing Martin!” He wrote fast to catch up and when he had I told him, “When we are alone if I start calling you Martin you need to call me Mistress Ruth or just Mistress. Do you understand THAT Martin?”

“Yes ma’am…ah Mistress Ruth.”

“Now do you have a serious problem with ANY of this? If so now is the time to talk because after you sign that paper there will be no further discussion on this subject.”

He looked dazed. He finally asked, “You’re excited about all of this aren’t you? This is something you want to do?”

“Yes Martin. I like being in charge. For the sake of our marriage I have tried to be what YOU wanted and not be too bossy but things have just gotten out of sync. We are not having sex you seem to be bored with me and Now with me pregnant I just can’t let things slide any further. If we are going to stay together you are going to have to make some changes and since I am the one forcing these changes I got to chose how it will change!”

“You are going to spank me, give me enemas and…and even…fuck ME in the ass?”

“Yes Martin I am…and likely other things too.”

He was looking down and I couldn’t see his face. “This is what you WANT Ruth… really?”

“Yes Martin it is.”

“May I confess something to you Mistress?”

“Certainly Marty, you know you can tell me anything. I love you Marty. I want us to be together always and I feel like you are slipping away. What do you need to tell me?”

“Ruthie, one of the things that always attracted me to you the most was your assertiveness and even at times your temper. I always have kind of fantasized about you doing stuff a little like this. Not this extreme but maybe spanking me a little when I am bad. If it is what you want then it is what I want. The enemas still make me a little upset but yours are so nice that I’m sure you are right and I will learn to love them. What you’ve done in my ass so far has been pretty great so if you need to fuck me there as my Mistress then I am yours to use as you need and see fit.”

I looked at him and was shocked. I finally burst out laughing. “Are you telling me that all this time I have been wanting to do this to you and holding back because I love you and didn’t want to shock you and you…”

He interrupted, “And I have been wishing that you would do something like this to me but was ashamed to tell you for fear that it would disgust you and you would reject me.”

I pulled him into my arms and kissed him wildly, “Oh Marty we are going to have SOOOO much fun!” After we had kissed and cuddled a bit I became serious again. “You do know that I’m not talking about this as just a game don’t you. It isn’t always going to be fun for you. Until I get you trained your ass is going to spend a lot of time in a sling.”

“I know Ruth. I’ve known for a while that I needed more from you in the way of direction. I’m a good worker and I do a good job of earning a paycheck but when it comes to getting things done here at home I am lost.” He looked down, “My Mom took care of that for Dad and us kids at home. I know that I have been lazy. I know that I haven’t been as loving as I should have been. If you can do it and make our marriage better then whatever it is you want then I want you to do it.” He was red faced and shaking a bit. “I know it isn’t always going to be fun for me. I’ll tell you the truth I am about equally balanced between excited and scared shitless!”

“Ok Baby, sign what you have written and give it to me. We will work on it more later. Right now we have another round of enemas to do.” I took his hand and led him back to the bedroom. I could hear his bowels growling. The soap was making it unhappy and I wanted to start rinsing him out. I placed him on the bed and told him to rest. When I returned with the bag loaded and full I hung it from a hook on the bed post and made him pull his legs up to his chest while I tucked a doubled towel under him and then put on a glove.

He watched wide eyed as I put lubricant on several fingers. I made sure he saw that it wasn’t just the one that I was preparing. I slipped the index finger in easily and he sighed as he accepted it. My middle finger joined it and he grunted. I went to his prostate and he jerked as he learned the facts of his anal nature. My ring finger eased in and I began to work them in and out making him get hard and begin to rock with me actively participating in my three fingers fucking him. He was going to become an analy sexual male and I wanted him to accept this without shame or guilt. “That’s my good boy!” I bragged on him as he took pleasure from our activity. “That’s my sexy sweet boy! Let me give you pleasure, let yourself enjoy what you feel. You already know that it is good. I can tell that you truly want to give it over to me so stop resisting. Turn loose Martin. Just let whatever happens just happen. Don’t act how you think you should I want you to just act and respond as you FEEL you should.”

His moans became louder and I in turn offered him even more pressure and stimulation to his prostate. I was watching closely when he passed over the line. His eyes popped open, he gasped and then began to wail and beg me. “Oh shit Ruthie don’t stop! Please do me harder!! Oh fuck me! Ruthie I’m…I’M…I’M about to…” His wail became a shriek as he erupted and sprayed his white thick need all over his stomach. I slowed but he shrieked and begged me again not to stop. Suddenly inspired I leaned forward and caught his cock as he continued to hump and squeal. He was softening when I caught him but as I continued to fuck his ass with my three middle fingers he hardened again in my mouth and then came again in an earsplitting release of all restraint. I looked up and saw that his hands were over his head and tears were running down his cheeks as he let himself free. When I slowed this time he slowed with me and other than one last shriek as I left his ass he calmed and went limp all over. I wiped him off and then passed the nozzle into him and with a click began his next enema.

Halfway through the bag he opened his eyes and asked, “Are you sure enemas just on Sundays will be enough?”

I laughed, “Possibly not because judging from this you will need them more often because you will need cleaning out before I ass fuck you and I can tell you that I think we are going to like that a lot!” I crawled up and threw my leg over his face. “Eat me Martin. You got me overexcited with all your sound effects and I need some relief!” I lowered my dripping muff onto his face and he eagerly went to work. Yes, I do believe Martin has a whole new outlook on things! I suddenly felt it coming and then I let go. My orgasm was of massive dimensions and I gushed as I never had before. Marty did his very best to catch every drop and them suck even more from me! Fuck I believe I may have some new ideas about what a BIG O is about!! Maybe my outlook had changed as much as HIS!

The End


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