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A New Outlook on Life

Chapter 1

We had been married for almost five years. Things were actually going pretty well we were beginning to discuss starting a family. We married secretly right out of High School and then went to college together. Our parents had fought us getting married saying that we were too young but we were in love and wanted it so we did it. They were a little miffed when they found out when we were juniors but since we had only done a formal ceremony at the JP they were content to do the church thing later. We got Church Married just after we graduated from College and Ruth’s clock says that it is time for her to bake a baby.

Out of the clear blue one night she just rolled over looked at me and said, “I think that I’m going to stop taking the pill. What do you think Marty?

I was shocked as hell but had been thinking about the same thing for a while myself so I hugged her and whispered in her ear, “I think that it is high time that I get you knocked up!” I laughed, “Mom was asking the other day if we planned on having kids.”

Ruth smiled, “I guess great minds think alike.”

The next month we used condoms because we read that you want to wait a couple months after you get off the pill before getting pregnant. Then we started trying. Like so many before us, after worrying and dreading the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy for years, not that we wanted to it just wouldn’t happen. After 6 months I had my sperm count checked and she was checked and we were told to just be patient. Everything was as it should be. I am a bit of a worry wart…OK!, a lot of it and before long I started having problems on several levels. The biggest problem wasn’t what you are probably thinking. THAT worked fine, we just weren’t doing it as often as we used to. What wasn’t fine was alternating diarrhea and constipation.

My Doctor wanted to do a colonoscopy but I was a little gun-shy and balky. Ruth is the primary health officer in our house and she read me the riot act about it. She then went online and read everything she could find on the subject of chronic stomach troubles their diagnostics and treatments. Ruth isn’t real big, she is only 5’ 4” and weighs maybe 120 lbs but she is not a woman to be trifled with. Her long red hair is NOT out of a bottle and her temper is something I try to avoid. After reading up on it she called and made me an appointment for the colonoscopy! She then announced that Sunday she was going to prep me for it. We had a huge blow up!!

For breakfast Sunday morning she tried to get me to drink a laxative. I TRIED but it wouldn’t stay down. I puked it three times before she understood that I was truly trying and not just being stubborn. She returned to the computer and an hour later she told me to rest, that she would be back in a little while.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“I’m going to the drug store. If you can’t swallow the laxatives then we will have to do this the old fashioned way. The prep kit came with that one disposable bag but the articles I read indicate that this will be better done with better equipment. I’m going to buy some enema equipment.”

“You’ve got to be kidding Ruth. You said I just needed to drink that stuff. I thought that was all. Why was there even a…enema thing in the kit? What are you going to do to me?”

“She looked at me and came over to the bed where I was sitting. “You were going to get a couple of enemas in the morning Baby. What I’m going to do now since you can’t keep the medicine down is give you enemas until you are cleaned out and then do it again in the morning before we go to the Doctor’s.”

I looked at her in horror. “Ruth…please you just CAN’T do this!!! I won’t DO it!”

Ruth and I were a pretty vanilla couple. Over the last year or so though we had begun to sort of play a little bit to add a little spice to our slightly repetitive sex life. One of Ruth’s favorite games was one where she was in a maternal role and I was her bad little boy. She had even spanked me gently a few times.

She suddenly shifted gears, sat down beside me and then yanked me across her lap. I am right at 6’ tall and weigh i80 lbs. We both run and work out but she surprised me and had me over her knees and my shorts down before I knew what was happening. Her hand was like a board and she gave me my first real ass burning spanking since I was a freshman in high school. It hurt, I screeched but some how I didn’t try to escape. It was like when my Mom had spanked me. I knew I could stop it or get away from her and knew that I had better NOT!

When she stopped she held me there and explained CLEARLY, “Marty, I love you and want to bear your child. That means you will need to be around to help raise it. I was going to wait and do it again to make sure but I’m telling you now. I think that I am pregnant. You are NOT going to let this silly squeamish childishness prevent you getting checked out so I don’t have to worry about colon cancer or something. I guess I had just better face it that I am going to have to raise TWO children and so you had better be good because when I get back if you give me any static I am going to burn your ass!” She rubbed her hand against the jeans on her thigh. “It will not ever be with my hand again either! Do you understand me little boy? What Mama says GOES!”

Stunned by all of this I grinned, cried and said, “Yes Ma’am!!!...You really think you are…”

“The test said yes and I am a week late. Now, you rest and be good!”

I kissed her and hugged her, “I love you Ruth!”

“I love you too Marty but I’m not playing. You had better mind!” She gathered her keys and as she left she told me, “I don’t want you eating anything while I’m gone Marty but you do need to drink all the water that you can. The more you can run in from that end the less it will take on the other end!” She left me with that thought.

For all the years I’ve known Ruth she has always been a little hot tempered but never really pushy. Her sudden reaction and the angry spanking she had done were totally unique in our marriage. As shocking as her actions had been to me what had me the most shook up was my reaction to it! I was surprised and thought it was cute until she landed the first swat and it hurt like a wasp sting! The pain seemed almost like it went straight through my body and into my balls. I thought I was going to cum but before I could even get hard she was done! Then her announcement had side tracked me. Now though with time to think I was getting hard and felt a desire that was stronger then anything that I had felt in a long time. The thought of her giving me those damn enemas still made me feel a sick panic but there was something else underneath that was hard to define. When I thought of resisting her and getting in trouble again there was a dull almost ache under my balls down near the base of my cock and I felt goose bumps rise on my lower back and ass.

I only remember getting enemas .

All of the feelings of those two experiences reemerged but even as I felt the humiliation I also remembered the times that I had jerked off remembering these experiences. I had never had another enema. I had looked at that bag hundreds of times but had never touched it for fear of getting caught. Eventually the memory just faded and I hadn’t thought about it for years.

Now the feelings and memories were back…and just as confusing as EVER. If I wasn’t a guy I think I would have cried!